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Re: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men... (Open)

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:24 pm
by Rowan Fox
Rowan was honestly 8mpressed by Cana's ability to swing the truth. Because, really, none of what he said was a lie. But it all sounded so... professional. Not like she was trying to escape an arranged marriage at all! He needed to teach her how to do that.

Part of Rowan puffed up when Cana called her smart, though. She knew it was just for the cover, but no one had ever referred to her as smart. Uncle Everly let her come to Hogwarts in the first place because he was convinced it had a good educational program, but he was never satisfied with her own work.

She was sure that Cana's explanation would be enough to satisfy the blond boy, but he seemed to be having a grumpy day. When Cana moved the conversation over to potions and things, Rowan took a deep breath. Thankfully they had moved past her.

"Miss Rowan, was it?" Or not. "You are very fortunate to be offered the chance to work at such a successful and cutting edge business. Tell me, Miss Rowan, when did you first start your passion for potions?" The casual stance the boy had taken was belied by the calculating look in his eyes.

Rowan cleared her throat and wrapped a loose strand of hair around her finger. She didn't like being looked at like that. "Well, sugar, I'm not much of a potionere," she admitted. "The internship is more for... a personal assistant type job. And I'm good with talking with people." She grinned over at Cana, "Right, sexy?" Man, she would nail this job.

Re: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men... (Open)

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:01 pm
by Cana Havich
Cana was a bit confused. Gregory seemed irritated with his offer of a job to Rowan. Perhaps he knew things about her that he didn't? He was sure whatever was difficult about Rowan could be worked out by Bong Cha though. That woman was terrifying, despite being shorter than 5 feet tall.

And now Gregory seemed even more irritated by his talking about the feathers! Cana wasn't entirely sure what to make of Gregory. He had seemed so excited earlier by the prospect of working together, and now he seemed downright prickly about it. And he didn't know wh--


Perhaps he was jealous? It could seem like Rowan was suddenly taking Gregory's position as his research partner. Rowan seemed downright delighted with his praise and that could be easily misconstrued. Cana could definitely understand being upset about that. Jealousy, however, was a foolish and fickle emotion, and Cana didn't tolerate it well. His eyes narrowed as he looked between Rowan and Gregory warningly.

As Rowan admitted her real job offer, Cana hoped it would quell some of Gregory's upset down to reasonable levels. As Rowan continued, however, he felt a blush coming on.


Now Gregory probably thought he was some kind of perv hiring the girl only for her looks and flirtatious nature. He steeled himself though, and smiled at Rowan.

"Well, you have some aspects you might need to work on, but I'm pretty sure people will love you," he stated. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to let Gregory think he was a bit stupid and lovestruck. Maybe it would force the other boy to let his guard down a bit and show his true frustrations.

Re: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men... (Open)

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:55 pm
by Gregory H. Masterson
A look of uncertainty in the bimbos eyes.

A narrow look of warning from Cana.

These told Gregory one extremely important fact: He was communicating a lot more than he even intended to.
Once Cana lowered his IQ further in talking to the girl (which sounded. . odd, from him) Gregory immediately switched gears.
There was absolutely no reason to throw anything away on such a small matter.

He had been having a more difficult time with his frustration lately. He needed to do something about that, but now wasn't the time for evaluation. Now was the time for control and discipline.

Abruptly, he forced his mask on. He had perfected it over time. It wasn't useful for charming anyone, but it cut him off from any emotional expression. It kept him perfectly polite and as unreadable as he could make himself. It had driven his third step-mother crazy. He almost smiled at the memory.
This Rowan girl wasn't worth fighting Cana about. Not yet. Gregory was pretty certain he could deal with her himself, if he needed to.

He straightened up and said "Well, of course they will. I don't know you very well, Miss Rowan, but you've made it through most of your school years already and Hogwarts is the best. You appear to have great . . charm. I bet you could make it wherever you go."
He turned to Cana and clapped him on the shoulder. "You seem to have this well in hand. I won't trespass on your meeting any longer. I'll see you Saturday, yes?"
He bowed his head towards the redhead. "Miss Rowan, a pleasure."
Gregory turned away, his polite smile disappearing.

Re: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men... (Open)

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:03 pm
by Rowan Fox
Rowan was in a state of unsettlement. She had always been rather good with reading people, she thought. And Cana was being honest with his compliments--which really added to the excited feeling in her chest. He wasn't just saying things because he felt sorry for her or thought she was pretty. He actually thought people would like her!

But that made it a stark difference between what the blond dream-boat was saying. He was all flowery words and no good intentions. When he turned away, Rowan saw his smile falter for a moment. That was it. Stuffing her letters in her bra, the redhead ducked around Cana and cut the other boy off.

"Listen, hot stuff," she said, poking the boy in the chest, "just because I'm not the 'next leading potionere' doesn't mean I'm not smart. I've been going to this school as long as you have, mister, so don't treat me like a child. If you have something you want to say, you can say it to my face."

Granted, she didn't want anything mean said to her face. But it was better than being said behind her back. What if he ended up talking Cana into taking back the job offer for some reason? She'd rather it happen with her around to do damage control.

Re: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men... (Open)

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:24 pm
by Cana Havich
Cana was getting frustrated, but trying to hide it.

What was it that had Gregory so pissy? Did Cana inadvertently swoop up his crush or something? Gregory was doing a very good job at hiding it, but Cana had perfected the art of knowing when someone was pissed at him and trying to hide it. HIs teachers back home would always put on saccharine sweet smiles to him when they were angry, as if they were afraid he would explode otherwise. It irritated him. If someone was upset with him, he wanted to know why, to see whether or not it was even worth trying to fix.

But before he could open his mouth and say anything, Rowan had swept in with an attitude that Cana admired. He wouldn't emulate it of course. And it would probably have to be tamed a bit if she was going to work for him. But still, he could definitely appreciate it in this case. If she became the target of Gregory's ire, it would lessen any blows potential blows to ego by Cana handling things more delicately. Or at least that's what Cana hoped.

"Rowan," he said with gentle warning. "I'm sure Gregory didn't mean to imply anything. You're certainly very smart to have passed your OWLS , and I'm sure you'll pass your NEWTS as well. If there weren't glimmers of potential in you that were obvious, I wouldn't have offered you a job."

He probably would have. He was a sucker for cases like Rowan's. But she did have a great spirit, and she was very pretty. If Bong Cha could whip her into shape (and she definitely could), then she'd be a force to be truly reckoned with while working for him. He needed someone like that in his life to run interference with petty things like people skills and diplomacy. And if she wanted to flirt relentlessly along the way, well, more business for him he supposed.

"I'll definitely still see you Saturday, Gregory," said Cana. "Unless you need to change plans. I don't," he said with a tone of finality. Even if Gregory decided he no longer wanted to provide the feathers, Cana would find some way to get exactly what he wanted.

He almost always did after all.