Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

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Cana Havich
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Cana Havich » Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:46 am

Cana had been preparing for a blow-out. What he'd gotten instead was tension that even the sharpest knife couldn't cut through. He wasn't entirely sure which was worse. Oh well, at least at Wildaway, his parents and grandfather would be on his side. Gabe belonged here with him. That should be self-evident. Their love was just as real as Aunt Jetta and Uncle Roman's...people just couldn't see it yet. But one day they would. Hopefully one day soon though. As much as he would sacrifice anything for Gabe, it was painful to have parts of his family angry with him.

Instead of meeting his aunt's eyes as they left, he looked over and watched with a smile as Kyani took Angela's hand. He was quite happy to see those two were close despite...whatever it was Brandski had been trying to do when he interrupting their picnic together. He'd also been incredibly pleased when Kyani asked him to go shopping with her for appropriate clothing for the family gathering. He'd helped her pick out things he thought his mother and sisters would approve of, as they were much more the fashionable type--stereotypes be damned. Cana was exceptionally pleased with the way Kyani had warmed to Gabe, and solidly believed that Angela would too soon.

He looked over as Gabe wandered off to comfort Maija who seemed a bit lost. Cana felt guilty. He hadn't spoken to her in awhile, but he valued their friendship a good deal. As he wandered off in the direction of Gabe and Maija, he stopped and looked back at Gregory and his sister. They seemed occupied, but he'd hate to leave them ostracized. With a quick gesture to RJ, he summoned his small cousin over to him. Well. Relatively small. At 5'6", 12 year old Roman, Jr. already stood out from the other second years.

"Go make a friend," he ordered, pointing out Gregory and Hazel. "I think you'll like each other. Their names are Gregory and Hazel. I don't know much about the girl, but Gregory is a very good potential business partner. And friend," he added as an afterthought. "I'm working on something brilliant with him, and it wouldn't hurt for you to make connections either. Especially with someone close to your age," he indicated the little sister. RJ looked at him dumbfounded.

Nonetheless, he nodded skeptically and headed off in the direction of the Mastersons.

Cana meanwhile followed Kyani and Angela over to Maija. With a somewhat sheepish grin on his face, he stood on her other side, back and arms splayed across the railing.

"I've been a terrible host, and for that I apologize," he started. "I take it Gabe has introduced himself? I intended to introduced him to everyone before we left, but um...well, Aunt Jetta seemed a touch upset by the idea."

Meanwhile RJ had made his way over to the two blonds Cana had pointed out.

"Cana told me to come over here and make nice," he stated bluntly. "I'm Roman. RJ is fine. Cana is under the impression I should entertain you while he tries to smooth things over with that girl for whatever reason. No idea why he'd need to smooth things over with a girl, but the gods know he confuses me sometimes. Anyway, charmed, I'm sure," he ended blandly.

Roman Sr. pinched the bridge of his nose from nearby, praying that his youngest got better at socializing as he got older.

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Angela Deville
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Angela Deville » Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:11 am

Never having been overseas before, Angela had double checked her list of things she thought she ought to bring. It was not only the overseas trip that was unfamiliar to her, but being invited to a friend’s place to stay at for a long period of time was a first time occasion as well. She was glad Kyani was invited as well, which thankfully made her much more soothed. She had had a strange introduction to the other girl on the Hogwarts grounds, starting with an uninvited intruder and ending with Kyani and Angela starting a steady friendship.

And of course there would be Cana and Morrigan, both older than Angela and both having saved her from confusing situations sprouting from her uncertainty in herself. Angela was certain they would look after her if she ran into any trouble at their vacation spot, but she was hoping there wouldn’t be any trouble to begin with. Her biggest concern was that there were only three people she knew and there would most likely be a much larger number of guests and family and considering the number of Haviches and Delaneys at Hogwarts, she was sure there were many more people she would end up meeting.

Her mother had been adamant on how she was to behave at the Havich and Delaney household. The Devilles were old-school purebloods and although they did not entirely approve of the wizard-muggle fusioned products the Havich-Delaneys produced, they understood that money was money and blood was blood. And although they had been confused that it was not James who had received such an invitation, they were willing to take what was given. And what was presented was their middle child, whom they did not believe would end up to much, being given the opportunity to represent their family to one of the most auspicious household names. And so Angela was given a long list of 'do this' and 'don’t do that’s, that was so long that she just filed the letter away without much further reading. There was no way she would be able to remember and follow all the directions that had been given to her.

Her brother, James, had also written another letter. Their correspondence would most likely be paused during the holidays and James had been worried about the family who had invited Angela over. They were not considered evil in any sense, but there had been talk at his school about Gabriel Warner, whom he had not met personally but had been privy to the rumors. He did not delve much into the subject, but had penned a warning to Angela to be careful when meeting new people. He had also expressed a hint of jealousy at Angela’s closeness to Cana Havich, a relationship that he had neglected for so long that he did not even realize he had missed, but the emotion was lost to clueless Angela.

And so Angela stood with a large trunk full of some clothes and mostly books so that she would always have something to read when she stayed in America. She wasn’t particularly curious to any sights that she would see along the way and having a book always shielded her from unwanted conversations. She had immediately stood beside Kyani when everyone was meeting to leave for America together. Angela was quiet throughout the initial meeting of people. Angela had never seen Professor Delaney so up close before, having only viewed the professor from afar in the Great Hall, but she was sure the professor looked livid. And Morrigan almost mirrored the expression. Angela wasn’t sure what caused the anger but she was sure it had to do with the man standing next to Cana across the room. She was sure that was Gabriel Warner, the person her brother had briefly mentioned in his letter and had lightly advised her to meet with caution. She remembered Cana had mentioned a boyfriend at Durmstrang Institute and now she had seen him in person. It was difficult to see Cana with any fault and so she quickly dismissed James’ warnings immediately.

While Professor Delaney instructed everyone on the usage of the portkey, Angela felt Kyani grasp her hand. Angela briefed a look at her friend and though she wouldn’t own up to the thought, she was quite comforted at the gesture. With her other arm hooked through her trunk handle so that she had her belongings in place, she grabbed the rope well before the countdown.

She had taken portkeys before but the tug on her stomach was much stronger this time, perhaps because of the overseas trip. She let out a loud gasp when landing and dropped her luggage to hold onto someone’s coat in front of her. She didn’t recognize who the person was nor whether the person was male or female, and only that the person was much, much taller than her.

“I’m sorry,” she quickly and quietly whispered to the person towering above her, before Kyani who looked incredibly distressed, whisked her away from the end of the roof where below was a cityscape glinting with a billion lights. Angela had never been to muggle anywhere before and she was astounded by the sheer amount of lights that shown here and there in the dark of the sky. Wizards used fire as light rather than whatever the muggles used and the entirety of the city was different from what Angela was used to. However she soon forgot her surroundings as she finally got a good look at Kyani's expression.

Angela had quietly followed Kyani until she had stationed herself near Cana and far from the edge of the roof.

“Are you alright?” Her voice was low and quiet as she addressed Kyani. “Portkeys are difficult,” she added, believing it was the transport method that was distressing her. Angela brought out a small handkerchief from her pocket. It was simple and white and though she wasn’t sure if it would help, she hoped that at the very least, it would be a small comfort to the obviously anxious girl. “You don’t look so good.”

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Gregory H. Masterson
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Gregory H. Masterson » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:36 pm

Gregory stepped away from the rope and smoothed a stray blond lock back into place. Portkeys didn't bother him much. Not anymore, anyway.
The wind had changed, building up power and he was grateful for the long, thick, dark blue tailored winter coat he was wearing, buttoned up to his chin, his woolen muffled carefully knotted under it.

He was grateful, but in a mild way. He had expected it to be cold and he had dressed accordingly. No need to fuss about it. The wide, black strap of his leather overnight case crossed his chest and he wore expensive gloves. The only thing missing was a hat. it would have kept him warmer, but he didn't want to wear one when he first met the extended Havitch family.
First impressions were important and there was nothing so ridiculous as winter hats.

He glanced down at Hazel and placed a steadying hand on her back for a moment. It still threw him a little, that she was there. No doubt she had been invited as a kindly gesture to him, but . . . he had never seen her anywhere other than the homestead until that year. Catching sight of her on the school grounds had been startling enough, but to be going on a holiday visit somewhere WITH her was . . bizarre.

Still, he was glad for her. Nothing was so dreary as - home.

Seeing so many other younger people there assured him that she would have company as he conducted his business at the Havitch estate.
One of them was beginning to wretch, however, and Gregory drew back and looked out over the Boston view. He had never been out of the country before. He committed all that saw to memory as best he could. Soon, however, he was distracted by the height they were at and the sheer vastness . .
He inched forwards, not even realizing it, until his toes brushed over the ridge of the rooftop. Closing his eyes, he lifted his head slightly and a small smile graced his lips. He felt the wind and imagined just taking off . . lifting his wings and -
He jerked backwards and turned to see a younger girl being led away by that Kyani person.

He exhaled hard.
Before he could decide whether to return to his reverie, kick the girl or officially greet his hosts, a boy slouched over to them
"Cana told me to come over here and make nice. I'm Roman. RJ is fine. Cana is under the impression I should entertain you while he tries to smooth things over with that girl for whatever reason. No idea why he'd need to smooth things over with a girl, but the gods know he confuses me sometimes. Anyway, charmed, I'm sure,"

Gregory's eyebrows climbed into his hairline as the boy spoke, and he reached out and put his hand on Hazel's shoulder. For restraint or support was undecided.
And then a strange bubble of humour wound it's way through him. He imagined poor Cana trying to juggle everyone and smooth everything and sending this soldier out to help - little knowing what was being communicated. He smiled. "I see. It's a pleasure, RJ. I'm Gregory and this is Hazel. Between you and me -" He leaned in a little, as though delivering a secret. "It is ALWAYS a wise idea to appease the ladies. They can make life extremely unpleasant if they choose to do so." He straightened up and said. "Well, I'm sure you both have many classes in common. Excuse me while I speak with the Professor."

He left, purposefully ignoring the pleading look no doubt in his sisters eyes. She had to talk to some of them sometime and he had no intention of leaving her alone for long, especially on the rooftop. As he passed the vomiting child, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a mint, which he handed to him without stopping, but with a polite smile. "It helps the nausea."
Making his way to the Professor, he bowed his head respectfully for a moment and asked "Professor, I wanted to thank you for working all this out and for taking my sister and me along with you. This view is spectacular!" He meant it sincerely. "What time will it be when we arrive? I am trying to figure out the American time zones."

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Hazel Clementine Masterson
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Hazel Clementine Masterson » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:24 am

Hazel clutched Gregory's arm tightly, before he smoothly but gently pulled his arm away and started tidying himself up again. She clutched her stomach, but looked at her tall brother. She was so proud of him. Proud of all that he had accomplished - at school, dealing with all their mom's, and he has always been so, so kind to her.

Of one thing she was not so fond of however, was the portkey. It had made her feel queazy and like she wasn't in one piece. She preferred the train.

Hazel was about to turn and ask Gregory if perhaps next time they could take the train back to Scotland instead of a portkey, and find out exactly how far Minnesota was from England, when she saw her brother was standing poised on the edge of the building. He looked like a hero! Except-

Except he was going to fall! Hazel tripped forward one hand raised to stop him! Or pull him back from the edge. Something, but he suddenly spoke to some of the other guests and turned away from the parapet. Hazel breathed again, couldn't help from reached a hesitant finger out and brush his beautiful blue coat just to prove to herself that he was there, and he was okay.

"Cana told me to come over here and make nice." Hazel looked up and tall youth, and found herself a little gobsmacked by his continued speech. "I'm Roman. RJ is fine. Cana is under the impression I should entertain you while he tries to smooth things over with that girl for whatever reason. No idea why he'd need to smooth things over with a girl, but the gods know he confuses me sometimes. Anyway, charmed, I'm sure,"

It took Hazel a moment to realize that she was standing there with her mouth wide open. She closed it with a snap. Was this normal behavior when meeting new people? If it was, she supposed she would have to get used to it. She shuddered at the idea. What had she gotten herself into?

She felt the steady pressure of her Gregory's hand on her shoulder and she was deeply thankful for it! At least he wouldn't abandon her to this strange - very tall - boy!

"I see. It's a pleasure, RJ. I'm Gregory and this is Hazel." She smiled akwardly, not sure if she should curtsy or something, deciding not. Then felt a pang when Gregory let go of her shoulder and leaned towards the boy - RJ - and smiled, "Between you and me - It is ALWAYS a wise idea to appease the ladies. They can make life extremely unpleasant if they choose to do so." Her brows knit a bit. Had she ever made his life unpleasant? She dropped her gaze. Probably, but not on purpose. Hazel wasn't sure if that was a truly kind thing to say... "Well, I'm sure you both have many classes in common. Excuse me while I speak with the Professor."

Her head wrenched up and she silently begged him to say that he was NOT leaving her to the devices of a strange, unknown boy?! But, as he quickly and determinedly walked away, that proved to be true.

Hazel sucked in a breath and then focused her gaze on...RJ. "Er...Helloo." She was about to introduce herself and swallowed that part remembering that her dumb brother had done that part for her! What was she supposed to say?!

"Nice weather we're having." She chirped up, remembering all the quaint conversations she had overheard at the manor over the years. "Bit cold..." She finished lamely.

She sounded so stupid.

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Prof. Jetta Delaney
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Prof. Jetta Delaney » Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:36 am

The rooftop was in mild chaos. Jetta looked out at the scenes unfolding with a vague sense of unease, especially at the children getting too close to the edge. Roman, meanwhile, looked as though he was greatly enjoying the children's shenanigans, save for the look of concern he shot Trinity as Lyssa comforted him. He clapped a hand on his wife's shoulder, as if steadying her resolve going forward.

Jetta had voiced anxiety about the upcoming holiday season. Not necessarily because of her children and nephew's friends. But she had the unwavering feeling that something unpleasant was going to happen. Whether it would involve Gabe or her mother or her former sister-in-law or her nephew Bjørn or even someone completely new, Jetta wasn't sure. But it was sure to go wrong somehow. Roman had all the confidence in the world though, especially in Daciana and Victor's management skills.

His attention was soon taken up by Cana directing his son RJ to talk to one of his friends though. As he watched and listened to RJ's stilted introduction, Roman pinched his nose and held back laughter. The boy got his mother's social skills honestly at least.

RJ felt stuck. What had been intended as a joke in poor taste about his cousin's sexuality had resulted in him being given...dating advice? Well, this was awkward. He should have known it would go wrong quickly though. People always seemed to take what he said wrong. Perhaps it was the blunt way he said it? He blinked as the older student left him alone with his sister, and dumbly nodded a bit at Hazel.

"It's going to be very cold where we're going. It will most likely snow. At least it will look lovely."

Roman, Sr. was quietly hoping from where he stood that this would continue to go well.

Jetta had perked up a bit when Gregory came towards her. Out of all of Cana's friends, he at least publicly seemed to have a good head on his shoulders.

"I'm happy to have you both along. It's absolutely no problem, at least not compared to all the arrangements Cana's mother is coming with right now. We should arrive at roughly 5 pm in Minnesota time. It will feel very late, and it will take time to adjust, but I'm sure whatever Daciana has prepared will help with that. It will be Central Standard Time, so it will be roughly 6 hours behind what we are used to."

She smiled a bit at the young man, with a touch of humor in your eyes.

"Oh, and if you end up introducing your owl to my brother--Cana's father--please do so in front of me. Cana tells me she shares a name with someone...that Aleksander used to be associated with. It will be quite humorous to see his face," a twinkle in her eyes belied the mischievous nature of a perpetual younger sibling. Roman was looking on with confusion, until his face took on an O of surprise.

"No. She's not named--?"

"Unless Cana informed me incorrectly. Ophelia yes?"

Roman cackled.

An alarm chimed on Jetta's phone.

"Ah," she raised her voice a touch. "It seems we need to be going! Please form a line in front of me to grab the new Portkey. We'll arrive at the rendezvous site for the vans very soon. You may nap in them if you need to."

She took up the long length of rebar, and held it out in front of her like a staff. Waiting to see everyone make their way over to it, she watched carefully to make sure no one was left behind.

As the tell tale pull took them for a few more hundred miles, Jetta hoped and prayed Trinity didn't throw up again.

They arrived in a less picturesque area: a closed off warehouse belonging to her brother-in-law Robert. What he needed an empty warehouse for asides from ferrying them was a mystery to her, but she preferred not to ask Robert too detailed questions about his and Thorunn's private interests. Walking with authority towards the garage door of the warehouse, she pounded in a distinct pattern on the door until a large African-American man wearing all black with sunglasses opened it. Without using words, Jetta directed her husband and the assorted children out of the building and to the two very large black vans waiting for them.

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Trinity Peters-Stenhouse 
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse  » Fri Dec 07, 2018 6:13 pm

Trinity suddenly felt something heavy and warm wrap around him, and then Lyssa was before him and everything was alright. Things were always alright when Lyssa was there. He forced his body to relax as she tightened coat around him. Where she had gotten it from, Trinity couldn't say for certain, but out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that Cana was now only in his sweater. It was one of the nicest things anyone had ever done for him. "Th-thank you," the boy said in careful Norwegian as he slid his arms through the sleeves.

"It's certainly something," she said as they looked over the city. He didn't understand how they got fire to light all of those things without using magic. Weren't they worried that the whole city would burn? It was very pretty, though, so he nodded. "Have you been away from the countryside much? Wildaway is in the country. It's on a farm. I really think you'll like it. I'll take you to see the animals."

At the mention of a farm and animals, Trinity smiled slightly. He used to hide in the barn with the cows growing up. A lot of people thought they were stupid animals, but Trinity had always seen them as peaceful. They didn't have complicated lives. They just ate and gave milk and meat. Part of him wondered if he still remembered how to milk them. "Haven't been much of anywhere," he told her, "but Ah'm good on farms."

"Could you do me a favor? If my cousin Bjørn says anything...untoward or inappropriate, will you please let me know?"

"O'course," Trinity promised, though he didn't see how anyone could ever say anything bad about Lyssa. She was perfect. He couldn't think of anything bad about her.

"He tends to um...say things to get a rise out of people.... Bjørn pretends he loves all of us. But he really doesn't. He especially doesn't like me or Cana," That Trinity found nearly impossible to believe, but he didn't feel as if Lyssa was making it up. "or his sister Thyri. For... a lot of reason really. But none of them good. So just...if he says anything about me, could you tell me? I know you wouldn't believe him, but sometimes he mixes truth in and...I want you to hear things about me from me and not from him. Okay?"

Trinity nodded again, taking Lyssa's hands in his, "Ah--I promise dat...that if anyone says a thing about yew, Ah will tell you." He might tell her after a good punch, or have Cana promise to tell her if he died. But he refused to let anyone say anything nasty about her.

A moment later, a man appeared out of nowhere and handed him a sweet. "It helps the nausea." He promised, with a smile before wandering off again. Maybe being outside of the castle for a bit wouldn't be so bad. It was already making more friends! Trinity slid the sweet into his mouth. It really did help a bit.

A sound went off, and Professor Delaney responded to it by looking at a thing in her hand. "It seems we need to be going!" She announced. "Please form a line in front of me to grab the new Portkey. We'll arrive at the rendezvous site for the vans very soon. You may nap in them if you need to."

Trinity didn't throw up this time when they arrived at an empty building. He didn't know if it was the mint, him getting used to portkeys, or the fact that he had nothing left in his stomach, but he was glad for it. As they walked out of the building, Trinity leaned a little closer to Lyssa. "It it all right if Ah--I sit with you?" If she said no, he would sit with Cana, but the taller boy seemed a bit preoccupied. Maybe the blonde guy wouldn't mind sitting with him, if Lyssa didn't want to?

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Lyssa Delaney
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Lyssa Delaney » Sat Dec 08, 2018 1:41 am

Lyssa smiled as Trinity affirmed that he was good with farms. He would love Wildaway then, at least on the outside. If she had to sneak away with him to the barns to get some peace then she was definitely ready to do that. She didn't know much about Trinity's history, but he also didn't know much of hers; while she knew it wouldn't be that way forever, she also wanted him to hear of it from her. While she wasn't ashamed of herself, she had done things that some might consider shameful. She'd also been in situations that other people liked to judge. Lyssa didn't think Trinity was the judgmental type, but she also wanted to see his face when he found things out.

As Trinity seemed distracted by Gregory handing him a mint, Lyssa took stock of everything going on on the roof. Morrigan was furious and gossiping about something to her little not-a-boyfriend, which raised Lyssa's suspicions. She loved her sister dearly, but it just wouldn't do for her to be poisoning people's minds against family. Family was paramount, and they had to stick together. To be fair, Lyssa had a vested interest in Cana being protected--she always had. Cana was her best line of defense against Bjørn, once all of them would be working together. She loved her cousin for his own merits, but...it was easier to love him when he protected her. Lyssa wasn't being selfish with that. It was merely pragmatism.

She also glanced at where Dahlia and Vesper were talking with Rowan. That girl was a squeaky hinge. She liked Rowan well enough, but she wasn't quite sure what to do about her her since Cana had apparently hired her on to work for them. She understood why--at least the why Cana told her: she'd reunited him and Gabe and needed a job after school. Simple enough. A repayment. But it still threw her a bit that Cana saw something in the flirtatious girl. Still, she'd been very nice to Lyssa. She shouldn't complain too much.

She also supposed she shouldn't complain too much about his friendship with Gregory, even though something about him reminded her of Uncle Robert. It was objectively good for him to make friendships like that: ones that would be beneficial in adulthood. He seemed a little too good to be true though. Like his person mask was firmly in place. She understood far too well, but she didn't have to trust him.

As her mother called them all over, she stuck close by Trinity's side. The Portkey seemed easier on him this time than the last, for which she was thankful. She smiled sweetly as Trinity asked her to sit near her.

"Of course you can sit with me! I wouldn't have it any other way," she beamed.

She opened the sliding door, and pulled herself in on a big bench seat, that was big enough for four people. Gesturing for Trinity to follow, she patted the seat beside her.

It was a bit of a creepy van, she thought casually. The windows were tinted very dark, and there was a mirror effect to them so no one could see in from the outside. If this was someone in the party's first car experience, she regretted it for them. Maybe Aunt Thorunn would let her take some of them out in a car. Grinning, she idly wondered how likely it would be for her to get Trinity and herself on Mom or Dad's motorcycle.

Now that could be interesting.

As the drove off through Minneapolis, she clutched her bag to her chest and smiled, as snow began to softly fall on their caravan.
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Morrigan Delaney » Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:07 am

Well, Morrigan thought, at least Eric is on my side. And that's good enough.

Morrigan wasn't even used to that. While her family loved her unconditionally, she knew they weren't normal. Sometimes it felt like she was the only one who could see that; as if their money put so many blinders on people that they didn't see how toxic some of the relationships were. But eccentricity as it was called had always been so expected of them, that people didn't look further to see how bad things could be.

She glared at Gabe, where he was talking to one of Cana's friends. A girl from her own year named Maija. She didn't know her well, but she hoped the Slytherin girl could see passed how nice Gabe could be at first. Pangs of concern ran through her for Angela and the little Slytherin girl as well. Both of them seemed to follow Cana around like tiny shadows. And while Cana had a paternal streak a mile long, his strongest paternal influencer was...Uncle Aleksander. Which was not...ideal.

She was often chided for thinking such things about her uncle. Marriages fail and people get remarried all the time, they said. He's such a good dad, they said, and he loves Daciana more than anything. But he was just creepy in a way Morrigan couldn't articulate. Well, not well. She felt the age difference between Aleksander and Daciana spoke enough on her behalf.

"I just...I'm not embarrassed by my parents," Morrigan finally said to Eric. "Which I know is supposed to be weird at this age. But I am embarrassed by some of my family, and I just...I don't want them to affect the way you see me," she finished, sounding slightly defeated. Part of her believed that once Eric met everyone, he would see what a potential screwed-up, toxic mess of a person Morrigan could become if she let herself. "I know that you haven't let Cana and Kristian affect our friendship, which I appreciate but....they aren't the worst. They are bad, but...." she shrugged. "They at least have some good in them." If her cousins from Aunt Thorunn in general had good in them, it was a good Morrigan had yet to see. That concerned her a lot with Eric coming. Whereas before, she could give just as good as she got, she didn't want Eric to see that side of her.

As Mom called the group over to take the Portkey, Morrigan hesitantly took Eric's hand and pulled him along with her and her bag. This Portkey ride seemed a littel more steady than the last, probably because of the decreased distance and--

Oh gods, Uncle Robert sent the murder vans. Well, he called them Secret Service vans. It wasn't quite accurate as he was only a senator, but the descriptor did fit. But to Morrigan, they looked like they were about to be swept away to a black ops site.

Morrigan didn't particularly want to be around her older sisters and her cousin for the long ride to Wildaway, so she pulled Eric towards the van behind the one they had chosen. Hopefully, they could have a nice quiet ride without seeing Gabe's stupid face at least.

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Eric Brandski » Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:07 pm

Eric totally understood what Morrigan meant by not being embarrassed by her parents. He had been informed that there would be some point in his teenage years that he would be, but he had a feeling it would pass him by. After all, both his parents could kill a person in a flick of their wrist. And that was hardly something to be embarrassed about. Eric had a feeling it was similar for Morrigan. He didn't really know what it was like to have an extended family, though.

The portkey was less like a roller coaster this time and more like going downhill in a fast car. Everyone seemed to take it a bit better this time. When the vans came into view, Eric slowed his walk slightly. On one hand, they looked like a really cool set piece for an action thriller. On the other, he figured he would be the first to die in the thriller. He was glad when Morrigan pulled him into the second van, away from Cana.

The boy slid into one of the bench seats and unzipped his coat, revealing a mint-green sweater with a thick string of fairy lights crisscrossing over it in red, orange, purple, and blue. It was a bit subtle, Eric thought, but he wanted to make a good impression on Morrigan's family--for her sake, if nothing else--and he knew that his style could be a bit... robust for some people.

"Do you know how long the drive is?" The question was asked as Eric pulled his phone out of his pocket. "Mum wants me to keep her updated."

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Rowan Fox » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:10 pm

"I--I haven't eaten anyone," the kid replied. That was too bad. She'd never been friends with a man-eater before. "Not that I'm aware of, at least."

"I don't know,"
the voice belonged to a pretty girl with an edgy hair cut. Rowan assumed the girl was around her age, but all the Delaneys were so tall, it was hard to be certain. "Some of those House Elves are shifty."

The two of them looked at her for a long moment, before the boy finally spoke up. "Hi. I'm, um, Vesper. Vesper Delaney. Lyssa is my older sister. This is Lyssa's twin--"

"Dahlia. Dahlia Delaney. It's a real pleasure."
Right! Persephone had vaguely mentioned having a twin in another house. And though Rowan could see the family resemblance, she would never have pegged the sisters as twins. "So you're going to be working for Wolfie after you both get out? And the princess? That'll be interesting."

Rowan could only assume 'Wolfie' was Cana, only because she couldn't see anyone calling him princess and getting away with it, even family. She wondered how he got the nickname. Maybe it was the wolf-like look he got in his eyes when he was up to no good? That would make sense.

"I note you didn't add Bjørn to that list. Probably for the best. Anyway, I've heard a little rumor--"

"Ah actually haven't met Bjørn, so--" Rowan said at the same time Vesper spoke out.

"What rumor?"

"Just a rumor. That Bjørn is going to make an announcement at dinner tonight about something important that involves him and Thyri. Grandfahter approved."

"Ah suppose having the family all together would be a great time for important announcements," Rowan offered, though her mind was just spanning. Her Uncle usually gave her important information though letters and notes just posted about the house. She couldn't think of something important enough that had to be said in person.

"So erm...how did you meet Cana?" Vesper asked. "And Gabe? You seem to have known about Gabe being back when the rest of us...didn't."

Dahlia chimed in, "Not that I'm not happy to see the little greaseball, but oh my gods, Mom's face when she saw him! And Dad's! They both looked like they were ready to pass kidney stones!"

Rowan laughed good naturedly. She had learned a long time that people caught onto the lie a lot less if you turned it into as joke. "Oh, yew know, Ah have a hard time keeping my hands off the sexy ones," she said with a wink to both of them. "Oh! Looks like we're ready!"

Grabbing both Dahlia and Vesper by hand hand, she pulled them over to Professor Delaney as everyone gathered. The jump felt shorter this time, which Rowan was grateful for; she was excited to be getting closer to the party. Really, she wanted to start trasfiguring the clothes her Uncle made her pack into something worthy of how she thought a Havich party was going to be.

"Oh, black vans," the redhead commented. "Kinky. Where do yew guys want to sit?" She figured it would be a good idea to get in the good with as much of the family as she could. Besides, Wolfie and Persephone both looked... preoccupied.

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