Blood Doth Run Most Foul (Open)

This includes the forest, lake, quidditch pitch, and anything else within reasonable walking distance from the school.
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Elwyn Wann
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Blood Doth Run Most Foul (Open)

Post by Elwyn Wann » Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:29 pm

Elwyn had expected an early death. No one lived forever, and the Wanns even less so. Her grandparents had died in their fifties (whether her father had something to do with it had been ruled out after everyone on the investigative force had a vacation for their health). Her mother was in her mid-forties and was already beginning to wither (though that was more likely to do with being locked away in a mental asylum). Her brother was in his early twenties and seemed alright, but who knew how long that would last?

Apparently, though, Elwyn wouldn't live past her teen years. It was a sad turn of events for her. She'd made so many big plans! Most including the super cute Astronomy teacher. But alas, none of it was meant to be. That morning, Elwyn had woken up to a shock. At first, she'd though that the red the painted her and her bed belonged to some sort of creature. She had cleaned up as best she could, but as the morning went on, it became painfully obvious that the blood was, somehow, hers.

She'd read about animals who went off to die so that no one could find their bodies. That had sounded like a good deal to Elwyn, so she had made her way out of the school and towards the woods. By the time she had gotten to the treeline of the Forbidden Forest, though, her body ached, her feet hurt, and she was out of energy. So she'd propped herself against a tree to sit and rest before finishing her Final Journey into the Forest.

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Cana Havich
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Re: Blood Doth Run Most Foul (Open)

Post by Cana Havich » Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:42 am

Cana had found a trail. It wasn't highly noticeable or in any way significant, but it seemed...out of place here. Back home a trail of blood leading out to the woods meant a few things. Someone was drunk and doing something stupid. Someone had gotten on Kristian's bad side. Bjorn had found an uncollared cat. But here, he was at a loss for what it could be. There was barely any of it. Perhaps it was some sort of animal dragging itself off to the forest. He could put it out of it's misery. Or bring it to the healers he supposed. That would be responsible, especially since it didn't seem exceptionally wounded.

He did have a few new potions he wanted to try out though....

It wasn't until he realized the trail lead directly to a young girl he didn't recognize that he got a sinking feeling. Was she injured somehow?

"Erm....are you okay?" he asked awkwardly. The girl was pale, but seemed to be so naturally. She seemed tired, but that could be for a myriad of reasons. What had brought her out here, possibly wounded, so close to the Forbidden Forest?

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