Spring Fling (Open)

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Re: Spring Fling (Open)

Post by Prof. Sebastian Navarro » Wed May 22, 2019 5:34 am

Sebastian looked over at Jetta and chuckled, "A shenanigator, huh. I happen to be an enabler in search of a shenanigator. Neville is an accidental shenanigator. All in the interest of Herbology, you know" He looked over at Jetta's daughter and grinned, "She does seem to be quite taken with young Mr. Brandski. And it sounds like you're happy with the match? Sometimes children would rather please their parents than follow their hearts." The last bit had a touch of sadness to it.

Sebastian shook his head and cleared his throat, "And for the record, I was thinking of something a little less potent than firewhiskey. Something that would...you know, help the kids to loosen up enough to socialize out of their little circles." He shrugged, "At least that's what Arthur wants from this dance." He sighed, "And a little something would probably help me get over how...pastel the Great Hall has become. I hope it doesn't stay this way after tonight."

"Unfortunately, we are the adults here. We shouldn't be plotting to spike the punch bowls. We're supposed to be the ones to make sure nobody else comes up with that bright idea." He raised his non-alcoholic drink in a little toast, "Happy Spring. Hopefully all this color will stay outside."

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