Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse  » Sat Dec 15, 2018 7:11 pm

Trinity had only been in a vehicle once before in his life, five years ago. But it hadn't been as big as the one he was sitting with Lyssa in. It felt the same. All rumbly and vibrating. Professor Delaney had mentioned they could sleep, but he didn't know how anyone could sleep in something like that. So he took the time to just watch Lyssa.

She was so beautiful. He wanted to commit everything about her to memory. The boy had reluctantly accepted the fact that they would be friends, and she wouldn't forget about him. It was bittersweet, though, as he knew it would hurt that much more when she finally met someone who was even close to deserving her and married them.

He hadn't even noticed they had arrived at the house until people started climbing out. It was smaller than Hogwarts, but he supposed they had less people. It made since that the building should accommodate the amount of bodies living in it. From what he had gathered, Lyssa and Cana had a very large family. The building was also covered in the kinds of decorative things one would find in the Great Hall during the holidays. It was supposed to be pretty, he guessed.

Suddenly life was moving way too fast. Cana ran to meet his family and people were being introduced. And then they were being shown their rooms, bags and luggage going this way and that. He hadn't missed Professor Delaney's reaction to him bunking with Kristian and Bjørn, but before he could assure her that he would try his best not to embarrass her, they were being ushered back downstairs.

Trinity's empty stomach reacted when the women started talking about food, but he hoped there was enough extra noise to cover for him. He was about to ask Lyssa if he could gather her a plate when the front door burst open again. The blond assumed the two were just other members of the family, until he heard Professor Delaney's greeting. So, one of them was Bjørn. He saw the dogs at the younger one's side and recognized the beasts from a photo Cana had showed him once, but they didn't have the same joyous look in their eyes--until Lyssa began calling to them.

She was so cute, cheering the pups up until they had a chance to break free and run to their master. Trinity was about to help Lyssa back up to her feet, but Bjørn--or who he assumed was Bjørn--got there first. Instead of helping Lyssa, however, the bloke said something that made Trinity seriously doubt his conversational skills in Norwegian. Especially since he hugged her afterwards.

Trinity watched as Bjørn walked off towards the food before taking Lyssa's hand in what he hoped would be seen as a friendly and supportive gesture. He was sure he had to be wrong. He wasn't quite sure what he thought he heard meant, but it sounded... rude. Maybe he just didn't understand? That happened sometimes. He would hear guys at school talk in similar manner and think it was rude when everyone else thought it was funny. But no one had laughed this time.

He knew he had to be overthinking things, so instead he just squeezed Lyssa's hand. "You all right?"

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Morrigan Delaney » Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:02 pm

The ride to Wildaway was quiet and peaceful since they weren't in with Cana and Gabe, at least. Their arrival made her wince though. Despite being used to the wealth her family had, conspicuous consumption to the level that they went to was...tacky to her at best. The house itself was a mockery, all huge stone edifice with no feelings of home to her. The fact that it was merely a temporary home--a place for vacations and for the Hansen side of the family to stay while not in Washington DC or at Gammla Uppsala--made it even more ridiculous. Morrigan glanced over at Eric to see his reaction, hoping he wasn't about to start judging her for her family's actions now. Though, she supposed, he hadn't yet--a house likely wasn't going to cause it.

As she hugged her uncle and aunt, she didn't miss the friendly welcome they gave Gabe. Nor did she miss the slick grin that Kristian gave Eric. It made her skin crawl, and not for the first time did she wonder about what really transpired during the summer. She would definitely have to get it out of someone later--whether that be Eric or Kristian himself was yet to be seen.

As they were handed out room assignments, Morrigan was glad that Eric wasn't in with Kristian if it was truly that bad. While her brother frustrated her in the way that older brothers often do, Vesper wouldn't mess with Eric in any way, save perhaps to tell mildly embarrassing baby stories about her. That was normal. She could handle normal, she thought, for once in her life.

Walking back downstairs to the dining room, she stuck close to Eric. She was sure that whatever Aunt Daciana had planned for a small meal would still be overwhelming, and she was right. She couldn't help but smile a bit at the familiarity.

"If this is small, I'm terrified for actual Christmas," she joked, smiling at her aunt. Daciana grinned and did a small shushing motion, right as the door opened. She watched as her aunt's face went from cheery to more than mildly horrified. As she turned, she realized why.

Bjørn had the dogs.

Well, crap.

Lyssa thought quickly though, she had to give it to her. And it seemed that today, Bjørn was actually willing to play along. As the dogs trotted over past Lyssa straight to Cana, Morrigan let out a loud breath she didn't realize she'd been holding.

Cana and Bjørn fighting would be....bad to say the least. Very bad.

She was about to reach over to pet Geri and Freki herself, when she overheard what Bjørn said to her sister.

Before she knew what happened, her mother's hand was around her raised wrist. Realizing with quiet fear what she'd almost just done, she quickly pulled her hand back behind her back, and watched as Bjørn glanced mildly at her way with a lazy grin. As he passed her into the dining room, she let out another sigh.

Leaning to the side, she whispered to Eric.

"That is Bjørn. It's...it's about keeping the peace really. Between him and Cana and Kristian and Gabe. And Thyri and Lyssa too to a degree. Mostly him and Cana though. They used to be close," she explained, watching other people file into the dining area. "But things went wrong awhile ago. It's just...if you see things getting tense, try to leave. I know you don't like him, but Kristian will help you get out of that situation. So will Gabe and any of the girls."

Running a hand through her hair and pinching the bridge of her nose in a mirror image of her mother, Morrigan gestured back to the dining room.

"Shall we?"

As she lead the way into the dining room (studiously avoiding looking at Bjørn), she examined what her aunt had put out. There were multiple charcuterie boards, which she was sure Gabe and Eric would avoid, but there were also chargers filled with smoked fish and duck and grilled brisket. Roast vegetables and poached and fresh fruits were in bowls, or on boards with varieties of cheeses even Morrigan couldn't identify. She noted that the chilled bowls had sparkling grape juices instead of wine or champagne; probably to make a good impression on the younger guests. Not many people in her family minded the younger ones having a tiny bit of alcohol, but she knew other families probably frowned upon it, so it made sense. Plus it was technically illegal in the US.

Gathering together a plate, Morrigan went over to the corner chairs as far away as possible from the storm brewing between her two male cousins.

She watched and listened.

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Eric Brandski » Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:09 am

Eric felt sick. It wasn't the portkey, that had worn off ages ago. He thought the sickness had started the moment he saw the--well, mansion was probably the best word for it. It hadn't stopped there, though. He had practically cowered behind Morrigan when Kristian had appeared. By some luck of the universe, Eric was not put on the same room as either Kristian or Cana. He said his thanks to whoever was listening, but that didn't quite settle his stomach. Especially since Bjørn took that time to appear.

The Gryffindor had been expecting some kind of monster with black eyes and nails painted red with blood from the way people spoke about the bloke. From where Etic stood, he looked like a normal college-age kid. One of the handsome ones who thought the world belonged to him, but he couldn't see anything monstrous aside from his size. It didn't take long for it to appear, though. Eric had no clue what the bloke said to Morrigan's sister, but he didn't like the look in Bjørn's eyes.

Eric didn't even look at the food he put on his plate. He wouldn't have the stomach to eat it, anyway. He just scooped some up and made his way over to Morrigan as quickly as he could. "He's always like that," it was more of a statement than a question, but Eric desperately wanted to be wrong. The Havichs loved each other--obvously and in a very nom-Brittish way. With that kind of coldness, no wonder everyone thought the worst of Bjørn.

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Rowan Fox » Thu Dec 20, 2018 1:54 am

Rowan could feel her blood chill as the door to the manor opened. Suddenly, it was like all the noise in the room stopped. It would have been humorous if not for the heavy feel of the air. The redhead turned, her eyes catching sight of two men and two dogs in the door way. For a moment, it was hard to tell how large the dogs actually were. With the tall door frame and the tall men, it was easy to think the dogs were just a medium-size breed--until they raced past Persephone and straight to Cana and Gabe, nearly bowling her over. She grinned at the spectacle, but no one was laughing. That was odd. She could understand why the guests had been warned to stay away from Bjørn, but she hadn't realized how many members of the family felt the same way.

The girl's long cardigan was equally weighed down with wand and the gun she had borrowed from her uncles house. It was only a precaution, a joke really, but now she was glad for it. She wasn't planning to use it or anything, but the treat of it might be enough if it was needed. When Bjørn wrapped his arms around Persephone, Rowan felt gross. She wanted to check on her friend, but the blonde boy-toy was already on it. The best she could do was make sure the others were safe from whatever manner of beast this man was.

The kiddos were safe with Cana and Gabe protecting them, so Rowan slung her arm around the older girl. "Hey, roomie," she grinned, popping a grape into her mouth. "Maija, yeah? That's a pretty name." She reached for another fruit and offered it to the girl. "What House are yew? Ah don't think we've met before."

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Vesper Delaney » Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:59 am

After determining the room assignments (Vesper was neither pleased nor displeased by his arrangements, though he was glad not to be rooming with some of his cousins) and making their way back down to the dining room, Vesper was ready to get into the food. His dream of eating was soon shattered however, by Bjørn and Uncle Robert making their grand entrance. Vesper felt his blood run cold as he saw the choke collars on Geri and Freki. He kept his eyes fixed forward, terrified of catching either Bjørn or Cana's eyes.

Lyssa saved the situation, of course, for all the vile comments it got her. Vesper felt bile come up in his throat and choked on whatever words he might have said, as Bjørn passed by. He wondered if Mom and Dad heard it. He imagined they didn't, judging by the fact that Bjørn was still standing and didn't have Dad's hand around his throat. Her boyfriend (?) heard it though, and obviously understood it. Thank goodness he seemed to have the sense not to confront Bjørn over it.

Judging by the looks on their faces, Cana and Thryi had, at least. Vesper sometimes wondered whether or not Bjørn would be a Gryffindor, to look at the faces of some of the scariest people he knew only to say something like that and walk away. But the fact that Cana was letting him walk away also said something: Vesper just wasn't sure of what yet, but he did glimpse Thyri and Gabe flanking him tightly, each having a hand on his arms.

For not the first time, Vesper wondered if the long string of dead pets wasn't as much Cana's fault as it seemed.

With a sigh, he followed his family and their friends over to pick up a plate. He found himself drifting over to Morrigan and ....Eric? He was fairly sure the boy's name was Eric. He needed to get better at knowing the names of guys his sisters liked. It was more his responsibility than Cana's to take care of that after all. Yet he'd been so willing to cede responsibility to his cousin on well....everything. It was time to change that, he supposed idly.

He overheard what Eric was saying.

"You have no idea," he responded. "That's him in a good mood. Suicidal, obviously, what with the dogs and saying that so close to Mom and Dad, but a good mood nonetheless. Really surprised that Cana kept it together though. He's getting better at that."

"Well one of them had to grow up and mature into an adult," replied Dahlia, sidling up to the group. "And it's about time Cana got a turn with those three brain cells he and Kristian share."

Vesper grinned a bit. It was uncharitable and inaccurate to characterize Cana as stupid. Entitled, yes. Short-tempered, definitely. But if there was one thing their cousin wasn't it was stupid.

Kristian...maybe a little bit.

And judging by the fact that Kristian was idly glaring at Bjørn from across the room, that stupidity was about to be on full display. The tall blond stood up from his sulking spot and strode over, obviously about to do something stupidly noble on his half-brother's behalf.

A crack of Apparition sounded violently in the entrance hall, and suddenly everything stopped.

In the hallway, standing so tall as to cast no shadows, was Sigurd Havich in the flesh. He stood at a remarkable height, topped off by a thick shock of snow white hair, slicked back against his head. Steel gray eyes glared out from beneath bushy, still black eyebrows. He wore a tailored suit with a fine wizard's fur-lined cloak draped over it.

The old wizard glanced over his traveling companion's head to see Kristian halfway to grabbing Bjørn from behind by the shoulder. As he blinked impassively, Kristian sheepishly pulled his hand back with a chastened smile. Sigurd smiled mildly.

"So tense. I would hate to see my family fighting at Yule."

Even Bjørn looked chastised.

"Oh how terrible that would be," agreed Victor appearing from behind Sigurd. Victor was not much shorter than Sigurd, and a far more flamboyant dresser. He was in the far more traditional wizarding garb of dark plum robes. He too had stark white hair, but his was in a certain state of fashionable disarray--were one to look a portrait of Oscar Wilde, one might find a startling resemblance. "Kristian! Come give us a hand with these bags would you not?" he ordered, cheerfully, easily diffusing any remaining tension.

Vesper sighed with relief and finall felt a smile creep onto his face.

If nothing else, at least the whole Havich family was now here.

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Maija Guerrero » Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:12 am

Maija rode in silence, watched the beautiful scenery as she nibbled on her snacks. She couldn’t wait to get to the house, she was so hungry.

When the group reached their final destination, Maija got out of the van and stared at the house in awe. She asked nobody in particular, “What kind of farm is this that it needs such a huge house?” She lived on a farm, most definitely not the same kind of farm, but her house wasn't nearly as large as this one. Just big enough for two families, hers and her uncle's. She wasn’t expecting an answer to her rhetorical question as Cana greeted his family, then started introducing them. Maija made a point of at least remembering their host’s names, Aleksander and Daciana.

Everything was moving so fast as they were all ushered into the grand house, which seemed to really want to be a castle, to deposit their outerwear and see their room assignments. Maija wrinkled her nose at the room. The coloring was a bit too frilly-lily for her taste, but since she was a guest, she wasn't about to object.

Everybody was then ushered downstairs and the mention of food made Maija’s stomach growl in anticipation. She hadn’t eaten since the night before as she knew portkey travel was rough on her. Before she could go for food, two new men entered the house. She heard Professor Delaney address the two men as Robert and Bjørn. She wasn’t sure how they fit in, or which was which, but she figured she’d eventually find out.

There seemed to be something going on with the new arrivals, and Maija wasn’t sure what, but she didn’t think she liked the look of the man with the dogs. Pets shouldn’t look frightened, even dogs as big as those were, and it made Maija think the man was cruel to them and that wasn’t okay. She was glad she was out of the way when the two dogs raced, not to the beckoning Lyssa, but to Cana and Gabe. Maija figured the dogs must be Cana’s.

The interaction between the shady man and Lyssa seemed odd and a bit…wrong and seemed to cause more tension among the family and some of the guests. Maija was about to follow Bjørn to the food when, if she remembered her name correctly, Rowan put her are around Maija, and greeted her, "Maija, yeah? That's a pretty name." Maija smiled and replied, “Thank you.” She accepted the offered fruit and answered Rowan’s question before eating it, “I’m Slytherin, third year.” For some reason she still felt a need to add her year, just so her petite size wouldn’t make everybody think she was a first year. She couldn’t quite remember what house Rowan was in and was trying to place Rowan’s accent. Maija’s own Spanish accent was very light as she hadn’t been home in months, the only place she spoke Spanish.

Her stomach growled loudly at the small morsel of food. She grinned sheepishly, “I don’t think we’ve met before. Let’s go get something more to eat, I’m famished.”

Maija jumped at the sudden sound of somebody Apparating in. She looked over as two new wizards joined in. Two new names and positions in the family to learn. Maija idly wondered if she would be able to keep all the names and relations straight, if she were to actually talk to any of the family members she wasn’t in school with.

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Kyani Taylor » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:40 pm

Kyani had been to her share of parties in her life and as more people made their appearance the young girl could feel her alter ego being pulled to the surface, like a prickling under her skin. She hated it. And the hated the the first thing she did was glance around for champagne to take the edge off. The Slytherin ground her teeth together. Four months. It had been four months since Kyani had been in a situation like this and... nothing had changed. She focused on the sound of chatter, trying to calm the quaking feeling in her chest and the twisting sensation in her stomach.

The party had been a bit touch-and-go for a while after the two--Robert and Bjørn--had shown up with with Cana's dogs. Even thought she was young, Kyani felt herself a rather good judge of character. After all, when you spent most of your childhood around folks who controlled your every move, you learned quickly how to judge if someone was doing something for the benefit of others--or themselves. She found it odd that everyone's eyes seemed to follow Bjørn, when it was obviously Robert who was the one to watch out for. Bjørn oosed icky, but Robert kept his yuck only in his eyes.

Kyani shivered and turned away just as two more people appeared out of thin air. It nearly gave Kyani a heart attack. Biting her lip, the girl made her way through the crowd. It was pretty easy to slip past or around people, due to her size, and she quickly got to the person she was looking for. "Gabe," she said, grabbing his hand. Hopefully Cana would be too distracted with his dogs to hear her question. "Do... did--you don't have any calming draught, do you?" It was a stupid and selfish question, but she figured it was better than asking if he had any alcohol. She would be more likely to get it than the other, anyway.

In her bag upstairs, Kyani had started an Ideas Book. There were a few pages dedicated to a potion-sugar mix that she had wanted to run by the older potioneers to see if it worked. She hadn't had a chance to, yet, but she had a feeling it would be a good use for an anxiety relief. It the mix could crystallize, it could be turned into a slow-release lozenge. But that was a long way away from this party, and short of finding a corner to hide in until she felt normal again, she didn't know what else to do.

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Gabriel Warner » Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:06 pm

Bjørn had a flair for stylish mistakes. He did cut quite the figure with the two giant dogs on leads with choke collars. Gabe could have appreciated the aesthetic if it weren't for the fact that he wanted to slowly flay Bjørn and drape his skin in front of the fireplace for the dogs to sleep on. Still, he kept his hand firmly on Cana's arm, more to control himself than his boyfriend. As Lyssa seemed to persuade Bjørn to let Geri and Freki go, he bent over at the waist slightly to pet the two Cane Corsos. As horrible as the comment Bjørn gave to Lyssa was, it would be all the more explicit for him if he were the one kneeling down.

He loosened the collars on the dogs until they were off completely, rubbing sweet, scarred Freki behind the ears as he did so. He watched Cana carefully as Bjørn passed, and Gabe was both proud and disappointed to see nothing happen to the oldest Hansen. As he turned to go with the others into the dining room, he caught the tail end of something Thryi was whispering to Cana. If it were important, he knew he would find out what it was later. Leading Geri and Freki with a snap of his fingers, he made his way over to the food, eyeing the kosher options Daciana had set out.

It wasn't long before he heard the crack of Apparition, and he smiled widely as Sigurd Havich and Victor Thorne made their grand appearances. Before he could go over and address them though, a small hand had slipped into his. Kyani was there, clearly looking anxious out of her mind and worried to boot. He smiled sadly and softly at her.

"I don't have any on me, but I'm fairly certain Aleksander--Cana's dad--keeps some in the medicine cabinet in the kitchen. We could go ask him to get some?"

Taking Kyani's hand more firmly, he gently guided her over to his tall blonde (hopefully) future father-in-law, with a caring look. Alek eyed them curiously but gave an uncharacteristically gentle smile at Kyani.

"She's a bit nervous around all these new people," Gabe explained in a whisper up at Alek. "Do you have a bit of calming drought?"

"Of course," Alek smiled easily at the small girl and slipped away as the Havich family's teenagers began swamping their grandfather. He reappeared quickly, with a measured vial which he slipped quietly into Kyani's hand. "Eat some food with it so it settles correctly," he advised, before turning away to go say hello to his father.

"If you need anything here that I don't have on me," Gabe explained, "I promise Cana's parents are very nice and will help you get it. Aleksander might seem a bit intimidating, but he's really not a bad guy, and Daciana is a real sweetheart."

He turned back and gave a wave to Sigurd and Victor, both of whom returned his greeting with more sedate gestures. There was a mischievous sparkle in Sigurd's eye though, as if he were not even the vaguest bit surprised by Gabriel's presence. He likely wasn't shocked. Sigurd Havich seemed to have a mind and eye for everything in the world. It was clear to Gabe why Cana admired his grandfather so much.

As the dogs settled into sniffing curiously and wagging their tails softly at Kyani, Gabe watched curiously as Sigurd cleared his throat as if to make an announcement.

"Before we begin these festivities, I believe Bjørn and Thyri had something they wished to announce to the rest of you. We're discussed it all in-depth, and I believe it's an excellent step forward for the future."

Something in his eyes wasn't entirely right to Gabe, but he wasn't about to interrupt. Glaring over at Bjørn, he waited to hear what the stupid miscreant had to say for himself.

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Cana Havich
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Cana Havich » Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:38 pm

There had been a time when they had been close.

There had been a time when Cana was a fool for it.

But he had so looked up to his older cousin, who seemed so capable, so respected, and so easy going. Now he knew that came from being feared, not respected, and that the easy-going nature came from the arrogant, entitled nature of never receiving consequences for his actions. While Cana wasn't much to talk on that front, he liked to think of himself as better than Bjørn was. Cana never hurt animals on purpose, unless it was for science. He never was purposefully mean to children or his family. He thought other people had value beyond what they could give to him.

That had to count for something....right?

Of course, none of this was going through Cana's mind as he stood stock still, looking impassively at Bjørn's hold on his dogs. As Lyssa lowered herself and her dignity to try to diffuse the situation, he felt his jaw tighten in concert with the grip of Thyri's hand on his left arm and Gabriel's on his right. Lyssa shouldn't have to do this, yet here he was allowing it. It wasn't until the collars were off his boys though, that Cana felt himself getting the energy to lurch slightly forward.

Gabe didn't seem to notice.

Thryi did. He felt her nails digging crescent moons into his skin, and stopped himself as Bjørn grew closer. He overheard what Bjørn said to Lyssa, but before he could reach a hand out to throttle his cousin, Bjørn was hugging Lyssa, and Lyssa was making a half-hearted attempt to return the affection. He'd have to find a way to repay Lyssa for this. He could see from the tiredness in her eyes that it took a toll on her spirit.

"Don't worry about him now," Thryi whispered to him, brushing a curl of hair away from his eyes gently. He looked at her woefully, and--were one unfamiliar with them--might mistake their closeness as something else. "Just...just wait until grandfather gets here. Things will get better." Cana nodded at her, and let Geri licked his hand. He scratched the dog behind the ears, watching as they both followed Gabe over to the food table. Beggars knew he was more likely to save to their demands of steak. He grinned and sighed as Kyani approached Gabe and the two talked. He had too much to lose by attacking Bjørn right now.

The crack of Apparition brought him back to the present. Before he even registered what was happening, Thyri had dragged them over to Grandfather and Victor. With a genuine smile, he threw his arms around the two elderly men. He felt a paternal hair ruffle and slight coo from Victor and a strong back pat from Sigurd, and soon his anxieties were fading.

Turning back to the group, he introduced them to his friends.

"Um, for all of my friends and our other visitors, this is my grandfather, Sigurd Havich. And this is Victor Thorne," he added, not caring to give any explanation for his affection for the man. It was painfully obvious to anyone with a brain that the two older gentlemen were a couple, but neither man enjoyed advertising it. Cana wasn't about to break the unspoken code.

"It's such a pleasure to see you all," Victor declared, after directing Kristian to help them with their things. The blond had apparently been making some sort of move towards Bjørn when the two had arrived. Cana gave a look of gratitude mixed with warning at his brother. Kristian might be able to take Bjørn actually, if he got the drop on him, but it would be better to figure out a team game plan.

"Before we begin these festivities, I believe Bjørn and Thyri had something they wished to announce to the rest of you. We're discussed it all in-depth, and I believe it's an excellent step forward for the future."

Cana turned back to his grandfather, mild surprise written on his face. He had an inkling of what was being spoken of, but neither Thyri nor Bjørn had made it clear to him entirely.

"Yes," Thyri agreed from where she was still firmly on Cana's arm. She finally released him to go stand beside Grandfather. Bjørn joined them--on the side opposite of Thyri.

"We've been talking it over a lot with grandfather and each other--" Cana snorted at the image of Thyri and Bjørn speaking at each other for too long without the whole house freezing colder than the ninth circle of hell --"and we've come to a decision."

"I'm not taking over for Mother," Bjørn finally said, arms spread wide and Cheshire grin on his face. "Sorry, but I just can't do it. Politics has always interested me more, and I've decided to follow in father's footsteps instead. You may be looking at the first magical President of the United States," he bragged, audaciously.

Thyri nodded sedately, only a mild, passive smile on her face. "So, of course, I'll be training to take over Mother's role in the company instead. It's definitely a change of plans, but one I think I can adapt to. After all, I would hate for Bjørn not to follow his dreams."

Cana glanced over at Lyssa, who was barely concealing her glee. They wouldn't be stuck with Bjørn anymore! Grandfather also looked mildly pleased, but was undoubtedly concealing much more. Robert looked like he was about to burst with pride, while Thorunn was downright inscrutable.

"Well," Victor finally said, breaking the silence. "Enough talk of business. 'Tis Christmas. Introduce us to all of your little friends darlings!"

Smiling, Cana wnet over to Thyri for a hug, and with her on his arm, directed his grandfather towards to closest of his compatriots that he thought would be interested in meeting the pair.

Gregory had seemed very intrigued by the family business before anyway. It would do good for them all to meet.

He felt Thyri grip his elbow tightly and he watched as Lyssa seemed to melt in relief with eyes off of her.

Maybe this holiday was salvageable after all.

Meanwhile, Kristian's eyes had swept to the painfully small little girl standing alone near Cana, as if searching for someone to come in and tell her what she should be doing. He remembered a name from his brother's letters and swept in quickly, putting on his best smile. He almost looked like a normal, charming boy.

"Angela, right?" he asked, eyeing how close she was to running into Bjørn just a few meters behind her. "I'm Cana's brother, Kristian! He's told me about you. All good, I promise," he grinned. "Cana is playing host right now, but I feel like it's rather rude to leave a young lady waiting by herself. Care to join me?" He offered her a large hand and a blinding smile.

Bjørn watched silently, grinning at the little display. Ah well.

He'd get some of Cana's little friends alone at some point.

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Gregory H. Masterson » Thu Dec 27, 2018 4:50 pm

All the concerns and nagging little worries that had whispered in Gregory's mind ever since he'd accepted this invitation seemed to be justified, suddenly.

Things had been alright, but when the Bjorn person and Robert entered, so did tension. Gregory didn't have to understand the language to know that cocky young man was pushing his power around and being . . disrespectful.
He apparently thought he was clever. Gregory WAS clever and so he wasn't about to make the mistake of underestimating this new player in the game.

Adjusting his position slightly, he made sure he was behind Hazel, so he could pull her back if need be. The dogs were happy to see Cana and one sniffed his own shoe. He ignored it. He got along well with dogs, but he didn't care for them much. They were so ground -oriented.
He might have pet it, but many people were already and he figured he'd see the dogs again.

When the two older gentlemen appeared, Gregory had to relax his hands. They reminded him a bit of family. He would try not to hold that against them. Once they began to speak, his tension about that left. No, they were different enough that he should be fine.
But the announcement that was given was not welcome. Almost everyone in the room seemed to relax, but Gregory felt his tension rise.
It was good that this Bjorn was interested in AMERICAN politics, but even so, when Gregory became Minister, he would then have to deal with him. He didn't like it - at all.
He would have to watch his back and his interests carefully around that one.

The aromas of food filled the room and soon everyone was chatting and filling their plates. Gregory hung back to allow the ladies to go first. His mother would have insisted on it.
Cana had come up and introduced himself to . . Victor and Sigurd. Gregory would need to stay up that evening, making sure he had all the names correct. Gregory bowed slightly and shook their hands. "It's a pleasure. I am very grateful to have been invited to your home. This is my first trip to America and it's been most - impressive so far."

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