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Cressa Goldman
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Cressa Goldman

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Name: Cressa Goldman (Claverly)
House: Hufflepuff
Blood status: Muggleborn
Hometown: Pontypool, Wales

Cressa was raised by her mother, Nora, and step-father, John Claverly, until she got her Hogwarts letter. John was the brother of a Muggleborn and already knew bits about Hogwarts. Both parents are very supportive of Cressa and often keep in touch with her through letters.

As a worrier, Cressa tends to be more on edge and cautious when it comes to anything that could be slightly dangerous she is loyal to a fault, though, and will often go along with her friends so they "won't die alone."

When not trying to keep people from trouble, you can find Cressa baking in the kitchen.

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