Truly and Sincerely {Gregory}

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Re: Truly and Sincerely {Gregory}

Post by Cana Havich » Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:34 am

Cana could tell he'd said something wrong. He wondered if it was the offer of payment that Gregory had taken offense to. Whatever it was, he at least seemed willing to brush it off and continue talking with Cana. That was worthwhile at least.

"I realize we are still in school here and feelings and aspirations change, but - do you think you'll be taking over your family's business someday?"

Cana grinned slightly and shrugged.

"That's the plan. Right now, my grandfather is mostly retired. Dad, Aunt Thorunn, and formerly Aunt Jetta run the company instead. The plan is that one day myself, my cousin Bjørn, and my cousin Lyssa all take over the positions occupied by our respective parent. My dad does the research and development, my Aunt Thorunn does the negotiating, and my Aunt Jetta used to be in charge of acquisitions. I predict Bjørn and Lyssa will end up switching roles at some point though." He neglected to mention his prediction being because both would crash and burn otherwise. Lyssa was much better suited to handling the delicacy of negotiations, whereas Bjørn preferred to bulldoze right over everyone. Cana, though, was perfectly suited to the role his father set forth for him. It was almost comforting for him to know his future was mapped out for him this way. While he knew lots of other people, including his cousins, chafed against expectations, Cana thrived within them. Perhaps because his father's expectations so clearly matched Cana's own for for himself.

"Either that," he said, "or Bjørn will work in politics like his father, and my cousin Thyri will take over for him. It's really not clear what Bjørn wants to do right now. It's as you say I suppose. His feelings and aspirations are different than mine, I think."

"What about yourself? Do you have any post-Hogwarts plans?"

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