A Celebration of Color: A Spring Break RP (open)

For students who are at home, and for adult characters who are not working at any of the places specified in the other forums.
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A Celebration of Color: A Spring Break RP (open)

Post by Cana Havich » Thu Apr 25, 2019 5:58 pm

Cana had been inexcusably obnoxious the closer it came to Holi. He couldn't help it really. Asides from Yule and Midsummer, Holi was his absolute favorite day of the calendar. What better time was there then to have an excuse to throw colored paint at people? He'd been horribly depressed at the idea of missing it this year at Hogwarts, but apparently Aunt Jetta has pulled some strings and gotten a Hogsmeade weekend day trip to a Holi celebration green lit by the staff. Of course, more professors than Aunt Jetta would be going in order to supervise the hoard of unruly and brightly colored children, and Cana wasn't particularly fond of the idea of multiple veritable strangers milling around with his visiting family. Beggars couldn't be choosers though.

Cana hated being a beggar.

However, Holi was too important to miss, even if Aunt Jetta was turning it into a Muggle Studies class. His maternal grandparents were flying to London with their respective spouses just to celebrate with Cana, as well as his parents and siblings. He couldn't--no, wouldn't--miss this opportunity just to pout back in his dorm room. Especially not after he'd irritated so many people in the dorm by constantly singing Rang De Basanti under his breath for the past two weeks. Besides the confused and concerned looks he got from his dorm mates from dressing in all white the day of the trip was enough to make him laugh internally for weeks.

The train ride to London was largely uneventful. He sat with Dahlia and a few of her friends that he wasn't as familiar with. On his way onto the platform, he was momentarily distracted looking for some of his own compatriots, when a shrill but affectionate voice caught his ear.


Judging by the concerned looks on everyone's faces, it caught everyone's ear.

Hinal Singh was a women who commanded attention not due to stature, nor due to a particular air of authority. Rather her strikingly distinctive and sometimes grating voice would immediately gather the attention of those around her and get them to do virtually anything she wanted them to just to get her to stop.

Cana, however, had grown immune to both her voice and largely to her grandmotherly guilt trips years ago. Instead of concerning himself with the worried stares of people around him from school (and more than a few surrounding white Muggles, who were looking at this obviously crazed Muslimah with some sort of trepidating), Cana grinned and went over to scoop his small grandmother up in his arms.

"Nanima!" he smiled broadly as he hugged her. "It is so good to see you! Nanabapa Singh, it is good to see you too!" he grinned widely at his step-grandfather. Rajeet Singh was a tall, though not remarkably tall man, of thin build, with wiry grey hair and a flyaway mustache that matched. He was a great contrast to Cana's short plump grandmother. "Where are Mom and Dad? And Nanabapa?" he asked them curiously. Usually his maternal grandfather showed up to Holi too, sometimes with a new woman on his arm, sometimes not. Given his mother's predisposition against the women he brought that were younger than her, he imagined the latest one was not here with him. While it seemed to amuse Cana's Nanima that Jigishu Mirga thought himself some kind of young stud in his early 70s, it clearly did not amuse Daciana.

"Ah," Rajeet chimed in. "Jigishu is having a phone call right now with his uh...newer friend. I do not think they are friends anymore," he shrugged, a smirk badly hidden beneath his mustache. "Your dear mother is--well, I don't think she's helping very much, but she is trying to keep him from making a scene."

As if on cue, Daciana--a tight lipped, artificial smile on her face-- rounded the corner, with her hands locked around her sullen father's shoulders as if he were a scolded teenage boy. He wasn't quite different from one in life, Cana thought. He supposed that made Jigishu's successful jewelry stores even more impressive; that they hadn't been run into the ground yet due to a particularly clever gold digger was--well most likely was his mother's doing if he was honest.

Daciana's smiled became more authentic as she saw her son. She let go of her father, gingerly walked over in her heels, and hugged Cana. His father and brother stayed back smiling, but Cana soon found himself assaulted with hugs by his little sisters as well.

All of them wore white. It was a very unusual sight, especially for Daciana, who seemed to be wearing a very scandalous combination of a prom dress and Western wedding gown. Cana was sure it cost far too much to be wearing it for Holi, but who was he to say anything about his mother's spending really.

"Sweet boy, did any of your friends come along on this school trip?" Hinal asked. "I would very much like to see you spending time with better company. I do not like those friends of yours from the Norwegian school."

Used to his grandmother's bluntness, Cana merely shrugged a bit and looked back at the passle of nervous looking students trying to see if he could spot anyone he would consider worthy of meeting his grandmother.

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Re: A Celebration of Color: A Spring Break RP (open)

Post by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse  » Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:36 am

Trinity had fallen asleep on Lyssa's shoulder during the train ride. He didn't quite remember what they had been talking about. Maybe they hadn't even been talking. His mind did that, sometimes, made up conversations. He awoke to the smell of her hair and the feeling of her skin under his cheek. His stomach did a little flip-y thing as the train slowed to a stop. He wasn't sure if it was the motion or being in such a relaxed position with Lyssa that caused it.

That morning, Trinity had been presented with a costume of white slacks and a loose white shirt. It was the first new clothing he had received in... he didn't know when. He had been told it was for paint, but he didn't know what that meant. Still, Lyssa was wearing white and he liked the fact that he matched her. It was interesting, he found, wearing something that he hadn't gotten from the list-and-found and changed the color and shape of.

Covering his mouth from a yawn, Trinity sat up and rubbed his eyes. He was sure he couldn't have been asleep for that long. When he looked out the window, however, he saw Cana talking with a bunch of people. "Are we there, t'en?"

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Re: A Celebration of Color: A Spring Break RP (open)

Post by Lyssa Delaney » Sun Apr 28, 2019 3:42 am

Lyssa had honestly stopped going to Holi with Cana and her other cousins years ago. Something about the way that Cana's aunties spoke of her--as if she would be the ideal girl for so many of their son's if she were Indian instead of white and Latina--made her uncomfortable. Not that most of Cana's Mirga and Singh cousins weren't perfectly nice boys, or at least decent; just the way the older women talked about her made her feel uneasy.

But Holi was beautiful. And Trinity really did need to get out of the castle more. So when Mom had announced that there was to be a Holi trip to Muggle London as part of her unit on World Muggle Cultures, Lyssa had jumped at the chance to drag Trinity along, even though neither of them were technically in the class. London was beautiful in the spring...at least when it wasn't raining and cold. Even if the weather gave out though, there was still a guarantee of bright smiles and bright colors from the many people gathered to celebrate the Indian holiday.

Trinity looked so sweet in all-white, asleep on her shoulder. She hated when they stopped and he awoke.

"Yes, we're at the King's Cross Station," she said lightly, hiding her disappointment at his sudden lack of presence on her shoulder. "I can here Cana's grandmother from here," she giggled fondly. As they exited the train together, she watched as Cana was lovingly harassed by Hinal Singh. The woman could be a fiery as anything, but she adored all of her grandchildren as if they were parts of her own soul. Lyssa was jealous of that. While he relationship with Sigurd was good, the man embodied Scandinavian stoicism in a way that his children did not. Victor was always gregarious and loving to counteract it however. Her father's parents however, had all but disowned the grandchildren as they developed magical powers. Though they were still invited to every holiday and every major family event, there was no real love for Roman's wife and children from the family.

That wasn't even toughing upon Agneta Havich.

Lyssa straightened out her white midi-length sundress and pulled her white bolero around her shoulders tightly as the wind caused by passing trains gave her a chill. She leaned closer to Trinity, smiling and blushing softly.

"Have you ever read about Holi in one of your books?" she asked Trinity. "Or will this be a surprise? Or would you like me to tell you so you know what to expect?"

She remembered her first Holi, a much smaller Cana pelting her and Thyri with all the colors he could find. The beautiful smell of the powders that had been made from dried flowers. The hoses being turned on them as they ran away shrieking. The contrast in looks amongst all of them lost in all the pcitures from how caked in color they all were.

It was a better time, Lyssa thought. Even though she had Trinity now, who did make things better than they were, childhood was a better time for all of the Havich children. Of this generation at least. Lyssa sighed softly, and pulled a strand of hair behind her ear. Focusing back on Trinity, she smiled.

"I'd say you should meet Cana's grandmother but I don't know if you're ready for that. I certainly never was," she laughed. "She's a....singularly interesting woman."

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Re: A Celebration of Color: A Spring Break RP (open)

Post by Rowan Fox » Wed May 01, 2019 1:19 am

Rowan didn't consider herself suicidal, but there were times when she would get these unexplainable urges to do something she knew was dangerous. She put it down to surviving death at a young age. Once you want through that, your body needed a shot of adrenaline to keep life exciting. She would usually do stupid stunts on her broom when the Urge hit her, but that wasn't really an option at the moment. So she had to settle for something else. Like jumping onto Cana's back.

There was nothing that really prompted it, it was just a really big target that was waiting for here when she got off the train. Without taking time to think about it, she tosses her bag to the side and started running. In her mind, she looked like a banshee: dressed all in white with her red hair flowing behind her. In reality, she figured she looked more like a duck. In any case, it gave her enough momentum in her jump to hook her knees on Cana's hips. His torso was too long to place her chin on top of his head, so she settled for his shoulder.

That was the moment she realized Cana was actually talking to someone. Several someones. Oops. Brushing red hair out her eyes, she tried to contort her wicked grin into a more professional smile. "Hullo, there." She was pretty sure she looked like a koala, but she had misjudged her hand holds and couldn't think of a way to get off Cana without falling to the station floor. "Nice day, yeah?"

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Cana Havich
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Re: A Celebration of Color: A Spring Break RP (open)

Post by Cana Havich » Wed May 01, 2019 2:20 am

Cana had at first thought one of his sisters had done a running hop on his back. That would be normal. But as red hair flew around his face, he knew exactly who had jumped him ineffectively from behind.

Rowan. She was a great friend, and he was looking forward to training and working with her one day. Her sense of timing, however, was not impeccable.

Cana would have been absolutely fine with this development, only now his grandparents were all looking at him with a mixed of alarm and misplaced excitement that made him deeply uncomfortable.

"This is uh--this is my friend Rowan," he introduced lamely. "She's very energetic. And fun. And--please don't look at me like that Nanima, you know she's not my girlfriend," he sighed at the vaguely hopeful look his grandmother had. Hinal scoffed.

"You know that is not the type of girl I want you with anyway," Hinal said. "You want to kill me don't you. You want to kill your grandmother." Cana cringed, and looked apologetically at the girl hanging off his shoulder.

"I wouldn't feel insulted. You're not a miniature version of her," he whispered. He hooked his arms under her legs as he felt her sleeping. As his mother directed her own parents away from Cana to mitigate any sort of disaster, Cana packed Rowan over to another area within eye shot of his family.

"She means well. She just wants me to be...different. And not with Gabe. Or any guy. Preferably a nice Muslim Indian girl, but I think she's at least realized she's not getting that."

It was a painful point of contention with a lot of his mother's family. While they all showered love and affection upon him, there was always also judgment and denial involved in the equation. The only member of his mother's family who never really judged him was--

"What you doing with a girl on your back that ain't you sister or cousin? You lose a bet or is this the new thing millennials are doing to confuse us old people?"

Cana grinned and closed his eyes. When he opened them, he looked only slightly down to see a very familiar face.

"I'd offer to give you a hug, kiddo, but I don't want to accidentally reach too far on your back and get some sort of charges against me."

Cana snorted an ugly laugh and gently set Rowan down. Throwing his arms out, he embraced his mother's older brother tightly.

Turning back to Rowan, he introduced his uncle.

"So I didn't get a chance to properly introduce you to my grandparents--"

"Oh I can guess several whys--"

"This is my Uncle Tanuj. He's my mom's older brother. Uncle TJ, this is Rowan. She's a friend of mine from school. Aunt Jetta is leading us on a field trip."

"Fun fact," Tanuj broke in, "Maternal uncle is Gujarat is called 'Mama', which sounds really weird in English." He smiled a big grin that looked like it had been copied directly from Cana's own face.

Tanuj was a large man, though not quite as large as his nephew. He had tightly curled dark hair with a long beard to match. Both his hair and beard were darted through with silver, but his face itself did not bely his age. Though he was older than Daciana on Cana's word, he did not look much older at all. He obviously worked out just as much, if not more than Cana. His arms were like tree trunks, as were his legs. He came up well past Cana's shoulder in height, towering over Rowan.

If someone didn't know any better, they'd almost definitely think Tanuj was Cana's father instead of Aleksander. The two looked eerily alike.

"You two ready to party for Holi? Totally being rhetorical by the way. Maamajee has informed me I am not to have a party or any booze or do anything fun whatsoever upon fear of death and also dishonor to the family or something."

"At least she's given up on setting you up with someone," Cana replied.

"That's because my one true love has fled me and married another," Tanuj told Rowan dramatically.

Cana sighed. "Aunt Jetta was married when you met her and she also think you're weird."

"She's perfect."

"She'd eat your head off after."

"But what a way to go," Tanuj waggled his eyebrows as Cana made false retching noises. "Anyway, who do you think she called to be your little group of sheltered magic babies' tour guide? Not your mom. Me. So obviously, she loves me."

"She doesn't," Cana assured Rowan, as Tanuj seemed to be preening.

"Anyway, gather together your little white ducklings and get them ready to board a non-magical train. It's not too many stops from the celebration, but we need to get there without tipping anybody off that this isn't a normal Holi party."

Cana nodded and directed himself and Rowan back towards Aunt Jetta. Tanuj was whistling something....oh gods, it was Hooked on a Feeling. Cana was going to die.

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Re: A Celebration of Color: A Spring Break RP (open)

Post by Lavinia Telly Rae » Fri May 03, 2019 8:51 pm

At last!
A Muggle studies professor who was serious about it! Who was bringing them out into The World.
Lavinia was so excited she thought she might throw up.

She was intent on concentrating. Hard. She would not miss this opportunity. It was like archeology. But NOW.
When she had heard about the field trip, she had signed up at once. Lavinia had carefully re-packed her trusty and ever-present leather satchel, had worn her sturdy shoes, had triple checked to make sure she had ink and plenty of parchment handy for the trip.
She wore a sweater and ate a hearty breakfast, even though she was too excited to be hungry. When you had a big adventure and much learning to do ahead of you, it was important to have a full stomach. She had learned THAT the hard way!
Oh the hours she had spent locked in closets, lost in corridors and stuck in air vents! All with a growling stomach.
But she was wiser now!

She would LISTEN, she would LEARN and she would not miss a THING.

Unfortunately, while she was pep taking herself with all this, she had missed the information that they all were to be dressed in white.

So there she was, with the group, on the train, in her usual school clothes. Rats.
At first, she had thought it was just a celebration trip, after all, it had said the 'hols' but then she had realized it said 'Holi' and she had no idea what that meant. She had found out enough to realize it was a Hindu holiday or something. She was determined to learn more.
It did seem right up her alley as a future historian and archeologist of wizardry.
Still, she was the ONLY one she could see, not in white. She excused herself to the W/C, found a towel and (whispering a prayer of apology and leaving a Sickle) she cut a hole in it, slipped it over her head and wore it over her clothes like a toga. It would have to do.
The train stopped soon after that and she quickly got off.

Her short, slim form felt lost amongst the group. It seemed that most of the people who had signed up were older than her and were people she hadn't spent much, if any time with. One boy looked like he came from troll blood! Except . .his face, as he turned, was finely featured.
A red-head girl rode him as though he were a pet elephant.
She wished SHE had a pet elephant. It would make it ever so much easier to see.

A man began to whistle a tune and she smiled, her big brown eyes softening a bit. He felt like a welcome. She walked over towards him, hoping to be shown a sign of something wonderful soon.

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Re: A Celebration of Color: A Spring Break RP (open)

Post by Morrigan Delaney » Sat May 04, 2019 3:28 am

Morrigan heard Tanuj Mirga before she saw him. While her cousin's uncle was an odd man and it was more than a little weird to know someone with a crush on her mom of all people (she was married and like in her late 40s for Merlin's sake), he was probably the most normal member of Cana's side of the family. So while it was slightly alarming to see one of her housemates randomly approach the first Muggle stranger she saw, at least Morrigan knew she would be safe. Still, meeting Tanuj could be...an experience at best. She quickly approached Tanuj and Lavinia.

Tanuj meanwhile had realized that the strangely dressed child heading his way must have been one of the little magical ducklings he'd told his nephew to round up. She was brimming with enthusiasm and his grin widened.

"Well now!" he declared. "I take it you're one of my dear nephews younger schoolmates, yeah? Nice adapting," he gestured to the towel. "It won't keep you entirely clean, but it'll be a bit easier to clean your clothes afterward. Say--oh hey Morrigan!"

Morrigan smiled politely up at her cousin's uncle.

"Hi, Mr. Mirga!"

"Please, you know you can call me Tanuj or TJ or whatever you--"

"So," she cut in a bit rudely, knowing Tanuj wouldn't care. "How're we getting to the park?"

"Ah," Tanuj said with faux wisdom. "We're taking a train. A norm--I mean, a non-magical train. I'm under the impression it'll be the first time on a non-magical train for a lot of y'all, so we're gonna have a little pep talk once Cana gets everyone rounded up."

Morrigan could imagine how some people reacted to the Muggle underground. She'd only ridden it once, and even with her being a halfblood, the temptation to spell herself steady had been very tempting. She looked over to Lavinia who she was fairly sure had almost definitely never been on the underground and smiled reassuringly.

"As long as you hold on strongly, you should be fine. And don't talk about magic. As far as anyone knows, we're from a private religious school doing a world religious studies field trip to see how Hindu and Indian Muslim people celebrate Holi."

"I personally, love to be researched," Tanuj said, only mildly sarcastically. "Seriously though, it's good to see you guys again. I've been worried about the little guy," he joked, using his nickname for Cana.

Morrigan shrugged and smiled with false cheer. every since Gabriel had come back, she'd been worried about Cana too, but for entirely different reasons than Tanuj likely was. Still, now wasn't the time. Gabriel wasn't here.

Grabbing Lavinia gently by the arm, she directed her over to her mother and the other professors as they were herding her schoolmates all onto the platform of the connecting train.

"That's not a bad idea," she said, gesturing to Lavinia's smock. "At least, you're less likely to ruin your clothes that way," she said, gesturing towards her white semi-cropped t-shirt and white skater skirt. "But it is fun I'll admit to see what they look like after Holi. Have you ever celebrated before? We're definitely not Hindu or Muslim, but Cana--my cousin--his mother's family is, so we've celebrated before with him. I can't answer every question about it, but I can help. And Mr. Mirga is very nice and can help too."

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Re: A Celebration of Color: A Spring Break RP (open)

Post by Gregory H. Masterson » Tue May 07, 2019 8:31 pm

He hated this.
Every tiny, little bit of it.

Gregory hadn't wanted to go. He hadn't any interest in it whatsoever. It had nothing to add to his life or plans.
Some elements of Muggle Studies, sure. Maybe. This? No.
He also didn't want to wear a white suit. It wasn't his style, but being IN style was, so he had obtained a white, raw silk sherwani and white trousers and he felt terrible.

Surrounded by students he cared nothing for and studying something he had no interest in, while looking the way he chose not to look, all culminated in a Bad Mood.
He had spent the trip staring out the window and ignoring the attempts at conversation made at him by the small boy in the seat next to him. Now they had arrived and he stepped off the train, jaw clenched.
There was some commotion and he saw - of course.
Havitch. With that Rowan girl on his back, speaking familiarly with some people at the station. Was anyone in this world NOT related to Cana?!
He hadn't connected the dots. Careless of him.

Really, he wished the man wasn't there. Cana being present meant that Gregory couldn't just indulge in a good misery fest. He'd have to pull it together. And he really didn't feel like it. Especially after the . . incident over Christmas . .and then the scene with his Aunt when he'd gotten home.
Gregory flushed red and had to consciously relax his fingers.
He wasn't ready.
His mind hadn't fully decided what to do yet. He would have to be careful.

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Re: A Celebration of Color: A Spring Break RP (open)

Post by Kyani Taylor » Tue May 14, 2019 2:41 am

Kyani had lost Cana. How could she lose Cana? He was eight feet tall, for pity sake! It was like losing a building! Still, she was rather... not tall, and the platform had suddenly gotten crowded. It was like a huge wall of white. She felt like a lion trying to tell the zebras apart. It was impossible!

Under all the noise of people, however, something caught Kyani's attention. A Muggle song! Someone was whistling it. Whipping herself around, Kyani caught sight of a tall man with a brod back and longish dark hair. There he was!

She raced over to the man and grabbed his arm--only to realize it wasn't Cana at all! The girl jumped back in shock. With her blue eyes wide and her black hair making waves down her babydoll dress, she was certain she must have looked like some strange or possessed China doll. The stranger must have thought she was a freak!

"Sorry," she squeaked, trying to look suave and professional, "I thought you were... someone else." She was such an idiot. Though it wasn't all her fault, the man did have a shocking resemblance to Cana.

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Re: A Celebration of Color: A Spring Break RP (open)

Post by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse  » Tue May 14, 2019 3:10 am

The movement of Lyssa tucking a strand of hair behind her ear caused Trinity's focus to drift to how beautiful she was. And she was beautiful in every sense of the word. His chest felt like it was filled with light every time he looked at her. He had almost missed what she had asked.

"Ah couldn't find much on it," he admitted, "but Ah know it has somthan ta do with paint?" That was probably why everyone was in white. They were all like human canvases, fresh and new and ready to become something extraordinary. The idea excited him. He loved working with paint, but had only managed to use what he had scrounged from the art classrooms and used it very sparingly. Like the supplies Lyssa had given him for Christmas.

"What's her interest? Cana's grandmother?" It was strange, a person only having one interest, but he wasn't one to speak. Before Lyssa, his only interests were art and language. "Is it gardening?" Trinity had thought about trying that at some point, but he wasn't very good at Herbolagy.

Just because he wanted to, Trinity took Lyssa's had in his. He was starting to like that, doing things because he wanted to do them. And Lyssa didn't seem to mind him touching her, which was good. He liked being able to touch her. It made him happy.

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