Plotting time!

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Dorian Krueger
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Plotting time!

Post by Dorian Krueger » Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:06 pm

We need some activity people! Unfortunately half of us are dying in a heatwave or crazy busy with work or kids, and I think the other half might just be a little reluctant to get invested because of the slowness of the few threads we've got up so far.

So! Something you probably have time for if you had time to sign up at all:

What kinds of things are all of you hoping your characters might get up to? Let's hear some thread ideas! Maybe we can inspire each other a bit here!

Here's a few I posted on the discord chat (which everyone should join ;))
- Dori wants to be a beater for Hufflepuff but as a muggleborn 3rd year is still trying to wrap his head around quidditch rules, someone take him under your wing
- Dori light-heartedly pranks a professor, requires an amicable Prof and possibly an accomplice
- Dessie sets up her potions stand in hogsmeade, possibly attempts to recruit spies
- Someone falls into a trap Dessie set in the forbidden forest near her shack
- Dori eats something gross on a dare but magic is a thing and hilarity ensues

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Imogen Blackwood
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Re: Plotting time!

Post by Imogen Blackwood » Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:10 am

Is... is Dessie the Grounds Keeper at Hogwarts AND a Shady Merchant?! (IE: living in Hagrid's old hut) :D

I'd love to join one with you! Maybe as Zane with Dessie or as Imogen (but she may need to meet Dori first).

Imogen would be interested in going on an adventure with or possibly daring Dori to eat things ...she can be both a bit competitive and has a tendency to do things because she wonders what would happen (mind of a scientist, that one!).

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Cana Havich
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Re: Plotting time!

Post by Cana Havich » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:43 pm

Morrigan could totally help Dori with Quidditch. While prone to being peak Dramatic, she's very knowledgeable about the Beater position given her long family history of beating up their problems through proxy.

Also Jetta can totally be the amicable professor that gets pranked. She's immune to stuff like that with all of her own kids.

I feel like if Dessie trapped Cana somehow, it could get very interesting.

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