Luck Meets Opportunity [Kyani, Gregory, Gabriel]

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Re: Luck Meets Opportunity [Kyani, Gregory, Gabriel]

Post by Gregory H. Masterson » Thu Nov 29, 2018 2:24 am

The girl wasn't having any of it.

He recognized that stubborn look of dislike on her face. Several of his former step-mothers looked at him in just that way.

Cana straightened up and he saw a look in his eyes. Directed at him. Cana thought he'd overstepped his bounds. How?
The Gabe stood up and gave him a cool acceptance, obviously only because Cana had recommended it. So that was a definite faux-pas. What had he done?
It frustrated him that he didn't know. He usually only insulted people on purpose.

Gabe was exceptionally kind to the girl and in a flash, Gregory saw what had annoyed them.
More frustration flashed through him at both the unfairness and his own slip-up.
This afternoon had thrown him off.
Instead of looking at the big picture, he'd concentrated on his own anxiety and look where it had gotten him!

Deciding against someone was one thing - being cut out was quite another. No one cut out Gregory Masterson.
Besides, it would be a huge mistake to lose Cana's alliance at this point. And the way it was going, it would be an unfriendly parting and he couldn't afford that, either.
Nor did he want to.

He quickly shuffled things in his mind. 1. The girl, Kyani, had been brought by Cana, who had to CARRY her the whole way. So she was actually important enough to him for that.
2. worrying about Gabe was irrelevent, as Gregory knew that Cana came from a whole family of potioneers that he was planning on doing business with for years. One more person who Cana trusted wouldn't add any more worry to it. He had better look at it that way.
3. He needed to turn on the charm and repair the damage. If he'd followed his own advice, this wouldn't have happened. It was a consequence and he needed to deal with it at once.

Gabe had ushered them into the backroom and handed out gloves.
Gregory put his on and listened to Gabes experienced talk.

He shook his head. "I'm not sure yet entirely what kind of potion I'd want to use. More than one, for sure. Perhaps something we'll create." He nodded to include Gabe in the 'we'. "I understand what you're saying though. As soon as I know what I want to use for sure, I'll let you know and you can tell me what you think. So are you planning to go into the business along with Havitch?"

His Aunt said that he had the eyes of an angel, if he'd only use them!
Gregory softened his gaze and leaned over a little to Kyani, smiling a rueful smile. "I apologize. I didn't mean to be so thoughtless. I simply got excited. I've started off on the wrong foot with all of you, but especially you. If Cana brought you here, you must be rather exceptional. I don't expect you'll want to be friends, but can we work together?"

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Kyani Taylor
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Re: Luck Meets Opportunity [Kyani, Gregory, Gabriel]

Post by Kyani Taylor » Fri Dec 07, 2018 8:42 pm

Kyani had to admit, that while Gabe hadn't met her physical expectations, there was something about him that--oddly enough--put her at ease. The girl couldn't remember the last time she had been that close to that many men and not have the horrid twisty-turny feeling in her stomach. Even as Gable let them all to the back room, no warming signs went off in her head. Sure, it could have just been the fact that Gabe and Cana were so utterly devoted to each other, but even with the unknown factor that was Gregory, Kyani felt... safe.

"It isn't much," Gabe warned as they all crowded into the small room, "but it's where I've been doing some 'projects' of my own recently. Nothing you don't know about, dear, it's a bit shabby, but prior to this it was merely a place to dry herbs." The room stilled smelled very much like they drying hearbs Gabe was talking about. The scent was even stronger than out in the main room. It reminded Kyani of the potions classroom, but warmer and more comfortable. "I found a quicker, easier way to do it in a smaller room--Muggle food dehydrator and a small generator!--and the owner let me have this one for my own purposes." Gabe directed his attention to Gregory, "I don't expect you to tell me what you're in need of diffusing--especially if it's potentially your own intellectual property--but I do need to have an idea of viscosity and if it's a non-Newtonian liquid."

That lost Kyani right there. It sounded like he was just saying a lot of impressive words, but Gregory and Cana both seemed to understand. She refused to be seen as a child who was unable to understand simple concepts, so the girl kept quiet as Gable began to pull out things that looked like they belonged more on a Muggle TV show than in an apothecary.

She actually grinned as she was handed a miniaturized pare of gloves she was handed when they were being passed out. It was incredibly thoughtful. Her application was cut short when Gregory leaved closer to her. He was doing great things with his eyes. Enough that Kyani almost believed that he was genuine. "I apologize. I didn't mean to be so thoughtless. I simply got excited. I've started off on the wrong foot with all of you, but especially you. If Cana brought you here, you must be rather exceptional. I don't expect you'll want to be friends, but can we work together?"

The young Slytherin studied him for a moment. As much as she hated to admit it, Gregory was right. Even if the two of them could never be "friends" as he had put it, there was probably a lot she could learn from the older student. It was like what she had been told about modeling. You didn't just watch one person an mimic them, you took from many people and created your own style. "Fine," she told him, "I accept your apology." It was better to have a truce than a powerful enemy, after all. And if Cana liked Gregory this much, he probably would make a powerful enemy.

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Re: Luck Meets Opportunity [Kyani, Gregory, Gabriel]

Post by Cana Havich » Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:43 am

Cana relaxed as Gabe did, and he watched with a slight smile as he focused his attention back on Kyani. His chilliness towards Gregory was notable, but Cana expected it to warm soon, especially if Gregory was as smart as he seemed. All he had to do was put on a nice face for the little girl and all would be well. He was fairly certain Gregory had a younger sister; surely he could just channel his inner brother like Cana did. Though to be fair, Cana suspected he had a much larger paternal streak than Gregory.

Ever since Cana could remember he wanted to be a dad. Specifically a dad with Gabe. He recalled being very offended when learned two boys couldn't have children the old fashioned way (not that he knew at that point in his life what the old-fashioned way even was), as well as that boys couldn't get married at the time. He also had very distinct memories of bloodying a boy's nose and blackening both eyes with a doll when he called him and Gabe names. But times had largely changed, at least for people in positions like Cana, and he knew he and Gabe would eventually have the family they wanted.

Speaking of Gabe, Cana followed him into the back room with the other two and hugged his boyfriend loosely from behind him as Gabe spoke.

"Ooh still working on the whole thing we talked about?" he asked casually. The two had been working on a few ideas before they had been so rudely split up, but Cana was specifically thinking of the non-addictive painkiller they'd been working on. While the whole opioid crisis problem of America wasn't an issue near and dear to his heart, it was definitely something that could be profited off of if played right. And hey, it wouldn't hurt their image either.

"I definitely remember the pipe bomb accusation," he replied to Gabriel. "That took some explaining. But at least it worked out in the end."

Cana smiled as Gregory decided to apologize to Kyani. It seemed Gabe's freeze out had done its job. His boyfriend had a way with people he didn't. Some would call it being manipulative, but to Cana--whose family had perfected the art of manipulating--it was just a very well honed, normal people skill.

"I'm glad," he said simply. "I had been hoping you two would get along. I think Kyani will make a great protege," he smiled. "She's got a lot of great potential, I feel."

That Gregory had a lot of potential too was left unsaid, but he was sure it could be felt. He would hate for it to end, honestly, but Kyani had been Cana's first real friend here, as well as bringing out a very protective streak in him. He was...glad Gregory seemed to understand that now.

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Re: Luck Meets Opportunity [Kyani, Gregory, Gabriel]

Post by Gabriel Warner » Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:24 am

Quick study, Gabe thought with a smirk in Gregory's direction as his back was turned. He definitely appreciated that. He was, he thought, a forgiving person to people who tried to fix their mistakes. So, as he watched Gregory try to make nice with Kyani, he decided to continue to give him a chance. Especially when he acknowledged Gabe as a potential work partner.

All Gabe wanted throughout his life was acknowledgment. Up until the incident, he'd been largely ignored by his parents, especially his mother. THe death of his sister had hit his parents hard, as had his having magic. So his parents preferred to ignore their little problem child until they absolutely couldn't anymore. Principals gave up on calling home about his troubles: Mom merely ignored them, and Dad--as a lawyer--had argued them silly, not out of any sort of love but obligation. He was genuinely surprised that they had actually done something when the incident had happened. He supposed almost dying was worth paying attention to. Not that their previous behavior was any indication.

Cana acknowledged him. Cana only ever had eyes for him, ever since they were kids. It was the only thing Gabe had ever wanted.

"I'm planning on working in the research department for awhile at least. I'll be the one to stop working whenever we have kids, at least until they go to school," he said with casual inevitability. "Part and parcel of having your name on the buildings," he smirked at Cana. "But I do intend to keep a home workshop always to work with stuff like this. It's very important to always keep your mind sharp. Not that children don't present their own set of unique predicaments. We were both...interesting young things, at best," he laughed a bit. "But intelligent children are always the most challenging and fun," he winked at Kyani on that part.

He leaned back a bit into Cana as he summoned a homemade, partially Muggle binder towards himself.

Flipping through to a tab labeled methods, he stopped when he found the page on vaporizing.

"Here we go! Vaporization and diffusing. Very similar yet different, and requires different equipment."

"Diffusion requires wand wood. It can either be attuned to what the wand of the person is made of--mine would be rowan--or it can be attuned to the needs of the spell. To be honest, I'm still testing which method is most effective and could use more people studying for data purposes. For the pillow, I used a mix of diffusing and vaporization. The filling of the pillow is a mix of traditional down and cellulose of the cedar and cananga trees. Cedar oil and the flowers of the cananga tree can be used in alternative sleep potions. The wood was soaked in the calming and sleeping potions until completely absorbed and saturated, and then it was pulped down. It also creates a slightly weighted affect to the pillow, which has been proven by Muggles to help with anxiety."

"The vaporization process requires some....finagling. It basically combined some magical and Muggle methods."

He pulled himself slightly away from Cana to grab a giant black bucket from under the table. He lifted the heavy object onto the table with a thud, and flipped a switch on the side. A white bag made of hermetic plastic ballooned on the top from the air flowing through it.

"Okay so. You pour your potion into the barrel. it slowly evaporates through the vent and into the bag. You put the object you want the potion to absorb into in the bag. It has to be absorbent, which is where the magic comes into play. There are a few ways to make an object absorbent that normally wouldn't be. The first method is a potion...well more of an astringent. Makes the object porous, but it also makes it more prone to breaking down quickly. The next method is charming the object so that the vapor sticks to the surface, but," he said with frustration, "it eventually wears off. SO really vaporization works best if the object is absorbent naturally."

Gabe sighed and leaned back against Cana.

"There's also inhaling the potion," he shrugged. "Which makes it highly concentrated. Like, by a lot," he emphasized. "But that can be dangerous. Or super fun depending on the potion, I guess," he smirked. "But I wouldn't do it too often. However for really bad illnesses or things you need to act fast, it's a much better method. You'd just use a cloth ventilated bag instead of a plastic one, and I haven't tested it, but I think you might be able to use a Muggle humidifier if the potion has the right consistency. We were going to try sneaking on into Gammla Uppsala, before we both left. I suppose we could always go buy one during Yule...." Gabe trailed off considering the possibilities.

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Re: Luck Meets Opportunity [Kyani, Gregory, Gabriel]

Post by Gregory H. Masterson » Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:24 pm

It felt strange, but in that moment, where the young girl eyed him consideringly, Gregory had the sensation that she understood him better than anyone else in the room. They were almost compatriots. Not because she was on his side, but because they both understood that it was necessary to their continued allowance into the workings of the other two there that they get along. At least functionally.

She was smart. She accepted the apology with as much true enthusiasm as he had given it.

Gregory saw the pleased look on Havitch's face. That man was complicated in how he viewed certain people. But then, everything was complicated until you learned how it worked. Still, he supposed he had his own quirks and was willing to concede some to Cana.
Even Gabe seemed to relent a bit at Kyani's acceptance. Gregory didn't miss his smirk, however, He buried his annoyance. It wasn't worth it.

Cana spoke of the girl's potential and Gregory could feel him telling him to wait and be patient - that she would prove to be very profitable in time. He gave a slight nod, unsure if Cana even saw it. It didn't matter. The atmosphere was much better and the others were pleased. Perhaps that meant that something useful would get done.

He shifted to better see what Gabe was doing and - oh.
Cana came up and put his arms around the other boy, who began talking of staying home and raising children . .

Gregory blinked, blank-faced.
He really wasn't sure which way to jump, in regards to reaction. To see his focused future (somewhat current) business partner acting . . like that, was perplexing and unsettling to Gregory. He wasn't really a fan of that in the most traditional sense, let alone in a non-traditional one.
Those were waters he hadn't even started to tread in - the real crux for him was to see Havitch acting like that during BUSINESS. In PUBLIC.
As far as he was concerned, he and Kyani were public enough.

If things were going to be all touchy-feely all the time, he'd work with Cana via owls. He got enough of that at home. It gave him a sick feeling in his stomach. There were times and places and he was practically a stranger to Gabe! Of course, Gabe struck him as being someone who enjoyed shocking people . .
But then, Gabe himself gently moved away so that he could begin to demonstrate the answer to Gregory's question.

Gregory felt an adrenaline rush. He hadn't really expected to be truly shown! He quickly pulled out a small black notepad and a small self-inking quill from his inner pocket. He didn't take his eyes off what Gabe was doing, though and he moved closer to get a good view.
However, he was very careful about the thing that interested him the most. That book of ideas and no doubt filled with the accounts of their work - the book Gabe was working from. Gregory knew THAT was gold. But he wouldn't try anything with it. He wouldn't touch it unless they told him to. He wouldn't even look it at too much. Too tempting. That was the kind of thing that would ruin partnerships and cause bloody murder.

He turned his attention back to what Gabe was saying. So it required a specialized pillow . . of course it did . .this genius was still in it's infancy . . but still these two had managed to merge it with the muggles technology to some degree . . excellent . .
He was so wrapped up in the information, that when Gabe leaned back against Cana, Gregory didn't notice.
He did make a note. -Inhaling potion: Dangerous.-
Leaning on the table he began muttering. "If one could . . individualize the droplets. Somehow imprint on them .. their potion . . .no . . . "
He looked at Gabe and smiled. It was a small one, but a real one. "This is genius."

Perhaps something in the style of a horse feeding bag, strapped around the head would work for trying it out - it wouldn't work for the long run, of course, but just to see.
Gregory's mind felt all in a whirl.

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