Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

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Prof. Jetta Delaney
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Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Prof. Jetta Delaney » Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:58 pm

Jetta felt cold. Somewhat because of the weather, but mostly because of what she was seeing right now.

Gabriel Elijah Warner, holding her nephew’s hand.

She’d arrived at the rendezvous site early, eagerly awaiting her children, her nephew, and their friends. She’d been so happy that so many of them had people they wanted to bring for the holidays. Sure Dahlia, Vesper, and RJ were still having trouble in the friends department, but perhaps even that would change soon. But then she noticed who the shape clinging to Cana’s side was.

Morrigan looked livid. She was holding it in though, quietly seething alongside her siblings who seemed at best unperturbed. Vesper and RJ had always been fond of Gabe though, and the other girls seemed to view him as another strange cousin that tagged along. Morrigan saw how terrible they were together though. Honestly, so did Jetta.

Roman tightened a hand around her shoulder as he realized who it was.

It wasn’t, he thought, that Gabe was bad or abusive to Cana. And Cana certainly wasn’t bad or abusive to Gabe. But when the two of them got together, bad things happened. The latest incident was only the worst of a long string of lesser offenses.

But Aleksander and Sigurd were so willing to go to bat for the couple, that Jetta knew it would be fruitless to do anything about it. With a sigh, she pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Well. Fancy seeing you here Gabriel. How long have you been back?”

Unsatisfied and unsettled with his answer of “awhile”, Jetta turned and took a look over the rest of her charges.

Lyssa was dangerously close to Trinity a fact which warmed her heart a bit. Not only for her daughter, whom she was very happy to see happy, but also for Trinity. After the poor thing had opened up to her and Roman, she’d been keeping a close and watchful eye on him out of concern. She felt a sense of responsibility for the boy, as did Roman.

Meanwhile, Roman was giving a grin to Eric and Morrigan who were--perhaps unintentionally--standing rather close to each other. He liked the kid. He seemed like a nice, normal, respectful boy. He also seemed to have a healthy wariness of Cana, Roman noted, which could make things awkward but was understandable.

Both Delaneys took stock of the rest of their precious cargo. A tall blond boy around Cana’s age, who seemed far too serious. Three little girls from varying houses. A tall redhead girl that was...very close to Cana and Gabe confusingly enough. A serious looking girl from Cana and Dahlia's House.

“Well,” she said, casting a slightly disapproving look at Cana’s arm around Gabriel’s shoulder, “I take it we’ve all used a portkey before? It’s simple. Grab the rope, and we’ll arrive at a rendezvous point in Boston. A rooftop, so be prepared for the heights. Once there, we;ll have a ten minute rest period to regain our composure, and then we’ll take the second portkey to just outside Minneapolis. We’ll be picked up there by some people who work for my brother-in-law. They are very discreet, but it would still be preferable if magic were kept under wraps with them.”

Smoothing a hand through her long black hair as it whipped in the icy winds outside of Hogsmeade, she pointed out the rope on the ground.

“It’s bigger because there are so many of us,” she explained. “When I count to five, please grab the rope, and we’ll be on our way. Younger children should hold onto an older friend so they don’t...fall over,” she said anticlimactically. She watched the younger children as they secured themselves near the rope. “Once everyone has taken hold, it should transport us. 1, 2, 3, go!”

She felt the tell-tale pull of the Portkey on her stomach and landed hard on her feet at the new site. She looked around, taking stock of anyone who had fallen.

“Everyone all right?” Roman asked.

“I think we’ve all still got our limbs,” Dahlia replied back, snarkily.

Jetta smiled a bit at her daughter, and stretched. She hated Portkeys, but they were a better way to transport so many people.

“We will rest for a few minutes and then we’ll be going,” she said, pointing out the long piece of rebar leaning against the wall by the access door. “Take in the city. The skyline at night is lovely.”

Roman privately thought it wasn’t much special. But that was because he’d grown up there and seen the uglier side of the city. He knew though that it had to be something else for some of these kids who had likely not seen a Muggle city besides London.

He watched as the kids all talked amongst themselves and kept an eye on his now functioning phone, counting down the minutes until they went to Wildaway.

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Trinity Peters-Stenhouse 
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse  » Sat Dec 01, 2018 2:59 am

Trinity had read about portkeys and their effects on the human body. He had done some research when trying to find a way to sneak off school grounds. Unfortunately, he didn't have what was needed to create a portkey: primarily, a location to go to. So while he had been thorough in his research, it was nothing like the real thing.

Though he chalked it mostly up to nerves--Trinity had been feeling a bit quizzy since stepping foot outside the school gate--the blonde was disappointed with himself as he raced over to the roof ledge and vomited into an empty alleyway. He wasn't usually one with a soft stomach, but he hadn't gotten much sleep the last few nights. That, mixed with leaving the school for the first time in ages and a portkey? It was a wonder he hadn't spilled his breakfast before then.

After spitting over the edge to get the taste out of his mouth, Trinity turned back to the group--and froze. Boston was... huge. He had never seen so many buildings in his life! Hogsmeade had ended up being roughly the same size as Trinity's village--that he could remember at any rate--and he then figured that most places were about that size. Not Boston, though.

The blond shivered, but he couldn't tell if it was from nerves or th he cold. He had tried to dress as warmly as he could. Most of his wardrobe was from the lost-and-found piles and had been charmed to suit him, both in color and size. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, a sweater, and a jacket. A scarf was wrapped around his neck, but that was truly the extent of his outerwear.

Though cold was a high likelihood, he wasn't willing to move past nerves. After all, he was about to meet nearly when whole family of his two best friends. Trinity swallowed hard. He was getting better at his Norwegian and was working on his accent so his English was more understood, but he was still worried that he might embarrass Lyssa in front of her family. Lyssa, and Cana, of course.

At the thought of Lyssa, Trinity tore his eyes away from the city to search their small crowd. He hoped she hadn't seen him vomiting. That most likely wouldn't have made the best impression.

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Lyssa Delaney
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Lyssa Delaney » Sat Dec 01, 2018 3:28 am

Lyssa was...concerned.

Not because of Gabe. She'd been as unsurprised as anything to see her cousin's little shadow clinging to his side without explanation once more. Gabe, she privately thought, was good for Cana. Not necessarily in the sense of a healthy relationship, but in the sense that the young man would never leave her cousin despite his foibles. Cana needed that. While his parents and their grandfather had always been unwavering in their support of him, people like Bjørn had well...it wasn't talked about really. The way Bjørn treated others. The way Bjørn especially treated her, and Cana, and their cousin Thyri. It wasn't exactly tacitly approved either but....Well, Cana could use someone who supported him unwaveringly that wasn't required to by familial obligation.

No, Lyssa was concerned for Trinity. She adored the poor, oblivious boy, and he'd shown up with barely anything to wear or barely anything packed. It would be absolutely freezing at Wildaway--most likely below freezing. And then after the simple Portkey ride, he'd quickly made it to the railing of the building to throw up. She could see her parents' quiet panic at the sight, but brushed them off to deal with it herself.

"Give me your coat," she quietly demanded of Cana. While her cousin's friendship with her would-be-boyfriend confused her, it was at least strong enough for Cana to hand over his coat with a quick glance at Trinity. It would undoubtedly swamp him, but it would be better than nothing. She delicately dropped the heavy coat over Trinity's shoulders and smiled lightly at him.

He had been staring at the city somewhat. She wondered if he'd ever been out far past Hogwarts and the small villages like Hogsmeade.

"It's certainly something," she said to Trinity. Privately, she didn't much care for Boston. It had a great deal of impressive history, but her father's family had ensured she never felt much of a pull to the place. The Delaneys were a quirky and hostile people, who were very much not pleased with their son marrying a witch. The fact that she had a great deal of money meant nothing to them: that she wasn't a nice Irish or Mexican Catholic girl was her death knell in their eyes.

She hoped Trinity's family would like her. She'd mentioned that to her mother a few days ago, and her mother had gotten a hard set, distant look in her eye and said something about her not needing their approval. It must have been hard, Lyssa thought, over the years, for Jetta to be rejected by the Delaney family. That had to be it.

"Have you been away from the countryside much?" she asked. "Wildaway is in the country. It's on a farm. I really think you'll like it. I'll take you to see the animals."

Her smile at him faltered for just a moment.

"Oh and um...could you do me a favor? If my cousin Bjørn says anything...untoward or inappropriate, will you please let me know? He tends to um...say things to get a rise out of people...."

Bjørn was the one part of this trip she thought no one was looking forward to. Even Uncle Robert and Aunt Thorunn could be gracious and conscientious hosts when they put their minds to it. But now...well, she wasn't looking forward to the blow out between him and Cana if he kept treating Cana the way he had in the past in front of his friends. Gabe would take it even less well. And several of these friends Cana had brought were unknown quantities to her. The little girls, she thought, would most likely just be embarrassed and feel bad for all of them, but the blond boy Cana had whispered a few things to along the way was an unknown.

"Bjørn," she confided to Trinity, "pretends he loves all of us. But he really doesn't." It was the first time she'd ever confessed such a thing aloud. "He especially doesn't like me or Cana or his sister Thyri. For... a lot of reason really. But none of them good. So just...if he says anything about me, could you tell me? I know you wouldn't believe him, but sometimes he mixes truth in and...I want you to hear things about me from me and not from him. Okay?"

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Morrigan Delaney
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Morrigan Delaney » Sat Dec 01, 2018 3:43 am

Fury wracked Morrigan's body from the moment she saw Gabriel Warner. She knew it was written all over her face, yet she couldn't bring herself to care. That boy--the boy who had nearly destroyed her cousin's life and broken his heart--was there in Hogsmeade, clinging to his side like plastic wrap. She said nothing, hoping the infuriated look she was sending both of them was enough to telegraph her displeasure. So far it seemed to be working. Cana refused to meet her eye, and Gabe was studiously avoiding her.

Standing near Eric, she muttered to him.

"I can't believe he's here! This ruins everything! One of the reasons we came her was to get those two away from each other!" She stopped short of telling Eric what had happened. That wasn't hers to tell.

The sad thing was part of her felt bad for Gabe. There was no way he was in his right mind at...well, any point in his life. But his ability to talk Cana into life or death situations made him dangerous. Why Grandfather and Uncle Aleksander allowed this to continue was beyond her.

She took the rope at her mother's prompting, soon feeling herself being pulled across the ocean to a rooftop in Boston. She watched with muted affection as Lyssa ran to help her new...boyfriend? Were they official? Lyssa certainly wanted them to be, that much was obvious. She smiled a bit as Cana offered his coat to help warm Trinity. Cana had such capability to be good! And Gabe was here ruining that! Morrigan huffed in frustration. And back home, it would be even worse. Bjørn would be there bringing out the worst in everyone. And she remembered the look of sheer terror in Eric's eyes when she'd mentioned Kristian.

Turning to Eric, she sighed.

"Okay, a few things to know. One, if you think Cana is bad, and Kristian is worse, then avoid any alone time with Bjørn. Any and all alone time. It's okay if you're with him with someone else. I think even Cana or Kristian would protect you, but it's still not good. Secondly, don't let Thyri tell you anything. She's Bjørn's sister. Cana and Lyssa adore her, but she's terrible. Just a quiet type of terrible that smiles while she does things." Like Gabe really, she thought. "Uncle Robert is oily, but should be mostly harmless. And Grandfather is...well, his attention will be on his favorites. Cana, Lyssa, and Thyri. So you really don't have to worry about anything else. He certainly won't be," she sulled. "Everyone else should be fine. The twins might put glitter in your hair--either set of twins really, but that can be magicked away."

To say she was jealous of the approval her grandfather showered upon Cana, Lyssa, and Thyri would be a mistake. While she loved her grandfather, she didn't seek his approval the way those three did. She supposed that was what she could respect about Bjørn too in a way, even though he was categorically the worst person she knew. But those three practically worshiped Sigurd Havich, and it would be for the worse, she felt.

Watching Cana with Gabe (who Sigurd also favored for some reason), she couldn't help but get an impending sense of doom for her cousin. She knew Eric and he didn't get along, but perhaps she could fix that over the holiday. Perhaps if Cana had better male influences than Sigurd and Aleksander and Gabriel then he would become the person she knew he could be.

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Eric Brandski
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Eric Brandski » Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:00 pm

Eric was confused. Granted, that wasn't an unusual feeling to have around the Havich family. If pressed, he would have to admit that "confused" and "annoyed" were the two most common feelings he had when it came to this family. Except for Morrigan. She was pretty cool.

What was confusing him this time was Morrigan, though. And practically everyone else. They all looked shocked or upset when Cana appeared, Gabriel flinging onto him like a poor starfish who couldn't help himself. Sure, the sight of Cana usually filled Eric with anxiety, but these people were his family. So, Eric could only assume is was Gabriel who drew this kind of reaction.

The older boy had been in the area for several weeks, as far as Eric could tell. He hadn't brought it up to Morrigan, because he assumed she had already known and hadn't felt about gossiping about Cana's love life. But, looking around at the faces of the family, it was clear this wasn't the case. Oops.

Eric turned to Morrigan as she expressed how everything was "now ruined." He hadn't found Gabriel to be that bad, but he did agree that it would be a good thing for the two to be separated. He had read that the longer you keep a victim of Stockholm separated from their obsession, the easier it was to reintegrate them into society.

Before Eric could state any of that, though, Professor Delaney told them all to grab the rope. Eric had never used a portkey before, but his mum had described the effects as being similar to a down-hill roller coaster in an amusement park. She wasn't too far off with her description either. It was terrifying and thrilling at the s as me time.

When Eric's feet landed on the roof, he heard someone vomiting. By the time he gathered his balance enough to look over, Lyssa--the only Delaney-Havich in his house--was tucking a scrawny blond boy into an over-large coat. They made an odd couple, Eric thought. Though the boy was quite tall, Lyssa was a few inches taller. And he didn't seem to hold the kind of confidence he expected someone who was dating a Havich would have. But it wasn't his place to speak into it.

He'd also noticed that, among others, Kyani Taylor and the other girl from Cana's picnic were present. Eric had told himself to keep as wide a girth as he could around them, just in case he was (somehow) perceived as a threat. He thought Morrigan had somehow read his mind when she started warning him who to stay away from.

"I'll probably just stick close to you," Eric told her, throwing an arm casually over Morrigan's shoulder. She was one of the few people who didn't make him fear for his life. Plus, he had a feeling she knew how to navigate her family pretty well. "There is no way I'm going to keep everyone straight, anyway."

Eric noticed Morrigan watching Cana and Gabriel and lightly forced her face back to his with two fingers on her jaw. "Hey," he said softly, "everything is going to be fine, okay?"

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Rowan Fox
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Rowan Fox » Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:35 pm

Rowan snapped a photo of Cana and Gabe as they appeared, but resisted the urge to hug the boys. Instead, she just threw one arm around Gabe's shoulder and her other around Cana's waste. That way, she didn't have to break them apart. God, they were adorable. She had walked down to the meeting area with Lyssa, but the girl now seemed concerned with her own boy-toy. Oh, well. She would just have to find another way to entertain herself.

Winking at the boyfriends she skipped along to the rope that would be used as a portkey. Rowan only had a vague memory of using a portkey before. But then, it could have also been the impact from the explosion that had thrown her that far. In any case, she had heard that the feeling was rather the same. Her excitement for the party, however, outweighed the apprehension she had with their travel methods.

Soon enough, Professor Delaney instructed them all to grab hold. Rowan was only familiar with Lyssa, Cana, Gabe, Gregory, and Brandski, so she took the moments after landing to study everyone. There were a lot of secrets in this group, and Rowan loved secrets. She liked finding them out, because it ment she was observant. She liked being confided in, because it meant people trusted her. She doubted all the Haviches would spill their secrets, but it would be nice if their travel party didn't feel like Murder on the Oriant Express.

Saddling up to one of the younger of the Havich-Delaney crowd, she poked at him lightly. "No plus-one for you, then?" It seemed most of the guests were split between Cana, Lyssa, and... Morganna? Monroe? Macey? The cute, freckled Hufflepuff girl. Rowan studied the tall boy in question. "You didn't eat someone, did you? I would say you're too skinny, but I know how fast some metabolisms work." She leaned in conspiratorially, "it's okay if you did eat someone. Your secret is safe with me."

Not that she was implying he was a vampire or anything. But Rowan would be disappointed for sure if the Havich family didn't have one or two hiding in their family tree. "I'm Rowan, by the way. I'll be working for Cana and Lyssa after graduation." It hadn't been set in stone, yet, but positive thinking did wonders.

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Vesper Delaney
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Vesper Delaney » Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:01 pm

Vaguely nauseous. Cold. Lonely. Vesper knew he wasn't the most popular of his family, but seeing how many people his sisters and cousin had brought along made him realize how piss poorly he was doing in the friend department at Hogwarts. Certainly Dahlia wasn't doing much better, but she...didn't really seem to have time for things like friends. Vesper wasn't entirely sure what his older sister did have time for, if not girls or platonic friends, but she was surely doing something. Perhaps she just wasn't at the stage where she felt comfortable bringing her friends or potential girlfriends home.

As he approached his older sister for comfort, he was ambushed on the rooftop by Cana's red-haired friend. She was undeniably gorgeous, but in a way that reminded him of Ylva and Sylvi. Even if he were attracted to girls (or anyone for that matter), the resemblance would be off-putting at best. Dahlia didn't seem to think so though, as he quickly saw his sister making her way over to them.

"I--I haven't eaten anyone," he replied shakily, unsure of this new person and her relationship to Cana and Gabe. "Not that I'm aware of, at least," he added with an unsure smile.

"I don't know," Dahlia interrupted. "Some of those House Elves are shifty."

They both gave each other vaguely uncomfortable glances as Rowan introduced herself and gave her job description. Neither had any doubt of her claims, but the fact that both Lyssa and Cana saw something in her gave them pause. Both of them were very good at pretending to be people, they thought, especially Lyssa. But neither of them were quite all the way there yet. Either this girl was going to be corrupted something fierce or she was already more than a bit mildly crazy.

Still. She was nice. And very pretty.

Vesper held his hand out first, mostly because Dahlia elbowed him in the ribs.

"Hi. I'm, um, Vesper. Vesper Delaney. Lyssa is my older sister. This is Lyssa's twin--"

"Dahlia. Dahlia Delaney. It's a real pleasure," she grinned. Gods she was laying it on thick without even knowing if the girl liked girls. But that was Dahlia for you. 'So you're going to be working for Wolfie after you both get out? And the princess? That'll be interesting. I note you didn't add Bjørn to that list. Probably for the best. Anyway, I've heard a little rumor--"

"What rumor?" interrupted Vesper, upset that he'd been left out once again from something.

"Just a rumor. That Bjørn is going to make an announcement at dinner tonight about something important that involves him and Thyri. Grandfahter approved."

Vesper's head swirled with what it could be. Most of it was unsavory. Thyri was just as capable of being terrifying as Lyssa and Cana, but she was so good at hiding it, no one would ever guess. But if this situation had been approved by Grandfather perhaps it wouldn't be so bad? Or if it was, it certainly wouldn't involve him. Grandfather loved him, of course, but he wasn't a favorite: a fact which helped him to sleep every single night.

"So erm...how did you meet Cana? And Gabe? You seem to have known about Gabe being back when the rest of us...didn't."

"Yeah! Not that I'm not happy to see the little greaseball," Dahlia grinned, "but oh my gods, Mom's face when she saw him! And Dad's! They both looked like they were ready to pass kidney stones!"

Vesper knew they wouldn't have much time for an explanation, judging by Mom consistently checking the time on her phone, but he was still curious to hear this story.

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Maija Guerrero
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Maija Guerrero » Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:04 pm

Maija had arrived in Hogsmede as the others were gathering. She arrived looking like she was ready for cold weather and a lot of snow. She wore a knee-length, fur lined, tan, leather coat with a huge hood. She also sported fur lined mittens that seemed to be a bit too big for her, but didn’t fall off of her hands. The winter boots she wore also appeared to be fur lined and looked like the kind that would have great traction in a lot of snow. She looked more like she was ready for a week at the Durmstang Institute instead of a holiday in Minnesota.

As she approached the group, just in time, it seemed, Professor Delaney was asking if anybody had traveled by portkey. Maija nodded, her mother would take them to locations she had visited while traveling via portkey. Maija hated traveling by portkey, but it was the fastest and easiest way for the family to travel together. She grabbed the rope and waited for the inevitable tug she hated so much. She landed hard on her feet and stumbled into one of the older kids next to her. She wasn’t sure who she stumbled into as she started apologizing, “I am so sorry! I’m not used to traveling by portkey wearing so many layers.” She was about to see who she bumped into when she noticed the skyline.

Maija approached the railing and looked at the city in awe, “Wow! Look at all the lights!” Her mother took her and her brother, along with her two cousins to small towns and villages she had traveled to before she had met Maija’s father. And in all of her mother’s travels, she had never gone to America, or a large city. The only large city Maija had been to was London, for obvious reasons.

After a moment or two of taking in the amazing site of the bright city skyline she turned to the group and frowned a little. It looked to her like almost everybody had somebody else to talk to or help them. She was starting to feel like a third wheel, or the outcast. She blinked for a moment or two and started to wonder if this was a mistake. If accepting the invitation was a mistake. She wasn’t even sure why she had been invited. Maybe that was a mistake too.

She shook her head and sighed. Her father had always said to try new things. Not to be afraid of the unknown, it might end up being a good thing. She used those words and her mother’s love of taking the children traveling for defending the fact that she had accepted the invitation without asking them for permission first. She learned early on that it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, but she was starting to wonder if she made the right decision. She felt a little left out at the moment, so she just turned back to enjoy the view before it was time to go on to their next location while almost everybody had conversations with somebody else.

Gabriel Warner
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Gabriel Warner » Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:12 pm

Gabe was honestly a bit disappointed. He'd been prepared for some sort of scene to occur with Jetta or Roman, some big blow out that would drag everything all into the open. It seem their pride wouldn't allow it to happen in front of their children's friends though. Good. it wouldn't do for them to unintentionally embarrass Cana. Gabe just couldn't let that happen, especially in front of Kyani and the girl he'd been introduced to as Angela. Gregory, he still wasn't entirely sure about, but he also didn't want to ruin Cana's possible future business ties. And there were a few other people here, including a girl that Gabe hadn't yet been properly introduced to.

Introductions, he felt, were in order after the Portkey. The poor thing lost her footing and slammed right into his side. Sandwiched between her and Cana, Gabe was about to brush the whole incident off as understandable, when the girl was suddenly mesmerized by the sight of the city. he quickly asked Cana her name, and approached her. She seemed distant and lost in thought as she looked back at the group. Gabe felt guilty. Perhaps he and Cana hadn't been the most gracious hosts to all of his friends.

"It's beautiful. The lights, I mean," he greeted. "Are you alright, Maija? A city like this is a lot to take in if you've never been to one."

He held out his hand for Maija.

"I'm Gabriel Warner by the way. Gabe is fine. I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Cana's boyfriend," he grinned. "I'm sorry we haven't been properly introduced yet. I've been busy with my job down at the apothecary."

It was mostly true. Cana had become so wrapped up in research and afraid of who would find out, Gabe hadn't yet been introduced to all of his friends. But he'd heard about how sweet Maija had been when Cana got the strange package from his grandmother, and how she had helped distract him when he was down at the beginning of the year. That alone was motivation enough for Gabe to get to know her.

Running a hand through his curls, he turned back as Maija was slightly distracted and gestured for Cana and at least one of the girls to come over to talk to the girl. As he saw his boyfriend dutifully follow his direction, he turned back and smiled.

He was going to make this trip go well if he had to kill somebody.

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Kyani Taylor
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Re: Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Post by Kyani Taylor » Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:58 pm

There were some things about magic the continued to impress Kyani to know end. Like the fact that her entire Tumi matched luggage set was able to fit in the satchel across her shoulder without it weighing any more than the actual leather itself. Part of her wondered if the magically extended bag would be an easier way for her to sneak down to Hogsmeade to visit Gabe. She didn't want to get lost it whatever pocket dimension existed in there, though.

Kyani grinned and waved her fingers at Cana and Gabe as they arrived, but when Cana's aunt told them all to gather up, she took Angela's hand. Not because she was worried, of course. She was just concerned Angela would be nervous with all the people around. She wanted to comfort her friend, was all.

At the mention of landing on a roof, Kyani took half a step away from the rope. Who's bright idea was that? Just popping onto a roof? What if they missed? What if they were all arranged wrong and when they landed she would be hanging over the edge? What if--?

Kyani's thoughts scrambled as she felt her gut get pulled like it was on a fishing line. She was going to be sick. The sound of vomit didn't help when they finally landed. Kyani had her eyes open for a whole two seconds before she snapped them shut. "Breathe," she whispered to herself. "Everything. Is. Fine." But it wasn't. It wasn't fine because in the two seconds she had her eyes open, she had seen a whole bloody city under them.

They were too high up. The roof was too small. One of them was going to fall off. Whatever happened to Kyani Taylor? someone would ask. Oh? Didn't you hear? She went to a party in the Americas and fell off a roof. Bloody Americans. Bloody Americans indeed.

Kyani gave herself another moment of panic before she forced her eyes open. Just don't look off the roof. So she looked around at the others and noticed Gabe waving them over. Situating herself so that Cana blocked most of the "view," Kyani made her way over to the small group, her hand still clutching Angela's.

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