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Spring Fling (Open)

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 6:37 am
by Prof. Arthur V. Kalamack
Image by Jetta

It was late afternoon, closing in on early evening when the dance was planned. The Great Hall had been greatly transformed. Three of the four house tables removed, and replaced with small round, and larger square tables. Better to accommodate couples or small groups respectively. The tablecloths on each table were white with a smaller, yellow layer on top. The chairs kept up the color theme with alternating white and yellow chairs set at each table.

The Great Hall itself is decorated with a variety of spring flowers. Wreaths and garland made up of hyacinths, tulips, peonies, pansies, snowdrops, and crocuses in various shades of pinks and purples. Butterflies of various sizes and colors, and yellow canaries had been conjured to flitter around the various spring flowers decorating the room.

Instead of having everybody sit and have their meals appear before them, the remaining house table was pushed up against the side wall to serve as a place for the buffet where students and teachers alike could serve themselves whatever they pleased. As it was too early for supper, and too late for a full lunch, the table was covered with foods easy to carry on a small plate. A variety of meats and cheeses, alons side rolls and crackers. Followed by small pastries, cupcakes, small scones, miniature pies, among other sweets. The pair of constantly filling drink bowls at each end and the center of the table butterbeer, and pumpkin juice. A small cart with plates and napkins sat at one end of the table, indicating the start of the buffet line.

With suggestions from students, The Weird Sisters were recruited to make a special appearance, but first, a string quartet at the front of the Great Hall played La Primavera from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. The headmaster, in cornflower colored robes, as if to commemorate the Spring Fling, stood at the lectern behind the string quartet and watched as the students entered, some oohing and aahing at the very pastel and Spring-like transformation.

Arthur raised his voice over the entering students, “Come in, and take a seat wherever you please.” As everybody got settled, the Headmaster continued, “Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's very first, and hopefully, annual, Spring Fling.” The quartet finished their music and quietly gathered their instruments and chairs and made their way out of a side door. Arthur continued, “This isn’t meant to be a gathering for couples only. I want you to get better acquainted with each other, socially. Talk to each other, dance with each other. Meet and get to know somebody you’ve always seen, but never talked to before.

“And with that, here are the Weird Sisters! Have fun!” The band, despite their age, burst into the Great Hall with the same enthusiasm and energy they had ten or fifteen years ago. And of course, they were loud. Arthur stepped back to let the party get started, and hoped the students mingled with more than just their own little group of friends.

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Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 10:38 pm
by Maija Guerrero
Maija arrived at the Spring Fling alone. She didn't ask anybody to come with her, and didn't expect anybody to ask her to accompany them. She hadn't planned on staying long, dances weren't really her thing, but she wanted to check it out. She wore an lavender sundress with a pattern of tiny daisies. She chuckled to herself a little, it seemed her new dress matched the Spring decor in the Great Hall.

The Headmaster invited everybody to come and have a good time and get to know their fellow classmates. Maija wasn't sure about that. She was usually shy about meeting new people. Once she got to know people better, she was a little bolder. She made her way to the buffet and got a cup of butterbeer before finding a place at one of the larger tables. Since she didn't have a significant other, she felt one of the smaller tables would be too intimate. She watched, and sipper her butterbeer, as her fellow classmates entered the Great Hall and found their own tables.

When the Weird Sisters made their grand entrance, Maija thought to herself, Great, there's going to be dancing. She sighed and figured she'd grab a bite to eat in a little while, then head back to her Common Room. At least she could tell her mother she attended a school function.

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Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 8:49 pm
by Morrigan Delaney
Morrigan disliked socials on principle, but she also enjoyed opportunities to not wear a uniform. It was a difficult situation she had been put in, but the temptation to wear a skirt that wasn't gray was just too much. Donning a bright canary yellow skater skirt and a black, ruffle collared blouse, she'd shown up at the Great Hall expecting it to be slightly less...saccharine. Florals for spring. How groundbreaking, the voice of Meryl Streep echoed in her head. Still, she supposed she couldn't fault the professors for going for easy and non-controversial.

She smiled and gave a slight wave to her mother at the head table and looked around. Not many people had filed in yet, but she did see a girl from her year who was friends with Cana. Maya? No, Maija. Same way to say it, but different spelling, if she recalled correctly. Ah well, it wouldn't hurt to get to know the girl better. She had been over to their home for Yule.

She made her way over as the Weird Sisters began to play loudly. Were Eric here, she'd drag him into a dance, but she hadn't spotted the older boy yet.

"Hey," she greeted over the music. "Maija right? Anyone sitting here?"

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Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 2:43 pm
by Lavinia Telly Rae
Lavinia stood outside the doors to the Great Hall, plastered against the cold stone wall.

A party. A Spring Fling.
One she was invited to!
Before, she had been young and foolish and would have just crawled in around people's legs and thought little of it.
Now she was slightly older and nervous.
It was one thing to wander into a party, quite another to have to walk in, head held high.

Especially when one had nothing to wear to it!
She tugged on the new dress robes she had dashed into Hogsmeade to get, last weekend. Her family apparently believed in drab as a fashion statement and even though she had purchased this with her own money, she had panicked and not known what to do. So she had bought a mulberry set of robes, with a close collar and while nice, they lacked a certain, spring feel.
She had picked a daisy outside and tucked it in her hair, but it was a little weedy.
Oh well, she had tried. Now she just had to . . go . . in . . there. She clutched her leather satchel which accompanied her everywhere and with a deep breath, she shoved off the wall and burst into the Hall.

It looked . . so pretty! Not the august Great Hall she knew and loved, but very nice, anyway.
After bursting in, she felt a little silly and so she meandered over to a table and fiddled with the tablecloth. Nice.
The music was very good. She swayed and danced her way over to the food and tried a baked thing with crispy bacon and a soft white cheese. Yum!
She shoved a couple more in her mouth and slipped one into her satchel for Matilda, later.
Glancing around, she saw a couple of girls chatting and looking perfect in their spring-y dresses.

Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
She walked over to them and smiled wanly. "Hiii." Why was her voice so weird all of a sudden? "Those sisters, huh?" She pointed to the stage. "Weird!"

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Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 5:16 am
by Prof. Sebastian Navarro
Sebastian strolled into the Great Hall among the various groups of students. He didn't think he was supposed to be here before the start of the of the Spring Fling, but felt he should attend anyway, even if he was late. He broke off from the students and made his way up to the head table. As he sat down, he saw a girl smile and wave up at the table. He blinked a little and was sure she wasn't waving at him. He tilted his head a little and remembered, Professor Delaney had children here and she was one of them. He would remember her better in class, and it took a moment for him to remember her name. ...Morrigan, that was her name. He usually referred all the students by their last names, and it was still a little odd to him to refer to Professor Delaney's children as Mr or Miss Delaney. He shrugged and decided to do what he always did, ignore the odd feeling.

He settled down and asked, mostly himself, "I suppose it'll be inappropriate to spike the pumpkin juice." He chuckled to himself, "Then again, I'm an enabler, not a shenanigator." Sebastian shook his head, the Weird Sisters always annoyed him, even when he was in school and a lot of his classmates loved them and their music. He wanted to pour himself a glass of wine to help him ignore the band, but since this was a student function he figured it would be frowned upon and just sighed in frustration as he watched the last of the students stream in as the annoying band played.

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Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 4:52 pm
by Eric Brandski
Eric was unfortunate a bit late. Or a bit more than a bit. It wasn't that he had lost track of the time--he had, of course, but that wasn't the primary reason. His suit hadn't arrived until an hour ago. It was the suit he had ordered before school started: lavender and plumb Glen Plaid on the outside and silk purple swirl on the inside. He loved it, no matter what anyone else said. It was what made him happy, and he had been told countless times before that his own happiness was important.

The boy had wanted to ask Morrigan if she was going to the Formal, but every time he had seen her in the hall, she had been with Cana. Not wanting to start another argument--or continue the original argument, he supposed--he took to avoiding anywhere Csna might be. So, the first thing he did when he got to the Great Hall was scan the area for Cana. Not seeing him, he then looked for Morrigan.

She was easily found, talking to a girl he remembered from the winter holidays. He made his way over to them, stuffing his hands into his suit pockets. "Hey. You two enjoying the dance?"

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Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 11:39 pm
by Maija Guerrero
Maija looked up at the tall girl and smiled. She made a point of at least remembering the names of Cana's family who attended Hogwarts with her, as well as the names of the other students who she saw on the holiday break. "Hi Morrigan, yes it is Maija." She gestured to the empty seats, "Nobody is sitting here, help yourself." She had to raise her voice over the Weird Sisters.

She sighed, "I wasn't planning on coming here, but my mother is a social butterfly and wants me to be one too. She shrugged, "She even got me this frilly-lily dress, at least it's a shade of purple."

Maija laughed at Lavinia's mention of the band, "Yes very weird. Their older stuff, from my parents time in school, was better. This new stuff is...well, my opinion." She smiled at Lavinia, "I love the color of your new robes!" Eric, whose name she only knew because of the holiday across the pond approached and asked "Hey. You two enjoying the dance?" She smiled and said, "Hi Eric. I'm just making an appearance to make my mother happy. It sounds like the Headmaster wants us all to socialize too. We'll see." She wondered if the professors would socialize with the students as well.

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Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 2:50 am
by Morrigan Delaney
Morrigan smiled and laughed at bit at Lavinia's comment. The other girl was a touch odd, but in a fun and harmless way. "They aren't my favorite I have to admit," she said, agreeing with Maija's assessment. "I must confess, I generally prefer Muggle bands," she faux whispered. "I do understand why they couldn't get any to come here though."

Morrigan felt her smile grow as Eric approached. Even as much as he didn't get along with most of her family, the girl really liked him and enjoyed his company.

"Hi Eric," she smiled, pulling at the edge of her skirt a touch. "It's lovely so far," she lied. It wasn't really her sort of environment, but if Eric was there, she could certainly pretend it was.

She glanced back at Maija, before her staring at Eric became awkward.

"Oh yes, I'd feel terrible for mother if none of us showed up when she's chaperoning! It would be embarrassing I imagine..."

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Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 3:08 am
by Prof. Jetta Delaney
Jetta disliked dances, she thought, mostly because she was never asked to them. While she was highly sought after by several men as an adult, she'd garnered quite an unsavory reputation as a young woman, and was therefore largley ignored by the boys of her age group. Still, it would be nice for her children to have something like this. If any of them showed up that was.

Ah, she needn't have worried. There was her dear Morrigan waving at her. She gave a slight wave back. She overheard what Sebastian said and grinned a touch."I am most certainly a shenanigator, as you say," she replied. "However, as my little girl is making eyes at that boy, I don't think I want to add firewhiskey into the equation there just yet. Perhaps," she said mischievously, "if they don't get their act together when they're older."

Thankfully, her children seemed so much more successful in young love than she was. Asides from the unseemly rumors about her and Aleksander, Jetta hadn't enjoyed much of a love life. There had been a boy once, but it had ended terribly. Roman was her first true love, and while sometimes she did wonder if she'd met Tanuj Mirga before him, Roman was the man she'd dedicated her life to.

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Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 12:44 am
by Lavinia Telly Rae
A feeling of relief touched Lavinia, although it didn't stay long.
They were talking to her!

She remembered Maija. She'd brushed shoulders with her from time to time. It was very kind of her to say such nice things about her robes. Lavinia appreciated it, deeply. The other girl was unknown to her, but many of her fellow students were. Probably because she spent so much time in forgotten corridors and trapped in broom cupboards.
"I've heard that there are some spells that require music to perform!" She semi yelled over the 'music'. "But you need, like, a lute or a flute or something." She smiled at her inadvertent rhyme. "Sometimes bells. But then, I've never come across one in any of the books so far, so maybe it's just legend?"
A boy came up to them and Lavinia smiled at him, before her eyes were attacked and she had to blink and turn away.
His outfit was like a sensory bomb!!
She felt wounded. Not by his ignoring her (she was fairly used to that) but by the physical blow his conflicting patterns and the wild purples his suit inflicted on her.