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Skyllem Edevane
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Skyllem Edevane

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Name: Skyllem Cornelius Edevane
Birthdate: August 13
Birthplace: Braemar, Scotland
Age/ Year: 16/ 6th year
House: Ravenclaw
Blood status: Half-blood
Wand: 11” cherry, unicorn hair, swishy

From a young age Skyllem has struggled with accepting who he was.

He has an older brother whose shadow he has struggled to get out of from a young age, Skyllem is the eldest halfblood Edevane son whilst his older brother Torvin is pureblooded. Everything Skyllem has done is to establish himself as being better than his older brother, even though Torvin has stated on several occasions that Skyllem is smarter.

But, Skyllem struggles to accept it as in his mind his brother is still perfect in many ways. He has their father’s approval, he is loved by Skyllem’s mother…Torvin has more friends and things come easily to and for him.

Despite that feeling of inadequacy, Skyllem has achieved much in his short life.

He holds high marks in many of his classes, his favourite class being CoMC like his brother. As a child Skyllem and Torvin had begged their father for a dog, he had turned his nose up until Skyllem’s mother had convinced their father to purchase one for the boys. She was convinced it would teach them both responsibilities, it definitely taught Skyllem that, Torvin on the other hand lost interest as their pet dog ‘Porky’ wasn’t dangerous enough.

Porky also taught Skyllem a certain amount of patience and unconditional love, which often earned him ridicule from his siblings.

Skyllem’s school life was much the same as at home, Torvin received more attention so he was glad when his brother had graduated. It didn’t mean more attention for Skyllem but at least people stopped comparing him to Torvin and he could finally be the person that he wanted to be and not who others expected him to be.

Before Hogwarts, Skyllem had a childhood best friend in Eska Toynbee.

They had often spoken of being in the same house once reaching Hogwarts but when Eska was sorted into Hufflepuff and begun hanging out with her housemates over him, Skyllem took it to heart and their interactions at best are strained and short.

Must flesh this guy out, but here is a little something for others to go on.

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