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In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:40 am
by Rowan Fox
Rowan was on a secret mission. Well, a semi-secret mission. She was pretty sure no one would get them in trouble if they found out. Sure, the adults might look like they were ashamed or exasperated, but it was an act and they would look the other way. At least, that was what Rowan was banking on as she broke into one of the many liquor cabinets. It didn't even have any protection spells on it, for pity sake!

The redhead wasn't a lush by far, but she would be lying if she said she didn't like a good party. And from what she'd seen, the Havichs knew how to party. Collecting several bottles of rum, vodka, whiskey, and any other pre-opened spirits she could find, the girl tucked them into a large bag before carefully making her way to the kitchen where she added sodas, several fruits, and some odds and ends.

Pointing her wand at the bag, she had it float behind her as she climbed the stairs up to one of the living areas. "Ah got the goods," she announced, dumping the bag out onto the couch. "Ah'm happy playing barmaid." In her short green elf outfit, she looked liss like a barmaid and more like a woman you paid to spend time with. She winked at a few of the young adults already gathered and blew a kiss before adjusting her mistletoe headband. "What do we want, then?"

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Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:05 am
by Cana Havich
If Cana wasn't sure about hiring Rowan to be his future PA then he definitely was sure now. How she'd managed to get all of the alcohol up the stairs without anyone noticing, while wearing that dress, was astounding. If he weren't hopelessly gay, he'd definitely be in love. As it was, Kristian was looking at her as if he'd just made a world shattering revelation.

"I'll take a hurricane, if you know how to make one," grinned Cana. Technically he knew he shouldn't drink on his meds, but gods he missed it. He was a fun drunk, and honestly the world was being deprived by only knowing him sober.

"That is like. The gayest drink," declared Kristian. "I'll have three."

Cana cackled and leaned on his brother's shoulder. "That's definitely not the gayest drink."

"Yes, well. We're not discussing that in front of the children, love."

"Shut up, darling."

"Fair enough," Kristian grinned, grabbing Cana's head and pulling him in for a kiss on the forehead. Now that the tension had melted between the two, they were back to their normal, inappropriate ways. Cana could feel Gabe's eyes on them, not disapproving but acknowledging the scene they were making with a grin.

"Did you know that Cana can do shots?" Kristian asked Rowan and the surrounding crowd wickedly. "Of course, it takes a little more for us to metabolize alcohol, but it's impressive to watch. He did a whole row more than me one time!"

"Those were Jello shots, and I was hungry."

"Still. The fact, that you are alive after that speaks volumes, let alone that you didn't murder your braincells. Dad would have killed me if you came out of that not smart. I can be dumb, but you've got a lot riding on you. Besides--" Cana cut off the joke about to come with a jab to the ribs.

As he was handed his drink, Cana swirled it around a little before deciding to drink it like a normal person instead of an alcohol vacuum. He felt Gabe lean against him on one side, slightly pushing him into his brother on the other.

This was going to be great, he determined.



Re: In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:22 am
by Gabriel Warner
Gabe was loving all of it: Rowan's escapades, the free flowing alcohol, Kristian and Cana being themselves again. While Cana had been overjoyed to see him again and was making progress towards acting like himself once more, Gabe was delighted to see him come even more out of his shell around his brother. Despite only being related through their father, the two were halves of the same whole. Gabe was never really jealous of Kristian though, like some of Kristian's ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends had been of Cana. What was normal for the Havich family, he'd realized long ago, was not necessarily what was normal for everyone else.

"Well I for one am feeling festive. I'll take a vodka cranberry," he smiled at Rowan, digging himself firmly into his boyfriend's side. Gabe was already anticipating his actions while buzzed: he was, at best, a very snuggly drunk. At worst, well...Kristian and Cana together could keep him from doing anything too awfully embarrassing. Not that he embarrassed easily anyway.

"Ohh!" he declared, setting aside his drink before he even took his first sip. "We need music!"

He took his phone from his pocket and went over to a sound system in the room that had been set up for parties just such as this (well...parties for adults at least). Hooking it up, he scrolled through his phone.

"Do we want holiday music or something a little more standard? Does anyone have a genre they just can't stand?"

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Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:07 am
by Eric Brandski
Eric watched as Rowan transfigured the coffee table into a tall bar table and started mixing drinks. She was good. He had no clue how. Maybe kids had snuck some things into to the Gryffindor dorms? Or maybe she moonlighted down in Hogsmeade? Whichever, she would only nod at the orders and start mixing them. Besides the fact that the redhead moved in vastly different circles than him, he had always liked and admired her. Rowan had a way of getting people to like her.

Though Sophie wasn't extreamly strict on drinking, Sam had only let Eric drink wine and beer. Neither of which were options here. Walking up to the "bar" he surveyed the bottles. "What would you recommend, then?" His question was mixed with that of Gabriel's asking if anyone had music they liked. He had been distracted enough, that he had watched what the "elf" had made for him. He eyed the electric blue liquid with suspension. "Uh, thanks."

He made his way back to the couch and took a sip of the shockingly sweet drink. It was fizzy, like there was soda in it. After a few sips, though, his skin started to feel a bit tingly. He laughed a bit to himself as the music started to play. Maybe this party wouldn't be as bad as he was dreading. The idea of both Cana and Kristian being drunk had him worried, but it might also be the perfect opportunity to talk with Gabriel and find out just how deep Cana's barbs were into his brain.

Downing the rest of his drink in one go, the boy started running through probing yet non-suspicious questions. He already knew how the boys met, maybe if he could figure out when the brainwashing started, he could figure out how to stop it. Right. Good plan. He just had to execute it.

Re: In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:06 am
by Lyssa Delaney
Lyssa had to admit, she was beginning to see what Cana saw in Rowan. The girl was resourceful, knowledgeable, and clever. While poor Cana was likely confused as to what had distracted people from the drinks being stolen, Lyssa could see very clearly why she'd been able to secret away the drinks wearing that dress. She grinned at the manipulation, before approaching the makeshift bar.

"I'm take champagne if you have any," she smiled. "Scoot those raspberries and cherries over here too. It's a party!" A wicked grin came over her. "Or maybe a pomegranate since you insist on calling me by my middle name."

She took the fruit in her hands and considered what she was wearing. While the dress she was wearing wasn't quite as revealing as something Aunt Daciana would don, it was still rather scandalous and bright red. As she crossed her legs, she saw Kristian flash her an altogether inappropriate thumbs up. She giggled. She'd learned a long time ago to never take her cousin seriously in these matters.

She turned her head back towards Rowan.

"So where did you learn your bartending trade? I know a few drinks...mostly how to pour to be honest, but you seem to have a good bit of knowledge."

She took a sip of her drink and considered her next words carefully.

"And I'm sorry, by the way, if I ever made you feel unwelcome. I was just surprised by Cana bringing you into the business so quickly. I didn't see. But I'm beginning to. And Cana...he didn't tell me what you did for him, but I think I know. And thank you. Mom is furious. So is Morrigan. But they were miserable without each other. So thank you."

She dug her nails into the pitch of the fruit and tore it open as if it weren't the slightest bit difficult. Red ran down her hands and spilled onto her bare legs like so much blood. It made quite the image. She wondered who besides Kristian and Cana were watching.

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Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:29 am
by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse 
Trinity wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to be doing. He had never been to a party before. Everyone seemed to be hitting something to drink, though, so he went up to the redhead and asked for something, too. The woman looked at him for a moment before she mixed something with orange juice and heavy cream and gave it to him. "Thank you," he said before scanning the room for Lyssa. He found her sitting on a couch not too far away.

"Hello," he said softly, perching next to her. Trinity was slowly realizing just how awkward he really was. He really didn't understand why Lyssa and Cana liked him, but he wasn't going to question their friendship. "Are-are you having a good time?"

His drink tasted a bit like ice cream. He liked it. He had dressed himself in a pare of slacks and a white shirt, but wasn't sure if it was the right choice. Everyone else seemed a little more.... festive. Like the redhead. "What is that thing on her head," he asked, gesturing to the mistletoe headband Rowan was wearing.

There was so much he still so much that he had to figure out. He hoped Lyssa wouldn't find that annoying. She was so nice, though. He was sure she would be willing to continue helping him.

Re: In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:59 pm
by Rowan Fox
Rowan mixed Persephone's drink. As she listened to the girls question, a grin rose to her lips. "My uncle keeps a well stocked bar in the house. He's usually gone for business and doesn't remember how full his bottles were, as long as too much doesn't go missing. Ah've been perfecting my craft since Ah was... fourteen, Ah think? Not a lush, mind yew. Just something interesting."

When the other girl brought up the fact that Rowan might have felt a cold shoulder, she had to shake her head. The redhead had learned a long time ago that one was much happier in life when they stopped paying attention to what other people thought of them. "Honestly, dear, Ah hadn't noticed. Ah know Cana is jus' helping me out because he's a sweetheart, but Ah do plan on earning the favor. And Ah didn't do a thing for Cana, he's the one saving me." Things were getting a bit too real and personal for Rowan's liking so she grinned as no winked, "And who can brag about being saved by a man who looks like that, eh?"

She turned away as Persephone tore into the juicy, red fruit like a beating heart she had ripped from her adversary chest. That was an image she hadn't necessarily needed, especially if the woman found out that Rowan was only interested in the Havich company as an escape from an arrangement. It was obvious that the Havich's loved what they did and, to be honest, Rowan couldn't care less what job she was doing, as long as she was her own person doing it. It hadn't felt as much of a betrayal in the beginning as it did now. She hadn't been lying, though. She wasn't planning on using Cana to stay in good grace with the company. She would work for her keep, even if the only person she was working for was herself.

After mixing several other drinks, Rowan made her own tequila mojito and scanned the party. She had exchanged a few words with Cana's brother, Kristian, but hadn't really gotten a chance to get to know him. Slinking over to the boys, she sat herself on the blond's knee. For some reason, Brandski was giving her an odd look, but she chose to ignore it. "Yew boys enjoying yewselves, then?" She took a long sip from her straw before waving over at Gabe who had just finished fiddling with the music player. "C'mon, hot stuff, we don't have all night."

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Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:40 pm
by Cana Havich
Kristian Magnusson Havich was not an incredibly complex person. Well, perhaps not as complex as others thought of him as. While he certainly fit in with the strange machinations and rituals of his family, he knew he wasn't chosen as his father's heir apparent for a reason, nor did he particularly begrudge his younger brother of that difficult "privilege." Kristian was smart, yes, but he was also a teenage boy. While his attractions weren't always standard, expected, or even cooperative, a few of them were unsurprising.

So when Cana's blazing hot friend walked over in a dress that Kristian thought even his step-mother wouldn't wear and plopped herself down on his knee, Kristian's mind went a little blank.

He'd been thinking of something clever, he was sure; he'd noticed Brandski eyeing Gabriel in a way that boded something interesting. What that was, however, he was suddenly unable to ascertain. He'd also been more than slightly distracted by the blood-looking juice spilled all over Lyssa's thighs, and the way her boyfriend didn't even blink at it. Either he was far more respectful than Kristian (highly likely) or boy didn't have an appreciation for art. Cana didn't seem all that surprised by the lack of reaction though, which kept Kristian from vocally making a comment.

Cana, on the other hand, had noticed Brandski's look and was quietly contemplating it. While he certainly wasn't dangerous, Eric was entertaining, and he wondered exactly what the younger boy had planned. He broke his gaze at Eric to grin and snicker at the blank look on his brother's face.

"What's the matter, Kristian? Surely, I don't have to remind you how to behave around a lady?"

Kristian shook his head quickly and grinned like he'd just been chosen to play the Quidditch World Cup. His hand fluttered a bit on the couch, unsure if he should even touch Rowan (on the small of her back of course...he was raised to be a gentleman to women, at least in public...).

"Not that I am not eternally grateful for your presence, my dear," he smiled at Rowan, "but what brought this on? Though I don't suppose I really need a reason. I'm certainly content to let you do whatever you please."

Cana rolled his eyes dramatically with a smirk and made a quiet retching noise over the arm of the couch. As Rowan urged Gabe to pick something, Cana noticed her chest shift directly into Kristian's field of vision; the blond's eyes widened dramatically as he clearly was trying to keep things at least somewhat respectful. Kristian couldn't keep an incredulous grin off his face though.

As Gabe's party playlist started, Cana and Kristian locked eyes and started snickering. Asides from Brandski's odd staring, everything seemed to be going fantastically.

"So," Kristian grinned, more than a bit moon-eyed. "How did you end up hanging around my brother? He's brilliant, of course, but so obsessed with potions. Rarely has an appreciation for art."

"Oh my god," Cana muttered, literally shaking with laughter. "I'm so sorry, Rowan, he's...yeah he's actually like this a lot, I can't even make excuses for him."

Cana was, in fact, so distracted by his brother's antics, he didn't even notice his own boyfriend hadn't returned to his side after starting the playlist. As the bass thumped along though, he eventually caught sight of Gabriel, sidling up to Brandski, a wicked grin on his face.


This could get interesting.

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Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 12:13 am
by Gabriel Warner
(playlist songs in link contains NSFW language)

Gabe laughed as he imagined the look on Kristian's face as Rowan turned to him. Poor boy was going to burst a blood vessel trying to pretend to be a gentleman. He popped on a playlist of some of his preferred party songs and was about to make his way back over to Cana and Kristian when he felt eyes on him.


Well, this could be fun.

With a grin, he changed his course over to Eric who looked to be betting above his funds with the cocktail he had in his hand. With a grin and a twirl of his vodka, Gabe settled on the couch arm beside him and smiled his almost-human smile to try to reassure the younger man.

"Everything okay? You look deep in contemplation."

Gabe had gotten out of Cana what exactly had happened between him and Eric. While he wasn't exceptionally pleased with the idea of Eric trying to punch Cana, he did understand the urge at times. He definitely understood Cana's remaining anger at the insult to his mother. But perhaps the boy was under a lot of stress at the time. Maybe Gabe could patch things up between them? It would be good for getting Morrigan back on his good side at least...

"Cana told me some of what happened...well, at least his side of things. I figured I'd try to get yours. I know it's hard to believe, but he can be a real sweetheart. He just gets a bit...grumpy when he's under a lot of stress. And he definitely was at that time, I know. New school, new place to live, new friends. I know it's not an excuse," he said calmly, putting a hand up before Eric could rebut, "But it is an explanation, and those do help sometimes."

He took one long last drag on his vodka and then looked at the glass as if confused as to how it got empty. With a finger put up telling Eric to wait, he practically skipped over to the bar area, took the bottle of vodka that he'd gotten his drink from and brought it and a handful of sugared cranberries back to the area he had been sitting in.

"Sorry, just. Had to get prepared for story time. Mommy's not a drunk, she just likes to have fun," he giggled a bit buzzed. "Shh, don't tell Cana," he added, mostly joking. Looking over to where Cana was, he caught his boyfriend's eye and gave him a little wave. Cana's eyebrow rose, but he shrugged and grinned, going back to tormenting his brother about the girl in his lap.

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Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:35 am
by Eric Brandski
Eric had been trying to think of a way to get Gabriel away from the crowd. He thought that with Cana--and frankly everyone else--distracted by the party, he might be able to make the boy feel comfortable enough to open up. He had been able to talk with his dad briefly about Stockholm syndrome without raising any flags, but all he had really learned was that, in most cases, the victim felt dependent on their abuser. Eric was certain that if he could separate Gabriel and Cana, he could get to the root of it all and help the boy once and for all.

"Everything okay? You look deep in contemplation." Speak of the devil... though, it wasn't Gabriel who was the devil in this scenario.

"I'm fine," Eric promised, not to raise any suspicion. He had noticed that his words weren't coming out quite as clear as he had hoped. "Just... enjoying the smaller crowd. Too many people..." Eric shook his head. As long as he was able to stretch his arms out without touching anyone or anything, he was usually good. The snout of people around was still a bit nerve wracking, though.

"Cana told me some of what happened," Gabriel told him and Eric had to fight a wince as the boy talked through one of the worst days of Eric's life, but... in a way that made it sound like one of Cana's worst as well. By the time Gabriel ran off to collect a bottle of vodka, Eric was feeling more guilty than ever for the way he had treated Cana. "Mommy's not a drunk," Gabriel said, setteling back down. It took Eric a long moment to realize Gabriel was talking about himself. "She just likes to have fun. Shh, don't tell Cana."

That sparked something in Eric. Gabriel didn't want Cana to know he was drinking too much. Why was that? Because Cana would get upset? Eric had to figure out a way to phrase the question so it didn't come out too strong. "Does Cana not like you drinking because he can't control you when you do?" Okay, so that might not have been the best way to go about it, but the words were already out there and he couldn't bring them back.

Eric took the bottle from Gabriel and added some inti his own glass. He would probably be needing it.