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Re: Searching and Researching

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 2:52 am
by Kyani Taylor
Kyani leaned her for head against Cana's arm. She wasn't used to receiving or giving affection, but he needed something right now. She just wasn't sure what she could really do. Obvously he missed a lot about the place he thought of as home.

Though she was sympathetic towards him, she couldn't relate. She had been home schooled most of her life, and was glad to be gone from everyone. She didn't miss any of them, because they had all been jerks in the first place. She was much happier at Hogwarts. Which really wasn't saying much, but was very true.

"Do you get to see Gabe?" From the little bit of heartbreak Kyani had heard in Cana's voice, she doubted it. Still she was hopeful. The magic world had all kinds of transportation the muggle world didn't. Cana could probably snap his fingers an appear next to his boe. "Are you going to see him on holiday?"

Re: Searching and Researching

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:15 am
by Cana Havich
Cana reached down and patted Kyani's head a little bit. She was a sweet kid. He felt a surge of homesickness for his little sisters.

"Um, no. It''s complicated. We're still together, but...he's at Durmstrang now. Something happened at Gammla Uppsala. Something bad. Part of it was my fault. So his parents transferred him and...well, I didn't think I had any other reason to stay there without him. Not with how people were going to look at me afterward."

"I might try to sneak away on holiday to see him. His parents have a place in New York, and so does my grandfather. I'll probably go there to visit him, when he can sneak away. If he can sneak away. We have been best friends since we were 3 and 4. So this has been rough, being separated." He paused a bit and looked down at Kyani with a soft smile. "I think you two would like each other a lot. He's...pretty amazing."

And talented, and handsome, and wonderful, and strong, he brain provided. Gods, Cana had it bad. He wasn't sure how he was going to survive till summer. Maybe Gabe would to NYC for Hannukah though. Then he could maybe persuade his mother to go on a shopping excursion/visit to grandfather. That wouldn't be too terrible.

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Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 8:38 pm
by Kyani Taylor
Kyani didn't really like men, but if this Gabe was anywhere near as kind and sweet as Cana was turning out to be, she was sure they could become friends. The young Slytherin was just about to suggest a direction to start exploring, when she heard padded feet bounding down the hall. A streak of dark brown and light grey charged at Kyani. When it was only a few feet away, it leapt into the air. Kyani braced herself and caught the thing against her chest, snuggling her face into the fur.

She grinned up at Cana, the kitten smushed in her arms. "This is Thai. I think he's part Siamese, part Burmese." The cat wiggled its way onto her slim shoulders. "Thai, this is my friend Cana." She had never cared for a pet before, but Thai was easy to take care of. All she had to do was sneak him her left over food. He was a big fan of sweets, too. How the cat didn't weigh as much as her, she had no clue. "You can pet him, if you want. He's very friendly."

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Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 8:55 pm
by Cana Havich
Cana smiled tightly at the cat, not wanting to indicate any stress. Cats hated him. Most animals outside of some dogs hated him actually. He hadn't ever purposefully hurt an animal, but a fair few had met an early demise back in the early stages of his accidental fire and ice magic. It was like every subsequent animal he met could smell their deaths on him. It was...horrible actually. He really liked animals, just like he liked kids. But they were terrified.

This cat was particularly adorable. He had bright eyes and a ridiculously cute face. Kyani seemed correct about the breeds from the looks of it. Likely a couple of purebred pet cats had a dalliance and created a litter of little Thais wandering around the castle.

Thai was glancing at him distrustfully, but didn't seem outright afraid of Cana. That was...better?

"Erm," Cana hesitated. "I'm not the best with cats," he said embarrassedly. They sense my sins, he didn't say.

He hesitantly reached out towards the cat, not wanting to disappoint Kyani, but also not liking where this was going.

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Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:00 pm
by Kyani Taylor
Kyani watched as Thai's ears went back and his lip curled. The cat's eyes were locked on Cana's approching hand. As a low growl sounded from the creature, Kyani reached up and grabbed the cat by the scruff of his neck. She didn't want any damage done to either if her friend's. "It's okay," the girl said, not quite sure who she was addressing. Looking up at Cana, she said, " He's not usually like this."

She had the feeling that maybe Thai didn't like boys. She head sometimes it was like that for animals. They favored one gender or another. Maybe he was a girl-person kind of cat.

Shifting Thai off her shoulder and onto the ground, she let him free. The cat stayed a moment longer, his tail twitching as he glared at Cana. After a long stair down, though, the cat hissed and bout off.

"It's okay," Kyani said again, looking up at Cana. "Not everyone is a cat person."

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Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:54 pm
by Cana Havich
Of course, he wasn't usually like this, Cana thought. Usually he was around good people, not strange, damaged, awful creatures like him. Cats were good judges of character, he'd found, who didn't give their affections out to the undeserving. And he definitely was undeserving.

He watched balefully as the cat hissed and ran off. For not the first time since coming to school, he missed his dogs Geri and Freki. They were big intimidating boys, with golden hearts who trusted Cana far more than he deserved. They'd snuggle up with him and Kristian often, and they smothered Gabe with affection any time he came over. They were even patient enough to let his little sisters adorn them with flower collars. Dogs, he thought, were more his type.

He smiled at Kyani's comment and tried not to let his tension come through.

"Yeah, they probably sense I have dogs," he explained. "Or I'm too big for them. They're afraid I'll squish them or something. Do you like dogs too?" he asked, trying to direct the conversation to something more safe. "I have two big boys. Geri and Freki, named for Odin's wolves. They're Cane Corsos, these big Italian mastiff types. They were originally used as guard dogs, but these two are too lazy for that!"

They weren't really, but it wouldn't do to tell little Kyani about the time they'd nearly mauled an intruder to death in the family home. They'd both sustained some damage--Freki had a pretty wicked scar across his face now from a knife--but the man who'd broken in to do gods knew what? Was so bad off, Cana almost felt sympathy for him.


He had, after all, been dangerously close to the twins' room. And perhaps it was better the dogs found him before Cana and his father did.

The dogs were probably more gentle.

Re: Searching and Researching

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 4:46 pm
by Kyani Taylor
"I've never had dogs before," Kyani told Cana as she watched her cat run down the hall. Thai apparently had some attitude problems that they needed to work on. Sure, Cana was a big guy, but he obvously wasn't going to hurt anyone. She had noticed the restraint he had when he'd helped her, he was way too kind hearted and careful to actually hurt anything. It must have been the dog thing. "I think I like them, though."

Kyani's mother was as much an animal person as she was a kid person, that was to say-- she wasn't either. There had been a few photo shoots, though, where Kyani had gotten to pose with puppies and the like. She found them all really sweet. One had even licked her nose. She'd wanted to adopt that one, but Kate wouldn't allow it.

"I'm sorry you couldn't bring your dogs here," she told him reaching back up to take his hand. She wasn't usually a hand-holding kind of person, but that was because she'd never hand anyone to hold hands with. The fact that Cana wasn't interested in her in "that way" made it better, she thought, because she didn't have to worry about him getting the wrong impression. "It would have been nice if you got to bring something from home."

Re: Searching and Researching

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 3:18 pm
by Cana Havich
"Dogs are great," Cana said a bit enthusiastically. "I'm not a big fan of small dogs, mostly because they're so delicate, but I love big ones. Geri is about 100 pounds, and Freki is about 120--which is a bit big for a Cane Corso, but not like overweight by too much."

The truth was, he was a bit chubby. But ever since Freki had put himself on the line for his sisters, Cana spoiled him all too much with special treats like meat and biscuits. He probably should stop and get the dog more exercise to stay in shape, but Freki was just so cute as a big pudgy baby.

"I think you'd like my dogs," he replied to her. "They are...very intimidating looking, but they love people a lot. Very much friendly. And I've been thinking about getting a third pup. It might be better to wait until after I graduate, but you'd be more than welcome to come over and see it. I'm sure you'd make great friends with my sisters too!" He couldn't imagine Scarlett and Sable not liking Kyani.

"Yeah, I really miss them," Cana replied. "I can see why I couldn't bring them--they take up a lot of space. And they'd probably scare quite a few people. Not to mention dog allergies. But I do miss them a lot. I've never been much of an owl person, and you've seen how cats react to me. Toads aren't really very cuddly creatures either, and I don't have the best track record in keeping them alive," he cringed. Kyani didn't have to know that they usually ended up being used in potions. It seemed incredibly callous even though his research was for the greater good.

"My sisters have horses," he switched topics. "I'm sure if you visited, they could teach you how to ride. It'd be pretty cool. You seem really good with animals. I'm sure they'd like you--the twins and the horses, I mean."