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The Rules and Expected Etiquette

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:59 pm
by Velimir Demidov
For the most part, I think you all (both old members and new invites) are a pretty trustworthy bunch. We’re not going to write up super strict and detailed rules unless it’s proven we have to. That said, it’s necessary to set some parameters so we’re all on the same page about what’s expected here and what kind of environment we’re fostering.
  • No godmodding, powerplaying, metagaming, mary sues/gary stus, drama king/queens, etc. I think most people who are not brand new to roleplay know all these. In short, your character is never the star of any thread, and you can’t forcefully bend threads to go the way you want them to. You should not be guessing the other characters reactions to yours, or controlling them in any way without permission. Your character doesn’t know things just because you know them out of character. Roleplay is a collaboration and everyone’s characters and ideas are equally important. Be mindful of whether something you’re considering doing can be seen as giving your character an unearned advantage. Bear this in mind and you should be golden, even if you can’t remember the exact definitions of all the above terms.
  • Be respectful and courteous both in and out of character. Keep your In-Character attitudes/fights/prejudices strictly In Character. If you have a problem with someone Out of Character and you can’t address it calmly like adults, refrain from escalating and contact staff to deal with it.
  • Five sentences is the absolute minimum for a roleplay post. Two paragraphs per post should be the standard everyone is regularly aiming for. More than this is always encouraged and appreciated.
  • Signatures should be no more that 400x200px
    You're not required to use a photo to represent your character, but if you do you need to claim the person you're using in the Face Claim thread.
  • This forum will operate on a PG-13 rating. Some swearing is allowed but don’t go crazy. No sexually explicit content. Keep any mentions of anything explicit that might have happened off screen tame and tasteful, especially when talking about characters who are minors. Teenagers have sex, but we don’t need to discuss it.
  • Pets are allowed but are restricted to the species seen in the books/movies. If you want to discuss a type of animal that is not shown as a pet on school grounds in canon please contact the staff.
  • Character profiles will now require approval BEFORE you begin posting in character. Since this was not implemented from the start, characters who are already in posts may continue to post while profiles are being created. You may not make new characters if you currently have characters without profiles. While the rest of us catch up, any brand new members who might join will be allowed to jump straight into roleplay with ONE character while we await a profile for said character. There will likely be a deadline set for turning in outstanding profiles if we see people continuing to post without submitting anything.
  • Please try to end threads instead of abandoning them. Unannounced absences from the site as a whole can’t be helped sometimes, but if you’re in multiple threads and you’ve lost interest in one, have your character make an exit instead of letting the other thread participant(s) wait for you.The exception to this is if everyone involved mutually agree to leave a thread where it is.
  • Please avoid eagerly jumping into every open thread that comes up. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but everyone posts at different speeds, and often slower roleplayers are reluctant to join threads that already have 2 or more people. Make sure you give others a chance to choose to join in if you're in a bunch of threads already.
  • Respect post order. In a thread with more than two people, everyone involved should be posting in the same order every round. There are exceptions, as in event threads where not all characters are even having the same conversations, but use your best judgement and try not to skip someone too often if they might come back and have to read through a million posts to catch up (also use your best judgement if you think a person is coming back at all - skip someone as much as you like if you think they’re gone for good.)
  • Respect post tone. We like serious threads. We like silly threads. Don’t interrupt serious threads with silly posts, or get overly serious when everyone else is trying to have a good light hearted time.
All rule breaking will be dealt with case-by-case. Unless you do something intentionally horrendous or you flagrantly ignore repeated warnings to change your behavior, you’ll likely just get a friendly PM asking you to be more careful or to edit a post we think has gone a little too far. Feel free to ask questions about anything you need clarification on. The most important rule of all is to have fun and not be terrible to each other!