Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Vesper Delaney » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:52 pm

"It's for the best that you haven't met Bjørn," Vesper said quietly, as he was dragged along. He looked neutral about it, unlike Dahlia who was clearly living for the attention of the attractive redhead.

"Yeah," Dahlia said offhandedly. "You're kinda his type. Don't worry though, I'll protect you," she smirked.

"Cana will protect you," Vesper sighed. "And Kristian too most likely. And Lyssa. Not that you can't protect anyone Dahlia..."

She stuck her tongue out at him, and gave him the finger behind Rowan's back. Truth be told though, she knew she would be stuck as being mostly back up for her cousins and sister. While she thought of herself as fairly accomplished, it was no secret that Bjørn was a particularly magically skilled a-hole, not to mention a generally stout dude. He'd trained her how to fight after all. She knew first hand how unpleasant fighting him could be.

Both of them grinned mildly at Rowan's comments of being unable to stay away from sexy people. It was a deflection obviously, but they respected that. She may well have been sworn to secrecy by Cana himself, and they didn't want to jeopardize this girl's future career by getting her to spill. As they approached the vans, they paused at her question.

"Well," Vesper hesitated, looking at the hellishly angry look on Morrigan's face as she boarded the back van with her boyfriend(?). 'Perhaps the opposite of those two. Morrigan seems not quite happy with Cana right now, and um..."

"I don't want to hear it personally," Dahlia stated matter-of-factly. "We've all heard it before. And yeah, maybe Cana and Gabe aren't the best match for each other, but it's not up to her to decide that! Besides, we've all done stupid stuff. They were just dumb enough to get caught," she finished, leaving it at that in front of Rowan. The girl may have known everything for all she knew, but it would be better to leave it ambiguous. As it was, what she said could refer to anything scandalous the two could have gotten up to. And that was a long list of possibilities.

Dahlia opened one of the van doors with a flourish and bow for Rowan, and jokingly attempted to close it on her brother as they stepped in.

As the vans lurched to life, Vesper looked out into night, as the city slowly slipped behind them and became more and more country. The further out they got, the more snow appeared on the ground.

As they neared Wildaway, a soft, light snow began to fall.

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Maija Guerrero
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Maija Guerrero » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:13 am

"It's beautiful. The lights, I mean" 

Maija looked over at the sudden interruption. She smiled at the young man who introduced himself as Gabriel Warner, Cana’s boyfriend, which she had already figured as she had seen them holding hands when she arrived in Hogsmede. She also noticed the reactions of Professor Delaney and one of the professor’s children. Though, her mother had taught her to be polite until she had a reason not to be. Gabe seemed friendly, and he did come to talk to her.

She pulled off her mitten to reveal the fingerless gloves underneath and accepted the offered hand to shake. As she smiled, she said, “Nice to meet you Gabe. And, yes, the lights are beautiful. In all of our travels, my mother has never taken us to a large city like this.” She chuckled, “Then again, she’s never taken us to America. I couldn’t pass up this rare opportunity.” She gazed at the lights one more time as she knew they’d be continuing their journey soon.

Maija turned back and smiled as Cana, Kyani, who she recognized as a fellow housemate, and another girl she hoped somebody would introduce to her, approached them. She nodded at Cana as he apologized, “Don’t worry about it. There are so many of us here, it’s a bit overwhelming.” She sighed a little, despite not wanting to worry anybody, “I was just noticing everybody had somebody. I was feeling a bit like the odd man out here. I’m hoping that’ll change after we all get to know each other.”

It seems we need to be going!

Maija heard Professor Delaney call out. She put her mitten back on, “Looks like it’s time to move on. If I remember the map correctly, we haven’t got as far to go. Come on, everybody.” She made her way to the rebar and grabbed on tightly. The horrible trip wasn’t as bad as the first trip, but the destination was far less picturesque. She frowned as the door to the bland warehouse was opened and followed the others out as directed. She continued to frown as she studied the large vans. She muttered to herself, “This is going to be alright. These don’t look as comfortable as the Knight Bus, but it’s better than portkey.

She slowly walked to the van Lyssa and Trinity were in as she watched the light snow fall. She got in the van and sat in another row. She rummaged in her bag and pulled out a small box. Maija opened the box and turned to Trinity, “I used to like you when my family and I traveled by portkey. I learned not to have breakfast before we traveled.” She offered cookies from her box, “Now I’m hungry, and I wonder if you are as well.”

Gabriel Warner
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Gabriel Warner » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:43 am

“Nice to meet you Gabe. And, yes, the lights are beautiful. In all of our travels, my mother has never taken us to a large city like this.”

Gabe grinned and ran a hand through his thick, wild curls as he turned back to look at the lights.

"You should see New York City. That's where I was born and raised for the first few years, and I'd visit it at least once a year since for my grandparents. It's a hot mess of a town, but beautiful at night. Nothing like the lights there. Though this is nice," he agreed with a shrug. "Not a Red Sox fan though. I don't guess you're familiar with Muggle sports? It's okay if not; most of them are boring, especially baseball."

"We'll definitely have chances to get to know each other. I was thinking we could all do some last minute shopping together tomorrow at the Muggle mall? We'd have to stay in a big group with so many purebloods to deal with--no offense, just, it might be a bit overwhelming at first. And Daciana undoubtedly has a bunch of big family meals planned. So it'll be a great way to get to know each other."

He privately thought that bringing a bunch of purebloods to the Mall of America might be the funniest thing in the universe, but he didn't want to embarrass Maija in particular. She seemed like a sweet girl.

Gabe cringed at Mrs. Delaney (G-d, he'd never get used to calling her Professor Delaney) calling out for them to join her. He had a bad feeling about her getting in the way of his staying with Cana. But as long as they could make it to the house, he knew he'd be fine. Aleksander and Sigurd would go to bat for him, and Daciana too. Mr. and Mrs. Hansen would be too distracted to care much, and none of the other Havichs hated him enough to do anything about him.

Grabbing the rebar, he came down a bit hard on the landing, nearly tripping into poor Kyani and Angela, but stopping himself at the last minute. He took a moment to fuss over the poor girls, straightening their clothes and hair.

He looked up just in time to see the black Service vans pulled up at the front, and quickly took Cana's hand to follow Maija. There would be just enough room for Maija, himself, Cana, and the two girls with Lyssa and Trinity already boarded.

Gabe helped the two girls in in front of him, and allowed his boyfriend to give him a tiny boost into the back seat. It would do well to avoid Morrigan and her parents now.

As they drove out of the urban sprawl of Minneapolis and into the woods near Excelsior, Minnsota, a soft snow began to drift.

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Cana Havich
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Cana Havich » Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:47 pm

Cana stayed largely quiet as the two vans pulled up to pick them up from the rendezvous sight. He stepped in, arm around Gabe, trying to guide his pureblood friends in how to step in and buckle up safely. The drivers didn't question it. They’d learned a long time ago not to question the strangeness of the Havich family in general. He could feel Morrigan’s eyes glaring at him and Gabe from across the drive. It infuriated Cana, and he was only held back from snide comments by being flanked by Gabriel.

The driveway up to Wildaway was long and surrounded by snow-blanketed, evergreen forests. There was an overwhelming stillness to the woods, almost eerie in nature. Cana had made this journey several times before. It never got less unsettling. Despite knowing it to be the nature of magical wards, the lack of animal sounds was enough to set him on edge. As the trees began to thin out though, he began to relax. They passed large clear fields, usually dotted with cattle and horses during the warmer months.

An absurdly large, looming mansion came into sight. In fact, calling it a mansion might be a stretch: the place is a veritable castle of stone, wood, and glass. There were even small turrets jutting out from the sides of the wings. The house was utterly decked out for Christmas, with twinkling white lights hanging from the eaves and around the topiary. Wreaths hung from every door and nearly every window. Ribbons wrapped around the old-fashioned light poles and lions that lined the entryway drive. The snow and icicles on the roof of the house made it look like something out of a Hallmark card.

It was an utterly ridiculous display of wealth, but Cana could hardly appreciate that, being surrounded by it his whole life. He grinned seeing the line of people in coats waiting for them outside.

As the van stopped, Cana pulled open the door, and without preamble, ran to his sisters, picking them up and twirling them both one under each arm. Depositing them on the ground, he walked forward to hug his both parents. He gave a genuine smile to both of them, gesturing with his head to where Gabe was still in the van.

His parents’ eyes both widened a bit, but both of them smiled.

“I see he managed to find you,” Daciana said warmly. “You two are so sweet.”

“He’s good for you,” said Aleksander, with only slightly less warmth. “As long as you both don’t get wild notions at the same time.” Cana knew his father was just being cautious. He had been the one to go to bat for them after the incident after all.

“I guess I’m willing to bet on that not happening again for awhile at least,” muttered a voice behind Aleksander.

Cana looked over his father’s shoulder straight at Kristian. They stared at each other for only a moment before both moved forward to lock into a bearhug. Cana buried his face into his older brother’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry I was an ass before I left,” he whispered in Norwegian.

“I earned it,” replied Kristian easily.

Breaking the hug, Cana looked to the rest of his family, and back to his friends.

“I suppose introductions are in order.”

He turned to his friends (and otherwise) who had made their ways out of the vans.

“Well, everyone, I’m going to go ahead and make introductions. I’m sure you’ll all get better ones later. This,” he pointed towards Aleksander, “Is my dad, Aleksander.”

“And Aleksander is fine,” his father said. “No Mr. Havich’s are necessary, at least not while you’re here.”

Aleksander Havich was a tall, broad shouldered, physically imposing man. Standing at nearly 7 feet tall with light strawberry blonde hair and steely gray eyes, he towered over everyone save for his two sons. While he seemed like a man who favored suits, he was merely wearing gray pants and a dark blue button down shirt.

“And Daciana is fine as well,” Cana’s mother replied.

Cana’s mother was much shorter than his father, which made for a hilarious image. She made up for it with some sky-high stiletto heeled boots. She also wore a scandalously tight, red knit dress with a cream colored cashmere scarf, which popped against her dark skin and black hair. The lights around the house twinkled in her dark brown eyes. It was clear Cana favored his mother more than his father.

The two identical girls standing near Daciana were clearly the twins Scarlett and Sable, and Cana introduced them as such. Both gave a little curtsey, despite both wearing blue jeans and matching reindeer sweaters.

Gesturing towards the younger doppleganger of his father, Cana smiled lazily.

“And this is my older brother Kristian.”

Kristian gave a little wave that somehow managed to be sarcastic. He looked utterly unprepared for company or the holiday or the weather in general, merely wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and jacket. His boots must have been charmed, because they were completely inappropriate for the weather of the day. Cana almost wanted to accuse him of becoming straight while he was away, but figured some of the assembled company wouldn’t appreciate the joke.

“I take it everyone else is inside?” Cana asked.

“Your Aunt Thorunn is,” Aleksander explained. “As are all the girls. Robert and Bjørn are off doing something with the animals, I think. Feeding the horses and whatnot.”

Cana nodded and looked back to his friends.

“Well. Come on in,” he said awkwardly.

“Yes, of course!” Daciana added. “We’ll show you all your rooms. Cana, you and Gabe are staying where you stayed last year, but you’ll be sharing with a few of your friends,” she warned, easily accommodating the surprise guest. “Roman, Jetta, you will, as well. Lyssa, Dahlia, Vesper, Morrigan, and RJ, we’re going to have to move you around a little bit this time, but you should all be fine with who your sharing with.”

Cana heard RJ huff before being quietly warned by Uncle Roman.

Following his parents up the stairs, all his Hogwarts compatriots in toe, Cana silently prayed that everything went well this year.

It would be weird actually having friends here for the holidays.

The entrance to the house was absolutely grandiose, even more so once it has been decked out for the season. Daciana expertly directed everyone’s cloaks and coats into the coat closets flanking the sides of the entrance way before leading them on a short journey past the library and dining room to the double winding staircases. Each bannister had been wound up with garland and poinsettias, with little glass baubles dotting the decorations here and there.

“Leave your luggage here, and I’ll have it taken up to your rooms in a moment,” Daciana directed. “Please follow me! I’ll show you your rooms.”

Daciana began climbing the stairs, obviously expecting the gaggle of children to follow her.

She was soon cut off by a high pitched squeal coming from behind the group.

Cana ran forward a bit and was nearly knocked back by the force of the blow.

“Thyri! Are you trying to murder me?” he coughed, trying to spit the hair out that had flung its way into his mouth.

“Always,” she grinned up at him. Cana smiled broadly and kissed his cousin firmly on the top of her head.

Thyri was just as lovely as always, all brown hair and gray eyes and rosy winter cheeks. Cana wrapped his hands around her elbow and walked her over to the group as if he were showing her off.

“Thyri Hansen,” she introduced herself. “I look forward to getting to know all of you. And playing catch up with a few of you,” she grinned at Gabe. “Let me help Aunt Daciana show you to your rooms!”

She patted Cana’s arm, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and bounded up the stairs, careful to make sure her skirt didn’t ride up too much. Daciana smiled as she passed and waved a hand.

“Since Thyri is helping, I’m actually going to go back to Thorunn. We have a lot planned, and I’d hate for her to get swamped.”

More like she’d hate to give up the reign of these festivities, Cana thought, but didn’t say. Still it probably would be for the best for his mom to deal with the details of food and decoration while Aunt Thorunn dealt with seating charts for visiting diplomats.

With a sigh, he put an arm around Gabriel and a hand out for either Kyani or Angela to take, and lead the way upstairs with Kristian nearby.
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Gregory H. Masterson » Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:46 am

He nodded his thanks at the professor and her husband and walked back to his sister. 5 pm wasn't so bad. He figured they would all adjust fairly well. They were all young.

Hazel had done well with RJ it seemed and he had kept a civil enough tongue in his head that Gregory didn't need to shove him off the roof, so that was very well.
They traveled by portkey to the next destination and were soon herded out to some Muggle vehicles.

Gregory liked the look of them. If you had to travel in one, this one had some class and at least would give them all room enough not to be squeezed in like sardines. He'd had plenty of opportunity to travel in cars before. His home bordered a muggle town and during his fathers muggle 'shopgirl' phase, Walter had become quite taken with the novelty of Muggle things.
But Gregory preferred all things of the wizard world. He HAD the advantage, why bother with anything less? For a group of this size, however, and so many of them underage, he could see the usefulness of it.

He got in and slid into a seat near the middle. There was plenty of room for Hazel and Gregory soon was gazing out the window.
He watched the passing countryside and soon it was an iced and snow covered forest lane, much like something out of a storybook. Hazel would probably love it. If she liked that sort of thing . .he didn't really know.

It was certainly beautiful.
Still, he didn't enjoy the trip. Too much time to think. He was still feeling too many uncertainties about this holiday.
Accepting a friends invitation wasn't the sort of thing he did.
Of course, this had so many layers to it. It was smart. It made deeper ties. He would meet the family, more of those who he would be getting into business with.
He wouldn't have to be at home.

But still ... he wasn't sure. He didn't like being sure. Christmas itself was an uncertainty. He was trusting to the Havitch family's dysfunction to keep things in their proper place, but Cana himself had shown worrying signs of . . sentimentality. Gregory didn't think he could stand being in the midst of that. And then there was Hazel. She was an unexpected twist in the plan. He now had to make sure she was alright and entertained and . . he didn't know her well enough to be certain how well she would do, either.

He hated not knowing the outcomes of things.

They eventually swept around a wide drive and Gregory leaned forward as the estate came into view. His own family was very rich, his home was a mansion, but this -
This was something else.

The vehicles pulled to a stop and Gregory got out, a hand to Hazel's elbow and happy to stretch his long legs. He smoothed down his coat and gave the place another glance before walking up to greet his hosts.
Cana was whirling little girls around and looking generally like a beloved son, happy to be home and Gregory felt slightly aggrieved about that, but pushed it down and away.
He held out his hand to shake the tall man whose home he was entering.
"I'm Gregory Masterson, sir. A pleasure." He bowed over Daciana's hand and smiled slightly. "My sister Hazel and I are grateful to be invited to your breathtaking home."

It appeared that Cana had received his fathers height and his mothers coloring. He had to reign in his feelings when he saw her, though. She was . . predictable. Reminded him of at least two of his own mothers. He'd have to make sure he didn't forget that she WASN'T and start treating her with contempt. That would not only get him kicked out, but probably hexed out of existence first.

He stepped into the hall and looked up at the staircases. Yes. This is what he wanted. Someday. Not soon, but when he was older. When he would have earned it . . his way.
Cana walked past him as they all filed in up the stairs and Gregory joined them, then leaned back into the railings to avoid being knocked down by a girl who flung herself at Cana in greeting. She pulled back and Gregory noticed she had very fine eyes and an attractive bloom to her cheeks.
He frowned and glanced up the stairs, wondering for the first time if he would have to share a room. That would be . . interesting.

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Kyani Taylor » Tue Dec 11, 2018 5:00 am

"I'm fine," Kyani answered Angela's question with a low whisper and a lie. Then she opted for the truth. "I don't much like hights." She was happy listening to the da--Cana and Gabe chat with--Mia? Mae? No... Maija. Kyani was much better at being a face than a conversation partner, especially when all she wanted to do was bury her head in her scarf and not look up until they were on real ground again.

She was extreamly relieved when Professor Delaney announced that it was time to leave. This jump was a bit easier on her body, but her knees almost buckled with joy at being on solid earth. Kyani had noticed the quiet girl that appeared to be Angela and her age, but hadn't really gotten a chance to talk to the girl. She was about to offer the girl to sit with her and Angela, when one other the tall blond boys whisked her away to the opposite van. That was fine though. If she was one of Cana's, Kyani figured they would be spending time with her anyway.

The ride to the Havich home was both quiet and beautiful. And the sight of the house--if it could even be called that--was a shock. Kyani had money, both old and new, but her mother had chosen a large flat filled with pretty things to an actual manor. Though Kyani had visited places that looked similar before, she had yet to actually spend the night or multiple nights in them.

When the vans came to a stop and they were all greeted by Cana's family, some things started to fall into place. There was a pang in Kyani's chest that she was just a replacement for one of Cana's sisters, but it wasn't a huge shock to the system. Of course, he had mentioned his sisters, but she had never realized how close in age they were. Or at least Kyani assumed she and Angela were similar in age to the two tall twins.

She smiled gracefully as Cana went through introductions and gave a little curtsey of her own. "I'm Kyani Taylor. It's a pleasure to meet you all." And she was instantly grateful for the fact they they were being shown to their rooms instead of being led right to the party. Kysni had no clue how she looked, but she was rather sure her hair was a mess. Which reminded her...

"I can style your hair once we settle," the Slytherin told Angela. Quickly she turned to the other girl in her year and the slightly older one they had been talking with on the roof. "Yours, too, if you would like."

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Angela Deville » Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:24 pm

Angela was glad that color returned slowly to Kyani’s expression as they moved on in their journey to Cana’s family vacation home. As they took another portkey, Angela made sure to hold tightly onto Kyani’s hand so that Kyani felt better, and if she was being honest with herself, she felt so much better when she was holding onto someone or something while traveling. As they arrived at another location, Angela was met with the sight of large black metal machines. She had never seen this before and yet, everyone seemed to be getting on them. Were they similar to carriages? Such as those at Hogwarts that were magically driven by nothing? Thankfully Cana and Gabriel Warner helped her onto the large carriages and placed a strange belt around her so that she was comfortably latched onto the seat. It seemed to be some sort of safety belt and everyone else had one around them as well.

Angela looked around and everyone seemed to easy-mindedly get onto them so she followed suit. The ride was similar to one on a large broom hovering above the ground at the same height throughout the ride. It was a strange experience for Angela and yet, extremely relaxing. She yawned so many times on the ride to their destination, she was grateful there was minimal conversation between the people she was riding with. It was only when they finally arrived at the house that her senses woke up.

The house was amazing. At least, if you could call it a house. It was a manor the size of a castle and was by far one of the largest homes she had ever seen. The woods leading to the house was thick with trees laced in white from the snow. Angela was relieved that she had packed fur-lined cloaks and thick wool sweaters for her stay here. She had been unsure of the weather but was certain that someone would have mentioned something about the climate if it was unlike that of northern Europe.

Angela followed everyone into the large house. Cana was busy meeting his family again with many hugs and words of welcome. It left Angela time to be amazed at the interior of the house. The exterior had been majestic while the interior was regal and delicate at the same time. She saw two staircases wind up to a higher floor and there were countless lights shining brightly above. She felt awe and fear at the same time. The entire house made her presence here much smaller.

When introductions were made, Angela listened politely, fully comprehending that she would never be able to memorize everyone just yet. She was already dreading introducing herself to anyone new she would meet. Her nerves were felt on the surface of her skin already. She froze slightly at the mentioning of sharing rooms. She was fine sharing with Kyani. In actuality, she was hoping she would be sharing with Kyani. She had also seen Kyani look at another girl who looked close to their ages. Angela had a few classes with Hufflepuff first years which is where she thought she had seen her before.

"I'm Kyani Taylor. It's a pleasure to meet you all."

Kyani’s voice startled Angela from her thoughts. She hadn’t known they were supposed to make their introductions already! Her panicking made her slowly shy away from the crowd behind Kyani who, being near the same height as Angela herself, did not make a very efficient shield from everyone’s expectant eyes.

“Hello,” was all Angela could squeak out before she blushed a bright red. “I’m Angela,” she whispered as her already quiet voice trailed into silence.

The embarrassment that followed her failure of an introduction (which meant she would have to do this again at a later time) allowed her to catch her breathe during the following conversations. She only felt normal again after following both Kyani and taking Cana’s hand as he led her and the others to the rooms they would be staying at.

Angela only nodded silently at Kyani’s offering to do her hair. She had always had plain black hair, though it had grown to quite the length during her stay at Hogwarts. She had never styled it any differently than putting her wand through it to hold it up as she read her books. She wondered if there would be some large event at dinner, considering the size of their party and the extravagance of the holiday decorations in the main hall.

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Hazel Clementine Masterson » Fri Dec 14, 2018 4:08 am

”It’s going to be very cold where we’re going.” RJ nodded. He properly thought she was dim or slow. She mentally sighed. ”It will most likely snow. At least it will look lovely.”

Hazel smiled at the tall boy and tried to look intelligent. She figured it was a failure. Hazel was highly aware of the fact that she wasn’t as intelligent as the men in her family. The Sorting Hat pointed that out, too, but she had faced that many years ago on her own.

“Snow is beautiful. Like a postcard! Or like sugar on a cake...” She petered off, realizing how childish that comment that sounded. That was what came of only seeing the world from your bedroom window.

Rescue came not from her brother, but from Professor Delaney summoning everyone to her holding out a metal bar. Hazel gave a weak smile to RJ, and joined Gregory again who had, thankfully, returned to escort her.

It was only at the last minute, as everyone was reaching out to grasp the metal thing did it occur to Hazel that this was another portkey. She wanted to rebel! Nothing in her wanted to touch that thing, but...she didn’t want to be stuck on that building top alone. Reluctantly Hazel reached out and touched the bar and closed her eyes tight.

The journey was just as fast, and just as horrible.

Hazel used her brother again to keep herself from falling, and then placed her hands on her knees and took some deep breaths. She really, really didn’t like portkeys. Who ever invented that particular kind of magic should be hexed.

There was supreme relief when she saw the vehicles pull up. While she wasn’t entirely used these either, but from her small and short experience she liked them! Maybe someday she would have one of her very one. Then she could ride in it, and visit anywhere in the world - no portkeys, just soft, warm comfort - with the world passing by the windows.

Suddenly Hazel saw that Gregory was entering one of the vehicles without her! She snapped out of her daydream and scrambled after him, and sat next to him, and sighed in contentment.

This would be the best Christmas. Normally, she never got enough time with Gregory to herself. True, there were a lot of people here, but still - here father wouldn’t be here, so Gregory wouldn’t be holing up in his room to get away from their father! She would see so much more of him already! She could feel it.

After some time, and Hazel and woken from her dream - hard to tell if she had actually fallen asleep or if she had just been thinking wildly - the motors stopped and she felt her excitement ratchet up. They had arrived!

Like in a fog, Hazel exited the auto and fell in step behind Gregory, taking in all - ALL of it! Her mouth dropped open in awe. This was like something in a fantasy. She got to spend Christmas there? What had she done to deserve that?

She turned towards the front walk again in time to see the family display happening. The very tall teenager - although he didn’t seem so tall when apparently they were ALL extremely tall (what did they EAT here?) - was hugging people and the Hazel felt a strange feeling come over her. At first she couldn’t place it. Then it hit her. Jealousy.

They all seemed so...happy to see each other. How - odd. Was that normal for families? And was it normal for families to be so...touchy and feely?

Hazel was still pondering this when they all walked into the - could it be called a house? She trailed a her fingers lightly over the silky banister on the staircase when her thoughts were pulled up short. “We’ll show you all your rooms. Cana, you and Gabe are staying where you stayed last year, but you’ll be sharing with a few of your friends. Roman, Jetta, you will, as well. Lyssa, Dahlia, Vesper, Morrigan, and RJ, we’re going to have to move you around a little bit this time, but you should all be fine with who your sharing with.”

She looked around the room at all these strangers, and realized that aside from these past few months she had never shared a room, and here it is happening again! She tried to figure out would be the most likely candidate for her roommates and saw a couple other first years - or at least they looke short and young enough to be, and all girls. Two black or dark brown haired, and one reddish-brown - though, sadly, she didn’t know any of them.

Hazel gripped her own fingers and tried to remind herself that it was alright to be bold. It was okay to be herself. If she could figure out what that was.

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

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Jetta was never sure how she felt about Wildaway. It had been more the venture of her father and two older siblings--she'd been massively pregnant with her twins when the building went up. While stately, it was a bit much in her opinion. Roman thought it was ridiculous as well.

What Jetta was sure about was that any complaints regarding Gabriel's presence would soon be silenced by her older brother and his wife, as well as her father who would surely arrive any minute now if he hadn't already. They all had a soft, blind spot for the little menace. As she followed the children in, she shared a significant glance with her brother. Aleksander gave a shrug and a tight-lipped, noncommittal smile. Great. He wouldn't be of any help then--might as well scream about her issues to the void.

She did smile as her niece ran in to embrace Cana. Soon afterward, Thyri flitted over to Lyssa for a hug as well. Those three had always been close, Jetta thought, a lot like Thorunn, Aleksander, and herself used to be. She wondered if it would last.

As Thryi lead the way up the stairs, she magically directed luggage towards each room. The hallway was grand even though it was obviously just a residential wing, with vaulted, beamed ceilings and all sorts of Muggle art on the walls.

"Aunt Jetta and Uncle Roman, you'll be in your usual room, and RJ will be in with you. Lyssa, you'll be sharing with Dahlia and Sigyn here," she directed her cousins' luggage into Sigyn's room, a blue, bohemian dreamscape that gave both Lyssa and Dahlia hives. "Trinity, you'll be sharing with Kristian and Bjørn--" Jetta winced almost audibly "--in here," Thyri finished, directing Trinity's small bag into a dark hunter green room. "Rowan and Maija, you'll be bunking with Sylvi and Ylva, my sisters," the room the two girl's luggage was directed into was in tasteful shades of cream and baby pink. "Eric and Gregory, you'l be with Vesper here in the first guest room--" the room was fairly nondescript save for a certain quiet elegance, but decently masculine enough to be passable as a room for boys. "Cana and Gabe, you two lovelies are bunking with me. And as for our little group of young ladies, Kyani, Angela, Hazel, Sable, and Scarlett, you will all be in the upstairs library. It's been converted to a sleeping area just for you all," she smilled, opening the last door to reveal a library that would put most professional ones to shame, despite being the size of a large bedroom. Five twin sized beds had been lined up in the middle of the room, and Thyri floated their luggage into the room beside them.

Jetta cleared her throat.

"I take it we're expected back downstairs? For food and drink if nothing else?"

Thyri smiled, the glittering image of the perfect hostess.

"Of course! Aunt Daciana has been working very hard on it. And Grandfather and Victor should be here soon," she mentioned fluttering past her aunt back down the hallway. Thyri carried herself as a woman who expected people to follow her without question.

They often did.

She directed people to the dining room where the grandiose tables and chairs had been pushed against the wall and used as buffet chargers. Daciana appeared quickly with a tall, severe-looking, blonde women who could only be Thyri's mother, Thorunn.

"Welcome!" Thorunn smiled in a way that didn't quite reach her eyes. She had the same stormy gray eyes as her daughter, but none of the artificial warmth that Thyri put upon herself. Jetta thought privately, that with a husband like Robert, Thorunn probably didn't have it left in her.

"I put out some food for you all," Daciana smiled, moving in to fuss over Cana a bit (who took it with a grin). "It's not a full meal--well you can probably make a full meal out of it--but I assume most of you had eaten already due to the time difference. There should be plenty for whatever you like though! And if there isn't, please let me know."

Jetta snorted as she saw what he dearest, younger sister-in-law qualified as not a full meal. There were multiple platters of meat, cheese, fruit, breads, and vegetables all lining the tables. She spied what she assumed was sparkling grape juices chilling in some ice buckets, as well. As she was about to joke with Daciana about going overboard again, the entry doors behind her swung open. Jetta grinned and bit and turned--

Her expectation of seeing her father faltered.

"Robert. Bjørn, dear. So lovely to see you," she said, a bit sedately.

Robert shook the dusting of snow off of his parka, and grinned broadly at Jetta. It didn't quite reach his eyes either. Bjørn's smile did though.

Jetta sometimes wished it didn't.

Cana's dogs slunk in behind Bjørn looking more than a bit frightened, and Jetta could feel the temperature of the room drop from behind her. Things were about to get very interesting, she thought as Bjørn gave an edged grin between his cousin and his cousin's pets.

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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

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Lyssa was indifferent to Wildaway. For her it was another family vacation home. If anything, it was mildly embarrassing to pull up to the house with so many people from differing backgrounds. As she followed Cana in greeting her uncle, aunt, and cousins, she watched as some of their companions looked on in poorly concealed awe at the house. She felt vaguely uncomfortable, but couldn't pinpoint why. She'd never put this much thought into caring about the opinion's of others before, at least not to this level. Though, she realized, it was mostly one person's opinion she cared about.

She grinned sheepishly over at Trinity, and shrugged a bit, as if somehow trying to excuse the house.

As they were shown in, she gave Thryi a quick, meaningful hug and followed her cousin as she gave out room assignments. She was mildly surprised that Thyri chose to room with Cana and Gabe instead of her, but it made a sort of sense, she supposed. Better to keep those two behaving around company at least. And she'd heard a rumor, she considered as she walked down the stairs to the dining room....

Her thoughts were interrupted by the entry of her uncle and eldest Hansen cousin.

Uncle Robert was a man of little more than average height, with a standard middle aged spread on him. He was balding, often wore glasses, and was generally inconspicuous looking in a crowd of Muggles.

He was also one of the most powerful men in America. Lyssa could appreciate the dichotomy. As the Senate Chair for the Committee of Magical/No-maj Relations, as well as being on a good half dozen other committees in varying and powerful roles, Robert Hansen was probably one of the most significant Muggle politicians in the US who did not have a household name. But he liked it like that, he insisted. It made it easier to get done what was needed. And while Lyssa didn't always appreciate what was needed, she had to admit: he was good for business. She hated thinking that her Aunt Thorunn had married him just for that reason, but she also wouldn't put it past her. But Robert had his own sort of oily charm that made him....tolerable she supposed.

Bjørn was another thing all together. Tall and handsome with a flourish of brown hair and steely blue eyes, Bjørn was the type of guy that stopped witches in their tracks. He, on the other hand, had a rather self-inflated sense of importance in comparison to the power he actually had. Or at least, he did for now. Eventually that might have to change, but Lyssa couldn't help but revel in the few remaining years she had left before she had to work closely with Bjørn.

Something about his smile was bothering her though, and when she looked down, she figured out why.

Geri and Freki--Cana's two dogs--were heeled at Bjørn's feet, looking all together frightened. Lyssa felt her throat tighten. Before things could get too tense between the boys (when those two blew up at each other, the fallout was....epic), Lyssa kneeled down and made some very undignified kissy noises. The dogs perked up and started wagging their tails. For the first time in a long time, Lyssa shot a look that could melt ice at someone. With a cocky grin that would get him killed one day, Bjørn leaned down and undid the leads on the dogs. They immediately sprang into action, ignoring Lyssa all together and going to Cana and Gabe as one would expect.

Bjørn walked over and looked down at her on her knees and whispered something in Norwegian that made Lyssa's ears burn. She stood slowly, eyes never leaving his, challenge written on her face.

"I"m kidding, Lyssa! You know I never mean anything!" Bjørn finally responded in English after a tense moment. He leaned forward quickly, before she could move away and hugged her, arms trapped to her sides. Lyssa eventually hugged back, with less enthusiasm. Bjørn clapped her on the back far too hard to be comfortable, and turned to the small gathering.

"I'm so glad you brought friends!" he declared, a shine of genuineness on it.

Glad we brought an audience rather
, Lyssa thought, snidely.

"Very glad," Thorunn finally said, a hint and look of warning to her eldest. Bjørn grinned lazily.

"What's the hold up? Let's eat."

And with that he sauntered past everyone into the dining room, completely ignoring the feelings of anger and confusion left in his wake.

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