Frozen Memories [Open]

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Frozen Memories [Open]

Post by Lavinia Telly Rae » Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:34 pm


Everything was timing. And Lavinia's was just bad.

Now that she thought of it - her timing had always been rather shoddy. Getting sick right before arriving at Hogwarts, making a best friend, right before that friend's family had transferred out of the country . . . and now this.
Inspiration had finally struck! At the worst possible time of the year.

Lavinia stood in the hallway, pressed against the cold stones, and stared out the window at the white covered outdoors. Snow.
She'd had a summer idea in a winter world.
How would she ever remember it by next spring? Sighing, she turned her back on the uncaring view and dug in her faithful satchel. After a moment's search, she pulled out a small leather bound book and quill. She really needed to go buy a self-inking one. That would be her next indulgence. Balancing the two, she reached in again and pulled out a small inkwell.
Carefully, she opened the book and the ink bottle and dipped the quill, balancing everything on arms and elbows, trying not to spill.

Note to self: Time capsule. Hogwarts grounds. Consider carefully and remember come spring! Punishment for this?

She dated it and then tried to put it all away again. It was a mark of how much she'd grown that it all didn't just explode from her arms and onto the nearest student.

"Wot's that then? A time cap? A cap for time? Not very practacle that, is't?" A rotund wizard, with a leg of mutton in his hand spoke around a mouthful of the same, from o painting on the wall next to Lavinia. Apparently, he'd been reading over her shoulder ..or trying to. She frowned at him.
"Not a cap. It's -"
"Changing your story, eh? Don't blame you. It's plain silly, that is." He began to chuckle, his cheeks pink and reddening. "Here ya go, Time! A cap for yer bald pate! HAHAHAHAH!"
Some other occupants of nearby paintings were looking now and Lavinia felt increasingly annoyed. She didn't want to be noticed by anyone just then and this buffoon was driving her mad. She didn't remember seeing him before. But then, she tended to stick to the lesser used hallways when she could.
"Never mind." She muttered.
"No, it warms yer mind, doesn't it?! AHAHAHA! Tell me -" He jabbed the mutton leg at the canvas separating them "Does that make time go faster, then? HEEHEHEHHOOHOHOH!"
Lavinia grit her teeth and tried to remind herself that he was just a painting and hexing him would do her no good.

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