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Forever Summer

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 10:08 pm
by Cana Havich
Daciana bustled around the kitchen, preparing everything necessary for an impromptu baking class. Cana knew she'd been delighted when Trinity had asked her to teach him how to bake the Muggle way, and his mother was going all out to make the experience fun for his friend. He watched as she made sure the ceramic bowls were stacked, the metal measuring cups were taken off their hooks, and the KitchenAid mixer taken from its cupboard and dutifully polished. He helped pull down bags of sugar from high up cabinets and lift up bags of flour from the pantry, and at one point he'd even been sent out to mother's garden to pick out several different bowls of berries. Cana did so without complaint, not just due to knowing he would reap the rewards of the pair baking sweets from them, but also because it made him rather pleased to see his friend being properly mothered for once.

He knew it pleased his mother too. Daciana could be just as clever and ruthless as Cana's father, no mistake, but she also was a good mother who delighted in taking care of kids. Since Cana hadn't had many friends at his old school either, the friends he'd made at Hogwarts delighted her even more. When she'd heard about the sad affair of Trinity's late parents from Aunt Jetta (who had, of course, been told be Lyssa), she'd demanded Cana invite him over. And Trinity had mentioned wanting to bake....

The kitchen at Cana's home was much more modern that the one a Wildaway, with slick white cabinets, dark wood floors, and black stone countertops. All of the appliances shone in stainless steel. Only his mother's various bowls and small appliances made the place colorful and warm. And the presence of Daciana herself.

He heard the doorbell ring right around the same time as his mother. They'd sent the Portkey yesterday by owl; it was good to know Trinity not only got it, but found his way down the long driveway all right. The house itself was warded against Apparition and sudden Portkeys. It wasn't particularly convenient, but it was the way things had to be, in Father's opinion at least.

Cana opened the door and gave Trinity a grin.

"I hope you're prepared to jump into the deep end. I'm pretty sure I saw Mom getting together the ingredients to a meringue."

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Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 10:53 pm
by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse 
The building Trinity found himself walking up to was mostly made of glass. Their were a few sturdy walls made of dark wood, but the way the sun glinted off the home made it look like something out of a novel Trinity had read at one point. The genre was called "science fiction" but he didn't quite understand what the meant. Fiction meant fake, and science wasn't.

When Trinity reached the door, he knocked. The sound seemed rather hollow and after a moment he realized in hadn't gone far. Scanning the frame, he found a faintly glowing button. Pressing it, he says mildly alarmed when an alarm sounded. Before he could do anything, the door swung open to reveal Cana. He didn't seem upset about the alarm. That was good.

Trinity gave Cana a hug as he entered. Almost all familial behavior he had learned from watching the Havichs, and though it had taken some getting used to, he thought he was getting pretty good at it. Daciana appeared behind Cana, so he leaned down and hugged her, too. It was interesting to him how used to touch he had become in the last year.

"Thank you for having me over," he said with a grin. After a brief hesitation, he looked down at Daciana and used the little Hindi he knew to thank her. His accent was probably terrible, but he appreciated her taking the time to try and teach him and wanted to express it. He had been mesmerized by the beautiful sweets and treats the Havichs always seemed to have, they had been like eatable works of art. When he found that they had been made by hand and not magic, Trinity had been truly shocked.

With Lyssa now graduated, Trinity knew she needed as much time as possible to get used to her new role in the company. He had wanted to give her that time. But he didn't want to be alone at Hogwarts. Even though he was inconveniencing them, he had selfish accepted Cana's invitation to come a learn baking from Daciana herself. It was an amazing opportunity and he didn't want to pass it up.

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Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 1:13 am
by Cana Havich
Cana was only slightly taken aback by the hug, but he returned it quickly. Daciana meanwhile leaned into the hug with vigor, cooing with delight at Trinity's attempts at Hindi.

"You're such a sweetheart, dear, no need to thank me!" She grabbed his arm and directed him into the kitchen, where Cana followed closely. If nothing else, he wanted to see how Trinity did when caught up in his mother's energy. And maybe, if he were lucky, he might get to lick a spoon clean. Hopping up on a cleared counter near the door to the kitchen, he looked on with delight as his mother began to direct Trinity to what everything was.

"Now, I'm not sure how familiar you are with Muggle appliances. I know you may have seen them at Robert and Thorunn's house, but I'm not sure if Lyssa got a chance to explain to you what everything does? Anyway, bowls and cups are simple enough, same as the magical stuff. This is a kitchen scale," she picked up the small stainless steel appliance and showed Trinity the buttons. "It tells us how much the ingredients weigh. This is very important in baking; just like you need exact amounts in potions, you need exact ones in baking as well. That is a mixer," she said, pointing towards the pink KitchenAid. She reached over and turned it on for a moment, still holding Trinity's arm, lest the sudden loud noises the mixer was making startled him. She demonstrated the different speeds. "It can mix pretty much anything, and there are different little attachments you can give it to make it mix different things."

Pulling him along, she came to the oven, which was quite different from the one at Wildaway. Daciana preferred gas burners, and as such, the burners were lifted from the surface of the stove into twisted metal shapes, with a place for fire to come out from the middle. She opened the oven, which she'd been preheated for awhile and showed off the pilot light.

"The appliances are simple enough once you get used to them. Gas is more wily than electricity but it cooks better. Anyway, we'll get to all of that soon. I figure we would start with something easy. Not a meringue, dear," she directed at Cana. "A simple layer cake, with berries and cream. I think it would be a nice way to start you out, and you can watch me make the rest. There's going to be a company picnic soon, Lyssa may have mentioned it, but of course you're invited. I'm making the desserts. If nothing else, I could use an extra pair of hands besides Cana?"

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Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 6:09 am
by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse 
Trinity was rather certain this was the most "teenage boy" he had ever seen Cana. Of course, his observation of teenage boys was from a distance for the most part. Cana had always seemed more mature and rigid than the other boys at Hogwarts, but now, perched on the counter, he looked comfortable and even relaxed. Trinity wondered if he would ever get to a point in his life where he felt the same.

The blond tore his eyes away from his friend as Daciana started explaining the appliances. Electricity had been explained to him a while ago, but he was still fascinated with it. That wasn't to say the boy wasn't relieved at the thought of good old-fashioned fire when it came to the stove. It would definitely be interesting to try and keep up any baking skills he was gathering, especially when Hogwarts didn't have half of the things this kitchen did.

Trinity didn't think he'd ever had a cream and berry cake, but he had seen them at dinners and was excited about the prospect. At the picnic invatation, the blond smiled. Lyssa had mentioned it, and had invited him, but he had been certain it was just because they were now a couple (the thought still made him warm all the way down to his toes). He didn't work for the Havich's company, after all, and the picnic even had "company" in the title. Receiving the second invite, however, made him more comfortable with making the decision to go.

"I would be happy to help wherever I can," Trinity said, making his way to the sink and washing his hands. If cooking was like potions, then clean hands would probably be a good thing. "Where do we start?"

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Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 5:23 am
by Cana Havich
Daciana smiled and clapped her hands a bit in delight.

"Fantastic. I've laid out most of the ingredients--well Cana helped with that really, thank you dear--so we can get started right away."

She handed Trinity a bag of bleached flour.

"Bleached flour is always better for cakes, in my opinion. Makes them fluffier somehow. Anyway, we'll need exactly one cup of that. Give it a scoop into the bag, then scrape off the top to make it even and flat to get an exact measurement. Then pour it into this big ceramic bowl once you're done. Whisk in about a quarter of a tablespoon--this spoon right here, dear--of salt. Then comes the fun part."

She passed Trinity the basket of eggs and took a large one in her hand. "Have you ever cracked eggs before, dear? Let me show you. Like so," she firmly but gingerly tapped the egg to the side of the counter, lifted it, and separated the shell in two hands to get the yolk out and into an empty metal bowl. Cana knew she usually did it one-handed, but it was probably safer for Trin to use the two-handed method if he wasn't used to it. "We'll need six of them. Don't worry if a yolk breaks, and we can always fish a piece of shell out."

She watched smiling as Trinity followed her directions.

"Now we add the sugar," she dumped in a pre measured cup, "and the vanilla. And now, the fun part. The mixer."

She placed the bowl under the mixer and flipped it on. "It should take about ten minutes, but the mix will get much bigger--likely triple in volume by the time it's ready for the lemon zest, flour, and salt."

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Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 9:58 pm
by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse 
Trinity nodded as he was given his task and got to work. It reminded him a lot of Potions class, really, and his privet lessons with Cana and Gabe. The exact measurement, the use of specific kinds of a general product, the extra work the went into make sure the product was as fine or powdery as needed to the final product to turn out in the best way possible. It all made sense in his mind.

When he was done measuring and whisking, Trinity turned back to Mrs. Havich. She looked like she belonged to the kitchen, as though they shared breath with each other. It was an incredible thing to witness. Vaguely, he wondered if he would ever look that way about anything. He hoped so. It was a beautiful look.

When he was handed the eggs, a small part of Trinity was relieved. "Yes ma'am," he said in answer to her question, "making eggs was my job for our community meals." It was one of his better childhood memories. He liked eggs and had gotten rather good at making them. He cracked the six eggs with ease, smiling about her comments when it came to broken yokes. Eight-year-old Trinity would have been grateful to Daciana.

When it mixer started, however, Trinity flinched. Somehow, he was not prepared for that. After a moment of making sure it wouldn't explode, the boy inched forward to watch the mixing of the batter. "It smells nice," he commented. He hoped Lyssa would like it. If she did, he would make her another. All he would have to do is remember the recipe.