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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men... (Open)

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 5:59 pm
by Rowan Fox
Rowan wasn't looking for someone specifically. She was looking for a vague, general idea of someone. Someone clever, old enough to have life experience, but not too old as to sweep her trouble away with a simple "you're exaggerating" and send her on her way. And most importantly, she needed someone a few morals shy.

It wasn't that she needed someone willing to do something bad in particular, but she had thought through all the morally sound ways of getting this problem off her back, and none of them even looked good on paper. She couldn't win if she played by the rules.

Which was how she found herself wondering the shelves of the library during her free period instead of outside on her broom. Hazel eyes scanned the room, but not for books.

She'd already come across a group of giggling girls, too young and not yet disillusioned with life. They would be sympathetic, but of no help to her. No, what she needed was an ideas person who thought in a way she didn't. What she needed was--

"Oofph," Rowan turned the corner and walked right into a person-shaped wall. Maybe that old saying was right, maybe the things you needed really did come to you. "Hullo there."

Re: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men... (Open)

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:18 pm
by Cana Havich
Cana was finding a home away from home in the Hogwarts library. It wasn't as fun as being outside; but some days, the weather just wasn't conducive to his plans. Not that is was particularly bad today, but a light fog had settled around Hogwarts that indicated incoming poor weather. So he found himself in the library once again, tracking down a random potions book to poke around in.

As he turned a corner though, a familiar sensation overcame him. Or rather, hit him right in the chest. At his size, he wasn't particularly unused to the feeling of someone hitting him head first in the sternum, but it was never pleasant. He grunted slightly and looked down.

An objectively pretty girl had run straight into him. He was irritated, but tamped the feeling down. It was obviously an accident, so getting angry at the girl was perfectly useless. Besides, he had an aversion to being mean to most girls in general. It made him itchy. For all his faults, disrespecting women generally wasn't one.

"Sorry," he bit out, rubbing his chest where she'd plowed into him. He was about to say something about them not seeing each other when he realized how stupid it would sound. He was nearing seven feet tall, and she had flaming red hair. He doubted visibility was a problem either of them were used to.

"You okay?" he asked. She hadn't seemed like she was about to topple over, but it was polite to make sure after all. Mom would appear and chastise him for bad manners if he didn't ask. "And hello. I don't think we've met?" She seemed very intent on him suddenly for some reason, and he felt suddenly uncomfortable. Hopefully, she didn't have the wrong idea about him. He hated having to come out over and over again more or less since he got here. No one had had a bad reaction yet, of course (thankfully), but he also hadn't had to let anyone down gently. He was entirely unsure how to do it.

Re: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men... (Open)

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 8:58 pm
by Rowan Fox
Rowan eyed the man she had literally run into and rubbed her nose a bit. She wasn't short, but the guy towered over her like she was a child. It was rather obvious, she thought, who he was. Oh sure, she didn't know his name, but there was a list to guess off of, and it was only half as long, given the fact that he was, in fact, a he.

The girl waved away his concern absently. She had taken bigger and badder tumbles on the Quidditch Pitch, a body-smack wasn't even a thing that registered for her anymore. "Ah'm fine, Ah'm fine," she assured him, the humor in her voice causing her Irish lilt to thicken some. "No, Ah don't think we have met. Ah'm Rowan. And you are--let me guess--" She tapped her finger against her lips, dragging her eyes down the boy'd body. "Height for days, sexy accent, and looks that rival the whole school. Which of the Delaneys are you?"

This could be good, Rowan realized, this could be very good. The Delaneys were from a whole other culture. They were bound to have some ideas she hadn't thought of or tricks up their sleeves. She'd never even thought about asking Persephone, which was totally daft on her part. She was here now, though, and so was someone with a male perspective. "Ah'm Persephone's dorm mate, Gryffindor, you know. Can I steal your time?"

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Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:18 am
by Cana Havich
Cana's eyes widened, and he felt a dark blush rise to his cheeks. For not the first time since coming to Hogwarts, he was somewhat glad his darker complexion generally hid his embarrassment well. He wasn't used to this kind of attentions from....well, girls, and he definitely didn't want it. Her comments made his ears turn hot, and he felt vaguely intimidated.

"Umm...I'm their cousin. Cana. Cana Havich. Their mom is my dad's sister," he explained. He wondered for more than a few moments who she was talking about when it finally came to him. Lyssa. She was talking about Lyssa.

Well that was good, at least, he thought. She was making friends. She had lots of friends back home, even during the worst parts of her life, and though they weren't all loyal and good to her the way Cana thought she deserved, they were at least there for her. But here, he was worried she'd let her thoughts get the better of her without them. So if this girl was one of Lyssa's new friends, perhaps it was better for everyone if he stopped to help her.

"Sure," he finally settled upon saying, with more than a little hesitancy in his voice. "What exactly it that you need from me?"

Dad had always been very explicit. Never agree to a favor without asking what it was first.

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Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:15 pm
by Rowan Fox
Rowan gestured over to a nearby table, "Come on sexy cousin, Ah'll show you." It was easier to explain what she needed if he read the letters first. It wasn't that she was worried he wouldn't believe her, but she was basically noting to him. What could he possibly get from helping her? Most people weren't in the business of handing their services over for free, and even though Rowan just needed an ideas man, sometimes ideas came with a price.

As she spread the crumpled letters out on the table in chronological order, Rowan started running through her head what she could offer Cana in exchange. It was something that she probably should have thought about before going on her search, but each person wanted something different. She didn't know what Cana would want. He was obviously uncomfortable with the way she was speaking about him, so the was hopeful it wouldn't require any unsavory favors.

She hated when people pussyfooted around what they wanted, so she cut to the chase. "My uncle is my legal guardian," Rowan said, tucking a strand of her red hair behind her ear. "Ah never see him, cos he travels for work, but this letter was waiting for me in his Dublin apartment." She pushed the first of the letters forward. There were a lot of filler words, but it boiled to the fact that if she didn't want to go to collage--a Muggle collage--she would have to get a job after graduation. It didn't sound so bad, but there was a short list of "appropriate" jobs, and the most exciting thing on there was a library desk job. "And then a week later, he sends me this."

The second of the three letters was a counter offer. Her uncle would forgo the first ultimatum, if she got married within a year of graduation. That letter had been crumpled and stomped on until she had to force the page to lay flat. Marriage was off the table. No way, no how. But it hadn't stopped the third letter from coming. Compared to the other two, the page was pristine. Rowan didn't like touching it, because it made her sick to her stomach.

It was a request for her hand. Danny Flech, 27. He wanted to get married a month after she graduated. He would pay for her to go to a good collage, and even wait for children until she graduated. It was the final offer, and unless she could find a job her uncle approved of, it was the only offer. Rowan slumped into one of the seats, utterly defeated. "I don't know what to do."

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Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:24 am
by Cana Havich
Cana couldn't often say he was horrified. There had been multiple distinctly horrifying events in his life that had otherwise immunized him to the feeling. But as the letters progressed, the familiar feeling bubbled up in his stomach. He could feel the look on his face shifting to disbelief. The idea of getting a job after school was fine; but the list itself was ridiculously sexist. While the jobs that were held majority by women were incredibly valuable, he also knew that's not why the uncle had picked them. He was trying to keep his niece subjugated.

But as he continued on it got even worse. Marriage? What the hell? She would be 18 at best when she graduated Hogwarts...Aunt Jetta had been 18 when she got married, but she's also been pregnant with the twins, and Cana knew that her and Uncle Roman had had rough patches--and they had chosen to get married! And once he got to the last letter, he was ready to go to Ireland and beat both of the men down. He felt like he had to wash his hands even touching the letters.

Cana put the letter down and backed a bit away. Glaring at them, he considered his options. He didn't actually have to consider long though, when an idea struck him. It would be a bit awkward to explain, and it might even seem a bit outlandish, but it would almost definitely work.

"There's an internship. A paid one, with a guaranteed job afterward as long as you don't screw up majorly. And if you do a great job at the internship, it'd be a very, very good job. And even the job you'd get if you don't do great would still probably be a good one. And--it pains me to say this--we could probably spin it onto your uncle's approval list."

He turned to her. "Has Lyssa ever told you much about our family? They a business," he understated. "It's a rather big and successful one. And my dad's personal assistant is looking to train her new protégé. She and her wife are going through an adoption journey right now, and when she comes back she wants a less strenuous role in the company so she can be a mom. I'm not going to lie, you're a bit young for the job. And Bong Cha is a Muggle. But I feel like it would at least buy you time, and guarantee you a job afterward at the company. Cause if my dad and aunt and grandfather hear your story, there would be no way they'd just let you go jobless. And it's a good company too, like, they pay well and their health care--mostly Muggle health care, but that's pretty good too--and could help you a lot? And I think we could spin it as..." he glanced back at the list and pointed without touching the paper, "secretary. It's a lot more difficult and complicated than just that, but there's also a lot of travel. And Bong Cha gets a lot of kickbacks and stuff from powerful people too. If you're her assistant, some of it's bound to come to you too."

"We don't have any offices here....yet, at least. But we have them in Norway, France, Germany, and the United States. And we have them in a lot of places overseas in Asia as well. So you'd have to travel a lot. Hopefully, you'll like it."

Bong Cha would likely be upset with him until he explained the situation. Then he couldn't imagine the older woman not taking Rowan under her wing to train her. If nothing else, having this internship and starting job on her resumé would help Rowan get her foot into a lot of places.

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Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:09 am
by Gregory H. Masterson
Gregory didn't much like going to the library in bad weather.

Yes, it was cozier then. Yes, it was nice place to go and feel comfortable, dry and warm in inclement weather. But everyone felt that way! At least, it seemed so. It made the library positively crowded. He preferred the Library on a sunny summer day, particularly if there was a Quidditch game on. Plenty of bright light, empty spaces, the whole place to himself.

With the fog thick outside, many students had flocked to seek the comfort of the shelves.
Gregory could hardly keep the sneer from his face as he walked past them. Facades! He bet less than 10 percent really cared about their studies! They just wanted to feel better!

Still, he tried to keep himself in check and settled for a cool, blank look on his face as he tried to get through to the Transfiguration sections (advanced) while touching as few people as possible.

He had finally made it to a less populated area when a familiar voice caught his attention. Odd!
Was Cana working on a new modification in Transfiguration then? He certainly didn't want to seem to be hanging around all the time, but the possibility of missing out on a new idea like that was too good to pass up. Gregory changed direction and walked up the aisle towards Cana and a girl he had seen around, but who was from some other house.
She had never shown herself to be useful, although several of the other gentlemen in the common room had mentioned her with admiration.
Gregory slowed his pace, aware again of how terribly tall Cana was and how much he wished he was taller, himself.

"Good day." He spoke softly, this was the Library after all. "Cana, nice to see you again." He inclined his head to the girl. "Gregory Masterson, at your service. Am I interrupting?"

Re: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men... (Open)

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 1:42 am
by Rowan Fox
Rowan didn't want to watch Cana as he read the letters, but he was huge and drew her attention. He was the first person she had let read the letters, and the longer they were before him, the more twisted her stomach became. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe she shouldn't have handed over her deepest consern over to the first capable person she met.

She was about to snatch the letters back when she saw the look of disbelief on his face. Of course he would doubt her. Who set up arranged marriages these days? Who agreed to them when you could just run off? But Everly was the only family Rowan had left, he might have been extremely old-fashioned but she couldn't just cut him from her life.

It was too late to take them back, though, and she refused to play it off as a joke. She would just have to take her things, cut her losses and find someone who would--The offer of an internship caught her off guard. "What?"

It sounded too good to be true. Way too good. But Persephone had mentioned breifly that her whole family was involved in some huge company. It sounded... perfect. But Rowan knew not to jump into anything without all the information, though. There had to be a downside to this all... right? It couldn't be [i[that[/i] easy, could it?

Before she could prepare a proper response, a tall (though not as tall as Cana) blond appeared. Rowan knew him from class. It was impossible to be in the same year as someone for th is long and not at least know their face. He was Gary or Gray, or someone. He had a beautiful owl, but she'd never had an actual conversation with him.

Rowan quickly snatched at the letters. "Nope. Nu-uh. Not interrupting a thing, cutie pie." She tried to smile to sell in but wasn't sure it worked.

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Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:26 pm
by Cana Havich
Cana blinked at Rowan's confusion. Now that he thought about it, it truly must seem strange for that to drop on her out of the blue. But Cana genuinely couldn't think of a better solution. Well, a better legal solution. While deserved, it was also frowned upon to go beat complete strangers into a pulp. And Cana was sure his dad would understand why he was trying to help. It was truly archaic and barbaric what this uncle of hers was suggesting.

"I promise I'm being sincere. Like I said, you might not get Bong Cha's job, but you'd definitely get some sort of job. And it'll pay for college too, if that's what you want. I know this is...a lot, but it's really the best way I know how to help you."

Cana soon stilled and looked over awkwardly as Gregory made his way over. Cana generally would be happy to see him; he was much smarter and more interesting to talk to than most of the boys here. But the whole situation seemed to be awkward for poor Rowan, who had picked up and was hiding the letters. Cana quickly thought of a half-truth to cover their tracks.

"Nothing terribly important," Cana smiled. "Rowan was just exploring some options for after Hogwarts, and I was telling her about opportunities at my family's company in case she might be interested. I've found so few people here have thoughtful concerns for life after schooling. But she does," he assured, smiling at her. "It's a very smart thing, regardless of what you end up choosing to do," he lied, hoping she would realize that he was covering for her. There was the possibility of course, that Gregory could tell her was lying; hopefully, he would realize the matter was private and just leave it at that.

Cana trudged forward awkwardly into politeness.

"Speaking of family, my Dad sent me some new ingredients for my research. Nothing particularly rare like the Joberknolls feathers, but some good solid ingredients that are difficult to get ahold of here at Hogwarts. I enjoy Potions class here, but the curriculum seems to avoid non-traditional ingredients."

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Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 5:52 am
by Gregory H. Masterson
Gregory knew he was good looking. It was in the genes (though you wouldn't think it to look at his father these days) and he worked hard to keep it that way, but he was strongly opposed to being referred to as 'cutie pie'.

Appearances were important. No matter how much he might not care about them for their own sake, they made a difference to how far you could get in your career - in life - in everything. People cared how you looked. But 'Cutie pie' was not really what he was aiming for.

"Rowan was just exploring some options for after Hogwarts, and I was telling her about opportunities at my family's company in case she might be interested. I've found so few people here have thoughtful concerns for life after schooling. But she does. It's a very smart thing, regardless of what you end up choosing to do" Cana said.

Gregory's gaze sharpened at once. He looked quickly at 'Rowan', who hadn't introduced herself. What was this, then? Cana was adding someone to the mix? Of course, he was free to do as he wished with his business, but - Gregory didn't care for Cana's phrasing. 'Opportunities' and 'concerns for life after schooling'. He would have much preferred it if Cana had said 'a job'. He wondered if Cana was going deeper into business with her. Would this Rowan become a problem to Gregory's own plans for Canas' family's business?
Something more than met the eye certainly seemed to be up. Perhaps Havitch was sweet on her.

Cana mentioned it being smart, too, which was something geared to make Gregory appreciate her. So Cana wanted him to like her, or at least approve of it. Interesting.
Gregory nodded and was about to speak when Cana continued. He continued by speaking of the feathers! and of the research! Gregory's eyes widened a bit, practically a shout for him, which he quickly reined in.
The idiot! He was blabbing about it all in front of the girl! Did he know nothing about research? The very first rule of thumb was to NEVER discuss anything you were working on in front of anyone else! They could steal the research!

With Cana's family in the potions business, he should certainly know that.
Gregory smiled sweetly at him, his eyes steely.
"Ah. Well, we shall have to discuss it some time when there aren't more - pressing matters at hand. Please thank your father for me." He turned to Rowan. "Miss Rowan, was it? You are very fortunate to be offered the chance to work at such a successful and cutting edge business." He leaned on the edge of the table, nonchalantly. "Tell me, Miss Rowan, when did you first start your passion for potions?"