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The Start (Open!)

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:34 am
by Theodore Baeyrn
Theodore was gleefully boarding the train. His parents were waving at him through the window, his mother, Elizabeth wiping her tears away. Her only child was now leaving for Hogwarts. Her husband and Theodore’s father, Fredrick was holding her shoulders. He was smiling widely at his noticeably excited son who was now taking a seat in a compartment and looking out the window. Theodore happily waved at them until the train started to leave the station and they were no longer seen through the window. With that, he calmly sat in his seat.

The Hogwarts Express. He had always imagined going to Hogwarts. Ever since he had been little, his father had regaled him with his own countless adventures as well as meeting his mother the first day at school. His parents had been steadfast friends since the beginning of school and were married almost immediately after leaving Hogwarts to become healers together at St. Mungos. His father still worked there while his mother was currently staying at their home in Kettering, England. Theodore wished he would be able to meet his own future wife or partner at Hogwarts. Or perhaps, not his future spouse but at least future friends. He was so excited to meet new people and have adventures at Hogwarts. He was sure he was going to be a Hufflepuff like his parents.

Theodore already had his robes on, black without a badge yet. He was getting bored. He moved his blond hair away from his eyes. He had messy, slightly long blond hair, darker than can be called blond, but still more golden than brown hair. His dark, almost black eyes moved from the window where passing scenery swooshed quickly in pace with the fast train, to the door of his compartment. Were there not many students on the train? Were only first years on the train? He contemplated moving about the train to look for a different compartment, but with his luggage already stored above his head, he decided to stay seated.

As the train moved on, Theodore was anxious that he would have to take this train ride alone. He hoped someone would come into his compartment. Maybe if he willed it, he would be able to make someone come and sit with him. He concentrated on the door with his eyes, as strongly as he could. ‘Please, have someone come in,’ he thought fervently. He had his wand out, and though he knew absolutely no magic yet, his parents wishing him to learn with the other children at Hogwarts and to put a stop to his often occurring accidental magic having never taught him any spells, he was pointing it at the door of the compartment. And then he closed his eyes, trying to concentrate his entire magic into his wish.

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Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:57 am
by Remi Tang
"You waiting for a troll to barge in, kid?"

When Yuval dropped Remi at the station with her trunk and a pocketful of coins he cautioned her to be responsible and focus in the up-coming year. Therefore as soon as she got on the Hogwarts Express she focused on her first responsibility -- hunting down the sweets dropped her off with her trunk and a pocketful of coins which she had immediately put to good use by hunting down the food trolly where she grabbed as many chocolate frogs, cauldron cakes, and sugar mice as she could fit in her hoodie when the bottom was rolled up into a sort of pouch.

"You defending your territory or can I grab a seat?" Talking while a licorice wand dangled from the side of her mouth was just a lost art form that she had mastered as a third year.

She hadn't bothered to find a compartment before hunting down the food cart and by the time she had collected her purchases, everyone she knew was in a full carriage. Now most of the remaining compartments were full of one to two first years who hadn't made friends yet and were all nervously (or excitedly) hoping fate brought them a buddy.

Remi wasn't quite sure who this kid wanted to walk through the compartment door, but her arm was getting tired and she'd already kicked open a few dozen other doors up and down the train, so she was ready to duel this kid for a seat.

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Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 2:54 am
by Medea Kelly
Medea wasn't exactly sure what the point was of going to London just to take a train all the way back towards the north of Scotland when she lived right there across the North Channel from Scotland. Yet here was the usual ritual of the year (and she got the feeling her parents used the excuse of dropping her off to sneak off on an end-of-summer holiday) where they flew into London (the Muggle way, thank you) to stay at her aunt Lilian's place for a week before the train so she could pick up her supplies for the year from Diagon Alley and then it was off to the train station. Having given her hugs and kisses to her family at the station, Medea was busily moving down the train in search of an empty compartment and the sight of a rather familiar witch further down the corridor draws her that direction.

She pokes her head in over Remi's shoulder, beaming.

"Wotcher, Remi? Are you bullying the firstie?" She laughs. "Surprised you aren't down the other end with everyone else, but then again it's all full up down there..." Theodore gets a tilt of her head.

"...Something going on with your wand?"

Re: The Start (Open!)

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:17 am
by Theodore Baeyrn
Theodore was beyond surprised as two girls entered the small compartment. He was positive it was his spell casting that brought about this new development. The first girl came in with her hooded muggle clothing that Theodore knew as a ‘hoody’ all wrapped up at the bottom. It seemed to be filled with… candies? Theodore couldn’t help his eyes lighting up at the sight. He loved wizarding candies, but his parents, namely his mum, had strictly limited his sweets quota. She had asked him whether he was defending his territory. Defending? No! He was so excited that someone had finally arrived in his compartment that he vigorously shook his head to signal his protestation at the thought.

“You can sit here!” Theodore was excitedly saying with his voice full of glee, when the second girl came in.

She first addressed the other girl. The two must have already known each other before. Considering they both looked a lot older than Theodore, they were most likely not in their first year like he was. He wondered which house each of them were in. He had heard a lot about the four houses of Hogwarts. His parents were both from Hufflepuff and he was sure he was going to be in there as well. But he also liked Gryffindor house as well, though he wasn’t sure he was brave enough to be one of the lions. He was sure he wasn’t going to be in Ravenclaw considering he was not the studious type and was much too energetic to concentrate on his studies.

The second girl laughed as he joked about the first girl, ‘Remi’ bullying him. He certainly hoped not! Especially since she probably knew more magic than he did, which really was little to none. He anxiously looked at the first girl. Did she usually bully the other students? She didn’t look like she did but Theodore had never met a bully before so he had no experience on the type.

"Something going on with your wand?"

“Oh, no! I was just spellcasting to bring someone here because I was alone in the compartment. It’s why you two came here!” Theodore explained earnestly, proud of his already advanced spellcasting as well as thrilled that he had someone, no, two people! To talk to.

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Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:30 am
by Remi Tang
"Wotcher, Remi? Are you bullying the firstie?"

"If I did bully first years, I'd appreciate you not telling them ahead of time. It would ruin the hypothetical fun," Remi retorted, winking at the first year so she didn't actually scare him off. It was always fun meeting the new kids, especially the wizarding ones. Even the most magically raised children were nervous on their first train ride. She could relate.

“Oh, no! I was just spellcasting to bring someone here because I was alone in the compartment. It’s why you two came here!”

"Kid, that's not really how - " but Remi stopped cuz really, the kid looked like he was about to bust out of his seat in excitement and he held his wand like it was precious and magi -- ok, well in his defense it was magical. But not the way he seemed to think it worked... But whatever, whatever. Her dad raised her to believe in Santa, so she could leave the kid to his fantasies. He'd be in class soon enough.

"Right, well thanks then." Remi plopped down in one of the window seats, tipping the contents of her hoodie on the seat beside her and snatching up a cauldron cake. "Help yourselves," she said, already tearing into the packaging. "I took first go of the trolly, so it's all the best.

"I'm Remi by the way," she added around a big bite of cake. "5th year Gryffindor. What's your deal, kiddo?"

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Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:11 pm
by Medea Kelly
“Oh, no! I was just spellcasting to bring someone here because I was alone in the compartment. It’s why you two came here!”

Medea stifles a faint giggle as she plops down into the seat next to Remi, glancing over at the other 5th year.

"Oh? A bit of Accio already? You're doing fantastically well." She winks at Remi, then reaches over to help herself to a couple chocolate frogs.

"I'm Medea, fifth year Hufflepuff," she adds on to the introductions. "Excited for your first year?"

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Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:53 am
by Theodore Baeyrn
Theodore watched in amazement as the two girls made themselves comfortable in the small compartment. It had seemed large to Theodore when he was alone, but with the two additional people and their lively personalities, it definitely seemed fuller than before. He tensed when the talk about bullying him, a first year, came up but when the short haired girl winked at him, he knew it was just a joke. He smiled in return.

His smile grew much bigger as the first girl, who introduced herself as Remi, just as the other girl had called her, brought out the contents of her ‘hoody’. The contents were candies, as he had previously observed, all from the trolley. Theodore hadn’t bought anything for himself when the snack trolley had passed before, not really feeling up to any treats when he had been alone, but now that they were in front of him, he reached for one after confirmation from Remi that they were up for shares.

The other girl, who introduced herself as Medea, also took a candy, the same one as Theodore had in his hand.

Theodore caught on to each girl’s mention of their house, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.

“I want to be a Hufflepuff too!” Theodore was almost jumping up and down in his seat, his chocolate frog half open and trying to crawl from his fingers. “My mum and pa are from Hufflepuff!”

His parents, Fredrick and Elizabeth were in the same year when they attended Hogwarts, both being in Hufflepuff house. They were sweet people, young in their age when they had Theodore. Fredrick especially, had regaled his tales at school to Theodore since Theodore had been very young.

“I’m not sorted yet! But my name is Theodore and I’d like Hufflepuff, or Gryffindor! I’d like them all except maybe Slytherin!” But he knew that he wouldn’t be placed in Ravenclaw either. He would like learning magic for sure, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to sit still for even a minute more than required.

"Oh!" Theodore finally bit into the flailing chocolate frog, "And you can call me Teddy! Because everyone does!" He smiled widely, his mouth covered in chocolate, but despite the brown around his mouth, his happiness and excitement could not be covered.

Re: The Start (Open!)

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 6:40 am
by Remi Tang
((Sorry this took forever!! I was moving house......))

Remi rolled her eyes at Medea, like they had some inside joke over the excited first year. Most kids were as jittery as he was on their first train ride, though most made themselves nauseous from the nerves. She'd take the vibrating excitement over nausea any day. Though she was a little surprised to hear both his parents were magic folk yet his grasp of """wish magic""" was very... um... weak.

"Teddy, huh? Did your parents teach you much magic yet?" It wasn't impossible for magic parents to hold off on teaching their kids, it was just uncommon. Especially when unchecked, accidental magic could make such a mess. "Got a class you're excited for?"

"Well either way you'll make a great Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, but you should definitely pick my house. Hufflepuffs are boring rule-followers," she teased, sticking her tongue out at Medea with a wink. "I'll show you all the secret passages so you can hang around the castle after hours and sneak into Hogsmeade before 3rd year."

"Though o'course if you're a Hufflepuff you get great access to the kitchens and that's tough to beat. Plus I hear they have the gentlest hazing ceremonies of the four houses. Is that right Medea?" Remi asked, shoving the last of her cauldron cake into her face as she reached for some sugar mice, an impish grin on her face.