A .. Stucky? Situation [Lacey and open]

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A .. Stucky? Situation [Lacey and open]

Post by Lavinia Telly Rae » Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:54 pm

Lavinia sputtered and hacked as she waved her hand in front of her face and tried to clear the cloud of dust that had risen up in front of her.
She liked the smell of old dust. It made her think of old tales and long forgotten heroes and people with stories that were worth telling!

But she preferred them not in her lungs.

Also, she had grown a little.
It was most inconvenient, especially when she was stuck in a . . . whatever it was. It seemed to be a tunnel of some kind. She would have thought it was for House elves, as it seemed about their size, except that she was pretty sure that house elves didn't need tunnels like this. They seemed to . . POOF! - wherever they wanted to go!

She had simply been exploring as she liked to do and one hallway led to another, when she had noticed that one tapestry had hung a bit oddly. She had peeked behind it and lo and behold! A small, sqaure-ish opening was behind it! So she had adjusted her trusty brown satchel and climbed in. It had gone for a very long way and now she had finally come to its end. Some sort of classroom . . or closet or something. It was hard to tell, as another hanging was over this end. She could see there were some chairs, as she could see their legs, but that was all.
Lavinia would love to climb out and stretch her legs, but there were two problems with that. One, she was somehow high up on the wall now, somewhere near the ceiling. Though she had grown a bit this year, she still wasn't quite at the 5 foot mark yet and that was quite a drop!

Secondly, her growth HAD caused her to become a tad . . stuck. She had pushed and all it had done was to cause that cloud of dust to rise up right into her nose! So she was coughing. Hopefully no one was IN that room, or they would be quite alarmed or surprised right about now. Or maybe not. People were surprising. on the other hand, maybe they could help her. She couldn't even reach into her satchel for her wand! She was too squeezed into her hole! Sigh. Complications. Well, Maybe someday she'd get so hungry that she would slim down and then she could free herself. Just thinking about it made her hungry . . she wondered what was for dinner. .

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