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An Outing of Sorts

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:21 am
by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse 
Trinity had never been to London before. He hadn't wanted to go. Not really, but he had promised Professor Delaney he would try one of those help groups she had talked about. The closest one he could find to Hogearts using the Havich's computer-box was in something called a "conference center" in London. By some miracle, when Trinity had asked Lyssa, she had agreed to come with him.

So, they stood there in front of the London Meeting Rooms, Trinity gripping Lissa's hand for dear life. He had to go in. They had to go in, or they would miss this meeting and all of this would be for nothing. And it couldn't be for nothing. He needed... he needed to... he didn't know what. But he was certain if he could figure it all out, if he could remember everything instead of just chucks... it would help. He had to talk to people who could help in a way that Professor and Mr. Delaney and Lyssa and Cana couldn't.

Trinity turned to Lyssa. All around them, people milled about, living ordinary lives, unaware of the magic that existed only feet away from them. Lyssa was so beautiful and strong and perfect. She was his strength and he was sure he wouldn't have been able to do this without her. "Ah guess we should go in, then." Trinity was glad his voice didn't shake as much as he was worried it might.

The front door lead to a small reception area and beyond that was a large room with wooden floors and cream colored walls. Several people had already gathered and were sitting in a half-circle around the room. At the back there was a station for tea and snacks that a few people were chatting at. Two women stood in the front of the room, in the middle of a discussion. Everyone looked so... normal. Trinity wanted to turn around and leave. They couldn't help. He would have to find some place else.

The boy was about to suggest to Lyssa that they go, when one of the women in the front clapped her hands. "If we could all sit down, please, the meeting is about to start."

Trinity hesitated for a moment. If he left now, would Lyssa be disappointed? They had come all this way, after all. Slowly, he moved to the row of seats closest to the door. They could stay for a little while and then leave. Then he could find someplace with people who could help. Not people who were smiling and laughing and... no. They couldn't help him.

"For those new faces," the woman at the front said, "we start each meeting with a dedication to ourselves. If you would repeat after me: I am worthy." She waited for the crowd to echo her words back. "My thoughts matter. My feelings are real. My opinion is valid. My choices belong to me. My future is mine."

"My future is mine," Trinity repeated softly to himself. The words felt odd in his mouth, but he liked the way they sounded. Maybe they could stay a little longer.

Re: An Outing of Sorts

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:18 am
by Lyssa Delaney
Lyssa had been to London many times. Usually her destination was Harrod's or somewhere painfully trendy to eat or shop or take Instagram photos at. Today it was much more...subdued. She'd tried to dress the part, for once, but she still felt drastically out of place amongst the clearly more humble people in the meeting room. She stuck close to Trinity though. She'd promised to be here for him, and she would never let go of that promise. As Trinity shifted towards the seats by the door, she dutifully followed and sat beside him, his hand clasped in hers.

As she repeated the mantra, she wondered what Trinity felt while he said it. It seemed almost...mocking coming from her. Lyssa was so incredibly privileged. She'd never been told by anyone, save for the one anomalous outlier, that she was anything but worthy. Exceptional even. Her opinions were always held up and rarely questioned. Her future, while planned out for her to a large degree, was one that afforded her a great deal of freedom and autonomy. Meanwhile, Trinity never knew how that felt, and her heart ached for him. It was that ache that kept her here, instead of fleeing from the room in a fit of awkward anxiety.

She imagined that if she'd had a lifetime of Joel, though, something like this would be helpful. Knowing that she wasn't alone, knowing that other people lived through similar things, knowing that other people understood could be a powerful thing.

Lyssa desperately hoped it helped Trinity.

Otherwise, she was going to find everyone even tangentially related to hurting him and murder them herself.

Re: An Outing of Sorts

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 4:07 am
by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse 
After a moment, the woman at the front announced that they were going to be changing the position of the chairs. Trinity had been trying to pay attention, but lost the rest of the announcement when a thin pare of arms circled his shoulders. Trinity tended, squeezing Lyssa's hand, but that didn't stop the hugger. Long locks of blonde hair with with an array of rainbow colored streaks entered his few from the corner of his eye.

"Bloody 'ell," the voice that belonged to the arms and the hair was very female. That didn't help the set of his shoulders. "I thought that was yew! I said, I sware I did, I said 'don' that look like Trinity there?' I thought yew was dead, I did. I think eve'one thought yew was dead. Where the bloody 'ell have yew been, boy?" At the last bit, the woman released him and moved around so that Trinity could see her face.

She wasn't very tall, with grey eyes and a small nose. She looked like half the girls at school, except... she didn't. There was something about her that scratched at the edge of his memory. He would know if he knew someone with rainbow hair. Or a girl who wasn't Lyssa. But this girl knew his name. The only other girls he knew were--

"Beth, stop bothering the bloke. Ah told yew it wasn--" the tall woman with cropped black hair and a lot of chains going in and out of her face and ears stopped next to the blonde. Trinity was pretty sure he had never seen anyone dressed like her. The blonde--Beth?-- was dressed in overalls and a pink t-shirt, but the other one had netting and leather that left little to the imagination.

Trinity felt uncomfortable. He looked at the ceiling.

"Ah told yew," the blonde gloated, "yew didn't believe me, Charity. Go on then, tell'er yew're Trinity. Tell'er."

There was something about them that was still pulling on his mind. He didn't know what to do or say. They obviously knew him, but he was at a loss to who they were.

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Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 1:41 am
by Lyssa Delaney
Lyssa was completely taken aback by the arrival of the two alternatively styled girls. They seemed to know Trinity by sight. Were they also former members of the cult?

Lyssa saw Trinity flounder in silence at the sight of the two girls. "This is Trinity. And I'm his...friend, Lyssa. May I ask who's asking?" she put on her most charming smile and tightened her grip on Trinity's hand. Even though partof her realized the two girls must have left the cult to be here, another part of her was screaming, terrified that they had come to take him away from her.

But that didn't make any sense. And despite what she liked to tell herself, she had no real claim on Trinity. What if he remembered these girls and wanted to go hang out with them? What if they could help him recover better? What if--

Lyssa felt herself spiraling, but kept herself firmly planted with a face of polite curiosity. It wouldn't do for Trinity to see her like that.

No, it just wouldn't do.

Re: An Outing of Sorts

Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 3:11 am
by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse 
"Oh, his firend," the blonde grinned at Lyssa knowingly. The two of them were holding hands, after all. "Did yew 'ear that, Charity? Trinity's got 'emself a friend." Charity gave the fair skinned girl a glare, but the twitch of her darkly painted lips lightened the effect. "Charity is my friend, too." She winked at the chocolate skinned girl who gave her the finger.

"Obviously, Beth is too busy gloating to be of any use," Charity cut in, crossing her tattooed arms across her chest. "Ah'm Charity--"

"Hart-Mann," Trinity finally spoke up. "Yew're Charity Hart-Mann and yew're... Bethany Smith-Jones." Trinity looked over at Lyssa. "Bethany was going to marry me." He could form a clear memory of the two of them as children. Bethany with a bob, her hair pulled back from her face by a strip of old dress and Charity with her curly hair reaching the small of her back. They had been the only children his age. The closest things he had to friends. But... he couldn't understand what they were doing here.

Bethany grinned at Charity, "He remembers us! See! Ah told yew he would, Ah did." She turned to Lyssa, "We was Trinity's best friends, see? An' we thought he had died with his folks n'all, so ta see him 'ere is-- wow, yew know? So, was yew in a cult, too, love?"

"Beth," Charity rolled her eyes, "yew can't just ask if someone was in a cult. But, seriously, were yew? Trinity is our boy, we don't need 'em hurt."

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Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 3:28 am
by Lyssa Delaney
Lyssa relaxed a bit at the revelation that the girls were a couple. She wasn't sure why she got incredibly jealous that the two knew Trinity. Perhaps it was because she didn't have the opportunity to know him from before.

She smiled tightly at the revelation that Trinity and Bethany were to be married at one point. She comforted herself in the idea that Trinity has said he would choose her to marry if given any sort of choice. Plus it seemed like Beth wouldn't be very interested in Trinity that way anyway. That gave her some comfort as well.


"What do you mean 'died with his folks'?" Lyssa asked, a sick feeling forming in the pit of her stomach. "What happened?"

She looked over to Trinity for any signs of emotion. They had more or less abandoned him and gods knew what they had put him through as a child, but they were still his family. Lyssa leaned in and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"Do you need to sit down, Trin?" she asked gently. "I--I'm so sorry."

Re: An Outing of Sorts

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 5:44 pm
by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse 
It took Trinity a long moment to process what was happening. His mind had still be on the fact that they were here—and that they had thought Lyssa had been in a cult—it wasn’t until Trinity felt Lyssa’s arms around him that the words really sank in. “My folks are… they’re dead?”

Charity glared at Beth and the blonde looked rather pale. “Ah’m sorry. I thought yew knew. It was al’over the papers.” She looked between Trinity and Lyssa, chewing on the inside of her lip. “Yew’r folks saved us. They didn tell yew what was happening?”

Trinity shook his head, leaning into Lyssa. Foe the second time that year, everything he had thought he had known was crumbling down around them. “They… left me at a school. Ah thought… No, they didn’t tell me anything.”

“Oh,” the girl rushed forward, wrapping her arms around both Trinity and Lyssa. Even Charity had come forward to lay her hand on the boy’s shoulder. “We can tell yew everythin,” Beth promised, “if yew want. We’ll tell you everyth—”

“We are getting ready to start again,” the woman announced from the front of the room, “if you all will take your seats, please,”

“C’mon,” Charity said quietly, “I know a shop where we can go.”

Re: An Outing of Sorts

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 3:36 am
by Lyssa Delaney
Lyssa was in shock. After everything she'd heard, she'd wanted the opportunity to rail against Trinity's parents. To question them and judge them for raising him in an environment like that. For not getting him out sooner.

But they were gone. They were gone, and now Trinity was hurting worse than before, and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

She followed the two girls out of the building and into the streets of Muggle London, clinging to Trinity's arm as they walked. She was unsure as to who was keeping each other more steady. She wanted to call her own mother or father and ask for advice. Yet how selfish that would be to do when Trinity was still likely reeling from losing his own mother and father. She idly rubbed at Trinity's back with her long, squared, red nails.

Eventually, they found the shop and entered. Settling into one of the corners, Lyssa sat and waited to hear the undoubtedly tragic story.

Re: An Outing of Sorts

Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 1:24 am
by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse 
Beth and Charity lead the couple down the street to a small cafe that advertised the best Treacle tart in the area. They all settled down at a booth in the corner and waved for the waitstaff. Both girls were looking slightly awkward, but finally Charity spoke up. "Yew really don't know anything do yew? About your folks, that is?"

Trinity shook his head. His entire life, he had thought his parents had left him. That they had dropped him off and never looked back. To learn that he could have been wrong about that.... it was almost as shaking as ft. Inding out he had been raised in a cult.

Beth pulled out a device similar to one that Trinity had seen Lyssa use before. "'Ere we are," she said, tapping at it. "It was all over the news five years as go. Ah can't believe you missed it. David Stenhouse and Verona Peters reporters for the London Underground defied all laws of safety and entered into the Town Village Cult in order to bring the organization to light and rescue the unfortunate souls trapped within their walls. After fifteen years undercover, documenting their lives, the reporters released their story into the public. Warning, the writings you ar about to read are disturbing and true events." The blonde looked up at the two of them, grinning. "Trinity's folks saved us all."

He parents were reporters? They had been undercover? Everything he had know about them had been a lie. Had they ever cared about him at all or was it all just part of the lie? He wanted to throw up. Everything he had gone though, everything that had happened to him... they had written it down as proof--as evidence. He covered his face with his hands, forcing himself to breathe. He needed to breathe. Why wasn't he breathing?

Re: An Outing of Sorts

Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 6:48 pm
by Lyssa Delaney
Lyssa was staring. Lyssa was breathing shallowly. Lyssa's eye's were steely.

Lyssa was furious.

When she'd had the conception of Trinity's parents as true believers of the cult, she'd at least been able to explain away their behavior as making sense in context. Of course, they would let Trinity get tortured, if they believed that was what was right.

Except they didn't.

They didn't think that.

They knew better. They knew better and they let it happen anyway.

"I'm sorry," she finally said, in a prim and proper tone. "I'm very sure you and many others owe them a great debt of gratitude, and they are heroes to you. But I fail to see how knowingly subjecting your own child to--to that," she spat, fury finally beginning to show coldly through, "makes them good people."

She reached out and rubbed Trinity's back as gently as possible, minding the way her fury begged her to rip and tear with her nails. It wouldn't do to have her lose it now around Trinity when he needed her most.