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Welcome Back

Post by Antien Rohas » Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:51 pm

Welcome back to IQ. Please pardon our dust. We're still working on rebuilding and remodeling. Please refer back here for information, updates, and general status.

We do have a help wanted thread. Feel free to also post offers of help/availability there. We'll post things we've identified as needs there as well as we come across them/are ready to tackle new tasks. Re-building is going to be a big efforts so we appreciate the patience and assistance from all involved. Help wanted thread can be found: HERE.

In the mean time feel free to start roleplaying. Setting is about 10-15 years post Harry's kids. We're not doing cannon characters at this time (though feel free to interact with the ghosts as they roam our halls), preferring a clean slate where everyone can invent their own characters. Feel free to bring back your characters from before - graduate them or send them back to school! Or invent someone new!

We don't have a limit on character count, though we would hope at least one of them was actively used! We would also advise picking one account that is going to be your 'primary' that people know you as. As homework starts going up and we get the house points system up and running, we do ask that you only do homework on one account. Otherwise have fun!

Once you determine your characters age/year and house affiliation if they are a student, please post HERE and we will get that updated for you.

If you have additional questions, let us know! Welcome back and happy RP-ing!

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