Racing Curfew (OPEN)

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Re: Racing Curfew (OPEN)

Post by Angela Deville » Sun Oct 07, 2018 2:47 pm

Angela was relieved to hear that Lacey would have no trouble in going back to her own common room. Perhaps the same shortcut would lead Lacey right back down to the dungeons, without meeting any teachers on patrol. So far, despite hearing suspicious sounds and traveling through dark passageways, the two girls had yet to meet any teachers or students. It was a stark difference to Hogwarts during the day. During the day, Angela couldn’t pass any corridor without meeting at least someone. It was nerve wracking especially when a person recognized her and attempted to converse. Being painfully shy, it was always a horror when she had to start a new conversation with a stranger. She thought she was getting better but the path to being more open was still long and difficult.

Considering this, Angela was actually feeling more comfortable in the darkness now. At the very least, she had stopped shaking at every turn and was passing each empty portrait with increasing courage. There were a variety of them. Most were portraying scenes from past centuries, some seeming to be of at least the Elizabethan age where witches and wizards were strongly persecuted as well as many innocent bystanders. The people in the portraits did not contain such dark history though and the people were sleeping soundly. It was when the two girls came upon a portrait with still lit torches flying in the air above a sleeping juggler. Though Angela could hear no sound, the movements of his mouth showed how he was softly snoring.

Angela looked around. She couldn’t see what was special about this particular portrait, at least not until Lacey opened a door that Angela hadn’t noticed before. The door gave way immediately, not being locked, and Lacey entered the room. Though her fear started to seep into her bones giving her hands that familiar frightened shaking, Angela followed Lacey through at Lacey’s order.

The room was small and there were few objects in the room and the poorly lit room made it even harder to see anything else. Angela was sure this was the intended shortcut Lacey meant to lead her through. As her eyes slowly adjusted to the dim lighting, Angela could make out a staircase in the back. She had no idea where it would lead too.

Angela took her wand out. She was doing poorly in most of her subjects. Charms and Transfigurations, both wand based in nature, were not her strong points. The light charm too, was one she had just learned in Charms after the levitation charm. She took a deep breath and hoped that she would be successful in one go.

“Lumos,” Angela said, her voice thankfully steady although just above a whisper.

Her wand, long for her arm length glimmered a dim gold before a soft white light shone from the tip. Although the light was not very bright, Angela was happy that she was at least somewhat successful. She had barely been able to cast the charm in class and she had been anxious that failing to do so would lengthen their stay in the dark room.

The light that was now shining in the room, showed the interior slightly better than before. Angela could clearly see that the only pathway that was possible to pass would be the staircase. She should have known they would be taking the stairs soon, as the Ravenclaw common room was located in the East Tower while the potions classroom they had passed not soon before was deep in the dungeons.

Angela had her wand directed towards the staircase. “Are we going to go up the stairs?” she whispered to Lacey. Lacey too seemed to have her wand out. Angela was not sure if they would need more magic before taking the stairs and she was positive that she herself, would most likely not be able to perform much more than a levitating charm or the lumos charm she was already poorly carrying out.

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