A Smile Safecrackers Understand [Trinity]

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Re: A Smile Safecrackers Understand [Trinity]

Post by Cana Havich » Thu Sep 27, 2018 1:06 am

Cana could feel some form of awkwardness coming from Trinity when he mentioned having a boyfriend. Well, that was fantastic. Cana drooped a little. So far he hadn't had any issues since coming to Hogwarts, but it would be his luck to open up to the one person who wouldn't be okay with it. It wasn't until he felt Trinity's hand on his forearm that he perked up a bit.

Cana felt a pang in his heart at what Trinity said. Firstly, because it was one of the few times anyone outside of his family appreciated his willingness to do anything for them. Sure, they all saw where his loyalties lay, but so many of them thought those loyalties misplaced. But family was family. Family, in his experience, would always be there for you no matter how badly you screwed up, no matter how little you deserved them, not matter what. His family had had his back when he'd done the unthinkable. And he would have any one of their back's if they did the same.

The second reason something felt off to him was the way Trinity's eyes looked. There was something to them that wasn't there before. Jealousy? But not malignant jealousy. And sadness. Cana wondered what Trinity's own family life must be like. He felt a surge of protectiveness towards his new acquaintance. If he had a poor family life, Cana was going to do everything he could to make up for that.

"Thank you," he finally settled upon saying. "You should meet some of them sometime. They're all scattered about but..." he shrugged. "Maybe we could hang out in the summer if you liked. My family's got plenty of room."

And it wasn't likely, he'd accepted, that Gabe would be coming around in the summer either. Not if his parents had their way. And by the time he graduated in spring, who knew if he'd even want anything to do with Cana.

Sighing, Cana went back to the bag and dug around a little more.

"Most of these potions are just stuff my family has worked on. My dad and grandfather mainly. Most of them are symptom control for Muggle illnesses: more efficient ones than what Muggles make themselves. They make a pretty good treatment for most things, so you don't have to go to the infirmary as often. I've got like...painkillers, antidotes, a few other things. You having any problems that need fixing?" he only somewhat joked.

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