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Squid Snacks

Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:10 am
by Imogen Blackwood
Imogen had decided over the summer that this year she would befriend the giant squid. After spending the previous year only admiring the creature as it swam by the Slytherin common room windows she had a plan. Setting her bag down on the grassy bank of the lake she sat down and began to unpack the contents.

Gen pulled out several jars full of various types of food. A loaf of bread, roast potatoes, cheese, a chicken leg, kidney pie, salad, carrots, and some lemon cake were all unpacked. The key to initiating a friendship with any creature was to feed it – everyone liked someone who brings them a yummy snack. Unfortunately she wasn’t sure what foods giant squids liked. Newt Scamander hadn’t covered that in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them so Gen was on her own in this endeavor. No matter. She had packed up leftovers from lunch and marched determinedly across the lawns on what may have been the last sunny day in Scotland before winter set in.

The 12 year old girl stood up, took off her robes revealing a black bathing suit underneath, and tied her hair back in a tight bun while contemplating which food she should tempt the squid with first.

Re: Squid Snacks

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:16 am
by Elwyn Wann
Elwyn had wanted to play catch with the squid. She had tried several days in a row, but it refused to igknolage her attempts at communication. Sometimes cephalopods could be such bothers! But there she was again, her pale blond hair tired back in a ratty braid, her trainers looped together and tossed casually over her shoulder, and a large rubber ball under her arm.

After the first few failed attempts to get the critter to interact with her, and having to go after the bobbing ball herself, Elwyn had wised up on her choice of wardrobe. Today, she was dressed in dark brown shorts and a loose grey top. Colors that would stay dark and opaque even when wet. Darker colors worked for Elwyn, anyway. Her personality was too loud to wear anything else. At least, that's what her Mum had said. Elwyn suspected it had more to do with 5the fact that she couldn't keep light colors clean.

As the girl approached the lake, though, she saw another figure. Something more humanoid than the squid she was expecting. Apparently, the girl had had a similar idea, as she was decked out in her own swimming costume. "Hello," Elwyn called out, tossing the ball in the air a few feet and acting it soundly. The smack of skin on rubber reverberated like a ripple in the air. "Whotcha up to, then?"