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Need For Distraction (Open)

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 3:50 pm
by Angela Tremaine
Angela flopped onto the grass, all elbows and knees. It was always hard - almost like withdrawal for her - returning to Hogwarts. She loved it here! She adored the dusty, winding hallways and suit of armor that she was determined to get into a conversation, but the lack of the use of her Muggle devices was...difficult.

Like that afternoon. She had had an open period and she really wanted to watch a Muggle DVD, but then suddenly remembered that her player wouldn't work here...Peanut-butter snacks! Why where some things just so difficult?

Angela threw an arm over her eyes and tried to focus her mind (always a difficult task on its own) and listen to the birds. After a few moments she removed her arm, and popped her eyes open and looked at the clouds, and the sky. She loved that moment when everything went too bright - everything was white for just a moment before your eyes adjusted.

Eventually the blue seeped back in and she tried to find shapes in the clouds. "Bored. Bored...boreed, booorrreeed..."Angela sang to herself. She needed distraction badly before she did something dangerous.

Re: Need For Distraction (Open)

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 12:05 am
by Morrigan Delaney
Morrigan had taken to wandering the grounds between and after classes. Her brothers were being morose and boring. Her older sisters were dealing with something called NEWTS, a test they didn't have at Gammla Uppsala. And her cousin was probably off lifting tree trunks or something else unspeakably cool and weird that he shouldn't be doing. Her mom was busy teaching too, and Dad was off in Edinburgh.

It was lonely.

And kind of annoying.

Back home, she had a ton of friends, and while she was slowly but surely making them here, she didn't have enough to just randomly summon one to entertain her in the afternoon.

Morrigan also didn't have any of the Muggle luxuries she'd had at her old school. While Gammla Uppsala was concealed by thousand year old magic, it also didn't have the web of charms against Muggle devices that Hogwarts had. The logic had been that Muggles make interesting things, that were fun to experiment on. Which was true, but also it was because Muggles had a lot of fun stuff. No one was about to separate Professor Andersdottir from her afternoon Candy crush.

But Hogwarts did not agree with the logic of her Northern...sister? Were they even cousin schools? Blood relation schools of any sort? The thought plagued Morrigan for more than a moment. But the point stood. Morrigan was not only adrift without many friends; she was also adrift without her precious phone. And for a social media and texting junkie like Morrigan that just wouldn't do.

As she approached a prone form on the ground (she'd noticed with glee that many of her fellow Hogwarts students were as prone to dramatics as she was), she heard a chant that echoed her own thoughts.

"Ugh, tell me about it," she muttered down to the girl. "What even is there to do around here after classes?"

Re: Need For Distraction (Open)

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 2:37 pm
by Elwyn Wann
Elwyn was playing with her new toy. She had gotten it over a device called a "mobal cellular telephone," MCT, for short, that one of the Muggleborns who worked for her family introduced her to. It was a fascinating thing! You held it in your hand and spoke to it--and it would what you said! Unfortunately, it only worked when she made her way over to the Muggle part of the world. Some Muggle things were like that, only working in one place, but she collected Muggle things that worked anywhere.

Like this "water gun." When Elwyn had first heard of guns, she was shocked to know that they killed things. It was a bit barbaric, she thought, watching something bleed out. But a water gun was very diffrent! It sprayed water at people! Much like Aqua Eructo. That seemed much nicer than the mean guns.

So she had spent her day going around and shooting water at things. She thought that she might've had classes, but couldn't really remember. She had already read the books for the next year out of boredom when she had been stuck in a closet with nothing to do. Don't ask, she never did and was sure there was a good explanation somewhere.

Besides, the only class that really mattered didn't start until the sun went down. Not that the class itself was particularly important, but she was in the process of making the professor fall deeply and madly in love with her.

She had just finished spraying their initials in a heart along the ground, when she spotted two pretty girls in conversation. The taller of the two, Elwyn thought was in her year, and she didn't recognize the short red-head. They looked fun, though, so she bounced over to them, springy grass bending beneath her bare feet.

Re: Need For Distraction (Open)

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 3:03 am
by Angela Tremaine
”Ugh, tell me about it. What even is there to do around here after classes?”

Angela shifted her glance over to the speaker, “Depends on the day, to be honest.” She pulled herself into a sitting position and hugged her knees into her chest, she only felt short when she was confronted by girls who were obviously taller then her but still younger, by the looks of it.

She tried to remind herself of all the lovely things of being short, and then addressed the dark-haired girl again, “By the middle of the year, homework usually overtakes any boredom! But, at the beginning of the year...” she let the words drift off, the girl would get the picture, surely.

Angela sighed and relaxed her pose a little and smiled a little ruefully, “To be absolutely candid, I’m only bored because I’m dealing with the loss of my DVD player - not that anyone here knows what that is.” She finished under her breath, seeing another girl, very blonde tripping their direction.

Maybe some conversation could help - or maybe...maybe they’d end up in an adventure! Every day needed an adventure in her opinion.

Re: Need For Distraction (Open)

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 3:18 am
by Morrigan Delaney
"Ugh, Morrigan shivered. "Maybe I should just take the boredom," she replied over the homework comment. Not that Morrigan was any sort of slouch academically. None of the kids in the family really got a chance to be. You could be whatever you wanted, their parents said, as long as you're good at it. And that included academics. But that didn't mean Morrigan had to particularly enjoy the more tedious parts of school like homework. She supposed that since her mother was a professor she should set a better example. She couldn't quite bring herself to be so though.

Morrigan perked up at the mention of a DVD player though. This girl understood her issue somewhat then!

"Tell me about it," she said dramatically. "I miss my phone so much. It had everything: games, texting, all the streaming sites.... Not entirely sure I'm going to make it the whole year without it! If I'd known there was no Muggle technology allowed at Hogwarts, I may have flipped more when I had to transfer!" She ran a hand through her hair frustratedly. "I'm Morrigan by the way. Morrigan Delaney. I'm new here this year," she mumbled sheepishly.

Soon though, Morrigan spotted another girl approaching them with...was that a small super soaker? Of all the things she never expected to see at Hogwarts! Morrigan was...not a fan of the device, having two brothers, but something about the absurdity of the situation made her giggle a bit. Hopefully that didn't earn her a squirt from the water gun. Her hair frizzed up something awful at contact with water, and she didn't have the proper potions with it to get it back to normal!

Re: Need For Distraction (Open)

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:40 am
by Elwyn Wann
"Stop right there, evildoers!" Elwyn's voice took in a mock athoratative tone as she pointed her water gun at the two girls. She was sure some of the dramatic effect was lost in the fact that she was skipping towards them, but did it really matter when she had a water gun? Albeit a now empty water gun, but they wouldn't be able to tell. Unless they had Legilimency.

Do you? She asked it loud enough in her mind, but no one answered. Just to be sure, she asked Do you want to hear a Knock-knock joke? Again, there was no answer. That proved it. Because everyone wanted to hear a Knock-knock joke. It was a proven fact.

"I'll tell you anyway," she decided, tossing her ratted blonde braid over her shoulder. One of the girls was standing and the other was sitting, so Elwyn squatted in order to be on both of their levels at the sasme time. She was dressed in one of her favorite outfits: a 'Viva la Pluto t-shirt and ripped black jeans, a black-and-grey flannel tied around her waist. She was, as always, bare footed. The girl got lost with how the grass was point through the spaces between her toes. Did they have feelings?

"Oh," she suddenly remembered that she was supposed to be telling a joke. How did it go? "Ding-dong! ...Bang-bang? No... oh! Open the door!" Man, she rocked at telling jokes.