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Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 5:41 am
by Angela Deville
Angela mentally noted to ask Cana where the exact location the kitchens were. She would rather spend meal times at the company of the elves than sitting quietly by herself at the house table in the Great Hall. She had yet to make much progress with her housemates. Perhaps next time she could ask Kyani if they wanted to have lunch together. The thought itself made her laugh. She would never be able to muster up the courage to do such a deed.

Everything happening around Angela seemed like a blur. The newcomer, Eric, had introduced himself as a Gryffindor. Angela wondered whether it was house pride that made the two boys hate each other, but she knew the reasons behind such antagonism was probably more, especially if they had met before in Diagon Alley when Cana was most likely not sorted yet.

She knew Cana was new from Gammla Uppsala. She had looked up more on the school after meeting Cana the last time, but the description he had given her had been much more sufficient as an explanation on the school. Either way, most likely the confrontation between the two had begun when they had first met in the shopping alley near Hogsmeade.

The way Eric addressed Kyani did not sit well with Angela. He seemed to know her, or at least recognize her. Angela had never seen Kyani before arriving at Hogwarts and Hogwarts did not have any students who were remotely famous, at least none since the heroes of the first war left the school. However the way Eric proclaimed his recognition, it felt like he was acknowledging a personage.

“What a stupid question,” Angela spat out at the boy. Questioning Kyani’s magic hit a sore point with Angela. “She’s at Hogwarts, sorted into Slytherin. Of course she’s a witch!”

Angela had always had to deal with the possibility of being a squib, always pressured by her parents to do magic well like her two brothers but never excelling at it. She did not take the disbelief in his voice well at all.

It almost seemed like time shifted and slowed when Angela saw Kyani propelled towards the boy. If she hadn’t seen the anguished expression upon Kyani’s face along with red rage, she would have suspected magic was the cause of such dynamism. Kyani was violently scratching at the boy and Angela wasn’t sure if she should help Kyani or the boy. At the very least, she thought the violence should stop and standing up, she tugged at Kyani’s arm as strongly as she could.

“Stop!” Angela yelled as she tried to get Kyani away from the boy. Although she was sure considering the difference in body size, it would be highly impossible for Kyani to actually hurt the boy, she was sure sufficient damage had already been done to his face.

Since dragging Kyani away from Eric by only her arm was proving to be unsuccessful, Angela was now holding on tightly to the waist of Kyani which was almost nonexistent. The girl seemed so thin and that made Angela’s heart crack slightly. The other girl was trembling slightly, from the anger before or from the tears threatening to fall from her large blue eyes, she was not sure.

“Are you okay?” Angela asked solely to Kyani. She didn't care whether the boy on the ground was okay or not. Her voice was laced with concern and anxiousness. She didn’t know how to comfort the other girl and hoped her attempt was accepted.

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:35 pm
by Eric Brandski
Eric supposed everyone wanted to meet their idol at some point in their lives. Even if it was just on the street or in a que at the store. But to actually attend school with one of your idols was on a different level all together. And of course, one would imagine their idol throwing themselves at you. But not in a fit of outrage. and certainly not with their perfectly manicured claws reaching for your eyes.

As he fell back, the Gryffindor managed to shield his eyes from the attack of the pint-sized girl. His cheeks and neck weren't so lucky. Pain blinded him for a moment, but he heard her yelling at him to... shut up? What had he even said? He knew some girls were irrational, especially girls who have had a lot of attention in their lives. But Kyani had never struck him as that kind of person in any of her interviews.

He was thankful when the other girl started pulling of Kyani to get her off of him. Eric rolled and was able to get out from under the girls. He even managed to escape without knocking into any of the food. Standing, the boy took a few steps back and touched his hand to his burning cheek. His fingers came back red. What was wrong with her? He's though Cana was he psycho of the group, but maybe he had been wrong.

Eric looked at the other boy for some kind of (rare, but hopeful) commendatory. He didn't think he would get it from the girl, as she was comforting Kyani through this mess. He felt like an outsider here, like one of their pets had just died and they were all blaming him. What had he done wrong?

"I... I'm sorry?" It was the only thing he could think of to say. He didn't know what else to do, and he had a feeling this wouldn't exactly blow over.

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:36 pm
by Cana Havich
Before Eric could even try to explain himself to Cana, Kyani had launched herself at him and was quickly and effectively clawing the ever-loving hell out of his face. Cana was both shocked and appreciative. Clearly the girl could protect herself more than he had thought. Angela was just as quick on the draw though and before Cana had even decided that he wanted to end this, the little Ravenclaw was dragging Kyani off of Eric...who was bleeding quite noticeably.

Cana tried to keep the grin off his face as he slowly brought himself to his feet. He failed.

"Well, it's not my place to accept the apology, by any means. I certainly think you've learned a lesson though."

He turned back to where the girls were and angled himself directly in front of them, towering over everyone present. The intimidating effect was only lessened by the fact that he accidentally kicked over his bag as he shifted.

Leaning into Eric, he smiled a truly wicked grin.

"I don't think you're welcome here anymore. I'd leave," he nodded sharply, canines bared. It would have been a terrifying sight for Eric to scurry away from if Cana hadn't heard it.

What was that?


Oh crap.

He looked down as a small orange and white bottle had slipped from his bag and was rolling quite quickly down the hill. With a panicked edge to his movements, he grabbed his wand and was about to summon the pills back when he remembered something that Eric's mother had mentioned. Eric's dad was a doctor...would he recognize what Cana was trying to summon? As the pills got further away though, Cana had little choice.

"Accio Aripiprazole," he muttered, hoping that the medication name sounded enough like a magical word on its own. It probably didn't, but. It was a hope. He grabbed the bottle in one hand as it flew towards him and shoved it in his pocket. Glaring back at Eric, all pretense of amusement gone, Cana squared up. The light of amusement he'd had earlier in his eyes was gone.

"Leave," he muttered. "Now. Just leave us alone."

He turned on his heel and approached the girls with a mite more calm.

"You okay, hun?" he asked Kyani, hand on her shoulder. "I can beat him up more if you want? He's not that fast I don't think...I mean, I think you handled it really well, just you know...if it'd make you feel better I'd do it."

He turned to Angela and gave her a quick smile.

"And you did amazing too. Both of you."

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 2:41 pm
by Kyani Taylor
Kyani didn't usually act like a homicidal maniac. At least, not when all a person had said was her name. But he had said it in that way. Like he knew her. Knew who she was. And she knew that if he kept talking, everyone else would know too. This please was supposed to be a start-over. Where no one cared who she was.

When she felt the arms lock around her, Kyani's brain snapped back into focus. She was sure she looked like some sort of lunatic. If Eric hadn't caused the death of her friendships, she sure as sugar just had. She was thankful no one had caught the event on camera, or everyone would be talking about it at that time tomorrow.

From the corner of her eye, Kyani caught the movement of scurrying away, but she was looking down at her hands in her lap. Her nails were colored a Rose Petal Pink, but there bits of red at their tips. She hadn't meant to do that. The colors clashed awfully.

Kyani didn't look up when Angela asked if Eric was alright, but after a moment, she realized the question hadn't been addressed to the boy. Angela was worried about... her? A tiny seed of hope began to blossom in the Slytherin's heart as she glanced from Angela to Cana and back again. They looked honestly concerned for her.

"Y-yes," the girl said on a shaky breath, "I'm... fine."

That didn't stop Cana from standing up and addressing Eric, though. "I don't think you're welcome here anymore. I'd leave," he told the Gryffindor. Before anything else could happen, something fell out of Cana's bag. The boy was quick to retrieve it, but there was something about the name that struck Kyani.

Aripiprazole. She wasn't very good with pronouncing Latin or Greek, which was one of the reasons her spells tended to be off kilter. But that name she at least recognized. A doctor had wanted her to start taking it, but she couldn't remember what for. Her mum hadn't liked the side effects, though, so they had never filled the prescription.

After telling Eric to leave off again, Cana came back over to check on her and Angela. Kyani's seed of hope grew even more. For some bazaar reason, they didn't hate her. She dug her plans into her eyes to stop the tears that were threatening. "Thank you," she said, forcing her words around the lump in her throat. "I don't... I don't need anyone beat up." It was kind for him to offer, though. "I'm sorry I messed up the picknic."

It has started off so well, too! She really hoped they could get back to the smiling and laughing That had happened before Eric had shown up and ruined everything. She couldn't see how that was possible, though. Once a rubber band snapped, you couldn't tapeit back together. But they couikd move on, right? Cleaning her nails quickly on the blanket, Kyani took both Angela and Cana's hands in hers. "Thank you."

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 3:52 pm
by Angela Deville
Angela let out a breath of relief as Kyani picked herself up in a figurative manner, and took both Angela and Cana’s hands, each in her own. The girl looked down at her hands, covered slightly with blood. She seemed a bit calmer and that was when Angela concentrated on the other people around her.

Cana had immediately jumped to Kyani’s defense against Eric. He had known Eric before today, unlike Angela, and was quicker in dealing with the situation with the other boy. Angela still didn’t understand exactly what the situation was. Knowing that Kyani was Kyani before there were any introductions was just so strange to Angela. Was there some backstory to the two as well? Angela was positive that she had never noticed Eric at Hogwarts, even with his outlandish clothing choices although he probably wore his uniform during the weekdays. Or did he?

Eric had a look of utter disbelief and horror on his face. Angela really couldn’t blame him though. She would have been the same if someone had flew at her. But she was sure that the reasoning behind Kyani’s attack was sound or at least, existing, and only a sliver of her heart was feeling bad for Eric.

Angela was at least relieved that he immediately apologized and hoped that the problem did not escalate any further. She was sure she wouldn’t be able to find the courage to stop another fight. Cana seemed to think the same and was gesturing for Eric to leave when something fell out of his bag. A small orange cylinder rolled down the small hill, too quick for anyone to catch by hand. Cana summoned it back.

Apripazoll? Angela had never heard of such a thing but it didn’t sound like a magical potion or ingredient. It sounded… muggle. Angela had no knowledge on muggle items but she remembered how Cana’s family dealt with muggle customers and wizarding potions. She suspected this small bottle was connected to this. But why was it in the possession of Cana? Was he selling something to someone else? Or perhaps… He needed it for himself.

Angela glanced a look at Cana’s face, unable to see his entire expression, but the side she could see showed anger and surprise. He showed no sign of laughter or even smiling as he told Eric to leave. If the boy didn’t listen to Cana’s warning, Angela was sure she would understand just how the boy got into Gryffindor. The amount of courage needed to stand up to the tall boy would make anyone bound for the house of the lions.

Angela knew she wouldn’t say a word about anything but her body was on edge because she could sense another storm brewing, this time between Cana and Eric. So she turned more towards Kyani who was apologizing for ruining the picnic they were having. Containers with food were overturned and there were pieces of bread and some fruit flung all on the ground surrounding the group.

Angela just patted Kyani’s arm softly and almost whispered, “It’s alright. I hope you’re okay now.” She wetted a small napkin in a cup of water that amazingly had remained untouched during the whole incident. She quietly helped Kyani wipe off some food that had gotten on her clothes and arms.

She also hoped someone would clarify what had happened as well as what was happening, but she wasn’t going to be the one to start the conversation.

She turned towards the other boy. She was entirely on Kyani’s side but her neutral nature made her feel bad for the boy as well and without the concern she had for Kyani, she politely asked, “Are you okay?” Her voice was cold and overly polite. The manners she had learned as she grew up in the Deville household had been pounded into her at every party and gathering she had been to and almost automatically she tried to accommodate everyone there.

She gave another wet handkerchief to the boy who most likely would have to worry more about his face and neck than his clothes. "Here."

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 8:40 pm
by Eric Brandski
Everything way moving way too fact for Eric's brain to keep up with. From the very Muggle prescription pills Cana had just called back to his hand, to Angela handing him a damp napkin, and Kyani acting as if he had just crawled out of the pit of Hell. It was almost too much to compute.

Accepting the napkin with a quick "ta," he pressed it to his cheek. Thankfully, the scratch marks weren't super deep and were already starting to heal. He wished he could ask Kyani what he had said wrong, but had a feeling she would take it as well as he had anything else he'd said to her.

Maybe Cana was right. Is was probably best that he left now before anything else happened. It would be his fault, whatever it was. Even if it wasn't, it would be. Because he would be choosing to stay. If he stayed.

He goal hadn't been met yet, though. He had come to talk with Cana and ended up ruining a picnic. It wasn't his finest moment ever. Still he couldn't walk away. There was no way in knowing when his next chance to talk to Cana would be.

After a long moment of debate, he finally opened his mouth. "I'll leave," Eric promised the three if them, "but can I talk with you a moment? Over there?" He nodded his head to a tree a few years away. The girls were both too young to be overhearing a life-line conversation. Not that that was what it was. It was just that it could be interpreted that way.

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:53 am
by Cana Havich
Cana was gently attempting to comfort Kyani when he heard Eric's request. Hand stilling on Kyani's shoulder, he considered his options.

He could just tell Eric to go to hell. It would certainly look bad in front of the girls, but with all the stress of the day, he was sure they'd understand. But he'd tried so hard to be someone he wasn't in front of them; he'd tried so hard to be a better person. He wanted to be someone both girls could look up to, someone they could rely on for help or advice. And after the little glimpse of darkness they'd already gotten, it probably wouldn't be for the best to just curse Eric out, even if it was just verbally.

He looked back to both girls.

"I'm gonna go over there for a bit. See what he wants. Nothing bad is going to happen, so no worries. Look after each other, yeah?" he added with kindness in his voice. Moving his hand from Kyani, he gave Angela's shoulder a little pat before walking towards and past Eric. He resisted the urge to shoulder check the smaller boy.

Leaning casually against the tree with a scowl on his face, he waited till Eric was nearby to unleash on him. Quietly unleash at least. He wasn't entirely sure he wanted the girls to hear this.

"What was that? Who is she to you?" he hissed. "Because whatever that was? Kyani isn't the type of girl to do that for no reason."

Cana resisted reaching out and grabbing Eric too hard by the shoulder (or throat), but did stand straight at his full height, looking down on Eric as if he were something to be squashed.

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 2:58 am
by Kyani Taylor
Kyani sipped on the water Angela had given her as she helped the girl clean off her clothing. It was ruined. There would be stains and everything. Even if there was a spell to remove the stains, the Slytherin doubted she would be able perform it. Maybe she could ask Cana to help. But now she was much more worried about what Eric was saying to Cana than her clothing. That was a jarring though, but it was true.

Turning to Angela who was a few feet away from her now, after helping Eric, Kyani bit her lip. Amgela was way too good of a person to be dragged into a friendship with someone like her, but she liked the girl. Cana was her first real friend, and he could handle himself, but Angela... Angela was a sweetheart who had every likely hood of being hurt by Kyani and her life. She didn't want to do that, but she was selfish.

"Angela," the girl asked softly, "if... if you learned something about me... something I don't--that I'm not--" the words were causing her throat to glog up and it was hard pushing them past. She had thought she could avoid talking to anyone about it, but then that stupid Gryffindor had shown up and ruined everything. Angela ans Cana would be wondering. Even if the jerk wasn't over there with Cana spilling the beans, he had said enough to make them question. "Would you still... like me?"

That was, of course, assuming that Angela liked her now. That they could possibly be friends. There was a lot of ifs involved, but... wouldn't it be worth it? To have someone to share looks with in class? Or joke about teachers with? Do homework together? Be... a friend? Wouldn't it be worth it? She hoped so.

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 3:47 am
by Angela Deville
Angela couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief when Eric decided to leave. He had brought about a bunch of problems, most likely not on purpose but being with him seemed to unexpectedly make complications. It almost made Angela feel bad for the boy but since he seemed to be the cause of everything, not enough to comfort the boy. As he left sideways with Cana, Angela turned towards Kyani who seemed to be worried about not only her clothes but something else as well. Angela was quiet as she just tried to help at least lessen any stains. She knew the words to the cleaning spell, Scourgify, but she was not confident in actually casting the spell.

Kyani was looking at Angela in a strange way. Strange as if waiting to say something but not being able to form the words yet. It was a look Angela was familiar with on her own face so she knew asking beforehand would be no help.

It took no longer than a few more moments until Kyani started to speak.

"Angela, if... if you learned something about me... something I don't--that I'm not--. Would you still... like me?”

Angela felt like she was hearing herself speak, stuttering and pausing in between words because of apprehension. She couldn’t help but feel like she would have to accentuate her confidence in keeping this friendship.

“Of course!” Angela exclaimed. She hugged the girl again briefly, effectively getting more mushed food on her own clothes. She would probably be throwing everything she was wearing today away. She pulled away from the other girl and smiled. “I really like you Kyani! You’re kind of no nonsense and nice. I… I think you’re my first Hogwarts friend after Cana.”

Angela’s face was in flames and hot as she expressed such sentiment that she never had felt before. She had never had much emotion to convey towards a friend considering she never really had one. She felt like she and Kyani were much more similar to each other than either girl had expected.

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 4:18 am
by Eric Brandski
When they were far enough away from the girls, Cana turned to him and leaned himself against the tree. "What was that?" The older boy asked. "Who is she to you? Because whatever that was? Kyani isn't the type of girl to do that for no reason."

Eric shook his head, he had already opened his big mouth enough. "Look, that's not what I wanted to talk to you about. I had no clue you didn't know, I thought i was obvious." Anyone who had ever picked up a magazine should have recognized her, but apparently not. "If she hasn't told you, it's not my place." The boy dabbed at his burning cheek again. He didn't want to be attacked again for doing something stupid.

With a sigh, Eric ran his free hand through his hair. "This whole thing started because I came over here to talk to you about your cousin. Morrigan." He figured Cana would know what cousin he was talking about, but added her name just in case. "We're friends, okay? And I know you hate my guts," for some unfathomable reason, "but I like her. I want to be her friend."

He stood there for a moment, trying to think if there was anything else he should say. He couldn't think of anything that would prove that his intentions were honest, so he shrugged and waved his hand towards Cana, opening the floor to him. He knew he would regret it, but they had to get this conversation over and done with. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if Cana thought he was taking advantage of Morrigan.