Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Angela Deville » Sat Dec 29, 2018 6:59 pm

Angela was not oblivious to what was going on around her in her surroundings. She did not understand most of it but that did not mean she did not see the tension rising between members of Cana’s family as more and more had arrived. She could pinpoint who was part of Cana’s family and who was part of the group of friends gathered by invitation such as herself, by the way they interacted with one another. The playful banter as well as the guarded stance each had with one another seemed so common as if it were a family trait.

Somehow though, amidst the slow crowding and the placement of food in front of everyone, Angela lost sight of Kyani for a second. She was unsure whether it had been intentional on Kyani’s part or not, and she was certain that if Kyani wanted Angela to follow, she would have brought her along. However, since this was not the case, Angela decided to patiently wait for Kyani again or see her later when they got ready for bed.

And so, Angela quietly stood behind the table filled with various foodstuffs and look with slight awe at the prepared meal. She had had the pleasure of being fed by Cana’s mother twice already and each time all the food had been delicious delicacies, most that she had never tried nor even heard of before. The platters filled with various foods did not disappoint her. She could see classic party foods such as cheeses and small biscuits laid out as well as some meats that she did not know the origin of but the smell wafting up tempted her to try some later. Although she knew she ought to be feeling hungry, her nerves made her shy away from actually eating the food after gazing for so long. Instead she reached for something to drink from a bucket filled with ice. Unfortunately though, she had unluckily reached for a bottle that was not opened. She was about to put it back when she heard more people arriving and everyone stilled at the entrance.

Angela thought the warm room suddenly felt cold as most of Cana’s family and Cana himself seemed to brace themselves while they talked with one of the newcomers, Bjørn. Angela had never heard the name mentioned by neither Cana nor Morrigan, but she assumed that nobody was on friendly terms with him except the eldest Delaney Gryffindor who looked similar to Morrigan but much older. It was only when she saw the man near her that she started to panic, even forgetting that she was holding a large bottle of what seemed to be juice and was longer than her arm so that she had to hug the bottle so as to hold it. She wondered if she would have to talk with the boy and was already terrified at how he looked at her.

Just then she heard someone address her by name. Looking slightly up and back at a tall person whom Cana had hugged earlier before, she turned fully away from the man called Bjørn, silently thankful that she had an escape. She immediately moved closer towards the older man who introduced himself as Cana's brother. Angela was now entirely out of view of the other terrifying figure.

“My name is Angela Deville,” she almost whispered with a slight curtsy that she had learned at home. She felt this may be too much in such company, however the medieval etiquette was embedded in her education and her motions were almost automatic.

Angela took Kristian’s open hand, and said, “Thank you.” Her voice was wavering and she held on tightly as if it were an anchor she could rely on to hold her in place. Her hand was small so that she was really only holding onto a few of his fingers.

She looked down at the large glass bottle that she was having trouble holding with one hand. She let go of Kristian’s hand so as to hold the large bottle up for him to see with both hands. “I’m sorry sir, but could you help me open this? It’s, it’s kind of too big for me and I don't know how to get the cork part out,” she whispered so nobody else could hear her request. She blushed, embarrassed at her small stature that required help just to get something to drink.

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