Midnight Conversations {Lyssa}

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Re: Midnight Conversations {Lyssa}

Post by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse  » Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:17 am

Trinity studied Lyssa for a long moment. He made her happy? But... he hadn't done anything to make her happy. She looked at him and it was like... a bee hive in his chest. He couldn't fathom her feeling close to the same way. Not about him. Aside from his past, which he was discovering was not as regulation as he had believed, he was extremely ordinary. And Lyssa... wasn't. She didn't look like she was lying, though.

Shifting, Trinity put his cup down. Was he really about to explain what he had meant? The professor and Mr. Delaney had been kind to him when explaining why his childhood wasn't... normal. And Lyssa was always kind to him, from they day they had met. He still had one of those "pain killer" things she had given him in a vile. It would be okay to tell her... wouldn't it?

"Where Ah... was raised," the boy started slowly, his throat tightening around the words, "there's a... tradition o' sorts. When a man turned twenty, he got to chose a wife." Trinity's head was spinning a bit, so he layed back and gazed up at the dark ceiling above. "Ah was jus' thinking... that if we were there, I would choose you." Not that he wanted Lyssa anywhere near that place. The thought of her even being in the same room as The Box made his stomach turn. "It wouldn't work, though," he mused, more to himself. "There are too many years... someone would take yew away." A man would have to be a fool not to chose Lyssa.

He didn't want to think about someone taking Lyssa from him, though. He knew it was a reality he would have to live with. She would graduate and go off and meet someone who was as kind and beautiful and amazing as she was. And he would still be there for another year. He would have Cana, of course. But Cana had his boyfriend back now. They would be able to do potions and things together and he wouldn't need Trinity anymore.

Trinity through his arm over his face and squeezed his eyes shut. He had to make the thought stop before they hurt too much. Under his breath, the boy started counting in every language he knew. "Een, yksi, un, eins, en, uno, en. Twee, kaksi, deux, zwei, to, dos, två... " Focusing on the languages and the numbers helped to ease the bad thoughts from his brain, and after a few moments, Trinity felt the tightness in his chest start to loosen. It would be alright. He still had several months with Lyssa. Everything would be alright.

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Re: Midnight Conversations {Lyssa}

Post by Lyssa Delaney » Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:53 am

Lyssa stood firm in the silence, though privately her confidence wavered. What if he wasn't willing to tell her? She'd wait of course, but what if he'd been hurt by her asking? She fidgeted her hands in anxiety, until Trinity finally answered.

It took her a moment to process his words through the pain they were spoken with. Her face morphed into horror without her realizing it.

"They force you and the girls to get married? That's..." she didn't want to say horrifying lest she offend him, but it was. She couldn't imagine having some boy be told he had to marry someone, and him just telling her she had to do so. While she adored Trinity and could see herself perhaps having a life with him one day once they got to know him better, the idea of being forced into a marriage was horrifying. What if Joel had forced her into such an arrangement?

"I would...if I had someone choose me, I would be glad it was you," she settled upon saying, as it was true. "But I couldn't imagine someone else...someone like...the boy who hurt me choosing me. And not getting to say no. That's. That's not right, Trinity."

Cautiously, she reached out and took his hands.

"No one is going to take me away. Not here. Not me. Especially not if I don't want them to. You know what Cana did to Joel and he was only my boyfriend. If a man tried to take me away, he would be dead. Or worse. No one is taking me away from you."

Sighing and pinching the bridge of her nose (the actions of her mother even as she was the vision of her father), she turned to him again to ask further.

"What else was different, Trinity? What else did they make you and the others do?"

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