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My Summer Was Better (Skyllem)

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:20 am
by Eska Toynbee
"Farewell children, be good. Eska is there if you need anything." Eska kept from rolling her eyes or sighing as her father sent the silent warning her way, 'behave and watch over your siblings' is all she heard as her parents made a point of fussing over the three younger Toynbee children. But they were all old enough now to be able to look after themselves, Eska was sure that once their parents were out of earshot that Ruell, Riordan and Blythe would all go in search of their school friends as it should be.

She loved her siblings beyond words but her parent's expectations were far too heavy for her, especially considering the summer she'd had at home. His request wasn't an odd one, he'd given it every year since her younger siblings had begun at Hogwarts, it was largely unfounded but she supposed it was a different time when her parents attended Hogwarts.

That and her father had been sorted into Slytherin house.

Which made it sting all the more when Eska, his eldest and the biggest source of pride for him had been sorted into Hufflepuff. She could feel the disappointment in the letter that had arrived several days later, he hadn't outright denounced her but his attitude towards her had changed significantly.

"Yes papa." Eska replied as she pulled her satchel onto one shoulder, kissed her mother on the cheek then turned at left her parents with Ruell, Riordan and Blythe.

Her father wasn't one to show her affection openly, she was used to it by now and the disappointment at not being farewelled in such a way as her siblings didn't hurt as much as it used to. Eska always left before the hugs and kisses started, she just couldn't stomach the thought of being left to stand awkwardly on the side.

If her siblings really needed her help then they would find her eventually.

She managed to find an empty car towards the back of the train, a typical spot for her. Younger students tended to like sitting up the front, she didn't know why but could bet her siblings would all head that way as that was where their friends would be. For now she was blissfully alone, that was until she heard a groan at the door and felt some amount of dismay as her eyes landed on the intruder.

"I guess I'm stuck with you." Eska frowned as the once familiar boy walked into her train car uninvited and sat down opposite her, it took a moment for her brain to catch up with her thoughts that when they finally did she could only open and close her mouth in surprise and indignation.

Re: My Summer Was Better (Skyllem)

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:57 pm
by Skyllem Edevane
Boarding the Hogwarts express was always something of a novelty for Skyllem, it never grew old that he had to run through a wall just to get to a train that would take him to a school where all kinds of magical creatures and folk of his kind gathered. Students and teachers with the same thirst for knowledge, the same drive to achieve and the same want to cause a little mischief in the school grounds...not that he ever got away with it, Skyllem had landed in detention once or twice throughout his school years but he didn't mind. Most of the mischief was well worth the punishment and it allowed him to learn what worked and what didn't.

Typically Skyllem boarded the train without much fuss, there were the usual faces that he'd spotted year after year. His current friends and those from his childhood all gathered in the same place to be wished farewell and good luck with the school year.

But for some odd reason, this year's happiness was dampened when he saw Eska and her family.

They used to be good friends, best friends in fact. Both had made promises to ask the hat to be sorted into Ravenclaw, up until the sorting Skyllem had assumed it had been as big a wish for Eska as it had been for him. They had talked endlessly about the fun they would have, the adventures available and the things they would love to have learned. So when Eska was sorted into Hufflepuff house instead it shook him to the core, he felt their friendship die a fiery death when they sat looking at each other from across different tables.

He never really spotted Eska during the farewell part, he always saw her family but never her. He'd often wondered why that was, Skyllem never often spoke to her now that they were entering their 6th year. He didn't know why but they always ended up arguing about something or other, always found something to disagree with so it was easier for him to never approach her.

But when she bowled past him on her way to the back carts he grew curious, he had planned on sitting with his friends but excused himself and chased after Eska. He didn't call out to her, she probably wouldn't have heard him anyway. Eska seemed determined to get away, so much so in fact that she barely seemed to register that someone had come through the door.

Her reaction was priceless.

Skyllem didn't mean what he'd said, he wasn't stuck sitting in this compartment with her. There were still plenty of places to sit but he felt like annoying her before the school year even began.

"Do you mind if I join you? I seem to have lost my friends." A blatant lie, one that Eska would likely see through and probably take offence to his choice of words, his lost friends was sitting right in front of him.

Re: My Summer Was Better (Skyllem)

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:43 am
by Eska Toynbee
For a few moments, Eska let her jaw work as she attempted to form a coherent sentence. She knew the statement from Skyllem was false, he had so many friends she wondered why he even bothered following her into her train what? Since she had been sorted to Hufflepuff Eska had been treated unfairly by Skyllem, he'd belittled her often, heckled her and demanded to know why she had decided on the house of 'soft' personalities.

If only he knew, Hufflepuff was so much more than other houses thought it to be.

A stinging retort sat on the tip of her tongue but something held her back, maybe it was their past friendship or the way he smiled at her like they'd always been friends but Eska found herself giving a knowing smile as she watched him take a seat opposite her.

Maybe it was the fact they were sixth years this year, that it was another new adventure but also that they were a year closer to finishing, Eska felt excitement rise from the pit of her stomach at that thought. She would finally be out from under her parents thumb, no more babysitting, no more having to report monthly to her parents about the younger children's progress.

She never really knew how tiresome that task was until the summer break rolled around and they were allowed to return home.

"I don't mind but don't your friends sit in the same compartment each year?" Eska tried to keep the smile on her face from growing wider as she kept her gaze locked with Skyllem's.

Re: My Summer Was Better (Skyllem)

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:04 am
by Skyllem Edevane
Seeing the smile on Eska's face left Skyllem speechless, not because it was radiant or that he considered it beautiful. It left him speechless because it seemed so easy for her, she smiled at him like she always had smiled at him. With that easy friendliness that drew him to her in the first place, it was as if they'd only parted for the summer holiday and not because they'd been sorted into different houses.

"Fine, you caught me Eska. My friends are where they sit every year, but I thought I'd see if you were open to sitting together. We haven't really hung out since our first year sorting and seeing you with your parents and siblings I realized how long it has been since we took this journey together. So, what do you say? After this journey, we only have one more start of year journey to make." The thought alone terrified Skyllem, sure he was a Ravenclaw student but his future plan was still non-existent. His parents constantly pushed him to finally decide what he wanted to be but his answer was never satisfactory enough.

A few students walked past, there were unlikely to be any other students joining this particular compartment if the thinning crowd outside was anything to go by. The train would push off in the next ten or so minutes, Skyllem was sure he'd made the right choice to sit with an old friend and found he wasn't so worried about what others would think now that he'd actually swallowed his pride and made himself sit with Eska.

"So, how was your summer this year? I didn't see you out much," Skyllem tried to sound casual, the truth was however that he'd secretly been hoping that Eska would show her face so that he could approach her. They had been so close and he'd readily driven a wedge between them in the name of social image.

Re: My Summer Was Better (Skyllem)

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:27 am
by Eska Toynbee
Surprise flittered across Eska's face briefly as Skyllem abandoned the ruse he'd come in with, she had half expected an argument. Like they usually had, he'd come in and say something snarky about her parents, siblings or home before insinuating he was the better of the two. Eska had to hand it to Skyllem, he knew just how to push the wrong buttons. But she guessed a former best friend had that advantage above everyone else anyway, he knew some of her weaknesses.

"We haven't, I'll admit it was a surprise to see you at the door. I was half expecting a first year or something but I'm happy that it's you. It's scary to think that this is one of our last journeys to Hogwarts, don't you think? I won't ask what you have planned once school is finished as I'm still unsure myself, whatever answer I give...I know it won't be satisfactory to my parents." Eska sighed heavily as she thought of the conversation not long had with her parents, her mother absolutely did not want their eldest child working as a healer or an auror, there was something beneath the Toynbee family name that it unsettled both parents.

Eska had retorted, was she meant to be a married housewife as soon as she had exited Hogwarts?

That was one thing Eska did not want, the last thing she wanted was to do so well at school only to end up married with children. All for the sake of what? To carry on family history, tradition and pride?

"My summer was good actually, the same as always. Ignored by my parents and the like but it doesn't really matter now, I'm finally heading back to my happy place. How was your summer? How are your siblings?" Eska didn't want to make things sound too depressing, her summer had a few bright spots along the way and at least their conversation currently seemed pleasant enough, didn't it?

Re: My Summer Was Better (Skyllem)

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 8:13 am
by Skyllem Edevane
"Really? I would think I was one of the last people you'd ever want to see, especially after what I said after the first sorting ceremony. I'm sorry about that by the way, I know it has taken far too long to apologize and that this probably isn't the best apology in the world but I'm offering a sincere apology. There is no excuse for what I said or the subsequent treatment inflicted on you by me." Skyllem felt himself blush slightly, it was a huge understatement that he had treated Eska poorly. He didn't even treat his older brother with so much disdain and Skyllem had a particularly large dislike for his brother.

"I think it's kind of exciting, next year is our last year of school. I mean, I'll miss the castle and my friends but the prospects that lay beyond the walls excite me more than anything else. Why would you want your answer to be satisfactory to your parents? I always thought they supported you wholeheartedly? And, whatever I end up doing will be nothing compared to what Torvin is doing currently. It was all my parents could speak of this summer." Skyllem couldn't help the tone with which he spoke, it wasn't his older brother's fault that he was disliked by his younger siblings.

Torvin Edevane was the golden child for several generations, according to his parents he was perfect in every way. Skyllem had to admit, his older brother was naturally gifted in many areas but it didn't justify being overshadowed by the brute for many years. He was in an unspoken competition with Torvin and was always coming last with no chance of ever coming first.

"We're a pair of sad-saps, are we not? My summer was grand, also ignored by my parents in favor of Torvin. He came home for a few weeks. I mean, it was good to see him and to have the pressure lessened by him being there but the rest of us might as well not have existed. Like you, I'm glad to be heading back to school. It means I can finally think and feel for myself and not have anyone else demand I be one way or the other. " Skyllem shook his head, trying to avoid the thoughts that kept swirling in his mind. He was heading back to his happy place and was surprised that he and Eska still shared some similarities in their family lives.

It made him realize all the more that he'd been an ass in letting her go during their first year.

Re: My Summer Was Better (Skyllem)

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:31 pm
by Eska Toynbee
Eska found herself shrugging at what Skyllem said, "It's water under the bridge, yeah it hurt at the time but I've had much worse things said to me since then. It pales in comparison really so you're forgiven. Besides, after that sorting ceremony, I avoided you like the black plague. Seriously, I did and the few times I was forced to talk to you I really didn't know what to say." Eska shrugged, it had impacted her in some way but it was the truth. Some Hogwarts students and her family had a way of making her feel small and insignificant, to the point that she was glad she was ignored more often than acknowledged.

"It's actually quite funny, sometimes I feel like I embody a badger. Scuttling away to hide in the dark places, hoping I don't attract the worst or wrong kind of attention." Eska could feel herself slipping into that dark place, the jolt of the train pulling away from the station though brought her out of that place and realigned her thoughts. She instead focused on Skyllem and gave him a friendly smile, her heart growing lighter the further away from the station they went.

"I guess we are, are you not a little glad that Torvin is the eldest and not you? I mean, could you deal with the pressure that your parents place on him?" Eska knew she could barely stand the suffocating pressure that her parents placed on her, she also saw often as a child how much pressure was placed on Torvin. They had some sort of connection in that way, one that she would never admit to and that Torvin was unlikely to know about...but to Eska it brought her a little closer to him.

"So what does your schedule look like this year? Do you want to hang out some more? I'm not sure yet which classes I'm looking forward to most but I'm sure they're all going to be as thrilling as ever." There wasn't a single ounce of sarcasm in her voice, Eska loved most of her classes, she loved the field trips and loved watching the quidditch matches. This year though, she hoped that she could do everything again with her childhood best friend, just like they had dreamed about before the sorting.

Re: My Summer Was Better (Skyllem)

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 9:22 pm
by Skyllem Edevane
Skyllem hid his surprise at Eksa's words.

He wasn't surprised, they'd spoke often as children of their eventual houses. Eska had even been so confident of her future house that she'd decked her room out in Ravenclaw colours fairly early wrong she had been. "Fair enough, if it's water under the bridge then who am I to hold it there? If you're willing to then I'm willing to let it go too." It didn't mean the guilt lifted immediately but Skyllem smiled a little brighter when he looked at Eska.

"Why would you want to hide when you can accomplish so much more when you stand out?" It was the honest truth, Skyllem had never achieved anything hiding away. Then again he'd caused pain when he'd voiced things freely and without a second thought of care in the world, maybe he could learn a little from Eska and her tendencies.

Thinking over Eska's question, Skyllem shrugged. He'd never really thought of Torvin in that way, to him his older brother had always been a shining example of what a wizarding son should be. Perfect in most ways and agreed with everything his parents demanded of him, fulfilled all their expectations and never once faltered. "In some ways I guess I am glad that it is him and not me, but I would still like the appreciation and recognition for my hard work that he receives for doing menial things. You know?" And at the end of the day, Skyllem realized that it boiled down to the amount of positive attention he received as opposed to his brother.

"Yeah, I would love to hang out more. I can introduce you to my friends as well, I have a few friends in your house so you won't be the only Hufflepuff out there. My schedule isn't looking too bad actually, Charms, history, defence...and a few others. I agree I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us." Finally, Skyllem leaned back into his seat and gave Eska a boyish grin.