Born to Meet His Maker {Maija}

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Re: Born to Meet His Maker {Maija}

Post by Cana Havich » Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:48 pm

Cana grinned a bit. "You probably do seem that way. And it never hurts to help."

"I do hope you get to meet them," Cana continued. "I love all of mine even though they can be annoying sometimes. But they get a pass to get annoying because they're family," he smiled. There were some complex feelings sometimes: times when he wasn't "Indian enough" (or was just too Westernized in general), times when he wasn't traditionally masculine, times when he was more interested in helping his mom and aunties than playing chess with the men. But his family largely seemed to forgive him for it save for--


He forgot. Maija wouldn't know. Cana got so used to everyone back home knowing that he often just didn't bother to come out to people most of the time.

"I--I'm sure that there are a lot of nice girls out there. And I'm sure my mom's family has a minimum of at least 20 very nice, pretty Indian girls specifically lined up to try to get me to marry," he snickered. "But um. I'm gay. They know I'm gay. I think that somehow they must used magic because they act like they have a silencing spell bubble around them every time I say it, but they definitely know. I think they think it's a phase. Though I do have one auntie who keeps insisting I meet a nice Indian boy instead. That's somewhat better, even though I was dating someone at the time."

"And I think Aunt Jetta is...happier at least, if not outright happy. She definitely seems more excited to be around my cousins all the time. Grandfather put on a little bluster, but he definitely understood."

He rifled a hand through his hair.

"I don't know? Part of me thinks she should know, in case it keeps happening, but I also don't want to worry her. But you're right; she probably could take care of it better than I could? I..I'm at a loss honestly."

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