An Outing of Sorts

For students who are at home, and for adult characters who are not working at any of the places specified in the other forums.
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Trinity Peters-Stenhouse 
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An Outing of Sorts

Post by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse  » Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:21 am

Trinity had never been to London before. He hadn't wanted to go. Not really, but he had promised Professor Delaney he would try one of those help groups she had talked about. The closest one he could find to Hogearts using the Havich's computer-box was in something called a "conference center" in London. By some miracle, when Trinity had asked Lyssa, she had agreed to come with him.

So, they stood there in front of the London Meeting Rooms, Trinity gripping Lissa's hand for dear life. He had to go in. They had to go in, or they would miss this meeting and all of this would be for nothing. And it couldn't be for nothing. He needed... he needed to... he didn't know what. But he was certain if he could figure it all out, if he could remember everything instead of just chucks... it would help. He had to talk to people who could help in a way that Professor and Mr. Delaney and Lyssa and Cana couldn't.

Trinity turned to Lyssa. All around them, people milled about, living ordinary lives, unaware of the magic that existed only feet away from them. Lyssa was so beautiful and strong and perfect. She was his strength and he was sure he wouldn't have been able to do this without her. "Ah guess we should go in, then." Trinity was glad his voice didn't shake as much as he was worried it might.

The front door lead to a small reception area and beyond that was a large room with wooden floors and cream colored walls. Several people had already gathered and were sitting in a half-circle around the room. At the back there was a station for tea and snacks that a few people were chatting at. Two women stood in the front of the room, in the middle of a discussion. Everyone looked so... normal. Trinity wanted to turn around and leave. They couldn't help. He would have to find some place else.

The boy was about to suggest to Lyssa that they go, when one of the women in the front clapped her hands. "If we could all sit down, please, the meeting is about to start."

Trinity hesitated for a moment. If he left now, would Lyssa be disappointed? They had come all this way, after all. Slowly, he moved to the row of seats closest to the door. They could stay for a little while and then leave. Then he could find someplace with people who could help. Not people who were smiling and laughing and... no. They couldn't help him.

"For those new faces," the woman at the front said, "we start each meeting with a dedication to ourselves. If you would repeat after me: I am worthy." She waited for the crowd to echo her words back. "My thoughts matter. My feelings are real. My opinion is valid. My choices belong to me. My future is mine."

"My future is mine," Trinity repeated softly to himself. The words felt odd in his mouth, but he liked the way they sounded. Maybe they could stay a little longer.

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Lyssa Delaney
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Re: An Outing of Sorts

Post by Lyssa Delaney » Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:18 am

Lyssa had been to London many times. Usually her destination was Harrod's or somewhere painfully trendy to eat or shop or take Instagram photos at. Today it was much more...subdued. She'd tried to dress the part, for once, but she still felt drastically out of place amongst the clearly more humble people in the meeting room. She stuck close to Trinity though. She'd promised to be here for him, and she would never let go of that promise. As Trinity shifted towards the seats by the door, she dutifully followed and sat beside him, his hand clasped in hers.

As she repeated the mantra, she wondered what Trinity felt while he said it. It seemed almost...mocking coming from her. Lyssa was so incredibly privileged. She'd never been told by anyone, save for the one anomalous outlier, that she was anything but worthy. Exceptional even. Her opinions were always held up and rarely questioned. Her future, while planned out for her to a large degree, was one that afforded her a great deal of freedom and autonomy. Meanwhile, Trinity never knew how that felt, and her heart ached for him. It was that ache that kept her here, instead of fleeing from the room in a fit of awkward anxiety.

She imagined that if she'd had a lifetime of Joel, though, something like this would be helpful. Knowing that she wasn't alone, knowing that other people lived through similar things, knowing that other people understood could be a powerful thing.

Lyssa desperately hoped it helped Trinity.

Otherwise, she was going to find everyone even tangentially related to hurting him and murder them herself.

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