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Tobias Hawkins
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Tobias Hawkins

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Parents: Aaron and Leah Hawkins
Height: 170 cm (5' 7”)
Weight: 54.4 kg (120lbs)
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Light brown
Birthdate: November 12 (IG)
Talents/Skills: Caring for creatures, Transfiguration, Charms,
Relationships: Lavinia Telly Rae (Best Friend)
Mannerisms: Shy, soft-spoken, ducks head often, stutters when put on the spot
Speech patterns: Stutters occasionally (Only when uncomfortable.)
Wand: Willow and Unicorn core, 11.5"
Pets: Maine Coon Cat named Audacious at Hogwarts, at home many pets. A horse named Tiberius.

Tobias Alexander Hawkins was born in Newmarket, Suffolk, England. His parents met by chance in London looking for work. Very different work, however.

His father, Aaron, was leaving a rather disappointing meeting with members of the Ministry of Magic looking for a position in the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and deciding that he didn't want to work with them, was rather despondent, and worried. He was at the end of his savings and unsure what he was going to do now...

Tobias' mother, Leah, was on her way to a job interview as a veterinarian. She was fresh from university and was looking forward to the future.

The two, literally, ran into each other on the street, and after some awkward laughter, and apologies on both sides, (and one severely twisted ankle!) Aaron helped Leah to her appointment and felt the sun shining just a little brighter.

They kept seeing each other (though Aaron was still worried about his lack of job and life security...) and were falling deeper and deeper in love.

It took many months for him to get the courage to tell Leah about his magical heritage. When he did tell her, she did silently walk out of his life for two weeks. The darkest two weeks of his life. Return, she did, however, and she had returned to tell him that she still loved him, even if he was completely insane and she had gone over the bend with him, and that was okay with her.

Aaron was more happy then he could have expressed - except he would not marry her without a job!

Leah had an idea, however. Her father owned a business - he liked animals - would he be interested in taking the family business? Aaron thought about it. Owning and running his own Equine Training Centre and Stables? No question.

They were married months later and two years later they had their only child - Tobias.

He was always quiet more comfortable with the horses and barn cats than with the visitors or extended family. Prone to stuttering when called to talk in crowds, and painfully shy around other children, Leah and Aaron were concerned that they had, somehow, broken their child. Keeping him alone to often; living in the country; only companions being animals.

When his Hogwarts letter arrived (Leah had no idea what it was. Oops, had Aaron not mentioned that?) - he didn't want to go. At first Leah was in agreement. Of course, he didn't want to go - and didn't have to! It was a boarding school for pity sake! But Aaron put his foot down and talk about his time at Hogwarts. The adventure, the learning, the character-building, the friendships (hint-hint, Leah!) - and Leah suddenly jumped ship and was on Aaron's side and Toby was alone.

That's how he found himself alone at Hogwarts. Missing his parents, his horses, his cats, the barn owls who ignored him, but liked anyway (similar - but VERY different from the owls here!) and the smell of the barn and hay. Still painfully shy. He worried if he was going to start stutter again, and convince everyone that The Sorting Hat was clearly going senile after all these years...

When could he go home?

Year onewas over. Toby couldn't believe that he had been at this school for a whole year - or nine months, more accurately. He was eager and happy to be home, tell his sisters about Hogwarts and the classes he took. His parents were quietly rejoiced over how much he was talking, and seemed to have come out of his shell. Well, it had cracked a little. Baby steps, they reminded themselves. Baby steps.

When it was time to go back to school for his second year, he wasn't upset like last year, and was actually looking forward to his classes. Well, at least Care of Magical Creatures.

So when he and Audacious, his large cat, packed and left, his parents saw an emerging young man - but they would have liked to have heard about friends or people at the school. They knew he could not go through his life alone, with only his cat.

Tobias hugged his cat closer on the way back to the school. He could survive this. He had Audacious, he had one class he enjoyed and the rest were at least interesting. He could do it. He could. Especially if he coasts this time like last time, then no one would need to know that he stuttered or was afraid of them. Six more years. Only six more years...


Year two had been much the same. He hadn’t made friends, but he hadn’t made enemies. In his book, these were all good things.

So far his plan to coax through school without being noticed, seemed to be working. All to the plan.

His parents were even more worried, however. He seemed just as reclusive and quiet as ever. Had it been worth it?


Year three found Toby in a situation that he would never have found possible. He made a friend. Lavinia. She showed up at the Leaky Cauldron - with no knowledge of...anything, and his parents took the ‘dear child’ under their wing - instructing Toby to take care of her like a sister.

He kept thinking that his time in Hogwarts was going to be quiet because he was quiet. Apparently that was not a truth, even for him. Especially not with Lavinia.

He was extremely excited to go home for the summer holiday, but he had one surprise. Lavinia was coming along. She had had no where - or more accurately she had no where she knew about to go to, and so his family had invited her for the summer. It had been a surprisingly fun, and enjoyable (and a little louder) summer. His mum did her best to feed “the poor dear child” as much as she could hold, and Toby taught Lavy how to ride a horse, and his parents were delighted to see the hints of a more confident and laughing man in their somewhere. Secretly they congratulated themselves for their good smarts in sending him to school.


Year four he was back on the train, heading out for another year at Hogwarts. He'd even passed everything - even potions. Somehow. Fourteen...where was the time going?

He still only had the one friend, but it was different. Having someone to with, if he wanted to.

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