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Re: Just a Little Snack (OPEN!)

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:45 am
by Kyani Taylor
Kyani hung on the professor's words as he spoke in leinght about the "Womping Willow." She had to admit, it had a better ring than "murder tree," but the feeling behind the name was almost the same. The adventurous part of the girl wanted to go find that hidden tunnel, but visions of her body being thrown across the Grounds and landing in a crumpled heap danced around in her head. There was a very real chance at curiosity would really kill the cat, or in this case the snake.

Still the thought of werewolves at Hogwarts peeked both Kyani's interest and anxiety. She knew it was prejudice of her, but all the stories she'd ever heard of werewolves depicted them as man-eaters. Could reality really be that far off of myth? She hadn't seen anyone walking around with green skin, though, so who knew?

When the professor introduced himself as the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Gwalchmai, Kyani was both relieved and a bit embarrassed. Of course she should have recognized him! She was incredibly greatful for him to take the time to encourage her. She still felt like the whole world could be ripped from under her feet any second, but the knot in the pit of her stomach loosened some. If a professor thought she was worth being here, that was worth something, right?

Before she managed to get off a shaky "thank you" to Professor Gwalchmai, Dori drew her attention back with his world's of... assurance? Quite honestly, she hadn't picked up on half of what he had said, but the meaning behind the words was clear enough. He loved it here. The oddities and the wonder, the excitement and peculiarities. Quite obviously the food, too.

She admitted, it was much more interesting asnd involved then where she'd come from. "I've been home schooled all my life," Kyani confessed with what she hoped was a casual shrug. She wasn't quite sure it she had succeeded or not. "Everything is very new to me." Not just the magic."It's nice to have professors and other students around, that's for sure." She might even be lucky enough to makes some friends.

Re: Just a Little Snack (OPEN!)

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:42 pm
by Prof. Cedrych Gwalchmai
Cedrych smiled to himself, glad that these two students looked to be becoming friends. They were at least sharing about themselves and Dorian was offering encouragement to the younger student. An act that always gladdened him when exhibited by older students. Especially older students from different houses. It was something unfortunate that he had noticed at times. Some, by no means all, but some of the older students dismissed and ignored and younger ones and that seemed to happen at a higher frequency when the younger student was from a differing house.

"Where do you come to us from Miss Taylor?" he asked, guessing from her previous comments that she was muggle born. "And what about you Mr. Krueger? I don't believe I ever learned much of your background. I was usually to busy trying to learn just what had happened to your homework."

Re: Just a Little Snack (OPEN!)

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:40 am
by Kyani Taylor
Kyani found that she liked both Professor Gwalchmai and Dori a great deal. The Huffelpuff said things in ways she had never heard before and the professor seemed... like he honestly cared about what she thought or said or did. Growing up with the concept of "children should been seen and never heard," it was a bit nerve wracking to have an adult look at her like she was a person. But Kyani kind of liked it.

"I'm from London, originally," and glad to be away. Kyani left the last bit off, but the unsaid words pratically hung in the air. She didn't hold a London accent, but rather the RP one her Mum had forced her to learn so she didn't sound "common and uneducated." Honestly, she didn't see why it mattered, as Kate hardly ever let Kyani get two full sentences out. In fact, she was rather sure that the conversation she was having at the moment was the longest she'd ever had with anyone who wasn't her tutor.

Turning her attention to Dori, Kyani folded her hands in her lap. She, too, was interested in his history. She wasn't used to spending a lot of time with people even close to her age, and she was sure that she would somehow mess this up, but it seemed to her, that if she planned to be Dori's friend she shouldf know a bit about him.

Re: Just a Little Snack (OPEN!)

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:11 pm
by Dorian Krueger
Dori scoffed, mock-offended at the professors words. "Sir, I always TELL ye when the squid ate my homework, don act like I make ye guess." He flashed the man an impish grin. He should probably be more embarrassed about being such a poor student, but he was who he was and he didn't believe in being ashamed of that. Apologizing for being bad at remembering assignments wasn't gonna stop him from doing it, so he may as well just have fun with it.

"Probably hard te miss where am from," he grinned, gesturing indicating his accent. "Family's from Glasgow, though we've been a little outside it most I kin remember. Big sis needed somewhere a bit quieter when mum an da passed I think. Ah dunno, was just a we'en so I dunnae remember too much." He shrugged and took an unconcerned bite of chicken. He didn't really remember his parents and his elder half-sister had always filled the role just fine, so it wasn't so tragic a thing for him as other people sometimes decided it was. "What about yerself sir?"