The Cete is Back... (open to anyone!)

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Brad Devereaux
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The Cete is Back... (open to anyone!)

Post by Brad Devereaux » Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:30 pm

It was as if Brad had just awoken from a long and storied dream. He felt like he had slumbered for years and was seeing the world again, but this time from new eyes. Today was his very first morning at Hogwarts, but everything here felt strangely recognizable. New yet familiar, amazing yet usual, commonplace. Yes, walking up from the Kitchens towards the Great Hall for breakfast, Brad had the strangest feeling he had inhabited these halls before, but from inside a different person's body. Brad knew, of course, this was impossible and simply attributed this odd feeling to the newness of the school. Still, he couldn't shake the vibe that he'd seen this all before...

Lost inside his own mind, Brad suddenly tripped over his robes while crossing the Entrance Hall. His bag spilled his books everywhere like an upturned glass of Pumpkin Juice and he was just able to catch himself on his knee. Straightening up quickly and feeling a red glow creep up his neck and face, Brad wished the kind students stopping to check on him or picking up his textbooks would leave. He generally didn't mind being the center of attention, but he hated that he tripped in front of everyone; still, he appreciated the kind gestures all the same. "Well, that went over like a lead balloon. That's twice before lessons even start," Brad thought stuffing his bag and hurrying into the Great Hall, mentally tallying how many times he'd messed things up so far. The first incident came last night when Brad had accidentally tapped the barrels guarding the Hufflepuff Common Room to the wrong tune of 'Helga Hufflepuff' and became soaked in vinegar. He was sure the sharp scent stilled lingered on his skin.

The four house tables were laden with delicious foods and a smattering of students were occupying each one. Glad not too many students had seen his less-than-graceful entrance into breakfast, Brad quickly chose a seat near the doors and pulled a plate of over-easy eggs towards him. The ceiling reflecting the outside weather showed a clear, sunny day and everyone seemed genuinely happy to be at Hogwarts. The sense of community and friendship was palpable in the air and Brad was ecstatic to start his lessons and jump feet-first into his adventure at Hogwarts. He dug into his bag and dragged out his schedule to plan his day. Peering up and down the Hufflepuff table, and even at the tables adjacent to his, Brad tried to catch the eye of another student. "May as well jump right in and meet some friends," Brad muttered to himself, hoping someone would come sit next to him.

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Morrigan Delaney
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Re: The Cete is Back... (open to anyone!)

Post by Morrigan Delaney » Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:18 am

A first day in a new school was rough. A first day in a middle of schooling transfer was rough. A first day during a middle of schooling transfer to an entirely different country though? That was a nightmare in Morrigan's book. She was unsure of herself even more than usual. Thankfully, she hadn't had to go to the feast last night for her and her family to be "sorted" in front of everyone. She couldn't imagine them all being so much older, towering over the little first years. And gods were they little first years. Morrigan certainly wasn't that small two years ago....She was only thirteen an hitting the 5'9" mark already. She had unceremoniously had an old hat dropped on her head, which declared her a Hufflepuff. Whatever that was, it was different than all her siblings and her cousin Cana. She had been given a yellow tie, a yellow hooded robe (how archaic), and a copy of Hogwarts: a History, and unceremoniously sent down towards the kitchen where the dormitories apparently were. It was only by the grace of the old gods and some older students that she able to even enter the house. How was she--a transfer student--supposed to know the tune to a song, let alone how to play it on old wine barrels?

She'd been even more upset to learn that the dormitories were hidden from each other. There would be no visiting Cana and Dahlia down in the Slytherin common room to talk about magical theory late at night, there would be no spreading out in the dorms and listening to music with Vesper and RJ, and there would be no sitting on the beds up in Gryffindor and getting her hair fixed by Lyssa.

Morrigan decided, she hated Hogwarts. Any sort of system that kept her apart from her family was draconic and unfair, and she wasn't having any of it. The topping on the awful sundae was that she wouldn't even get to see her own mother that much, with the intense class schedule both of them had. Plus, since she grew up in a fairly mixed environment, she couldn't even take Muggle Studies (what a stupid name) without being seen as a baby who just wanted to spend time with mommy. She was at an impasse.

All of this had her in a stormy mood as she entered the Great Hall for breakfast. She was hoping to see her siblings or her cousin somewhere, but all the shocks of black hair she say belonged to people of an average height. She felt her mood darken even more.

As she flopped down at the table across from some boy she didn't know she looked at the table's offerings. While objectively it looked wonderful, all she wanted right now was the food her dad made. She felt her eyes watering over stupid egg cups of all things, and she quickly wiped her eyes looking up to see if the boy across from her had noticed. Putting on her poutiest face, she stalwartly ignored that anything had happened and started to grab as much food as she could onto the plate in front of her.

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Re: The Cete is Back... (open to anyone!)

Post by LisetteDuane » Tue Dec 29, 2020 5:56 pm

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