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Re: Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:32 am
by Addiana Cadwalader
“And it’s cool that your two families are intertwined like that!”

Mirth filled laughter bubbled from Addi’s throat. When she could speak without giggling, she said, “Trust me, it was pure coincidence. My mother hated farm life. I know my da loves her, but I honestly can’t fathom how the ended up together all those years ago.”

It was true. She’d only asked her mother once about how her parents first met. Coredelia’s already chilly demeanour grew frostier and her expression clearly stated mind your own business. Then as though talking to someone of diminished mental capacity, her mother had responded tartly, “At Hogwarts, of course.” Her parents were truly an odd couple. Polar opposites as it were. Her father was warm, playful, good natured, jolly and affectionate. Coredelia was cool, calculating and vain. She had wanted little to do with her firstborn; unless of course, it was to put her in hideously itchy, lace frothing dresses with matching hair bows and be paraded before her hoity-toity friends at “family” high society events.

A bit lost in thought, a mental montage of all the horrendous getups she’d been forced into over the years really, Addi missed Cana’s sudden discomfort but was jarred back into the moment by his muttered, “Especially around non-magical people.”

“Huh,” Addi said before remembered where previous in the conversation they’d been talking about non-magical folk. “Oh yeah! The levitation part wasn’t scary at all really. My eyes were squeezed shut and I was all tensed up waiting for an impact that never came. I didn’t realize anything was amiss until I comprehended that the playground, full of other kids, was deathly silent. I landed with a gentle plop just as I opened my eyes to see what was going on.”

Groaning softly, she said, “The worst part about the whole thing was being lectured about it at the kitchen table for hours. I was six.” She shrugged and rolled her eyes, “What did they expect? It wasn’t my choice to go to a non-magical primary school.”

Smiling and nodding as Cana explained about his families’ business, Addi commented, “Herbology is by far my favourite subject. I seem to be naturally inclined, or maybe hereditarily talented? It seems like your family is also “cashing” in on having products that appeal to wizarding and non-wizarding folk. You don’t hear of too many pureblood families having transitioned into such modern thinking and business practices yet.”

“Is…is everything okay? I’m sure the horse is fine….If it’s half as lovely as you’ve drawn him at least. Do you need anything I have water somewhere in there, if you feel faint?

Addi was filled with dread and a little anger at herself for having ignored or reasoned away signs. Gnawing on her lower lip, she tried to keep calm by reasoning with herself, but she was a worrywart at heart and until she knew one way or the other, her little curse was going to be a constant source of anxiety. Taking a deep, calming breath, she took a moment to try to compose her panic, before reassuring Cana, “No, no. I’m fine, really,” she gave a weak smile; “Just a little worried about some hereditary talents… okay, more than a little.”

Squeezing her eyes closed, she moaned, “I’m muddling this horribly.”

Raising a hand, she tried to wipe away the embarrassment she felt. It didn’t work. Instead, she blurted, “On my father’s mother’s side of the family, about every fifth or sixth generation produces a Seer.”

Not looking up, she picked up her sketch book and began flipping pages. Every so often, she’d stop at a page and jab a finger at it before flipping to a new page and repeating the finger jab. Working herself up again, her voice nearly shook with anxiety when she admitted, “I don’t remember drawing this,” she flipped a page, “or this. I don’t even know where or who this is.”

In all, the sketchbook was about half used and the more pages Addi flipped, the feeling of dread in her stomach expanded, “I just snap out of it, stiff with sore fingers hours after I sit down to draw with no recollection of the passage of time or of drawing the subject.”

Addi’s lower lip pushed out and she muttered, “I hate Divination, its hogwash. Couldn’t have been the cousins right?’

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Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 3:11 am
by Cana Havich
Cana tilted his head like a confused puppy at her laughter, but stilled a bit at her explanation. He couldn't imagine his parents as being anything less than perfect for each other. Despite their various dalliances with others, they always came back to each other, and always seemed deliriously happy with each other. Mom was even willing to look past--embrace even--the existence of Cana's half-brother, who was definitely born when Aleksander and Daciana were very firmly married. He couldn't really see his parents as loving anyone else, despite their quirky, nontraditional relationship. And they were very loving parents in their own way. Sure, Aleksander sent out missives and missions for his children, but it was only to protect the family overall. Aleksander was all about protecting his family.

Cana continued to listen. He couldn't imagine the idea of having non-scary accidental magic. His had been so traumatic and shaping to who he was. Animals still avoided him, as if sensing his past sins. The idea that he could have done so in front of Muggles gave him an itchy feeling.

"I went to a non-magical primary school, too," he added, more sedately. "I'm just glad I didn' anything in front of them. My magic was less...pleasant. It could have been bad. Very bad."

He didn't elaborate.

Silence sometimes spoke louder.

He perked up a bit when she mentioned his family's cashing in on Muggles.

"Oh yes, it was genius on Grandfather's part really. Sort of resulted in divorce from my grandmother, but they probably would have hit the rocks eventually over my dad and both of my aunts marrying Muggles. She's very much one of the old guard supremacists. It's awful to say, but I really can't stand the woman. Only met her a few times in my life, and none of them were fun."

He noticed her shift into discomfort over his questioning, and he began kicking himself for making a faux pas with a potential new friend and ally.

And then he wasn't kicking himself at all.

He listened in mild awe, as Addi described her abilities. They sounded fascinating. They sounded powerful. They sounded terrifying.

They sounded useful.

The part of Cana's snake brain that always got him into so much trouble was buzzing with possibilities. He couldn't think of a way to manipulate this situation now, but he was sure he would eventually. For now, he could go with his good side's reaction of comforting her. Surely that wouldn't hurt.

"It must be terrifying to not remember," he settled upon saying. It was a truth of sorts. There were parts of Cana's own memory that had blanked out traumatic incidences. Not the one with the horse, obviously. But he could no longer remember when Signe died. Parts of what happened to Gabe were completely gone. Time with his grandmother was patchy at best. Part of him was thankful for it, but it scared him to think what lengths his brain would go to protect him.

"My family has some Seers," he continued. "Nothing truly hereditary like the height. And it's all in the Runes. I--I'm getting this all wrong aren't I. I'm sorry," he said. "I know this must be difficult for you. If you ever need someone to talk to about it, I'm open. I know I'm down in Slytherin, but you could even write if you needed to."

Baring some vulnerability, he continued.

"I know what it's like. Not to See. But to be the afflicted cousin. It's not fun."

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Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 3:29 am
by Addiana Cadwalader
“You’re lucky! It seemed no matter how hard I tried not to do magic always I managed to bungle it somehow,” she sighed, “Lots of lectures.”

Addi considered how Cana described his grandmother for a moment before commenting, “She sounds kind of awful. Although, I’m sure my mother has some of those old supremacist inclinations. No doubt when she thinks I’m of age to consider such things, she’ll hand me a list of names and tell me to pick one. No doubt they’ll be all pureblood wizards. Heaven help me if I don’t marry a wizard from a good blood line,” she said with a roll of her eyes.

Her mother, a former Slytherin from the days before He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was defeated by Harry Potter, had outright despised the fact that her pureblood daughter would be taught alongside ‘Muggles.’ Minute and terribly strained as it was, Addi was quite certain that if her mother didn't approve of her choice of husband, Coredelia would disown her. She would make it extremely difficult to see her younger brother and sister as well as her da.

“It must be terrifying to not remember.”

Cocking her head to the side, not quite able to meet Cana’s gaze her strange blue-green eyes studied the drawing her sketchbook was open too. The loss of time was worrisome, but the truly terrifying part to Addi was that she had absolutely no control over it.

“What happens if I just… zone out in the middle of class?”

Her stomach felt heavy and tingly. The question had been bothering her for some time. She thought for a moment if she said it out loud she wouldn’t be so afraid of it, but that had backfired on her. How on earth would she explain it? Would a professor understand what was happening? Would he or she be able to snap her out of it? She had so many questions and it was truly frustrating because her Grandmother Cadwalader died years before Addi had been born. And other than the “Oh hey, every 5th or 6th generation the Hughes’ side of the family produces a Seer,” she had little to go on but her Divination books, which, admittedly, she’d paid as little attention to as possible.

Addi closed the sketchbook and putting it into her bag, as looking at the images made her more anxious.

“I know what it’s like. Not to See. But to be the afflicted cousin. It’s not fun.”

“Can you really call what I do Seeing,” Addi mused. “I suppose, maybe, probably it will develop into that. I don’t know what this,” she gestured to her bag, “really is yet. But… thank you, you’re very kind.”

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Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 8:13 pm
by Cana Havich
Cana cringed internally, but kept a placid smile of his face. If only she knew how little control he used to have over his incredibly destructive magic. Just because his overly permissive parents never lectured him, it didn't take away from the nightmares or guilt. The string of dead pets that followed him was something that he doubted he'd ever be over truly.

"Grandmother is definitely awful. She also wasn't a great mother to my dad and my aunts. Overall, just an awful person," he shrugged. He knew he didn't have too much room to talk really, but Cana would never actually hurt children like his grandmother did. Especially not his own. Everything he did, he did in the name of his own good, but there was no wiggle room in his mind about that. Even his father, who was one of the most ruthlessly ambitious people he knew, agreed.

Then again, Aleksander always had a soft spot for his children. He'd let them get away with literal murder before reprimanding them probably. He couldn't imagine Aleksander picking a husband for him (or gods forbid a wife). He'd always approved of Gabe, and never really disapproved of any guy Cana had had a crush on. It was strange imagining what Addi's life must be like. He felt a pang of sympathy for her, not just for her seeming hatred of her Seeing abilities.

He listened intently as she talked about them. Part of him was incredibly curious: how could he figure out how to use this to help himself? But another, strange, new part of him, was actually concerned for her. His brain was turning with how to help her and manipulate her all at the same time.

"Well," he finally settled. "Do you think you could lie convincingly? Because I have an idea that might work for how to explain it to your professors. And I think with a little legwork, I can lay a realistic paper trail to make it believable."

He fluttered a bit with his hands, and settled himself closer to Addi.

"There's something people get. Usually Muggles, but it can happen in wizards too. They're called absence seizures. They don't look like normal seizures, where you lose control of your body, they looks like you've zoned out. And there's no real way to snap a person out of it. We've--well, my father's company has been working on seizure treatments for awhile, but yeah. Maybe, with the right paper trail and some well laid lies, we could convince the professors that's what's going on?"

He didn't know how Addi might feel about lying, which could cause a big issue. But he was genuinely trying to find a workable solution, somewhat out of the goodness of his heart. That had to count for something right?

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Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:46 am
by Addiana Cadwalader
When Cana asked about her ability to lie, Addi sunk to an even lower low. Her cheeks puffed out as she blew out a big sigh. Honesty, Addi didn’t like to lie at all. The few times she’d even attempted to do so, her mother had known immediately. That brought Addi to the other reason she didn’t lie, she was horrid at it. Her only other experience with dishonesty had been when trying to explain her accidental uses of magic while she attended a non-magical primary school. The other children had never believed her fibs, so after a while she had learned to just keep quiet and let the adults think her classmates had wild imaginations and telling exaggerated tall tales.

“I appreciate your suggestion,” Addi said, feeling glum. It was a very good idea and if she were a better liar, something she would likely consider following through with.

Frustration at this curse she suspected fate had gifted her with welled up and for a moment Addi wanted to cry. Interlocking her fingers in her lap, she squeezed tightly and took a steadying breath. As she let the breath out, she tried to force the frustration with it and tamp down her anxiety. Really, it was no use to get upset about this whole situation. True, she loathed much of what she’d learned about Divination, harkening it to basic fortune telling. But what would happen if she approached the Professor or even the Headmaster? Perhaps they would be able to offer some additional guidance if she proved to be a Seer?

Without meaning to, she’d unconsciously started to lean toward Cana and she straightened with a cough. It was strange, this vibe he threw off. All of Addi’s siblings were years younger than her. She remembered before her cousin, Emrys, had gone through puberty and become an arrogant cad, that she’d frequently followed him around like a lamb. She supposed in a way she’d thought of him like an older brother. She wondered if this was the feeling she was picking up on. Addi knew he was being friendly and not flirty. Big brother, she considered, turning the words over in her mind. It sort of fit, which felt only slightly bizarre on their first meeting. Though that was the way it was sometimes when you met new people. You just clicked instantly. Time would tell.

“I’m a bloody terrible liar,” she finally confessed after a long moment. “Somehow I think lying is going to make it worse. Probably need to bite the bullet and just speak to my head of house.”

Groaning, Addi moaned, “Likely that will be a delightful conversation.”

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Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:48 am
by Cana Havich
Cana could feel himself deflate a bit as his idea was shot down. Most people, he found either didn't like or weren't good at lying. This was likely one of those cases, but he could help but feel he'd done something wrong or inappropriate here, even though it was to help Addi. For not the first time since his arrival, Cana missed his brother. Kristian would know what to do in this situation. Sure it might also involve lying, coercion, bribery, and forgery, but it would undoubtedly be foolproof by the time it was done, whether Addi was particularly good at lying or not.

Speaking off Addi, she seemed to be getting progressively more upset. Flailing a bit with his hands, a mildly panicked Cana, eventually settled a large hand on her shoulder and made the same small circular movements that he might do for Kristian or one of the twins. It was strange. He was known back home for being cold and rather creepy, but Addi seemed to already trust him. He wasn't entirely sure that was a good idea, but Cana was determined to at least try for her. There would be no more disastrous dark magic hurting people here that he cared about, at least not coming from him.

"Well," he hedged. "And I would understand if you didn't want to do this. But you could always talk to my aunt first? I know you haven't had classes with her yet, so if you're not comfortable with it, I understand. But she's really...not necessarily nice, but she definitely cares about people and is good at helping them when they need it."

She had been one of the people who saved Gabe.

She'd gotten him out of Gammla Uppsala.

She'd found him a home.

"I don't know how much she'd know about Seeing necessarily, but she's very knowledgeable about a bunch of stuff. It could be worth a shot? I--I genuinely don't know what else to recommend, honestly. I just get the feeling that you should talk to someone...not smaller, that's for sure, but less important and less likely to speak with your parents first. Your mom she might not take it well."

He didn't particularly want to insult Addi's mother, but from all Addi had told him of the woman she deserved at least a little ire. Maybe Aunt Jetta could give Addi some guidance and mothering that she clearly needed?

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Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:19 am
by Addiana Cadwalader
“I would understand if you didn’t want to do this. But you could always talk to my aunt first? I know you haven’t had classes with her yet, so if you’re not comfortable with it, I understand. But she’s really…not necessarily nice, but she definitely cares about people and is good at helping them when they need it.”

Nibbling on her lip, she considered Cana’s suggestion. She was going to have to start somewhere, she supposed. Odds are a professor would be better and more experienced in these matters and really they were here to guide her. Hopefully she wouldn’t upset her head of house by confiding in another professor and she really didn’t care to involve the divination professor unless absolutely necessary.

As if sensing her hesitancy and mental mire, Cana continued.

“I don’t know how much she’d know about Seeing necessarily, but she’s very knowledgeable about a bunch of stuff. It could be worth a shot? I--I genuinely don’t know what else to recommend, honestly.”

Finally, Addi nodded and conceded, “You seem to hold her in high esteem, so I’ll trust that your aunt…”

Laugh. Call you mad. Keep your secret. Guide you.

“...will know what course to take. It could be that I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill.”

“…less likely to speak with your parents first. Your mom sounds…like she might not take it well.”

Addi ducked her head. She hadn’t really thought about what her parents might say. Her father would likely understand, as it was a thing from his side of the family after all. Coredelia on the other hand, well, she wasn’t sure if her mother was aware of the Hughes’ genetic gift or not. Likely not, Addi decided. Snorting, she said, “Understatement. My mother is a difficult person. She’d probably have a fit of gigantic proportions and then tell me to ignore it.”

That was one of her mother’s favourite ways to solve problems. Ignoring them always made them disappear. Addi rolled her eyes. It’d become fairly obvious to Addi at quite a young age that her mother often times had the rational and critical thinking skills of someone far younger than a woman of her age. She’d looked after herself much of the time as she grew. Her mother was always so busy cleaning, shopping, having tea and arranging society functions that Addi had had to grow up quicker than most. Especially as her father seemed to spend more and more time in the greenhouses as she grew older. It was probably a godsend that her Gran had been around as much as she had been, lest Addi have been completely clueless about counting, the alphabet, tying her shoes and most of the limited knowledge she had about being a girl.

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Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:34 am
by Cana Havich
“You seem to hold her in high esteem, so I’ll trust that your aunt will know what course to take. It could be that I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill.”

Cana nodded. "She's one of the smartest people I know honestly. Being a professor fits her well, but the family business lost a lot when she made the change. If anything is going on, I'm sure she'll know the right course of action."

Aunt Jetta was not the best with people perhaps, but she was definitely good with teenagers and kids; at least Cana thought so. She was a perpetual mother, despite having her oldest when she was barely out of her teens herself. Any time Cana had a question growing up that he couldn't take to his on parents, he knew Aunt Jetta would answer him with frankness and honesty.

He also knew of course, that she could be intimidating. She didn't exactly look friendly at all times. But hopefully Addi could look past that for her own sake.

“Understatement. My mother is a difficult person. She’d probably have a fit of gigantic proportions and then tell me to ignore it.”

For not the first time since beginning this conversation, Cana was infuriated by Addi's mother. While his own mother wasn't perfect, she was miles better in his own estimation. Perhaps, Cana thought, he should get Addi in touch with his mother and get her some proper mothering for once. Daciana was still very appearances-based, but she was also one of the most loving, supportive people Cana knew. And well, despite the major physical appearance differences...

Addi would be Signe's age.

Cana quickly shuffled that thought out of his mind--

Blood, fire, crushed metal, screaming, cracking, sirens

--and focused back on Addi. He stood up at his full height and held out an arm to her.

"Do you want me to take you to her now? It's technically during her office hours still for a little while yet."