An Experiment of Experiements (Elwyn and Cana)

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Elwyn Wann
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Re: An Experiment of Experiements (Elwyn and Cana)

Post by Elwyn Wann » Fri Nov 30, 2018 3:05 am

"I was looking for candy," Elwyn bemoaned leaning into Gregory. He was strong and tall with a rather comfortable chest. The blonde closed her eyes. She could hear his heart-beat. "I shouldn't let you hold me like this, Mister Master," the girl said, locking her arms around the older Ravenclaw's waist, "I have a boyfriend." Well... he would be her boyfriend... soon...

Elwyn swayed slightly, loosing her footing. She would have tripped if not for her grip on Gregory. "They two of you were..." what was the word? "jabbering and I wanted more candy. There was no candy in the bag though." She looked up atr the boy with pleading green eyes, "Can you believe that? No candy! You have candy... don't you?"

Maybe it was in his pockets! She started scrounging around in his pants pocket. There had to be something somewhere.

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Cana Havich
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Re: An Experiment of Experiements (Elwyn and Cana)

Post by Cana Havich » Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:19 pm

Cana was ready to strangle this strange girl with his own two hands. First she was going through his belongings and now she was...sexually harassing Gregory? What in the world had been in that lemon drop? Or had it even been the lemon drop at all? She seemed perfectly content to madness even before the candy.

He vaguely recalled having his knuckles magically cracked open as a child while going through Ophelia's purse during some sort of custody or child support hearing agreement for his brother Kristian. While it had boded well for his father getting majority custody of his brother from his ex-wife, it was an awful memory that Cana was now debating sharing upon Elwyn. It might make him look impulsive and vengeful though...which he was, but it was an aspect of himself he was working on. And it wouldn't do for Gregory to see him lose control.

As it was, the whole situation looked very awkward for the poor fellow. Cana made his way over and delicately extricated Elwyn from around Gregory without touching the other boy too much. He wasn't sure if Gregory even realized Cana was gay yet, and he didn't want to test his luck by being too touchy with the other boy. He might get the wrong idea.

As he directed Elwyn over to a seat, he looked back at Gregory.

"We should probably make her stay still somehow. I'm not suggesting hurting her...but this could be bad for testing control. We don't entirely know what she is capable of."

He debated tying her up with a magically produced rope, but the way he tied knots was...unique and might raise more questions that wouldn't be desirable. But surely there was a way to get her still. Perhaps Gregory could agree to a petrification spell?

"How about this: Elwyn, if you can sit down and be still for awhile, I'll personally order you a big box from my mother's favorite candy maker. A very big box too, the kind given at Christmas. Do you think you could do that for me?"

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