Don't Mistake My Smile {Eric}

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Re: Don't Mistake My Smile {Eric}

Post by Morrigan Delaney » Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:24 am

Well at least Eric was being polite about it. It really didn't give Morrigan any more answers than what she started with though. Sighing a bit, she took the sandwich and bit into it. She paused at Eric's slightly incredulous tone, and then realized how it sounded.

"I mean, you don't have to meet him," she said quickly. "We're just...we're all a pretty close family? All my friends back home knew my parents, either in person or by reputation. I just. I mean, if you don't want to, it's totally fine," she finished awkwardly. Even as he said he would meet him, Morrigan still felt awkwardness radiating off herself in waves.

"He lives in Edinburgh," she finally answered, a bit quelled. "He has a Floo in his place though, and Mom just goes there most nights from the teacher dorms. He works a lot though...he's a new product engineer at Triumph, so he's always busy. We don't get to see him a lot. Not that we got to see him or Mom all the time at Gammla Uppsala--just during summers. So this is better I think."

Morrigan missed her dad a lot, and she'd been looking forward to showing him around the place. Her spirit was only slightly dented though. Even if Eric went back on what he said, she'd still have a fun time with her dad. While she'd eventually have to share with her siblings, he dad had blocked out a bit of time just for her when he arrived. And nothing, not even being embarrassed, was going to stop her from enjoying it.

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