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Gabriel Warner
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Gabriel Warner

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Name: Gabriel Elijah Warner
Age: 18
Blood status: Muggleborn
Occupation: Apothecary assistant
Wand: Rowan wood, 12 inches, Thestral hair
Birthday: June 11
Nationality: Jewish-American, raised in Norway
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Olive


Gabriel is the only surviving child of Benjamin Warner and Anita Levy Warner. His sister Dinah died in a car crash, caused by a curse flung at the road. At the time, his sister was babysitting him, his best friend Cana Havich, and Cana’s sister Signe. Both Dinah and Signe were killed in the accident, and Gabe’s right leg had suffered permanent damage. Gabe had permanent emotional trauma due to this event.

Gabe was born to Muggles Benjamin and Anita in Manhattan, New York City, USA. After the accident that took their daughter from them, Benjamin and Anita took Gabe and moved to Oslo, Norway, so that Benjamin could continue his work as a lawyer for the Havich Corporation. Benjamin always adored his son, and treated him as though he was a golden child. Anita though, couldn’t get past the horror of losing her daughter, and part of her always blamed Gabriel for surviving. His parents eventually divorced when he turned ten, after a very strained relationship. Benjamin maintained primary custody of Gabe, though Gabe does see his mother regularly.

Gabe was raised very closely to the Havichs’ son Cana. They were best friends even before the accident, but the accident drove them even further together. Gabe is also good friends with Cana’s illegitimate half-brother Kristian. He does not have many other friends.

At age 8, Gabe discovered he had magic when he accidentally sparked a fire on a bully’s jacket. The boy was picking on him for being small and for his perceived closeness to Cana and Cana’s half brother Kristian. After a few slurs and punches thrown his way, Gabe unintentionally lit the boy on fire. Luckily the boy wasn’t injured at all, beyond some singeing and trauma. Even since then, however, Gabe has had a fascination with the destructive nature of fire. Small animals tend to disappear around him, particularly pest animals like rats, pixies, and other creatures.

From then on Gabe got even closer to Cana. The relationship between the two boys always had a romantic edge to it, but that was confirmed when Cana hit age 13 and Gabe hit 15. They began dating while both attending the Gammla Uppsala School of Sei∂r in Sweden. They were always close and affectionate, and--despite being generally seen as creepy, intimidating bullies--they were somewhat of a power couple there.

Gabe is a very mean person. He is cunning, cruel, and manipulative, even to those he loves. He is petty and vindictive. He does have his good qualities though, buried deep down. He loves people deeply when he is capable of it, and he is loyal to a fault. He is also highly intelligent, if more than a touch unstable.

When Cana was 15, he found a grimoire of his grandfather’s that promised a good deal of power to those who perform the spells. Gabe persuaded Cana to use it, and Gabe unintentionally became possessed by an evil spirit. It took dozens of professors and other adults to reverse the spell. Cana shouldered the primary blame, though Gabriel did try to convince them of his innocence in the matter. It was to no avail though. Benjamin yanked Gabe out of school to go to Durmstrang, and Cana was transferred to Hogwarts.

Gabe began languishing without his other half. He soon found freedom in his age though. The second he turned 18, he dropped out of Durmstrang and made his way to Scotland secretly with the help of Cana’s grandfather Sigurd.

Gabe has taken a job as a shop assistant in Hogsmeade at the Apothecary. He has yet to reveal himself to Cana, as he is afraid Cana is furious at him because of what happened. He has also lost what sense of stability he had before the possession, and is self-medicating with potions to keep himself steady. If anything though, this has made him less cruel and likely to lash out at people.

He keeps an eye on Cana through various means, but has yet to arrange a way to communicate with him….yet.

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