The Hanging Tree

Ah, the wonderful town of Hogsmeade, open to all students third year and older, professors, and those who no longer attend Hogwarts.
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The Hanging Tree

Post by Gabriel Warner » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:38 am

The thing that wizards didn't understand, Gabe thought, was that blood was blood was blood was blood. Whether magical or not, whether ethically sourced or not, blood was a powerful thing. And due to circumstances back around Christmas, Gabe had found himself in some quantity of blood that was not his own for once.

Of course, it would come along that he wouldn't have an opportunity to use the blood while it was still fresh. There was also only so much anticoagulant could do. But Cana, sweet Cana, had had a brilliant idea. Apparently, Lyssa's boyfriend, who had been such a delightful help in dealing with the Joel problem, had some equally darker interests in the potions realm. So Gabe had decided to don his teacher hat and ready the backroom for some potions lessons. Of course, these were the kind that would never be sanctioned by any respected magical learning institution--including Durmstrang--but valuable lessons they were nonetheless.

Gabe had closed the shop as soon as Cana and Trinity arrived, and ushered them into the back room where he'd been conducting his other experiments. The blood vials, which were starting to show mild signs of separation and coagulation against the preservative mixture he'd mixed into them, were lined up on the side bench, out of sight mostly, though he supposed someone at the back door might be able to see them. In the months he'd worked here though, he'd never had someone peak through the back door, as it butted so closely up to the woods adjacent to Hogsmeade.

Also lined up on the bench were a variety of herbs, pre-mixed potions, tinctures, and oils. A few bone powers and unfortunately deceased animals (most of which had been more ethically sourced than the blood had been) were sitting alongside them.

"Are we ready to begin?" Gabe asked, mostly to Trinity. Ignoring a subtle noise at the back door, he clapped his hands together with a smile. "Thank you by the way for helping us getting the blood. I know that wasn't the primary reason for our little adventure there, but it's always good to have a supply on hand, and I was getting ever so tired of using my own. I also appreciate the creativity back then. Revenge is always best when creative, I say," he grinned.

As he bustled around the benches, he put on his best teacher voice, which was not at all reassuring or authoritative and began showing Trinity the different pieces of equipment that Gabe and Cana had created.

"You have all of your standard equipment, of course. Cauldrons, measurers, stirring sticks. I prefer good old fashioned glass graduated cylinders, but blood potions are very corrosive and tend to work better in cauldrons. I do use a Muggle hot plate though. More uniform heating than fire, you understand," he gestured. "Anyway. Blood magic. Bad rep for something that can be used to very good ends. And bad ends. Just like most magic really. I mean you could use levicorpus to transport a body to a hospital or drop someone off a cliff, but you don't see that regulated, do you?" he asked rhetorically. "Blood's not kosher, admittedly, but I mean, we all make our allowances there too."

"There are multiple ways to mix blood into a potion. The first is oils, and we'll get to that in a second, but first, the most important thing to know is power. Power is...well it's power. And too much power can be good in a lot of senses, but bad in some. If you use blood for a healing spell and all you have is a sore throat, you're gonna be SOL. However, Cana and I are using it in a variety of potential potions for some pretty rough diseases and having great results in animal tests," he nodded to his boyfriend, who had given him prior consent to tell Trinity about some of their new attempts.

"But you're probably not going to want to use this blood for healing. Harvesting method matters and since we didn't get this from one of us and the method was rather violent, it'd probably better to use this to lasting effect."

Gabe smirked wickedly up at Trinity.

"Wanna make sure this bastard never comes near Lyssa again, just in case he forgets his last little lesson?"

Gabe heard another noise by the door and glanced up. He could have sworn he saw something through the small glass panes, but nothing became readily apparent quickly. Ah well. Perhaps he was still having some...lingering after effects.

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