Candlelight Can Only Hide So Much {Lyssa}

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Re: Candlelight Can Only Hide So Much {Lyssa}

Post by Trinity Peters-Stenhouse  » Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:03 pm

Trinity froze when Lyssa's lips touched his cheek. Was this a thing friends did? Did friends just... kiss each other when They felt like it? He didn't know. He had never been friends with a girl before. Even in his Muggle life, the boy's and girls had stayed separated. Maybe this was just the average course of things.

That didn't stop his cheeks from burning, though, because until this moment the only other person to ever kiss him was his mother. And she had only ever kissed his father. They'd tried to hide it, but Trinity would catch them every once and a while. They would look at each other in ways that weren't allowed and they would hold hands and kiss softly.

Trinity had always thought it was a family thing, to kiss someone. After all, his mum had made him promise never to tell anyone. But Lyssa wasn't his family, and she had kissed him like it was normal. He would have to figure it out soon, but for the now, it seemed like Lyssa was waiting for a response.

Tossing their tangled hands, Trinity gave her knuckles a return kiss. Nice and light and friendly. He hoped it was the right response. When he looked over at her, the candles were reflecting in her eyes and Trinity realized that being friends with Lyssa Delaney, might be the death of him.

Well, it would save him doing the job himself.

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