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Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 11:26 pm
by Kyani Taylor
Kyani felt way uncomfortable with the concern Cana was giving her. Not that he was the reason for the concern. She was a pretty good judge of character, she figured. Kyani was a little worried about the look in his eyes when Cana had started talking about money, but other than that she couldn't feel anything creepy coming off of him. He was honestly worried for her. And that freaked her out.

She shifted away from him, just slightly so she was out of his touch. Most people either treated her like an inanimate object or too young and/or daft to make her own decisions. It was supposed to be different here. She was a witch, for pity sake! She could, like, blast people or something! Okay, she couldn't really, because her wand had it out for her and hated her, but she had a freaking wand. She wasn't glass anymore. She could take care of herself.

Except she kept being drawn back to the look on Cana's face. He wasn't there because he had to be. He had literally just told her how hard it was on his body to be this close to the ground, yet here he was. Kyani swallowed the sharp I'm fine that threatened to push from her and forced herself to say, "Thank you. I'll be... alright, though. And I am a 'Slytherin.'" It was still weird to her that everyone was grouped off into different houses and that they all meant something. Was Cana suggesting he was also in the Slytherin House? "There really isn't anywhere I want to go. I was planning to explore," she nodded to the architecture book, "but you've been here for years. You probably know the castle like the back of your hand." Maybe he would even be will8ng to show her around.

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Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 11:41 pm
by Cana Havich
Cana could feel her shift away, and he cursed inwardly. Of course, she'd be creeped out. He was a guy like 5 or so years older than her! Of course, she would read something into it that wasn't necessarily there. That's how the world worked, often and unfortunately. He'd heard enough horror stories from his sisters and cousins to know that. He was just so used to the girls back at school knowing he was gay, he supposed, for him to even think that anyone here would get that sort of creepy vibe off him at least. He'd have to be more careful.

Drawing his hand back closer to himself, he looked off to the side away from her face. He felt his discomfort grow the more she said stuff. She needed someone who knew what they were doing, not someone who was just as lost as she was in many ways. But he was always nothing if not determined to plough ahead with his dumb ideas. He supposed--from the way everyone else talked at least--that he should have been a Gryffindor.

"Well, I'm a Slytherin too," he finally replied. "If you ever need anything, just let me know. If I can't get it the normal way, I'm sure it can easily be smuggled in. Just don't tell my aunt or cousins here. Even Dahlia. She's a Slytherin, as well, but she's more likely to tell my aunt if I'm up to something," he nodded. That probably came off equally as creepy to be honest, but at least he was being sincere.

"Unfortunately, I'm as new as I assume you are? I up and moved here with my family from the Gammla Uppsala School in Sweden. That place, I do know like the back of my hand. But here is brand new. But if you need someone to help you explore or reach high places, I would be happy too. If you want, of course. I know my cousin Morrigan had a run in with some of these awful stairs the other day, and I'd hate to see it happen to someone else. Her bag got stuck on the barrister just as the stiars started moving: it took her and her whole bag with her, and she fell right down. I hate these accursed things."

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Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:22 am
by Kyani Taylor
Kyani could feel Cana close off slightly when she'd moved away. She could just kick herself. How did she explain that it wasn't his fault without going into the awful details that no one wanted to hear? It wasn't like she was unaware. She knew she lived in an abusive relationship, both physically and physiologically, with her mother. It wasn't news to her. Unfortunately for her, accepting and overcoming were two very different things. Many people loved to point out what was wrong, but they refused to help change it. So Kyani had stopped talking about it all together.

She was about to apologize, when Cana started talking about his family. He was new, too. It appeared they were in the same boat, then. It was nice to know that someone older with much more knowledge was as lost in this huge place as she was. She had been hanging on his every word, collecting herself and standing so that neither of them had to be on the ground anymore, when he mentioned his cousin falling from the stairs. She had see how high up they were. On instinct, Kyani grabbed Cana, her small hand hardly fitting around his wrist. "My goodness! Is she alright?"

She was sure the girl had to be, after all Cana didn't look too torn up over it. And the hospital wing was--literally--magic. "You have to promise to catch me," she told Cana seriously, "if that ever happens while we're exploring." She was deathly afraid of heights taller than ten feet and had nearly had a panic attack trying to get to class. She thanked the universe for little things, like the Slytherin's dorm being in one of the basement towers.

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Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:08 pm
by Cana Havich
He stood slowly and somewhat achingly. He knew logically that he was too young for any of this, but the crash as a child had caused issues where he was sure there would be none without it. Both physically and psychologically. He looked down with a start when she grabbed him. Maybe she was just uncomfortable when someone else initiated touch? Cana could understand that. He resolved to do better, since she didn't look like she was about to run away screaming just yet.

"Morrigan is fine," he assured her. "It takes a lot more than a tumble down some stairs--painful as that might be--to hurt a Havich OR a Delaney, and she happens to be both. It certainly dampened her day to lose the bag though," he rolled his eyes a bit. While she wasn't as devoted to fashion as Lyssa or Dahlia, it was an expensive bag. It certainly wasn't a financial blow considering how ridiculously rich their family was, but it was still irritating for her, he imagined.

"We're pretty tough stock," he explained. "I'm not the only one in my family who is," he gestured vaguely towards everything about him, "not small. Have you met my aunt yet? She's the Muggle Studies teacher. Give a glance up to the Head Table some time, and you'll see what I mean."

He softened a bit at her fear. Poor thing was likely now terrified because of what he said. But he couldn't help but feel a nice feeling welling up at her trust in him. While his sisters and cousins all trusted him to help them when they needed it, they were....well, less in need of his help, generally. It felt nice

"I promise I'll do my best. And that any time I'm there, I'll keep you safe."

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Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:35 pm
by Kyani Taylor
Cana was an odd person and Kyani was still trying to wrap her head around him. Physically, he looked like a Goliath-Adonis; she would have no issue betting on him in a boxing or wrestling match, but still would be unsurprised to see him backstage of a fashion show or preparing for a photo shoot. But he was different from anyone else she had met in her old life. He seemed to care about people and not expect anything in return. It was confusing and she didn't know if she would ever get used to it.

As much as she told herself that it wasn't unusual for someone to be nice and protective just for the sake of it, it was still hard to believe. Then again, he mentioned girls in his family. He had dark hair and it was just as likely they did, too. For some reason, it was easier to accept the fact that she made him think of someone he knew as his reason for considering her than thinking he actually cared for her as a person. It was all giving her a headache, though, so she changed the subject.

"So," Kyani drawled out, "you want to be a... magical pharmacist? With the Fil--the Fel-- the luck potion?" She knew there was a lot of maths and science that went into things like that, which meant Cana had to be overwhelmingly smart, as well. "That's pretty wicked."

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Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:30 pm
by Cana Havich
He genuinely smiled when she said his ambitions sounded cool. Few people outside his family thought so.

"Sort of. More like bio-medical research with potions instead of traditional Muggle medicine. My whole family is sort of into that. Morphing Muggle technology with magic. Making things work better for Muggles is very profitable. It earns a stellar reputation too which makes us worthy of investment."

He continued on. "My grandfather's the brains behind it really. He once realized that there were a few potions with ingredients that were completely mundane. He began marketing them to Muggles, and there was nothing the bureaus could do, since there was nothing unique about the ingredients. He soon found that with advances in Muggle chemistry things like Boomslang venom or Ashwinder eggs could be artificially created, resulting in a lot more potions he could market without the Statute of Secrecy getting in the way. Spells are trickier, but if you put them on tiny enough parts that the Muggles never even see, it slides under the radar too."

He felt himself babbling, so he shut it off. Instead her turned the topic back around to where he'd originally wanted it to go. "Do you want to go exploring right now? There are several places I actually need to find. I know vaguely where the kitchens are since my cousin is in Hufflepuff. But things like the Divination room eludes me. Which is bad, as I have a class there in a few days," he smiled sheepishly. "It was a required at Gammla Uppsala, so I figured I'd continue it here. It has a long tradition in Scandinavian magic."

He offered his hand to Kyani, figuring she was too small to take his elbow just yet.

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Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:10 am
by Kyani Taylor
"Yeah, let's find the dev-in-alation place." Whatever that was. Kyani put her hand firmly in Cana's. She liked him and he made her feel safe. There were some people Kyani would have refused to go off alone with, but Cana was a good person at heart. If he let himself be. Listening to him talk, she was surprised he wasn't in the smart person house, though, he was way too obsessed with money. She knew that kind of obsession came from people with too little income or too much. Judging from all the interesting things his family was selling, she would say he was in the later category.

"I have a friend in Huffelpuff," she offered, "he's a third year." Really, she should get some friends her own age. And she was trying! It was just hard when one had been surrounded by older people their whole lives. And she didn't really like people all too well, either. Sure, some of them were alright, but almost everyone would trample you to get what they wanted.

Looking down at the books resting on her hip, she wondered aloud, "Do we check these out like in a normal library, or are they magic-ed?" Would an alarm go off it they walked away without signing out to books? Or did they have a tracking spell on them? Those were the kinds of questions that should have been answered in orientation, not what kind of stone was used to make the front steps.

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Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:01 pm
by Cana Havich
Cana gave her hand a little squeeze and sent a grin her way when she said "divination" wrong. Perhaps she was Muggleborn after all? From his understanding, that would be very unique for Slytherin. He'd definitely have to keep more of an eye on the way people treated her. While most of his family never bought into blood purity, his paternal grandmother did; hearing some of the things she'd said about him, his siblings, his cousins, and especially his mom had made his blood boil.

He perked up a little at her saying she had a third year friend in Hufflepuff, but it seemed it wasn't Morrigan. Maybe befriending Morrigan would be good for her too?

"My cousin is actually a third year Hufflepuff too! She's a girl though. Her name is Morrigan. I ought to introduce you two some time. I feel like you'd get along," he said. "Or at least, I hope you would. Morrigan is a bit dramatic at times, but she's very sweet."

He thought of all the times he'd babysat in younger cousin and she'd ended up doing stuff like rescuing kittens or picking flowers for her pet bunnies. She was a living ray of sunshine some days, and given to horrible fits of pique on others. It concerned him, honestly. But his dad had just said it was part of being a teenager, so he let it go.

"I also have a cousin who's a second year Ravenclaw, but he's ahh..." Cana tried to find a diplomatic way to say what he wanted, "he's given to...well he doesn't like change very much and this move was a very big one. He's likely not the best person to try to make friends with right now. Though he probably needs them. He's very recognizable though. If you happen to run into an abnormally tall second year boy with short black hair and gray eyes, that's RJ."

Cana frowned and looked down at the books. He wasn't actually sure how to answer Kyani's question. Back at Gammla Uppsala, the doorway to the library was charmed so that the books had a tracking spell on them. When they came due, you'd get a letter of warning, and if you didn't return them in time, they'd just disappear and reappear back at the library. It was very convenient, of course, so he wasn't sure Hogwarts had adapted it. He was still shocked by all the moving stairs and what a hazard they were even for able-bodied people.

"We should probably go ask. I imagine things were different at my old school."

He took a few twists and turns around shelves (slowly, so as to not drag poor Kyani behind him), before he found the librarian. Kyani was right about it being a more traditional check out process, though with the way the stamp on the book's card glowed after it was placed on there, he wouldn't be surprised to find the book apparating back to the library if he took too long.

When he was done, he turned to talk to Kyani while she checked out.

"You'd really think they would give us a map of this place with how huge and confusing it is. Especially compared to my old one. Not to harp on it, but it's quite the culture shock. Gammla Uppsala's academic building was just one long hall with classes splitting off on either side. Going from that to this has been quite...difficult."

For a lot of reasons he thought, but didn't say aloud. Kyani didn't need someone like him unburdening on her. She was too young and nice really, to be hanging out with an older, awful person like him.

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Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:49 am
by Kyani Taylor
Kyani got her book back and turned to Cana so she could take his hand again. It wasn't awkward or weird like it would have been with some boys. Even at eleven, she had a high awareness of romantic relationships. She had seen enough of them to last a lifetime. She felt safe with Cana, though, like she was holding a brother's hand.

"Maybe it's a test," she offered as they headed towards the great oak doors of the library. "They weed out the weak students by getting them lost. Only the strong servive." She grinned up at him so he knew she was joking. Mostly.

"Do you miss it at all?" She asked in a quiet tone. "Your old school, I mean. Your teachers. Your friends. Your," she hesitated slightly, not wanting to offend him if she was wrong, "boyfriend?" The girl's clear blue eyes watched for a reaction, her heart pounding against her chest. She didn't want to lose one of the few friends she had. Her gay-dar was usually pretty accurate, though.

Cana didn't scream GAY! like some of the guy's she had known in the muggle world, but there was a subtleness there. It didn't bother her, but she really hoped he didn't mind being called on it. Her mouth had gotten her in trouble many times before.

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Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 2:24 am
by Cana Havich
"Maybe," he replied. "In that case, we should be fine. I think we're a pretty tough pair, don't you?" he asked, grinning. Cana knew he'd go a long way to protect the little girl who was the same age as his sisters. Kyani might not know it, but she had earned herself a protector.

He stilled a bit as she talked about what he had missed. Boy, was she perceptive with the boyfriend comment. He knew he had tells of sorts, but he wasn't precisely as obvious as Gabe was. His parents had figured it out pretty early though what with his...particular interest in wrestling. While he supposed it was fairly normal for little boys to idolize wrestlers, his attentions were obviously crushes.

"I miss it a lot," he said with quiet honestly. "I miss Professor Magnusson and his ridiculous hair. I miss Professor Freyrsdottir, and her interactive Dark arts lessons. I miss Ivar and Ragnhild. And Kurt and Kristian. And yes, I did--do have a boyfriend. His name is Gabe. Gabriel Warner. And I miss him more than anything. He's...everything to me really. I'm not entirely sure where I stand or how to breathe without him."

He didn't want to overburden poor Kyani with his feelings. He was the older one after all. He should be the one showing strength to her. But something about the way she asked it, so genuine and concerned, had made him open up in a way he couldn't before.