The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

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Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Post by Cana Havich » Sat Nov 17, 2018 5:02 am

Not for the first time in his life, Cana felt like he was left out of some sort of loop. Perhaps she was an actress of some sorts on a children's show. He was always occupied as a child, either with tutoring or athletics; the few shows he watched were things like wrestling or mixed martial arts. And as much as he loved Scarlett and Sable, he didn't share their television habits. Or maybe she had a famous mother or father that he somehow hadn't met yet? Probably someone in circles he didn't travel in like his mother's fashionable friends.

He paused and listened quietly to Eric's missive about being just friends with Morrigan. Well this was awkward. Cana knew clear as day that Morrigan liked Eric in a way that he...didn't. That wasn't good. But as much as he wanted to, he literally couldn't force Eric to return her feelings. And one day, his little cousin would have to deal with her own feelings. It sucked, definitely, but at least he'd let Eric let her down himself.

Maybe then he could feel guilt free for punching Eric square in the nose.

"Morrigan has...a lot of feelings. About a lot of things," he stated simply and honestly. "And I don't want her to hate me. Even though I don't get it at all, she likes you--" he neglected to clarify how she liked him "--so I won't like. Kill you. Or hurt you. But that doesn't mean I have to like you or like that you're friends. She's my family; that's the most important thing to me. That she's happy."

"But. If you hurt her in any way," he hissed. "You'll have worse to worry about than me. You'll have worse to worry about then even her father, who's pretty damn scary himself. You'll have to worry about our other cousin Bjørn. And if you think I'm an ass? Whew. You've got a big storm coming. Step carefully, Brandski. And step carefully around those two, as well," he cut his head back towards Kyani and Angela. "I know you likely don't get it, but they're my friends. And you've already upset them once already," he said warningly.

"Don't do it again."

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Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Post by Kyani Taylor » Sat Nov 24, 2018 11:11 pm

Kyani felt a water smile reacher her lips as Angela talked about the two of them being friends. She really hoped they were. She hadn't really planed on telling anyone, She wanted a fresh start, where no one knew her. And she'd gotten it! Until Eric ruined it all. She was sure he was over there telling all of her secrets to Cana, but Kyani wanted to tell Angela before she heard from someone else. It would be less painful, she hoped. Angela was a nice person, so maybe she really would still like Kyani.

"So, ah..." the raven haired girl looked down at her hands, trying to keep the tears from her eyes. "I-I have a job. It's not a bad one! But... I, ah, model for a lot of... companies." She swallowed and tried to find her words. "So my face is... everywhere. And people make their own options about me without ever meeting me. I... didn't want that to happen here. I know I'm not a very nice person, but I'm not... I'm not as bad as everyone thinks I am. I promise." She rubbed her knuckles at her eyes.

There it was done. Angela didn't know everything, but she knew enough to hate her. There had been a reason why Kyani didn't have very many friends. They all thought she was stuck up or a princess or a demon-child. They decided they didn't like her, so she didn't like them. But she liked Angela. She didn't want the girl to think of her that was.

Looking back into the Ravenclaws warm eyes, she asked, "Do you think you could still like me?"

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Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Post by Angela Deville » Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:40 pm

Angela’s heart wrenched at Kyani’s last words. She didn’t understand all of what Kyani had explained about being a model, something unfamiliar to her in the wizarding world. She understood that some witches posed in new garments in some of the magazines that her mother occasionally read. And she had seen some high-fashioned clothes shown off by tall and thin women. She understood then, that perhaps Kyani’s modeling was done in a muggle newsletter. It was uncommon for the wizarding world to feature children in any sort of news story or magazine, or at least, as far as Angela knew, it was. And so although she did not fully understand the situation Kyani was in, she could clearly see the distress it put her friend in, and it made Angela’s heart ache as well.

“Of course!” Angela exclaimed, as if the notion of not being Kyani’s friend for even a second was disastrous. “I haven’t heard of you before, which I think I should apologize for, if you’re famous, but I don’t care if everyone else knows you!”

Her reasoning behind her emotion may have not been entirely clear, but she hoped it would be comforting enough for Kyani as Angela pulled out another small handkerchief, thankful that her mother deemed it absolutely necessary to always bring at least two anywhere she went, and dabbed it on Kyani’s cheeks so as to capture any tears that escaped the watery eyes of the Slytherin.

Angela understood now that what the Gryffindor boy had done was not malicious in its intent, but the damage that the deed had caused Kyani was entirely his fault. Ignorance did not allow someone to be innocent.

“I really like being your friend,” Angela said, her voice unwavering although with a hint of shyness. She was never this emotional and she was slightly nervous whether she was being to forward towards Kyani. “I kind of want to still be your friend. So, um, what I mean to say is I still like you, if that’s okay with you.” Angela rambled her vows of friendship so as to convey her hope that perhaps Kyani would accept and be happy once more.

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