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Come As You Are {Addi}

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:56 am
by Prof. Jetta Delaney
(using Cana for a bit too, but he will leave soon)

It had been an uneventful day. She'd taught her normal lessons, fielded fairly normal questions, and graded fairly normal (i.e. abysmally written) papers. Multiple times, Jetta had wished for more standard Muggle classes within magical schools; mathematics, of course, were great, but with this sort of writing, a basic English course wouldn't go remiss. However, she could just imagine how well that would go over with the traditionalists at the board. No, she supposed, her family had made enough waves without changing the entire curriculum of an ancient and noble school.

Even though it could definitely use it.

She was about to wrap up the day and close her office door to the outside world, when a familiar too-forceful knock sounded on her door.

Coming face to chin with her younger nephew, Jetta couldn't help but wonder what had brought him here. He seemed...disturbed somehow, but not to a distressing amount.

"What's wrong, hun?" she asked in Norwegian. "Everything ok? Anything you need to talk about?"

She knew things had gone poorly recently for Cana. She had been there when Gabe had his...problem fixed. She'd been instrumental in it really. Jetta had seen the heartbreak and trauma written all over her nephew's face as Gabe had been there in pain and afraid. It had been punishment enough, she thought, to see that. But she knew people wouldn't believe that, so when she had been offered the position at Hogwarts, it was a no-brainer to bring Cana along with her own children.

He was Aleksander's son, after all.

It took a moment, but then Jetta noticed her. There was a smaller, younger girl standing behind Cana.

Looking up at her nephew questioningly, she asked again in English, "Is everything okay?"

She turned back to the girl, and gently smiled. Or tried to gently smile. She'd been told her smile, at best, looked rather predatory. But she tried.

"What can I help you with my dear? Come in, please."

She gestured for the two of them to enter her office.

"Actually," Cana replied. "I think Addi should probably talk to you in private. I would just...distract from it."

Oooh, now Jetta was truly curious. Was this a girl's issue? Oh, gods, was this girl pregnant? At least, it reliably wasn't Cana's kid if she were.

Keeping a neutrally friendly face (or her best approximation of one), she guided Addi into the room, and sat behind her desk.

"Well, my dear," she said, watching Cana retreat through the door. Undoubtedly he would be guarding outside for awhile. "What is it that you need my help with?"

Re: Come As You Are {Addi}

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:58 am
by Addiana Cadwalader
It hadn’t really occurred to Addi to panic until Cana knocked on the office door. Instinctively she wanted to fidget; instead she took a deep breath, straightened her bag on her shoulder and stepped behind Cana like the coward the she currently felt like. Get it together, come on! This isn’t the end of the world, buck up Cadwalader!

Addi’s mental pep talk ground to a halt as the professor’s office door opened. Leaning to peek around Cana, she saw another veritable giant… giantess rather. The woman was shorter than Cana, but not by all that much and still taller than any woman Addi had met in person. She spoke to Cana in what she assumed was Norwegian, not that she understood a word of it. And she could tell the instant the professor noticed her. Not because the woman switched easily to English, but there was a weight to her gaze and it fell heavily on Addi.

“Actually, I think Addi should probably talk to you in private. I would just…distract from it.”

Wait. What!? Head snapping in Cana’s direction, no doubt her expression a mixture of surprise and panic, she felt a hand on her shoulder as the professor ushered Addi into her office. Bloody hell! This isn’t quite what she’d had in mind when she’d agreed to talk to Cana’s aunt. Resisting the urge to look over her shoulder at the door, Addi gripped her bag tightly with both hands.

“Well, my dear, what is it that you need my help with?”

Good grief, even sitting the professors’ height was impressive! Among all these descendents of Loki she was beginning to feel quite minute. Twisting her fingers in the fabric of her bag until they popped with a loud cracking in the silence of the office, Addi began to wonder if she even knew where to begin. It was one thing to confide in someone nearer to your own age and another to an adult. Flitting through a few options, Addi felt the frustration from earlier well within her.

With a mental nod, she lowered her gaze from the professor and began to paw through her bag for her sketchbook. Gripping it tightly to her chest for a moment, she waffled, before stepping to the edge of the desk opposite the professor. Setting it carefully so the professor could see the illustrations, she opened it and began flipping the pages.

On the third page of her book, she straightened, cleared her throat and said, “I’ve always liked to draw, I used it as a means of escape at home.”

Great, that made it sound like she suffered some sort of abuse. Feeling embarrassment rush, pounding and hot into her face, she hurried, “There are about 30 drawings or more I have no memory of creating. I sat down to draw and came around hours later, stiff, with a cramped hand and utterly no clue of what or whom I had drawn.”

Lowering her gaze to stare at her shoe, she put the last nail in her coffin and confessed, “I’m a descendent of Gwydion Hughes, a Welsh Seer.” Not knowing what else to say, Addi fell silent and tried to be patient as the professor processed the information that had just been unloaded on her.

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Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:00 am
by Prof. Jetta Delaney
Jetta introduced herself before getting started. "I don't think we've met yet, Addi. I'm Professor Delaney. Or Jetta. It's after hours, and I can trust you not to call me that in class, I suppose," she smiled.

Jetta listened quietly and waited patiently for Addi to open up. Something was clearly bothering her deeply, but Jetta wasn't about to force it from her. That would only make her retreat further into herself, which was the last thing either of them needed. While she fidgeted, Jetta wondered a bit how Cana had made friends with the girl. While her nephew did tend to get along better with girls than boys, most girls found him very intimidating and rather creepy and avoided him. She thought it was very unfair, of course. Cana was just like a young version of her older brother. A bit rough around the edges, but a good soul deep down. He just was too curious. A bit too ambitious at times. Nothing she thought that should make him a pariah. Regardless of the circumstances, she was glad that Cana seemed to have made a friend close to his own age.

Addi finally pulled out a book and Jetta watched with interest and concern. While Addi fidgeted with it, Jetta wondered what it would contain. She remembered clearly the awful traumatic drawings her nephew had made after his little sister's death. She wondered if he'd seen signs of trauma in the book, and he had sent her here out of concern. That would make some sense. Better her than a system that would just try to spell everything better.

“I’ve always liked to draw, I used it as a means of escape at home.”

Escape from what? Jetta wondered, but didn't push. Now wasn't the time. Not yet.

“There are about 30 drawings or more I have no memory of creating. I sat down to draw and came around hours later, stiff, with a cramped hand and utterly no clue of what or whom I had drawn. I’m a descendent of Gwydion Hughes, a Welsh Seer.”


Oh dear.

Well that certainly explained why Cana brought her here.

"Well, my dear. That certainly is concerning," she said gently. "I'm going to ask you a few questions. You don't have to answer any of them, but they might help determine a few things."

She grabbed the distinctly Muggle notebook from her drawer, along with a distinctly Muggle pen case.

"When did you first start noticing the blackouts and the drawings arriving?"

She gave Addi time to answer.

"Have any of your drawings come true to your knowledge?"

"When you're blacked out do you wake up in any pain or with any injury other than the cramped hand?"

"Are there any other Seers in your family, besides Gwydion?"

After Addi had answered all of the questions, Jetta sighed, and looked across at the girl. Standing, she crossed to the front of the desk and leaned back against it, trying to appear casual.

"Well. It seems we have a lot to talk about. I'm afraid I'm no expert, but I do have some experience with Seers. So I can see why Cana brought you here. I promise I will keep this private and handle it as well as I am able. Oh, one last question though: do your parents know about this? I'm not going to record that answer, and like I said, you don't have to answer if you don't want."

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Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 2:12 am
by Addiana Cadwalader
As laughter didn’t immediately follow Addi’s last proclamation, she felt a bit of the tightness in her chest release. As a child, she hadn’t paid much attention to the fact that one of her four family branches had its roots in divination. The other three were firmly planted in the furrows of rich Welsh earth and the crops, non-magical and magical alike that sprung from it. In fact, the bit she did know about the Hughes’ she’d overheard in a conversation between her Uncle Rhys and Aunt Terran. At the time, she’d found it odd that her father had never mentioned it, but then Emrys had blundered loudly into the hallway and she’d quickly scampered into the loo so as not to be found eavesdropping. She’d wanted to ask her Uncle about it, but had never found a good opportunity when it was just the two of them. She’d also thought to ask Grandfather Cadwalader, but he travelled a great deal and seemed to have little fondness for his youngest son’s wife and therefore avoided invitations to visit.

“When did you first start noticing the blackouts and the drawings arriving?”

Puzzling over the question for a long moment, Addi nibbled her lip. Ripping off the figurative bandage, she confessed, “I ignored them for a time… perhaps a year and a half ago? It’s difficult to be exact Professor… er, Jetta.”

Addi had to stop, calling a Professor by their given name felt so alien and all sorts of wrong. Aware that the professor was taking notes, she suddenly felt as though she were being given an exam. A little uncomfortable in the silence, Addi used every ounce of willpower she had to not fidget. Never was she so relieved when the professor looked up and fired another question at her what seemed like an eternity later.

“Have any of your drawings come true to your knowledge?”

Immediate confusion blossomed in a brilliant cacophony in Addi’s brain. Her eyebrows drew down in worried consideration. She’d always felt so panicked after the blackouts that she avoided more than a cursory glance at the scene or person she’d created. Approaching the edge of the desk, she turned the sketch pad and took a long moment to study the image before flipping to the next image she couldn’t remember creating. At first glances, what she most noted was that the drawings weren’t in her typical style. Not to say that she was an unskilled artist, but these were of a much better quality and lacking typical mistakes she made. Quite a few had people in them, which she generally avoided as she always had a hard time getting the likenesses just right, especially fingers!

Flipping to another page, she started to feel a little…off as she truly scrutinized what she’d drawn. It was of a young man, one she didn’t recognize, and he was leaning on railing overlooking a river… no, a bay. His expression was forlorn and his eyes were distant. Even though the scene was in pencil and charcoal, Addi knew without a doubt he had hazel coloured eyes, dark blond hair and gorgeous golden skin that any teenage girl would die for.

The fingers of her right hand were gesturing, though she was unaware, too fixated on the drawing to notice. Nor did she notice when she reached out and took a pen from the Professors’ desk and wrote 37.8272 N, 122.2913 S 0616. Finally, Addi shook her head. Still unaware of what she‘d just done, Addi told Professor Delaney, “No, I don’t think so.”

“When you’re blacked out do you wake up in any pain or with any injury other than the cramped hand?”

Addi immediately shook her head no. Other than feeling utterly freaked out and the sensation of her skin crawling, she’d never experienced any pain or injury. Without meaning to, she blurted, “Is that something I have to look forward to?”

“Are there any other Seers in your family, besides Gwydion?”

Addi nodded, “Yes, it shames me to say, but I’d have to consult with family for specific names as I’m not as familiar with that side. Gwydion died almost two hundred years ago, he’s my fifth times great grandfather.”

Shame was indeed alive and well in Addi’s cheeks. If she hadn’t heard Uncle Rhys mention Gwydion’s name, she wouldn’t even know her great grandfather’s name, much less her fifth times great grandfather. Strange, with how long magic folk had emphasized blood purity that Addi had little familiarity with her own line, especially given that her mother still believed much of the purity hogwash. Professor Delaney spoke as Addi’s mind raced. It couldn’t quite settle on one exact area of the discussion to freak out about, but instead ricocheted around.

“I’m sure my dad’s aware that it’s possible, but no. I haven’t told either of them,” she whispered.

Re: Come As You Are {Addi}

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 2:43 am
by Prof. Jetta Delaney
Jetta watched carefully as Addi began...automatic writing? She peered down at the string of numbers and letters. Coordinates, perhaps? She'd have to look them up later. Addi seemed not to have noticed what she just did at all. Intriguing. Jetta wondered if telling her would make things better or worse? She decided to hold off on pointing it out just yet, in favor of listening. Jetta couldn't help but wonder what triggered it; was it seeing the drawing itself or was it something else? She could foresee a simple ink pen triggering automatic writing, but one never knew with Seers.

Finally, after a pause to let Addi gather her thoughts, Jetta spoke.

"I don't believe you'll have more pain or injury from this. I've known Seers whose gift has always brought them pain, but none who've suddenly had physical pain become a part of it from nowhere. But I cannot guarantee this won't hurt your heart over the years, dear, and for that I am sorry. I've known more than a few Seers over the years. Only one of them was happy. Endeavor to be like her, my dear."

She reached out and gently squeezed Addi's shoulder.

"And don't be ashamed about not knowing the names. Family is incredibly complex--" she knew from experience "--and I would never judge you for not knowing, especially at your age. It's also fine that you haven't told them. Is there any particular reason you haven't told them though?"

She was fishing to see if the poor girl was being mistreated at home. Jetta couldn't stand awful parents, and it wouldn't be beyond her to pay them a visit if that were the case. But if it was mere teenage privacy, she could let it go.

Heavens knew Jetta had done worse at that age than keep a secret like this from her parents. Heavens knew what her mother would have done to her too though. If this girl had a mother half as bad as Agneta Havich, Jetta would be storming out the castle soon ready to mount a full fledged war.