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Don't Get Lost In the Dungeons!

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:07 am
by Lavinia Telly Rae
Lavinia was lost.

In the dungeons.

She supposed it was fitting, really. After all, she'd been lost plenty of times, all over Hogwarts!
Truth be told, she TRIED to get lost many a time, quite on purpose!

She wasn't brave. Not really. Danger made her run away, it didn't draw her in. She didn't relish the thought of getting injured or chased or frightened or . . or any of that! But Lavinia had found - since her first days there - that something deep inside her called her to . . explore! Find treasures and nuggets of history - listen to what secrets Hogwarts told her! (none of which seemed to help her in exams, worse luck!)
It seemed she couldn't stop.

Yet this was a bit much, even for her wandering feet. Never before had she wandered down into the dungeons. She was a Hufflepuff, after all, not a Slytherin. Not even a Gryffindor.
The dungeons had always scared her a bit.

As she entered the new school year, however, she felt it was TIME. She was thirteen now, after all! She had grown nearly half an inch! That had to count for something.
So, with her trusty leather satchel in place, she had traipsed down into the deeps of Hogwarts.

She was promptly lost.

All the walls looked the same!

The hallways upstairs had a strangely comforting, dusty secretness that she liked very much. The dungeons were different. The seemed ponderous and felt as though they eyed her sternly, knowing she wasn't allowed to be there.
Trying to ignore the prickles playing up and down her neck, she moved swiftly from corridor to empty classroom to what seemed ominously like a cell and back to more corridors.

Where was everyone??
Why weren't there teachers preparing for a class, prefects roaming and ready to give her detention, students who KNEW their way around?
Lavinia sighed and leaned against a door. She was getting hungry and she had foolishly gone off before obtaining snacks. She knew better than that! She was acting like a first year with no common sense!

Suddenly, with a loud groaning creak, the door gave way and swung into the room it was guarding and Lavinia, caught completely off guard, toppled into the room!

Re: Don't Get Lost In the Dungeons!

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:35 am
by Elwyn Wann
Elwyn was not doing what it looked like. Sure, it might have looked as if she were standing on a stack of discarded school books in an otherwise empty room, but in reality... Okay, so she was standing on a stack of discarded school books in an otherwise empty room, but she had a goid explanation for it! Well, a decent explanation. Well... an expl--"You know what," she said to the girl who had fallen through the door, "I don't have to explain myself to you." Which was fortunate, since her explanation sucked.

Really, Elwyn had no clue what she had decided to go poking around in the dungeon, or why she had picked this room, or why when she saw the stack of books she decided to climb it. Her actions were sometimes even a mystery to herself! Which was great. She liked to keep things interesting. But it also left her high and dry when random girls barged in demanding explanations.

Alright, so the girl might have tumbled in as apposed to barging, and hadn't demanded an explanation yet, but everyone questioned Elwyn's judgment eventually and she liked to get it over quickly so she could go back to doing interesting things.

Tossing her ratty blonde braid over her shoulder, Elwyn planted her hands on her hips and looked down at the girl. "Well, are you going to stay down there, or are you going to join me?'

Re: Don't Get Lost In the Dungeons!

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:16 am
by Desdemona Garrotte
The dungeons of Hogwarts were fairly easy to navigate if you stuck to the main halls - well lit and dust free from the frequent movement of students and staff, it was fairly easy to keep from getting lost if you paid attention and didn't wander. Once you were off the beaten path however, things got a bit more tricky. There were plenty of unused passages and forgotten storage rooms to stumble into, and after awhile one dark dusty hallway looked like every other dark dusty hallway.

Unless, however, you'd spent a tremendous amount of time exploring every inch of them.

It had been a few years since Desdemona had last been here. Upon her escape from St Mungo's she had infiltrated and set up her workshop in these dungeons, and she'd managed to keep it hidden and safe for an entire half of a school year before she'd relocated to the forest. She hadn't exactly been discovered, but there were those who had become suspicious, and she had felt the need to move to somewhere with more escape routes. But there was still something about the claustrophobic dungeon corridors that comforted the former Slytherin. It was like coming home.

Gaining access had not been easy. But she was clever, and she was determined, and when she was focused enough to put together a plan she was a very hard woman to stop. A combination of spells, caustic potions and a tremendous amount of time had managed to connect some natural caverns under the forest with a section of the dungeon she'd discovered as a student, hidden behind a false wall disguised as a dead end. When she had begun excavation months ago she really hadn't had any clear reason why she wanted to get back into the castle beyond a general dislike of beind denied access to places, but she'd figured it out - supplies! There were only so many potions ingredients she could harvest fresh from the Forbidden Forest and the surrounding areas, but whoever the potions professor was these days was sure to be hoarding items from all over! Also spies? She had some vague idea about recruiting spies that had not fully formed. She would play that one by ear.

As she skulked through the dark halls guided by memory alone - the layout of the dungeons were one of the few things her memory seems to be unvariably clear on - the tiny house elf Donkle plodded along dutifully behind her. He carried a small lamp to see by, and held it up as high as he could for his mistress's sake even though she didn't seem to need it. Desdemona was half lost in thought deciding whether she should check any of her old stash spots when she heard some commotion around the corner. She froze, and then peered around the bend at the light streaming out of the now-open doorway. The voice within sounded vaguely appalled.

"MISTRESS," Donkle whisper-yelled at her before she could take any further action, "SHALL I GO SEE?"

Re: Don't Get Lost In the Dungeons!

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:43 am
by Prof. Jetta Delaney
Jetta had grown up being many things: sister, witch, rebel, explorer. One thing she'd always been above all else though, was unavoidably cool. She'd ridden modified brooms, wore rebellious Muggle clothing, and even dated Muggle and wizard men AND women twice her age more than once. When she'd grown up, she'd become what Muggles would call a real "ball-buster", making corporate boardroom deals with billionaires from all walks of life. She'd won awards. She had a husband who rode motorcycles. She'd even given that all up without a second thought in order to do something she felt was good for her family, without ever looking back. She thought that was pretty cool of herself.

Yet there was nothing more irrevocably uncool to a teenage girl than her mother, and so Jetta found her dejectedly patrolling the dungeons, looking for erstwhile students and nursing the emotional wounds her daughter had inflicted upon her. Though perhaps that was a bit dramatic. Jetta hadn't particularly wanted to hang out with her own mother when she was a teenager. To be fair, Jetta had never tried to curse, hex, or sacrifice her daughter's life on multiple occasions as Agenta Havich had tried, but still. She supposed she couldn't truly blame Dahlia for not wanting to hang out with mom. So here she found herself, after a brief and stilted conversation with her dear nephew Cana, searching for anyone she could potentially take out her misplaced annoyance at.

Or talk to.

Or interact with in some meaningful way.

She certainly wasn't lonely after all. She was perfectly immune to most of her children ignoring her.


Sighing, Jetta wondered if it would be too pathetic to wander down to Hogsmeade and cry to her husband through the Muggle cell phone she had that all of their children hated her except Lyssa, who couldn't be expected to be her sole emotional crutch.

Her pathetic ponderings were interrupted by the sound of a crash and muffled voices. Children's voices if she guessed correctly. Jetta steeled and reminded herself that just because she was angry didn't mean she should take it out on children.

Rounding the corner, she looked down to see a small Hufflepuff on the floor, half sticking out of a room. As she slowly approached, she glanced within the room to see a blonde girl that didn't look unlike one of her nieces balancing on a stack of books. She vaguely caught the tail-end of what the blonde was saying, when she raised her hand.

" explanation needed. Just...please get out of there. And off of those, before you fall. And you," she directed downward. "Are you okay? Let me help you up."

Suddenly something shifted in her. Instinctually, she went for her wand. She'd heard something. Something that made her skin crawl. She wasn't sure what it was yet, but she was certain there was something more amiss here than a few girls sneaking away from their dorms. Lighting the tip of her wand, Jetta squinted out into the darkness.

Re: Don't Get Lost In the Dungeons!

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:06 am
by Lavinia Telly Rae
Lavinia's head spun slightly and she frowned as an undeniably cranky voice demanded an explanation.
No, that wasn't right.

It was denying GIVING an explanation. An explanation of what? Maybe it was a prefect she'd run into, who might take points from her house, but that would be okay, because at least they'd be able to help her get back to civilization!

But everything seemed a bit 'off '.
She closed her eyes for a moment and opened them again. That was much better. An upside down blond girl towered over her, looking distinctly put out. Lavinia opened her mouth to apologize for the intrusion and request some help, when another voice - a grown up voice interrupted and offered to help her up.

"Oh, yes, thanks, that would be great." She held out a hand as she scrambled up.
Brushing off her clothes, she had once again opened up her mouth to request directions, when the professor (A new one. She hadn't heard her name at the opening feast) raised her hand for silence and looked much like one did when there was 'Danger!'. Lavinia looked to the door, wide eyed and saw - nothing. She glanced at the blond girl and saw that she was actually pretty short. Only a couple of inches shorter than Lavinia. It was just that she'd been standing on some books.

Once again, Lavinia looked to the door and could have sworn she saw a glow this time. She gulped, suddenly dry-mouthed. Obviously this adult was worried and that made her worried, too.
She gripped the strap of her satchel, wondering what was in it that could be of use in this situation.
Books, cloth, twine, smelling salts, a snack, a piece of chalk, an interesting rock she had found, a yellowed piece of parchment and - oh yes! Her wand!

Blushing at her forgetfulness, she snapped open the satchel lock and began to rummage inside the bag. "Where . . where. . .I know it's here . . just a . . "

Re: Don't Get Lost In the Dungeons!

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:22 pm
by Elwyn Wann
Elwyn wasn't used to listening to people when they told her what to do. She was the bane of her governess's existence. All eight of them, apparently. She was going for a record. Her brother had gone through twelve goveresses by the time he had graduated Hogwarts, but she was sure she could beat that. This woman, however, wasn't her governess. Still, Elwyn didn't like conforming to other people's opinions of appropriate behavior.

She dropped down so that she was sitting on the stack of books instead of standing on them and kicked her bare feet from side to side. They were getting cold, so she pulled a pare of thick, neon green, knee-high socks. She had gotten them off a Muggle device called the "enter-nett" a few weeks before the start of the school year. When she looked back up though, both the woman and the Falling Girl's attention was on something out the door and down the corridor.

Maybe there was a room full of experiments that had gone wrong and they had escaped. She hoped so. That would be exciting! Slipping and sliding on her socks, Elwyn pulled her wand from her hair and joined them to see what was up. She hoped there was a giant purple gorilla.

Re: Don't Get Lost In the Dungeons!

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:50 pm
by Desdemona Garrotte
Dessie thankfully had the reflexes to duck into the darkness as soon as Donkle had spoken, and was currently pressed against the wall just around the corner from the group making furiously silent strangling gestures at him. He smiled and nodded at her ire. With a not very reassuring thumbs up to his mistress, he marched himself around the corner into the light as her pantomime of his murder grew more violent and creative.

The little elf stopped himself a few meters away from the group of wary wanded witches where he was sure he would be visible, snapped his heels together and cleared his throat, and then recited his well rehearsed line in a monotone worthy of amateur theatre: "Hello my name is Donkle I am new I have gotten myself lost HAHA I am very sorry for intruding and/or disturbing you I will remove myself from your presence currently." He paused momentarily as if trying to remember what came next, glanced over his shoulder the way he had come, and then scurried past the women into the darkness in the opposite direction.

Re: Don't Get Lost In the Dungeons!

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:40 pm
by Prof. Jetta Delaney
Jetta vaguely registered the little girls (well, not too little she supposed, but between her age and imposing height, they both seemed quite little) taking out their wands, as well. She took one long step ahead of them, hoping that she was wrong and that they wouldn't have to use them.

Suddenly, a House Elf jumped out, and Jetta startled. She tampered down a slight noise of distress, embarrassed that she would act in such a way in front of children. But she couldn't help it. She absolutely loathed House Elves.

As a concept, they were bad enough. She hated anyone serving her unpaid. But it wasn't really that. Something about them made her skin crawl on a visceral level. Maybe it was their giant eyes. Maybe it was they're wrinkly faces. All she knew was that they made her deeply uncomfortable on a level she couldn't describe. One time, her husband had shown her a famous piece of Muggle cinema with a green House Elf who spoke in riddles, and she hadn't been able to make it through those parts of the film.

She cleared her throat, embarrassed as the House Elf ran off. Surely it wasn't just one of those little, creepy things that set off her danger alarms. She'd been surrounded by them at Hogwarts for awhile now, and while this one was very strange indeed, it couldn't be what that was right? Surely she hadn't been that upset by nothing? She'd seen him look over his shoulder at...something. Could it have been someone?

Gesturing for the children to stay behind her, she continued down the hall.

"I know you are there," she stated flatly, trying to keep her voice steely. "Come out and explain yourself. I am not one for games."

Suddenly, the slight movement of breathing caught the corner of her eye. Whipping up her wand to the person's face, she demanded.

"Explain yourself. Now."

Re: Don't Get Lost In the Dungeons!

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:40 am
by Desdemona Garrotte
((Continuing this thread as just Dessie/Jetta for now, but obviously if Lavinia or Elwyn want to jump back in at any point they're welcome to!))

Face to face with a threat, Dessie drew herself up to her full height - an incredibly imposing five foot six-and-a-half - and planted herself stubborn and firm, as if she had every right to be exactly where she was. "Excuse me?!" she sputtered, "The nerve! How dare you! Explain YOUR self, skulking around down in parts unknown like you belong. You and these... these youths should not be here. There are dangers, you know! Leaving the main paths like this... you should know better! It. Is. Not. Your. Place." With a huff, she turned around and stomped off down the hall. Projecting authority often gave people pause to question you further, she'd found. She was maybe also genuinely very possessive of her dungeons. She prefered to think she was clever, though.

As she walked away she gripped her wand and readied her reflexes to cast a quick stupefy if she so needed. After a few steps she doubled her pace, and then dipped around another dark corner. Time to find a place to lie low.

Re: Don't Get Lost In the Dungeons!

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:54 am
by Prof. Jetta Delaney
Jetta....stared down at the strange woman. And blinked.

"I'm a professor here," she explained as though talking to a small child. The woman seemed to have that sort of capacity anyway. "I have every right to go wherever I want."

She didn't know that she did, actually and precisely. But she was certainly here, and she seemed to be the most qualified adult to handle this situation, being that she was also the only actual adult here to help with it. But as if the woman didn't even hear her, she turned and left back into the darkness from whence she came.

Jetta was...confused. And more than mildly pissed off. How dare someone walk away from her when she was talking to them?! She was a Havi--professor. Yes. She was a professor here. Not a Havich.

Well, she was always a Havich, she supposed. A change in career was not a change in bloodline.

"Stay here," she demanded of the girls. "Or go back to the dormitories. Either way, don't follow me."

Jetta swiftly went down the corridors after the small mysterious woman. It wouldn't do to have a complete stranger running around the hallways threatening people. As Jetta continued on, she became entangled in the darkness, following only the sound of footsteps in front of her.