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Re: Havoc in Diagon Alley [open]

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:04 pm
by Cana Havich
Cana was fuming. It was hard to tell from the outside. In fact, anyone who looked as him as he walked away, might merely believe he had simply been refused some sort of object by his parents. Yes, he simply looked like he was in a mild pout.

Underneath the surface though was a frozen core of anger. Yes, he knew, he'd been very rude to the boy. Yes, he knew, he probably deserved a good punch. And if he had been punched and that been it, he would have been absolutely fine. Hell, it might have even given him some respect for Eric. Heavens knew most people closer to his size were still to cowardly to do it, even when Cana deserved it.

But then Eric brought Mom into it. And Dad too, to a lesser degree. While Cana knew a myriad of his father's sins (and knew that there were plenty more he didn't want to know about), his mother, to him, was a saint. She put up with his father cheating on her and having Kristian. She put up with her own father going through wives like they were the latest accessories. She put up with her stupid son constantly getting into trouble; she even put up with her stupid step-son too. She'd lost her oldest daughter in an awful incident, just a few days before the twins were born. She'd been through so much, Cana knew, and anyone who insulted her was an ignorant piece of human garbage.

But when Eric approached them again, all remorse and apologies, it was Daciana who once again stood between her son and trouble.

It made Cana feel unspeakably small.

As Daciana listened carefully to Eric, she nodded. She didn't smile, no. But she also didn't chastise him. She knew very well how boys said and did stupid things without thinking. Kristian was evidence of that in more ways than one. She still considered his offer of lunch carefully though. If Cana weren't so furious right now, she would forgive and forget quite easily. But she also had to consider her son's feelings on the matter.

Finally, she turned to Cana, eyebrows raised in question. "Do you think you can manage to do that, dear?"

Cana somehow shrunk even further, and felt himself physically recoil at the judgment and warning in his mother's voice. Looking to Kristian and his father, both of whom seemed just as small-feeling as he did around Daciana, he finally met his mother's eyes and nodded. Scarlett and Sable each took one of Cana's hands, still glaring at Eric, and marched their older brother up by their mom. Daciana gave him a look that said multitudes.

Cana sighed.

"I apologize. Not sure for what, but there."

Daciana cleared her throat. Cana glared and jerked his head back in his brother's direction. Daciana gave a solid glare at her step-son. She loved Kristian as dearly as if he were her own; but she also knew the boy had far too much of his mother in him. He was a bad influence on Cana, in many ways. The only reason she did very little about it was that they loved each other so dearly. She reached out and gave Cana's bicep a squeeze to let him know she'd deal with Kristian later.

Aleksander and Kristian watched on, curious to see what would happen. Neither of them had thought Cana had been as awful as Kristian was. Both were curious about what in particular had gathered Eric's ire towards him instead of the older blond. Aleksander was also scheming for how to use this to his advantage. He wasn't entirely sure yet, but he knew he would think of something. He always did.

Finally, with his whole family watching, Cana gave a recalcitrant nod towards his mother. Daciana finally smiled, very faintly, and turned back to Eric.

"We would love to put this behind us and have lunch with you and your mother," Daciana said. "I'm afraid we're unfamiliar with this area though. I'll allow you to pick where."

Re: Havoc in Diagon Alley [open]

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:35 pm
by Eric Brandski
Eric nodded in acceptance of Cana's apology as Sophie came up behind him, bags in hand. He wasn't really looking forward to sitting down to a meal with them all, but food was one of the best ways to find common ground. On the bright side, Eric was sure he couldn't screw up any more. Not that any of it had been his fault to begin with. But Sophie had raised him better than throwing weak punches and cheep insults. He knew he would get a talking to once they were alone. So, on the bright side, with Cana and his family around, he was safe for the mo. He just had to keep his big mouth shut and make sure he was never alone with the Beast or his brutal brother.

Eric still wasn't sure what kind of cheap trick Kristian had been pulling in the alley. Had he really been fishing for information or just trying to kick Eric's feet from under him? He had seemed intent on finding out what Eric knew about Cana. The Gryffindor eyed the larger brunet. For Cana to have to transfer instead of merely being suspended meant it had to have been bad, but not bad enough to be expelled from wizarding schools all together. It was something he would have to ask his mum about when he got the chance, if she hadn't been sworn to secrecy.

Sophie interrupted Eric's thoughts by asking, "Are their any dietary preferences? Neither Eric nor I eat pork." She smiled kinder than Eric thought someone could in their situation. "My husband is Jewish, you see. There's an amazing vegetarian place. Or there's a great barbecue place near here. Unless you're looking for something a little more ethnic? Japanese, Thai, Mexican?"

It had always been amazing to Eric how his mother could pretend situations never happened. They seemed to flow over her like water and not even touch her. Eric wished he knew how she did that. He had once asked, and she had laughed, saying that it took years to get there. Eric didn't want years, though. So instead of commenting on anything, he just stuck his hands in his pockets and studied the ground.

Re: Havoc in Diagon Alley [open]

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:24 pm
by Cana Havich
Daciana smiled softly looking back at her son for a signal. He nodded, looking depressed.

"Cana actually sort of gave up on pork too," she explained, hoping to find some common ground between the two boys. "His boyfriend is Jewish. I don't eat it either. My father is Muslim, and even though I'm not, it's an old holdover. So no pork is absolutely fine with all of us." The rest of the party nodded. Though the rest of them ate pork just fine, they also weren't unused to changing plans to suit Daciana, Cana, and Gabe.

Even just mentioning Gabe casually made Cana sink into himself. He'd been able to stop thinking about him with all the drama (and the joke from Kristian had been a common barb between them), but truly thinking about him sent his spirit downwards. He did glance up at the suggestion of Japanese though. Daciana caught it, and she looked back at the rest of her family. Aleksander nodded his approval.

"Japanese sounds lovely," Daciana agreed. The group set off.


While Aleksander wrangled them a table for eight, Cana looked around. The place was quite nice. He suspected his father was going to pay for the whole check to make up for his sons' earlier behavior. He couldn't really blame him. While he still didn't like the guy, perhaps they had been a bit too harsh on him. Cana had certainly taken his bad mood out on him. Kristian was that, at times. It couldn't be fun for his father to have to wrangle them.

The seating was more of a traditional izakaya, but thankfully it had benches instead of expecting one to sit on the floor. However, the benches were in a U shape, and Cana quickly found himself squeezed in directly across from Eric. He grimaced and tried not to meet the other boy's eyes. Instead he looked around. Beautiful paper lanterns hung from the ceiling. Modern traditional Japanese music played. There was a fully stocked bar Cana was eyeing, and he considered whether or not it would be legal for him to order some with his parents. He elbowed his dad a little and gestured to the bar.

Aleksander raised his eyebrows and considered.

"One. You can have one. Beer or wine only."

Cana pouted a bit.

'Okay," his dad agreed with a sighed. "But you have to eat a lot to make up for it."

Cana would take it. He looked at the menu to try to track down which had the highest alcohol content, while his sisters started talking about all the small plates they wanted to try.

"What are you thinking of?" Kristian finally looked up at him from on the other side of his mother. Daciana had strategically placed Kristian as far away aspossible from Eric.


"Well, duh, which kind?"

"Just like," a depressed Cana waved his hand around vaguely. "All of it. I'm hungry as f--" he glanced over to his little sisters, guilt written on his face. "I'm just. Really hungry. I want beer and sushi. And maybe dumplings. And tempura."

"Fair enough," Kristian laughed, "I'm thinking a couple bowls of ramen, myself. What about you two terrors?"

"Sushi!" Scarlett declared, just as Sable chimed in with "Chicken ramen!"

As the waitress took down the rather large order Cana unceremoniously plopped down on the table, putting his head in his arms. He could feel his dad reach out and rub his back a little.

"Poor thing," he heard Kristian say. "He's in mourning. His boyfriend got transferred to Durmstr--" Cana's head shot up and he glared absolute venomous daggers through his brother's head. Kristian's eyes widened for once, and he quickly decided to end his thoughts. Cana glanced over at Eric, as if daring him to say a word about what had just been muttered.

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Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 11:49 pm
by Eric Brandski
Of all the dinning establishments around Diagon Alley, Oishī was Eric's favorite. The whole quiddity of the place filled him with longing. He'd never been outside of the UK, but his mum loved bringing him places like this to "taste the world." Sam wasn't a huge fan of East Asian food, so Oishī was Sophie and Eric's. He loved the place.

He didn't know what it said about him, that he had the same taste as Cana and his family. Or that Cana's boyfriend shared a religion with Eric's dad. He felt way more connected to this family in little ways than he wanted to be. He wanted to dislike them, to not feel a draw towards them. He wanted not to feel jealous. He didn't often get what he wanted.

Eric had just finished ordering a sashimi platter of octopus and eel, when he felt Cana glaring at him. Looking across the table at the older boy, Eric tried to reply any of the conversation. Something about Cana's boyfriend? He couldn't quite remember if there had been a question involved. Glancing to the side, he noticed that Sophie was unhelpfully busy with the dessert menu.

There was an awkward pause as the waitress returned with a round a matcha for the table, waters, and other drinks. Eric thanked her quietly, and when she' left, he cleared is throat. "Has anyone had mochi? They have a great red bean one." Even with a table large enough to fit them all, they were pressed tightly together thanks to the size of the room. Eric wouldn't have normally minded, accept for the fact that it fell like everyone was looking at him every time he spoke. "There are other flavors, too."

Re: Havoc in Diagon Alley [open]

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:23 am
by Cana Havich
Eric was either smarter than Cana thought or more oblivious than should be allowed. Either way, the other boy had saved Kristian's backside and he didn't even seem to know it. As he continued glaring daggers at his older brother, Cana awkwardly replied.

"Not the biggest red bean fan. Tastes enough like chocolate that it always throws me off. Nothing wrong with it, just not for me," he added, trying very hard for his mother's sake to be nice. He finally took his penetrating, infuriated stare off of Kristian to look down at the dessert menu. They had a surprisingly large collection of desserts available. They must have had a pastry chef on staff. Nice. "Purin is good," he commented offhandedly, taking another bite out of the still significant pile of food in front of him. He fully intended to gulp all of it down before considering desserts, but he also realized he'd likely be the last one done because of it. It was probably for the best though, as he'd been cut off of alcohol by the waitress a little bit ago.

Kristian meanwhile was sulking. He hadn't meant for Cana to get angry at him by bringing up Gabe. If anything, it had been his intention to explain away some of Cana's mood and maybe win him over a bit in the other peoples' eyes. But considering the look his father had given him too, it was the exact wrong move to make. Clearly the woman knew enough to know exactly why Gabe was at Durmstrang. It was just Eric that was oblivious.

He watched as his step-mother and half-sisters ordered some fruit parfaits, while Cana finished up eating and Dad decided to change his normal wine to a dessert one. Kristian felt sick. He was under no illusion that one of the reasons his step-mother tolerated so much from him was because of Cana. What would happen with him gone at Hogwarts? Daciana would never kick him out, but he couldn't help but feel he'd be even more isolated and alone than he already felt most of the time. And now he'd made Cana angry at him.


"Here," Kristian muttered, and pushed his not empty bowl of ramen to his brother. The soft boiled egg was still warm inside the broth. Cana glanced at it and then back up at Kristian. Giving a tiny smile, he took the bowl and ate the egg in one bite. Kristian snickered. Maybe he was blowing things out of proportion.

"I'm really glad you invited us and gave us this chance to start over," Daciana smiled at Eric. "We've all been very tense with Cana going to a new place, and I think it bled through. I apologize again."

Cana looked up reluctantly through his hair and nodded. He didn't smile, nor dd he look particularly guilty; but he did agree with the sentiment given.

Kristian reached out and took his brother by the wrist on the table. Giving him a sad dog look, Kristian made a pouting face. Cana looked at him, smirked, and pushed a piece of urchin up to his face. Kristian yelped and leaned back, nearly falling off the edge of the bench. Aleksander and Daciana laughed.

"So Eric," Aleksander finally said. "What's some advice you might have for starting at Hogwarts?"

Cana looked across, a bit recalcitrant. He didn't particular want to receive advice from this kid, but he supposed he could put on a good face and tolerate it for a little while.

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Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:38 am
by Eric Brandski
"You have no reason to appolagize," Sophie answered. She had pulled her dark bob back in a low pony tail to keep from eating it along with her yakisoba. Cleaning a spot from the side of her lip, she continued, "Eric was completely out of line, and be live me when I say my husband and I will have a conversation with him on appropriate ways to channel his frustration."

The words, though directed at Daciana, were really meant for Eric. He knew he'd messed up. He'd hoped that the lunch invatation wou ld have fixed it but apparently, he still had some redeeming to do. "Yes, ma'am," he muttered.

Eric was paying more attention to the brothers than the others at the table, so he completely missed the question that was directed towards him until his mum elbowed him. "Oh, ah... advice?" He really couldn't think of anything. He was sure nothing he could offer would help Cana. "Get to meals early, or you're forced to sit on the end."

He shrugged a little and raised his eyebrow at Sophie who was hiding a grin. It had been the best he could come up with.

Re: Havoc in Diagon Alley [open]

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 1:29 am
by Cana Havich
Aleksander grinned a bit, and toasted to it.

"Certainly excellent advice."

Cana, meanwhile, merely tilted his head curiously at Eric. Surely the boy was hiding some sort of depth, otherwise Father wouldn't have been so intent on his keeping tabs on him. But perhaps the grace and seeming intelligence of his mother had just skipped Eric. Bjørn certainly had none of Aunt Thorunn or Uncle Robert's people skills; it wouldn't be out of the question.

"Oh my gods, Cana," Kristian muttered in Norwegian. "I think I realized why he gets under your skin. Skinny Jewish twink. 100% your type."

Cana came to a horrifying realization, which he tamped down quickly. He had done that with many other horrifying realizations in his life, as was the Havich family tradition. Yes, that was a thought he would keep buried deep within his psyche; and then, one day, he would die. Calmly, and in full view of everyone, he took one of the metal chopsticks and ground it down into the webbing of Kristian's thumb and forefinger.

Kristian was laughing too hard to seem to notice.

Cana moved both his sisters across his lap, and giving a strong shove, pushed his brother almost to the floor. He stormed out of the restaurant and into the street. Leaning against the building, arms crossed angrily across his chest, he sulked.

He knew logically that he didn't like Eric. He didn't. Eric didn't even really remind him of Gabe in anyway that mattered. But the superficial reminders were definitely there. The curly hair, the skinny build, all of it reminded him of Gabe. Only a few facial features and general coloring were off. He looked like Gabe.

But he wasn't Gabe.

Gabe wasn't here anymore.

Gabe probably would never be here anymore, because in the time they were separate, he'd realize he was too good for Cana and find someone else.

He felt tears welling up behind his eyes, and he ducked quickly out the main view of the street. Rubbing at his eyes, he desperately tried to stop; but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't bring himself to stop. He missed Gabe. He would miss Kristian. He'd miss his mom and his dad and his sisters. He'd miss his dogs and his few friends and his house. And what was there at Hogwarts, besides his cousins and stupid ass Eric who superficially reminded him of the one thing he wanted but couldn't have.

He started when he heard a noise behind him and looked up in a wet-eyed mixture of horror and fury at whoever had dared interrupt him.

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Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 3:15 am
by Eric Brandski
"Lolly?" Eric held out the bag of candy he'd had stuffed in his pocket. Sweets were one of the best known ways to take a moment and right your emotions.

He had been horrified to see Cana slam his chopsticks into Kristian's hand. Not that he didn't think the guy deserved it, a nasty part of Eric even felt victorious. But that wasn't right. Eric might not have been religious, but he believed good works inspired good works.

He honestly couldn't remember if he had followed Cana out to give him a talking to or to make sure he wasn't going to do anything stupid without diplomatic immunity, but the moment he saw the anguish in Cana's eyes, he just wanted to make sure the bloke was alright.

Whatever Kristian had said inside hadn't only upset Cana, but stopped the whole conversation. Eric wasn't about to ask what it was, but he knew it had been bad.

Now, standing in the alley, Eric shook the offered bag of jelly babies. "The red ones are the best." He could feel himself start to ramble, but tears--or almost tears--had always done that to him. "Of course, some really like the green ones. The yellow are pretty good, too. You might want to take a couple. But then, do you have jelly babies in... Sweden? I'm sure lots of places have the same kinds of sweets."

This didn't feel like it was going well, and it probably was worse than it seemed. "Are, uh, you okay?"

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Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:48 am
by Cana Havich
Cana stared in muted horror and anger at Eric. How dare this guy try to be nice to him after making him feel everything at once. Still, back alley fights weren't entirely becoming of a Havich. They were more the public bloodbath type, and Cana wasn't about to break with tradition starting today. So instead he just glared down at the proffered candy and mumbled.

"Laban Seigmenn. We have those. Little jelly men with sugar. Some come with salt or sour salt."

He didn't take one.

"It's Norway. The school is in Sweden," he muttered, gripping the bridge of his nose between forefinger and thumb. He was avoiding the real question. Was he okay? Of course not. Finally he looked at Eric and said honestly.

"I have probably never been okay a day in my whole damn life. Let's leave it at that."

Sighing, he slunk down the wall into a squatting position and stared balefully out into nothingness. He wished desperately that Eric would just leave him alone to figure out his thoughts. Or ignore them. Both were looking like strong choices right now, and he was particularly skilled at the latter option. But lately all of his thoughts and feelings had been blazing more to the forefront. Almost as if his family's way of handling unpleasant emotions was wrong.


Couldn't be.

Back inside, Daciana and Aleksander had wrangled their children out of the booth and were examining Kristian's hand.

"You'll be fine," Aleksander reassured him. "And don't pull this poor pitiful me act. You said something," he hissed. "Cana doesn't just go off without a reason, no matter what people might think."

"I didn't think he'd take it that badly!"

"Well, he did," Daciana deadpanned, glaring daggers into her step-son's head. 'So whatever you said, you need to go apologize right now, before..." Daciana glanced behind her at Sophie, whose son had gone after hers almost out of seeming instinct. "Before he goes away and you can't apologize," Daciana settled upon saying. In reality, she was afraid of how Cana might finally lose it on Eric, who had been trying to make amends.

Kristian sighed and left, as his father paid the check. Following the line of the building, he stopped short when he saw Cana sitting depressed and heartbroken looking on the ground, while Eric stood there with a bag of candy.

"What has he said to you?" Kristian bit out tersely in Norwegian.

"Nothing like what you did that's for freaking sure," Cana mumbled. "Thanks for that by the way. Totally wanted that implanted in my brain for the rest of my natural life. Which hopefully won't be long now."

"Don't say that!" Kristian growled and approached them both. Ignoring Eric completely, save for one baleful glare, he lowered himself to his brother's level. Going in to stroke Cana's hair, Kristian winced as Cana flinched away. He could feel himself deflate. Standing, with a sigh, he mumbled in English.

"Your mother is expecting you back inside."

"Your mother is expecting you back in Hel."

Kristian resisted the urge to kick Cana hard. Instead he merely scuffed his shoe at him and shoulder checked Eric as he passed. Not as hard as he could have. Not as hard as he wanted to. But it was likely unpleasant for the much smaller boy.

Cana snorted, not in amusement, but in frustration. Part of him wanted to reach out to steady Eric, but his memory of Eric insulting Daciana was too fresh and instead he let the other boy handle himself.