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Cresil Gorgon

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Full Name: Cresil Silas Gorgon
Age: 12
Birthdate: November 10
Birthplace: Yorkshire, England
Nationality: British and Norwegian
Blood status: Pureblood
House: Slytherin
Wand: Hawthorn and huldra hair, 12½ inches

Height: 5’10”
Build: Thin, delicate
Hair: Flaxen blonde
Eyes: Pale green
Distinguishing features: A gap tooth

Den fornemme Gorgons - an ancient and prominent Scandinavian pureblood family with a reputation for their extreme nature.

Their eldest son and heir, Silas Gorgon. Charming from the moment he exited the womb, silver-tongued object of desire and envy of all. An exceptionally skilled wizard and, inevitably, a fanatic of the Dark Arts. He attended Durmstrang Institute, and in his 5th year one uncharacteristically poorly devised exploit saw the boy’s expulsion from the school. It was a dragon let loose on the school grounds that resulted in the death of two students and a professor, and for Silas, a prompt carting off to the UK to prevent further ‘besmirching’ of the Gorgon name. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for his 6th and 7th years and it was there he met Cassiopeia Black.

She was the youngest and only daughter of Cygnus and Leda Black, named quite aptly for the beautiful and vain celestial queen. An altogether benevolent girl, which was a rarity like white truffles considering her origins. The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black might be most noble and ancient, but it was also quite rotten. Which was probably one of the reasons why the union of the two families was blessed, even encouraged, despite the abruptness of it all — so that they might bring into the world more terrible spawn. Think of Blast-Ended Skrewts.

The young couple were married in Silas’ home country of Norway, and would return to England soon after to start their new life together. Their love quickly ran cold when Silas’ true nature made its appearance, and this was around the time Cresil was born.

Terrible spawn, alright. Although Cresil is largely the product of his upbringing, when you put genetics like that together, some of it has to be innate.

Cassiopeia, however ‘nice’, was unfit to be a mother. She’s been distant and inattentive for the most part of Cresil’s childhood, but he knows things, and doesn’t hold this against her. His father is a very different story. Silas adores and dotes on his son, considers him his pride and joy, and is certainly attentive, even if in all the wrong ways. Cresil strives to please his father and has even deluded himself into thinking that he loves him.

Personality: People are often perturbed by Cresil’s mere presence in a room, and not without a reason. Simply put, the boy is creepy. In both mannerisms and in looks. Quiet and brooding, overly precocious, and with very scarce knowledge of human emotion — including his own. Some would even say he doesn’t feel at all. At his core, though, the boy isn’t completely without empathy. Not yet at least. He’s always been able to find in creatures what he can’t in people. They listen, they don’t talk back, and perhaps best of all: they don’t make judgments.

His social skills are just enough to keep up the favourable outside appearances his father places so much emphasis on. They’re more suited to nodding along graciously to Great Aunt Gunhilda’s recounts of her trip to Florence at some drab pureblood gathering or another, than for interacting with children his own age. Although Cresil has no shortage of cousins around his age, he’s never gotten along with them very well, likely because they’re all as horrible as he.

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