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Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:14 am
by Cana Havich
(Cana's dogs first picture)

Cana smiled as the girls seemed to relax a little with his joking and the pictures of his dogs. He truly could feel that this would work out for the better. Tension even seemed to be draining away from Angela who seemed so naturally nervous that Cana just wanted to hug her until she stilled, like he would for one of his own sisters.

"I'm normally the same, Angela," he replied to the girl's comments about animals. "Kyani can tell you that cats don't like me. Most animals don't. But large dogs seem to be fine for me. Geri and Freki are great. I've had them since they were puppies. They're very protective of my sisters, too," he smiled. "I'd bet they'd love you two, as well."

"As for electives, I'd say Muggle Studies is good, but I'm biased towards Aunt Jetta. Not only has she always worked closely with Muggles, she's married to one, as well. And my mom is a Muggle, and my aunt Thorunn married a Muggle too. So she has a lot of experience to draw upon. Runes is great, and useful if you're good at them. Divination....has its place," he said tactfully. "Spiritiualism looks incredibly interesting. I've always had an interest in it, but it was deemed too old-fashioned for Gammla Uppsala. Which is ridiculous really considering we still do old god rituals sometimes." Truthfully, he thought Hogwarts could have used several more electives, much like Gammla Uppsala had. But he wasn't about to unintentionally insult the school to the girls; they also might frown upon learning that his old school offered several courses on the dark arts. Things were going too well to bring that little tidbit up.

Well, things were going well.

Cana looked up sharply, when he heard a familiar voice. He'd thankfully avoided the Brandski boy for the most part since coming to Hogwarts. Despite being mutually cajoled into apologizing to each other, he didn't have many good feelings towards Eric, and it seemed that Eric felt the same about him. As he sat on the picnic blanket, Eric almost even seemed taller than him. Cana hated it. And the accusation in Eric's voice belied something... unsanitary.

Cana...supposed he couldn't blame him. This did look bad. Very bad. Hadn't he even been worrying earlier about the appearances of this meeting? He knew very well what it looked like for an almost grown man--one who definitely looked fully grown--to be meeting with two little girls.

He cringed internally, before brushing off his own self-awareness. Instead, he put on his most innocent facial expression, and looked up at Eric, confusion in his eyes.

"Why, Eric, we're having a picnic and sharing cute animal stories. What else would it be?" his tone belied a slight challenge, without being too aggressive. It wouldn't do for either of the girls to see his bad side.

And boy did his bad side ever come out when around Eric Brandski.

Instead of looking back up for an answer, Cana took a large bottle of water and poured and extra glass. He handed it up to Eric without looking directly at him, but the message was clear: I'll be polite if you are, but you're not truly welcome here. With the other hand he reached out for the pictures of his dogs, letting Eric clearly see they weren't inappropriate, before folding them back in his pocket. He didn't particularly like Eric knowing literally anything remotely personal about him, but the fact that he had dogs seemed neutral enough.

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:03 pm
by Kyani Taylor
Kyani was peeved. She felt like they were actually making progress with Angela. The girl was opening up a little, and Ky had determined to make it her personal goal for Angela to feel comfortable by the end of this picnic. And they were almost there! Until the walking neon sign showed up.

As far as fashion went, Kyani had seen worse on the runway, but this was school and not a fashion show. She didn't know if the guy just liked the bright colors together or if he was color blind, but it didn't feel appropriate to ask.

When Cana offered him a glass, Kyani bit her cheek and made room for the guy. She had a feeling he had invited himself, only because Cana had mentioned inviting one extra person. Besides, with more people, there was a higher chance of Angela clamping back up.

She wanted to say something, but she wasn't the host. Cana was the iine in charge here, and if he was okay with it, then what right did she have? She would just have to... share Cana with yet another person.

Tossing her black hair over her shoulder, Kyani straightened her spine and put on her war face. Her "war face" being the most pleasant smile she could muster. "Welcome."

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 2:09 pm
by Angela Deville
Angela was finally feeling a bit better in her company. Cana was as sweet as ever and Angela could see how his eyes followed both her and Kyani, making sure the two were okay. Angela was grateful that he was watching over them. Kyani too, seemed nice and willing to keep the conversation flowing, a thankful task in Angela’s opinion. She found herself having a nice time outside with good food and good people.

She listened to Cana’s explanation on the various electives that Hogwarts had. She knew she would be more interested in other subjects, but she found herself leaning towards Muggle Studies once more. The influence of Cana grew as he soon held a place closer to Angela than even her own older brother.

James always kept to himself. He never stepped in when her parents fretted over the possibility of Angela being a squib. He never interfered with the constant disregard of their parents towards Angela. Angela couldn’t blame him for the monopolization of their parents’ affection. It wasn’t James’ fault that Angela was subpar in all aspects compared to perfect James and prodigal Alex, her younger brother. It was a relief that Angela was at Hogwarts while James was at Durmstrang.

Everything was peaceful until Angela heard the footsteps and voice of someone. She turned to see a colorfully dressed boy, similar in age more to Cana than to Angela and Kyani. The boy had on bright lime green over an orange striped top with purple pants. Either muggles wore the strangest clothing, or this boy had strange taste. Angela was sure it was the latter. Angela wore simple clothes. The new person and his colorful clothing contrasted entirely with Cana, Kyani and Angela’s simple colored clothes. Angela wasn’t sure if it was the bright clothes or just the face of the boy, but she didn’t feel as scared as she usually felt towards new people. It was also probably the help of having Cana and Kyani with her.

The new boy seemed to know Cana though, and that was what brought him here. Angela hadn’t known Kyani was going to be attending either so maybe this new person was also invited by Cana as well. But when she looked at the hard expression of Kyani and the tense state of Cana, she was sure this person was not invited. Cana conversed with the new person. It was the first time that Angela heard Cana talk in such a voice. Although the words themselves were friendly, and his voice was polite, the undertones of the words were laced with something that Angela could only express as lethal and it was the first time she had seen Cana like this. It was this state that actually frightened Angela. Who was this person that made someone as sweet and kind as Cana like this? And what did he do to receive such treatment?

Kyani also had seemed surprised at the new guest but she made room for the boy while welcoming him as well. Or at least, welcoming only by words. Angela could see the dark expression on Kyani’s face and it made Angela nervous. She felt she too should be guarded against this new person.

“Hello,” Angela said as politely as she could. She could not bring herself to smile while saying this because she was still so confused at what this situation was. The boy was now invited into the circle if he accepted the invitation. Angela also moved mirroring Kyani’s movement so that the boy had space to sit between the two girls. Whatever the circumstances were, she instinctively knew that it would be best to keep Cana and the boy away from each other. Maybe she too could protect Cana. But the thought itself made her laugh inside.

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:10 pm
by Eric Brandski
Eric hasn't been expecting the warmest welcome. In fact, Eric ha dnt been expecting a welcome at all. If he he been expecting anything, it would been a glare and a vaguely veiled threat about what would happen if he didn't stay away from Morrigan. Then again, Eric hadn't been expecting the tea party. Or the first years.

It struck Eric that maybe the girls could be... well, he didn't want to use the word "useful" when it came to children. But looking at their reaction to him, it was obvous he was the odd man out. Perhaps they actually liked Cana, a hard thought to fathom, but possible. Maybe they were all enjoy8ng themselves and he was crashing the party.

It was almost enough to make him turn around right then and there, but if it really was true, then Cana would want the girls to continue liking him. Which meant he was much less likely to kill or threaten Eric in front of them.

So, Eric accepted the coup that was offer and sat in the place that had been made for him. There was more than enough food for the four of them, but Eric felt a guilty knot in his stomach for inviting himself. He would have to make it up to Cana later.

Or Cana would end up killing him, and then he wouldn't even have to worry about it.

"Uh, thanks," Eric said, taking a sip from the cup. It was fairly certain that Cana hadn't had time to poison it before handing it over. "Thank you for letting me stay. I didn't mean to interrupt. You were talking about..." Eric looked between them all, trying to remember the conversation he had walked in on, "dogs?"

That sounded about right, and Cana had flashed him the photo of the two monster-sized pups, for some reason. Dogs then. Eric didn't know the first thing about dogs.

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:41 pm
by Cana Havich
If there was one thing that would consistently warm Cana's cold dead heart over the next few weeks, it was the chilly reaction Eric was getting from Kyani and Angela. It was as if both girls we're sensing his radiating dislike and channeling it. Angela seemed more confused by the situation than Kyani, but both girls seemed decidedly unhappy that Eric was there.


Unfortunately, Eric couldn't take a hint, and he still settled down between the two girls.


With every reaction, there was an equal and opposite reaction though. So he should supposed he should have expected the bad to come with the good. He watched with piercing eyes as Eric drank the water; it was so unfortunate he didn't have something like Muggle eyedrops to slip in there that would be undetectable by the infirmary. Oh well. Best not to draw any sort of suspicion just yet.

Cana ran a hand through his hair and resigned himself to Eric knowing even more about him as a person.

"Yeah, I was just mentioning to the girls that I have two dogs. Geri and Freki. They're Cane Corsos. My dad got them for me," he added curtly.

Cana grabbed one of the plates of food and pushed it vaguely in Eric's direction. It contained a variety of toasts with things on top of them; before letting Eric get his pick, Cana grabbed an avocado toast with runny egg on it. He'd actually managed to get the eggs from the kitchens. It turned out he was very good at putting on a sweet face for House Elves, and the little army of creatures cooked him up quite a few soft boiled eggs.

He decided to plough forward with his self-description, despite how it pained him for Eric to know anything about him beyond the descriptor of "terrifying." Cana turned to face each girl and his face softened.

"I wish the House Elves would actually let us work in the kitchen. Seems like it'd be a lot more convenient for me to cook this on my own than for my mom to do it, and Dad to spell it and send it. But the House Elves seem very insistent. I've never really been around them before," he shrugged. "My family doesn't believe in them. And--" he grinned wickedly, "--I think there's a story with them about Aunt Jetta. She might be scared of them? I'm not sure. She always gets a bit scary whenever I ask. But yeah, never really grew up around them myself. They're....very enthusiastic little things, aren't they?"

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:16 pm
by Kyani Taylor
Kyani bristled as the boy settled himself. The group was growing larger than she was really comfortable with. Not that she wasn't used to being around a lot of people, it was common occurrence to her. But she didn't like having to share attention. Not that she was an attention hog, or anything, but it was obvious by his mannerisms that Cana didn't even like the guy very much!

Growling to herself, Kyani plucked at a handful of grapes. She'd planned the day out thinking she would be spending time with a friend. And though she didn't mind Angela, the intrusion of the other boy however didn't meet her list of "willing interruptions." A petty part of her wanted to throw the grapes at the boy, but she didn't want Cana to think of her as childish.

She didn't really care about making friends, but she liked Cana and Angela interested her. The other boy... was weird. She didn't really feel uncomfortable around him, he more reminded her of the other models she was forced to spend time with. She just... didn't like him. It probably wasn't even his fault, but she didn't care.

Reaching across the boy, Kyani offered her handful of fruit to Angela. "Grape?"

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:13 pm
by Angela Deville
The new person sat in the seat offered to him. Sitting next to Angela and Kyani, both very small girls, the new boy looked tall and out of place. Angela didn’t understand exactly what the situation was between the two boys but she understood that as long as Cana was okay with the intruder (although by the look of his expression it didn’t seem like he was one hundred percent okay with it) Angela was going to be welcoming as well. Or at least, as welcome as she could be in her shy nature. She placed a few treats that were in front of her more towards the new person at the same time that Cana too moved the plate of toasts for the new person. Angela thought that the gesture meant the storm that had threatened to shed rain on the picnic was now passing.

She too nibbled on one of the treats, something with meat in it? She wasn’t sure, but it tasted delicious. She looked at what Cana was eating. It looked like a fried egg on top of a light green vegetable. Spending time with Cana was broadening her experience with peculiar foods. She had never had Indian nor some of the delectable dishes on display today. So far, all new things she had tasted carefully was delicious.

Although the conversation was feeling forced from Cana, Angela was actually interested in hearing about Cana’s experience with house elves. Angela herself lived fortunately with the luxury of a few house elves in the Deville household. She knew they were present and did most of the housework, even though most of their help was hidden from plain sight. When she was younger, the presence of the house elves were much more prominent in the household chores as well as taking care of her. She had few more closely kept elves near her who had been the only comforting beings that kept her company. But as she grew older, and her parents continued to oppress the time she spent with them and slowly she drifted further from contact with the elves and spent more time by herself. She had lost much interest in them after time went on.

It was surprising that someone who was new to Hogwarts, knew so much about the hidden happenings around the place. She was sure the advantage came from having a Hogwarts professor as an aunt. The tall professor who Angela had only seen during mealtimes and rarely in the corridors of the school, seemed unlikely to be afraid of anything let alone house elves. But alas, Cana’s grin that adorned his face while talking of his aunt made what he was saying seem truthful. Angela let out a light giggle at the imagery of the tall, slightly strict looking teacher being afraid of a small wrinkly elf. It seemed so impossible that it was comedic.

“Do you know where the kitchens are Cana?” Angela asked hesitantly. She was still cautious in front of the new boy.

Strangely enough, although she had met Kyani just today, Angela felt like she was part of a team against the new person. Or, not exactly against him, but more so positioned more to the side of Cana and Kyani. Secretly, she liked the feeling of belonging and it made it easier talking in front of Kyani. Kyani offered grapes to Angela, and although she was still guarded in her actions with someone she was uncomfortable with in between them, Angela’s heart warmed at Kyani’s offering.

It was easily the first time Angela was actually conversing with someone her age at Hogwarts. She had shied away from any prolonged contact with her housemates and she was sure they were feeling they had been snubbed by her. She just wasn’t ready yet for any more intimate discussion with anyone yet. She wasn’t doing well with introductions or greetings, giving only whispered answers to the few brave classmates who approached her.

“Thank you,” Angela said, accepting the grapes from Kyani’s small hands. Her voice held gratefulness far more than appropriate for the small giving of fruit but the emotion behind her words far exceeded them. The small gesture of Kyani’s brought about a bout of courage in Angela so that she turned to the newcomer. Although she knew he was not a close friend of Cana’s, he was still an acquaintance and she knew what was polite in a setting like this.

She asked in a small voice politely, “I couldn’t catch your name before. Um,” she took a glance at Cana, hoping that she was being polite enough in this company and making sure that this was alright. “My name is Angela. Cana is my friend.” Her voice held a sliver of defiance as well as defensiveness.

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:05 pm
by Eric Brandski
"Nice to meet you all," Eric said, even though he was pretty sure at least two of the three, if not all three of them were planning his slow painful death. How the girls could look both terrifying and adorable was something he would never be able to figure out

Clearing his throat a little at the tension in the air, Eric stated "Cana and I met in Diagon Alley." He didn't know if he should go 8 to more detail than that, but he thought at least some of it would be alright to share. "His dad and my mum have done some business together and so we spent most of the day together." There. And people thought he couldn't be diplomatic.

Though he wasn't very hungry at the moment, both Cana and Angela had offered plates to him. To be polite, Eric took up a toast with what looked to be slices of garlic and pesto on top. "I'm Eric, by the way," he said when he realized he hadn't introduced himself properly. "Gryffindor."

Cana was a bit cold, but at least he was polite and Angela seemed nice, but she was rather stand-off-ish. The girl with the raven hair had all but ignored him since he sat down, so he supposed she would have to be the one to win over enough to have a decent picnic.

Or he could go. He should have left when he noticed Cana wasn't alone. It had taken him a long time yo work up the nerve to seek Cana out on purpous, though. If he left now, who knew how long it would be before they could talk again. So, he munched on his toast, trying to think of a way to start a conversation that was all inclusive.

That was when he realized why the dark haired girl looked so familiar. "My God, you're Kyani Taylor, aren't you? You're a witch?" That wasn't something he had ever expected to happen.

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:27 am
by Cana Havich
Cana smiled a bit as Kyani moved to include Angela (while subtly excluding Eric). It was a clever move on her part, and Cana could fully appreciate it for what it was. It also seemed to comfort Angela a bit, as she opened up with some more questions.

"My cousin showed me where the kitchens were, yes," Cana answered Angela. "She was shown by one of her housemates. I knew about the house elves from my aunt though. As I said, she's very aware of their presences," he smirked. That smirked soon turned to a full blown smile though, as Angela proclaimed to Eric her friendship with Cana.

He'd had so few people even back home that he could truly call friends. It was incredible to him that he'd made at least one this fast. Even though she was a bit young (and likely naive about Cana's hidden nature), her declaration made Cana feel happy. Maybe he really was getting better? Maybe the meds were helping? Maybe being away from Kristian and Bjorn was a good influence?

Cana wasn't about to say any of that aloud near Eric though. That would be showing weakness, and Eric hadn't earned that at all. In fact, the idea that he'd already seen Cana being vulnerable without truly earning it, frustrated Cana to no end. And now Eric was here, interrupting a time where Cana could be somewhat more open and vulnerable and sending his plans crashing into the rocks. As he introduced himself to the girls, Cana fought to keep a sneer off his own face.

And then suddenly, Eric was declaring his recognition of Kyani as if she was someone he knew. Cana suddenly felt himself surge into a protective mode.

"Is this an issue?" Cana asked, voice edging on dangerous. His eyes had lost the spark they had earlier, and there was a warning in his voice that hadn't been there before.

Re: The Wallpaper Was Never Yellow {Kyani, Angela, Eric}

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:53 am
by Kyani Taylor
Despite everything, Kyani was trying to have a good time. Maybe if she just focused on the people she liked that were here--two of the three seated around her--she could still have a good time. Th at was, until the brightly colored oaf opened his big stupid mouth.

"My God, you're Kyani Taylor, aren't you?" The words exited the boy's mouth the a terrible omen. No. She had thought she would have more time to make friends. "You're a witch?"

It was Cana who came to her rescue, all cool eyed and protective. She was going to miss him. She would miss Angela, even though she never got to know the girl properly. She would miss having moments like these. Well, moments like they were having before the Gryffindor appeared. She would miss the potential friendships she was going to miss out on.

Kyani felt her body launching through the air before she even knew what was happening. It was like some invisible force that spirited her towards the boy. Either the force had made her stronger, or the sight of a pint-sized girl flying at him had caught him off guard, because there was no chance someone like her could have knocked a nearly grown boy to the ground.

She didn't that time to register that, though. All she wanted to do was get him to shut up. He had to stop talking before they all found out. And then they wouldn't be her friends anymore. "Shut up," she hissed, clawing at his face. "How could you? You... you..." She couldn't think of a word worse enough to describe him.

She didn't know if it was anger or her nails being bent back from scratching at the boy, but her vision had suddenly got very watery. "You just shut up," she told him again, but this time her voice was weaker with less force behind it. If they weren't going to break off their friendship before, the defanantly would after seeing her temper tantrum.